Once Upon a Time Recap: Icebreaker

Once Upon a Time Snow Queen

This week on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, Emma got a chilly reception from Storybrooke visitor Elsa, Regina froze out son Henry, the local ice cream slinger served up a frosty twist and in flashbacks Anna taught David some cool tricks.

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IN THE FAIRYTALE LAND THAT WAS…. | Having arrived in the land also known as Mist Haven, Anna shows up on shepherd David’s doorstep, having gotten his name from Kristoff. Passing herself off as “Joan” and being quite cryptic about her business, Anna is asking to bunk at David’s when evil Bo Peep arrives to collect her “payment.” If David and his mom Ruth don’t pay up by tomorrow, she will seize their farm and employ them as slaves. Later, Anna encourages David to fight back, saying that she can teach him how to use a sword, using what she learned from the soldiers back in her kingdom. David’s bearish, but Anna explains how her sister needed a similar kind of push, upon realizing that “surviving isn’t living.” David takes some lessons, but “Joan” goes missing the day of their next lesson, captured by Bo Peep. David declines to pay up, and uses his newfound swordplay to fell Bo Peep’s guards, and then outwit the crone herself. Using her crook, David finds “branded” Joan. Ruth sends their friend off with a sandwich and the name of the wizard her parents may have been seeking: Rumplestilstkin, who looks on, all a-titter, via a crystal ball.

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IN STORYBROOKE…. | Emma is consoling Henry, whom Regina has asked to stay away while she sorts through her stuff, when the town is hit by a blackout, caused by Elsa erecting an ice wall around Storybrooke. Emma and David go to investigate, while Grumpy, Granny and Happy charge Mary Margaret with restoring power, as leader of their kingdom (and with madame mayor incommunicado). After Hook arrives at the ice wall (for what he deems his and Emma’s “second date”), Emma sees someone behind the wall. As she goes to check it out, David tells Hook it’s time to discuss the pirate’s intentions toward his daughter. Hook contends that whatever he and Emma are is “up to her, as well as me.” Emma meanwhile has found Elsa, who says she is searching for her sister Anna. But when Hook and David approach, Elsa freaks out and erects an ice cave around her and Emma.Thing is, Elsa can exist just fine in such a meat locker, but Emma begins to freeze to death. Elsa feigns that she’ll take down the wall once her sister is found, but in reality, Emma deduces, Elsa isn’t able to control her powers.

After learning that Emma has passed out, Hook and David go to Mr. Gold’s shop, where upon seeing the ticket for Anna’s necklace, David realizes he knows her, as “Joan.” As such, they can use town butcher Bo Peep’s crook to find her. Hearing that heartwarming news, Elsa is able to plow an exit from the cave — yet for some reason is unable to take down the entire wall. Hmmm….

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Elsewhere, overdue-for-breastfeeding baby Neal prompts Mary Margaret to find a(n improbable?) solution to the blackout. Back at the Charmings’, the crook doesn’t reveal Anna’s location but confirms she is in fact alive.Once Upon a Time Snow Queen Then upon hearing his grandfather’s pep talk about how they won’t give up on Anna, Henry seeks out Regina, bellowing at her door, “I’m not going to give up on you!” Regina lets her son in and they hug.

Things are less cozy, though, at the Any Given Sundae ice cream shoppe, where Leroy is served a cone by its beautiful proprietress (played by Lost‘s Elizabeth Mitchell), who somehow didn’t lose any inventory during the power outage. After Leroy exits, the woman with a wave of her hand turns liquid cream into frozen confection, and then frosts up the freezer as she leans back against it. Meet your Snow Queen!

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NOTABLE QUOTABLES |“I love sandwiches!” (a nod to how Anna and Hans in a Frozen tune “finish each other’s sandwiches”?)…. “It didn’t talk about how to get over your boyfriend’s wife time-traveling from the past, but good enough?”….”I did not ask to maintain a metropolitan electrical grid!”…. “You have survived your entire life without light bulbs. Buy a flashlight!”…. “Aren’t you cold?”/”It never bothered me.”

What did you think about this week’s episode, “White Out”? Was Snow White playing with the power grid one of the silliest C-stories the show has ever bothered with? And did anyone else feel heat between Elsa and David? #Delsa

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Z25 says:

    Well the promo for next week was exciting so there’s that at least.
    Best scenes came at the end – Baby high five, Regina and Henry reunion, Snow Queen reveal. Josh Dallas did some solid work in the flashbacks and Bo Peep was a great idea and inspired casting.
    Not so good: I was terribly bored with the Storybrooke story with Elsa. This thing with the ice wall and her and Emma trapped there was so contrived, imo.

    • I agree…The actor who played Bo Peep was fantastic. Scary and hilarious at the same time.

    • I am more interested in Anna’s story than Elsa’s because they actually connected Anna to another character in a natural and legitimate way.

      • Lizzie says:

        Yes everyone was complaining that the frozen characters where just there to moce the Frozen storyline along but they did much more this episode.

        Also remeber Disney owns the rights to Hans Christian Anderson snow queen and that snow queen is not an Elsa like snow queen so I am excited to see this one. If it follows the original story she should be fun to watch.

        And I am the only one who has had tag along kids watching these Frozen episodes. My niece has been flipping out about the “real Elsa” since last week and she caught on quick with everyone else characters too. Anyone?

        • David4 says:

          Hans Christian Anderson’s stories would be in the public domain by now, Disney doesn’t own them.

        • ShariaLynn says:

          Normally, I watch alone (its my me time)but my kid was up it was on and wow she flipped out “Anna’s kicking butt! “. So I’ll prbly preview the upcoming shows and let her watch if they dont get too deep.

      • K says:

        It didn’t seem particularly natural to me. Shepherd David knows ice-seller Kristoff from another continent? Wha huh?

    • Jennifer says:

      Agree with all of this. I was pleasantly surprised with the flashback. It still felt like filler but added some depth to David and I liked Bo. The Regina/Henry scene was the best moment by far and Mitchell was great in her brief appearance. I could not take the ice cave story seriously at all considering not a single thought was given to asking Regina aka The Fireball Queen for help.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      And I felt the exact opposite. Loved the Emma/Elsa stuff, hated the David/Bo Peep stuff. Go figure.

  2. zacqua10 says:

    I don’t think there has been an episode this good in a long time. Felt very season 1ish.

  3. StephonJS says:

    I’m liking Elsa and Emma’s new friendship (#FrozenSwan). I really didnt care for Bo Peep. I liked how clear the the flashback went with the present day events.
    Honestly seeing Elizabeth Mitchell at the end made the episode GREAT for me

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Yes, one of the better flashback/present day pairings. (Wig excluded.) And a big ol’ co-sign on Liz Mitchell!

      • bytemebill says:

        Agreed! That wig was almost as bad as ASkars wig as Eric in S1 on True Blood…I think they could have done a heckuva a lot better than that considering how much the one for snow costs…

        • ShariaLynn says:

          OMG! the hair flip during his training! I kept rewinding it to make sure I saw what I thought I saw! I have no words : 0

          • Erica says:

            Hilarious! I just have to say Bo Peep was awesome; loved the actress that pulled that off. She’s got herself a new fan.

  4. Name That Tune says:


  5. madhatter360 says:

    Loved the “it never bothered me” line. Henry also yelled “I know you’re in there” to Regina, so that’s two episodes with references to “Do you wanna build a snowman?” (First episode with Emma/Regina on opposite sides of the door, Emma trying to get Regina to come out)

  6. Brenna says:

    Love the Hook and Emma moments!! Can’t wait to see what’s in store with the Snow Queen

  7. Rigerty says:

    Well it wasn’t one of their top eps, let’s put it that way. But I did a happy dance in front of my television when Elizabeth came in and I’m soooo excited to meet her Snow Queen in the next episode! :) Oh, and Anna is adorable just like in the movie and I’m glad she’s alive at least.

  8. Duke says:

    I like the Snow Queen twist.

    Snow White’s c-story was clearly just an excuse to give the town its power back despite the wall still being up, whilst giving a little comic relief. (One of those “the show runners are tired of being asked how the cursed town works within the rest of the real world” kind of things.)

    Two episodes in, and I’m already liking this new story arc more than either of last year’s.

  9. laurelnev says:

    I like the developing Elsa/Emma friendship, but Storybrooke’s STILL too frozen for me! I want more Regina, Rumple, and general Storybrookeers. EVERY season is starting to follow a pattern wherein the story du jour monoolizes screen time at the expense of why many of us tune in/love the show. Sure, give me the newbies, but balance them more with those we’ve come to know and love; don’t relegate all the others to story decoration.

  10. Ian says:

    I’m liking both the actresses playing Elsa and Anna, it’s turned out to be perfect casting. Not hating the Frozen incorporation either, not like I thought I would.
    Can’t stand Emma though, as usual. She was likable once for me, with Neal and seasons back, but now, I just don’t care for the show to center around her. Wish Hook would move on and find his own storylines.
    David’s wig… I have no words.

    • Stormy says:

      LOL I can’t believe how much he reminded me of Liam O Maonial, lead singer of the Hothouse Flowers.

    • gloria says:

      i agree with the wig but i liked the hook and emma scenes(but emma does annoy me 2 somtimes,…most of the time).

    • Louise says:

      I completely agree. Hook needs to find a life of his own and stop following Emma around like a lost puppy. He was hotter than hot in seasons 2 and first half of 3, but the writers are not being very generous to him any more. No one likes a clingy boy- or girl-friend!! On a positive note, I did like that Snow actually looks like a woman who just had a baby.

  11. Carly says:

    Henry was so adorable, researching breakup remedies for his mom. I’d take that care package he’d put together too! *lol* The Frozen charas are alright, but it feels as if the season is really starting now that the classic Snow Queen and I think the new villain enters the picture. How fitting that she has an ice-cream shop in Storybrooke!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Ha, from my June story on casting Frozen characters: “Hey, maybe Kristoff runs Henry’s favorite ice cream shoppe?”

  12. Lara says:

    I am really loving this season. They were spot on with the casting of Else and Ana. Also, Elizabeth Mitchell is perfection. Each episode is leaving me waiting for the next week!

  13. Chris says:

    Bo Peep….Bo Peep…did they really….I need a moment.

  14. Anna says:

    Elizabeth Mitchell is on my screen again!!!!!! I love the incorporation of the snow queen and with two episodes behind us, I’m liking this season a lot more than last (as thank god for Regina not instantly reverting back to her old self, yay for character development!) Also side note for my LOST loving heart, the actress that played Bo Peep played Juliet’s sister Rachel on LOST and Elizabeth Mitchell was also in this episode and basically Juliet and Rachel were reunited. Basically…

    • Jennifer says:

      AGREED! Was so excited when she finally made her entrance this episode! Robin Weigert was great as Bo Peep, but it broke my LOSTie heart that their Storybrooke shops were 2 doors down from each other and didn’t share a scene together. SO CLOSE BUT SOOOOOO FAR.

  15. Ann says:

    Is it confirmed that Elizabeth Mitchell will be playing the Snow Queen? Afterall, isn’t Elsa technically the Snow Queen from the Hans Christian Anderson story? Is it possible that she’s the White Witch from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe? That’s who I thought she might be when I saw it…

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      You missed my Jennifer Morrison Q&A.

      • Ann says:

        Thank you. I try to avoid spoilers so I didn’t read it but went back and read the Q&A. I guess it confuses me to have both Elsa and The Snow Queen because they’re the same storybook character. It’s like having Ariel and then have the Hans Christian Anderson version of The Little Mermaid appear.

        • T.W.123 says:

          I agree with you! I’m also finding it to be strange to bring in The Snow Queen as a “big bad” villain, with Elsa already being there. The Ariel/ Little Mermaid example was spot on. (I am trying to put it out of my mind, though, because I enjoy Elizabeth Mitchell so much! The actress currently playing Elsa has captured my imagination as well.)

          • Sapphire903 says:

            I like the concept of having both, especially considering that Frozen was a very loose adaptation of the story. The original Snow Queen was directly correlated with evil; it’s not a stretch for them to trump Elsa’s version of the queen.

            I do wonder if this was Disney’s plan all along. To hook people with a super cute loose adaptation movie, and then to flesh out the more mature backstory with the show…

    • lll says:

      I thought there were two versions of the Snow Queen – Frozen and the evil version in the original Hans Christian Anderson tale – and they brought both versions on. I did not think about the White Witch though. Maybe. Hmmm. I wonder can she freeze things like Elsa.

  16. NMC says:

    One of my favorite episodes yet! Can we please talk about the first Captain Swan hug, please?! Emma actually threw herself in Killian’s arms (instead of her father’s). She was so relieved to see him after almost dying. She went to him as much as he went to her. That was some major character development for Emma.

  17. This definitely should’ve been the season premiere, an episode that blended Frozen with the established characters perfectly and gave us one of their best reimagined characters.

  18. Kubrick says:

    Bo Peep was every bit the conniving evil bitch ad she was on Chicago PD.

  19. rachelle says:

    My two favorite things about this episode: 1) Emma telling Elsa that David was her father and her calling him “Dad” and 2) the scene at the end with Henry and Emma.

    I was annoyed at Emma (once again) forgetting that Henry has two moms and acting like she was the only one. I hope no one bites my head off for saying this, but I can barely tolerate Emma. And I hope David’s feelings weren’t hurt that his daughter ran straight to her boyfriend instead of him. Yeah, that’s good for Captain Swan, but kind of insulting for her relationship with her dad. She didn’t even break away from Hook to even acknowledge her dad. Even though David clearly was distraught by her situation and would’ve just as clearly walked through hell to get her out of that ice cave. Ugh.

    • Katherine215 says:

      I have a really hard time liking Emma a lot of the time.

      • bytemebill says:

        I truly like Emma unlike many people, but sometimes I just want to whop her one and tell her to wake up to see the loved ones around her. At least she is starting to…but I am getting tired of her woe-is-me Savior bit..

        • Katherine215 says:

          She’s just never happy. I have a ton of sympathy for her being a foster home child and having had a difficult life. But having learned she was loved, even beloved, and having found her parents – I just think her character development has been really slow accepting that. It sometimes seems she’s more forgiving of Regina than the parents who had no real choice but to give her up. Though her inability to remember Henry also considers Regina his mother needs to stop. You didn’t even want to raise that boy and now you’re his *only* mom? Ok, Emma.

    • Jennifer says:

      Well, it was David she called for on the radio. But then Hook grabbed it… and I don’t know, would it have killed them to have a line about not wanting to worry Snow or something to explain why she was kept out of the loop. It’s a shame that it was a perfect opportunity to explore Emma’s relationship with her parents in light of the new baby and it was completely squandered.

    • rachelle says:

      I meant Henry and Regina! That scene with them at the end was super cute.

    • gloria says:

      i kinda like that she just skiped her dad, it would have been funny if hook dropped emma when he was carring herXD(not saying that i wanted that to happen)

  20. Tiffany says:

    Home run # 2. Love this episode.

  21. Melanie says:

    Awesome episode! I loved it all. Can’t wait to see more of Elizabeth Mitchell’s Snow Queen!

  22. abz says:

    Elizabeth freaking Mitchell!!!! I’m so damn excited. I was already thinking that the episode was pretty good and felt a lot like a season 1 episode, but when she popped up on my screen my face lit up with a huge smile and it just made the whole episode that much better. Can’t wait.
    The promo for next week looked really exciting.
    I really enjoyed Emma and Elsa’s friendship and am looking forward to seeing it develop more.

  23. Gabrielle says:

    I am overboard adoring these Captain Swan scenes! As long as they don’t ‘New Girl’ it, I am a happy viewer.

    • ritabug30 says:

      Oh my gosh I just said that tonight to my husband word for word! I said they had better not “New Girl” Hook and Emma’s relationship. I realize that their relationship will be slow to develop, but they had better not kill it like they did Nick and Jess. That sucked. Made me mad. Loved how concerned Hook was about Emma. He is fiercely in love with her and protective, even though Emma is tough. ‘Swoon!’

      • Gabrielle says:

        Ditto! I still tweet New Girl writers in hopes they put them back together if they want my viewership to continue. #wishfulthinking

    • K says:

      Oh, you mean like they did to all Emma’s other love interests to force her and Hook together?

      • Brigid says:

        What other love interests did Emma have where Hook was even on the show yet? There was no forcing, they had chemistry from day one, you don’t squander that.

    • gloria says:

      new girl it?

  24. ouch says:

    Best part of the episode, when Elsa dropped the necklace.

  25. ninergrl6 says:

    I enjoyed all of the Storybrooke stuff, particularly Emma & Elsa bonding as well as the baby steps in Hook & Emma’s relationship (who knew a 2-second shot of hand holding could be so exciting?). The Fairytale Land stuff with David, however, was a snooze-fest. I like that he & Kristoff were apparently friends, but the nonsense with Bo Peep & Anna getting him to be courageous was pretty lame & unnecessary. It felt like the season 2 flashbacks which IMO were mostly filler & didn’t help the plot progress. I would’ve rather seen more Emma & Elsa conversations.

    • abz says:

      While David/Charming is pretty much one of my least favourite characters as I find him to be a huge bore, his flashbacks during this episode did serve to move the story forward. It established a connection between Anna and someone in Storybrooke which allowed some hope for Elsa and made her trust Emma, Hook, and the Charmings and it also gave them a way to start looking for Anna by using Bo Peep’s crook since we now know that Anna’s been branded by it and they can still hear her heartbeat.

  26. powerturtle90sdudemon says:

    I liked the A and B stories, did not understand what was going on in Snow’s eureka moment. I like that Mitchell is playing the Snow Queen, what Elsa would’ve been without Let It Go, but as someone who watched her on the V reimagining and not Lost, it occurs to me that the protagonists are the ones looking for an Anna character and the entertainment magazines will probably be all cutesy and call Mitchell’s character “cold-blooded”

  27. GeoDiva says:

    Baby High Five!

  28. Emma Siuan says:

    I now ship Emma/Elsa!

  29. I’m about 99.9% certain the Icecream Sundae shop owner is the White Witch from The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe because the movie was made by Disney.

  30. Nat says:

    I agree with those who said the ice cave story was boring, but it could have been a nice little Charming and Emma father-daughter-bonding sidestory. But Hook being shoehorned into every single moment was major turnoff. I know Capt. Hook has zero purpose on OUAT anymore if he doesn’t worm himself into Emma’s every waking moment, but it’s a point now where it’s truly only annoying me and turning me off. I don’t mind romance or ships or whatever if it’s not taking over a show, but OUAT is really killing my interest in Emma with this. Just stop. Give Hook some other purpose or send him to off-screen-land for a while for a much needed timeout.

  31. Lies says:

    aww i Love hook and emma! Great episode. I hope we will see more of rumple and regina. Does anyone knows when hook is going to change his clothes? I can’t wait to see emma’s reaction!

  32. Lee Rodgers says:

    To keep up with the plot and bring out new chracters, while keeping the story in sync the writers are doing a great job

  33. Mari says:

    Okay, it wasn’t an exciting episode. Some things were illogical and improbable. But the message in the story with David and Anna, about the battles worth fighting for, was sweet. Sometimes you need more quiet episodes between more action ones.
    I wish there had been a scene where Snow and Regina talk about it that Snow is taking over as the Mayor of Storybrooke and if Regina can’t help her with the work. Snow has just given birth. Emma and David always have the next crisis every day. It’s like they can never have a quiet moment even now when they a newborn to tend to.
    I wish it was Sunday again already because the next episode looks perfect with the Regina and Robin story coming back to get more attention and with the Snow Queen revealing herself to our heroes.

  34. Rowina says:

    I really don’t like the Elsa story. The actress is kinda annoying and there are way too many references to the movie. Its not subtle anymore. I dont think that this is one of their best seasons

  35. Lisa says:

    Everytime i see a episode with 39 secs of screentime for lana parrilla and 2 mins for Ginnifer goodwin i wonder why i watch this show.
    Seriously, stop adding new characters and give screentime to good actors!
    They cut 2 lana scenes for this cs-fest and i’m really disappointed

    • Amy says:

      I never know why people make comments like this but I’m here for the ‘whole show’ even though I have my favorites but I get it…and I loved the Regina scenes and Snow scenes that we did get…besides I think they cut the Snow and Regina scene because it would have taken away from that amazing Henry and Regina scene at the end. ….I mean it’s a big cast and last week trying to balance everyone seemed too much..anyway the point of this was that to tell you that almost the entire ctv promo for next weeks episode was Regina (and Hood) so you have that to look forward to.

    • K says:

      Well they beat out Robert Carlyle and Emilie de Ravin’s 40 seconds. (And what was described as a “beautiful” Henry/Rumple scene was cut too.)

    • Brigid says:

      How do you know about missing scenes? What is a cs-fest? Is that short for Captain Hook and Emma Swan? I swear, half the time I don’t know what the heck you people are talking about.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I’d hardly call last night’s episode a CS-fest. They had a few good moments but if anything the ep was a David-fest. I think the flashback stuff could’ve been shortened to make room for other characters, but frankly I didn’t miss Regina & Rumple at all.

  36. Amy says:

    Okay so I loved the Anna and Charming flashbacks…she’s adorable (although I’m glad it’s just an arc with Frozen..knowing that makes me enjoy it all the more knowing it’s not going to be forever)…I also loved the Elsa and Emma scenes….and the subtle Hook and Emma moments…along with the ‘baby high-five’ with Snow. I thought (minus some questions I have about David taking about the wedding …shouldn’t he have left if he was invited or did they send out birds?) that this was a fantastic episode and that it was well paced..

  37. Citizen of the Internet says:

    I enjoyed the Emma and Elsa friendship and hope that sticks around beyond the next few episodes but couldn’t stand Bo Peep. Plus if David beat her so easily using Anna’s training, how did Bo Peep capture Anna?

    Based on the promo for next week I’m starting to think Grumpy exists only for the purposes of jumping to conclusions and making things worse.

  38. Paula says:

    Does the Snow Queen have a love interest?? They need to invent one for her if not, and they need to get Josh Holloway to play him.

  39. I loved the episode. Love how Emma went right to Hook after being released from the ice cave.

  40. Sarah says:

    That review was cold!! In an episode that was everything but.
    Emma and Hook holding on to each other for dear life must be one of the most moving things I’ve ever soon on tv. I couldn’t quite believe it. Emma has come so far…she was the one who interlaced their hands when they were back at the Charming’s pad and I cried a few tears. Happy ones.
    Plus, Hook telling Charming that he wouldn’t rsk his life for someone he considered loot and that whatever they became, was up to Emma as much as himself perfectly stated that in Hook’s mind, him and Emma are true equals and he respects her deeply. Plus, if he didn’t really care about her they couldn’t become anything. This is a relationship on equal fotting and very well written. I’m amazed.

    I also loved Mama Mayor and the fact that Henry didn’t give up on Regina. This episode was amazing!!

    • Rita says:

      I agree, that was a horribly cold review. It took me a little bit to realize it was Emma who inacted the interlaced hand holding. Perfect. I also love that all the hard work Killian has put in to prove he is the man for Emma is paying of, slowly yes, but I had concerns it would not be this way. I wonder what other curve balls are going to be thrown their way. You know we are not out of the woods yet.

    • Katherine215 says:

      I can think of about a hundred more moving things on television than that hug, and I actually rather like Hook with Emma (since the Huntsman and Hatter aren’t available options). I feel like some Hook/Emma shippers put an awkward amount of emotion in these two characters’ interactions that I don’t always see.

      • Ash says:

        For real. I’m sometimes almost… worried… how much some shippers seem to live through these stories and characters and blow everything they do and say up into this larger-than-life situation. With the Hook-Emma shippers it’s especially often like they’re watching a different show from everyone else.

  41. Essie says:

    I thought Bo Peep was hilarious, very well written and interesting what they did with that character.

  42. Terry says:

    The most comedic scenes in the episode were when Hook started trying to use his hook as an ice pick and actually thought he could chip his way through to Emma. Hahaha, chip, chip, chip, that had me laughing pretty hard I must admit.

  43. bytemebill says:

    “You have survived your entire life without light bulbs. Buy a flashlight!”

    This was my favorite quote of the night. What a bunch of whiners those dwarves, LOL! Life in Storybrooke has softened them :)

  44. chrissy says:

    So I am going to go out on a limb and say that Elizabeth Mitchels character is not a snow queen, but the the White Witch. I think that if I am right about this that it would be great to see a narnia storyline brought in. Maybe, it would be complicated but if they are smart about weaving that story line in then the will have some great new source material to pull ideas from.

  45. BrianR says:

    Yay Emma has a girlfriend who isn’t her mother finally.

  46. Rich Abey says:

    #Delsa? More like #Danna! David & Anna had some major chemistry going one, especially after Anna flattens David while he’s trying to rescue her. If anybody asks, I didn’t come up with it cause mamma Snow can be pretty nasty these days what with her new baby around.
    Still this episode was overall kinda boring after last week’s excellent premiere, the highlight was seeing Elizabeth Michelle serving cones & freezing stuff up!


    Can i just say how amazing Season 4 has been and how excited and shivery (pun intended) i get when i watch this show? It’s currently at it’s greatest and i am crossing my fingers that the white witch story line will actually emerge in this show. Now i know Elizabeth Mitchell is the snow queen but there’s hope for the second half of the season! Even though it’s unlikely because Season 3 featured a witch. STILL CROSSING MY FINGERS!!

  48. gloria says:

    i love all the hook and emma scenes so cool

  49. squstar9 says:

    I found this episode dull. This week’s centric meaning felt like “done before” in Storybrooke/once upon a time. Elizabeth Mitchell seems to be playing the Ice Queen and well since this type of power is unusual, well her character definitely going to be blood related to Elsa. Perhaps her mother? So, this would mean Elsa is adopted, hence the sister’s bond more endearing…

    One last thought: any new character is always tied to Gold. Seriously it would have saved time if they just asked him if he knows who Elsa is or Anna… Geezz Rumple is always involved (since he did so many terrible deeds in the past)!