Once Upon a Time: Jennifer Morrison Talks Bonding With Elsa, Dealing With Regina, Adventures in Dating and More

Once Upon a Time SpoilersIt’s hard to slow down and savor life (or love) when you have the likes of Peter Pan, the Wicked Witch and evil snowmen coming after you. And yet Once Upon a Time‘s Emma will endeavor to do just that as Season 4 of the ABC series continues this Sunday at 8/7c.

TVLine spoke with Jennifer Morrison about Emma’s adventures in dating, a certain swashbuckler’s extreme makeover, having an ice time with Queen Elsa, smoothing things over with Regina and other hot topics.

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TVLINE | So, tell me about the premiere screening in L.A. What was it like seeing it all up on the big screen — the snow monster, the trolls, the epic “Beauty and the Beast” dance…?
We had such a good time. We’ve never had a premiere like that before, so we were all just really excited that ABC was doing this special event. It’s the first time any of us have ever seen the show on a screen that big, so that was really fun. And to all be there together was nice. It felt like we all had a little vacation together.

TVLINE | I didn’t think they were going to have the Frozen stuff look so much like the movie, but that was the exact same snow monster, the exact same troll….
As far as I understand it from what I’ve seen so far — and obviously [series creators] Eddy [Kitsis] and Adam [Horowitz] could answer in more detail — anything that was established in the film will be as close as possible to what it was in the film. And everything beyond that in terms of filling in the blanks of story that wasn’t there, will be our version of it.

TVLINE | How does it feel seeing Emma busting out her magic?
That is so funny…. It’s always interesting to see what comes of it after all of the effects are put in and it’s all cut together. Because in the moment, obviously…

TVLINE | You’re in the middle of a forest just holding your palms up.
Exactly. So, in the moment magic looks very different from once the editors and the CGI guys get their hands on it. They’re really wonderful about giving us sketches in advance and thingsOnce Uppon a Time Elsa Emma like that to show us a sense of what it will look like, but it’s still always a mystery until you actually see it.

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TVLINE | From the promo, it looks like Emma and Elsa find themselves in a bit of a predicament this week, trapped in an ice cave. What happens, and does it ultimately present a bonding experience for the two of them?
The crisis in the ice cave, combined with the many similarities that they share, makes Elsa and Emma fast friends. Emma realizes quite quickly that Elsa is misunderstood and is just trying to get her sister back and get her powers under control.

TVLINE | Which brings us back to Emma’s own magic.
Elsa is definitely helpful in terms of Emma starting to figure out ways to focus her power, control her power and try to use it as effectively as possible.

TVLINE | What did you think of the decision to have Emma feel guilty over the whole Regina/Marian situationLANA PARRILLA, JENNIFER MORRISON versus selflessly diving into her own new romance?
I think it’s accurate for her to feel really guilty about that. All of us have spent a lot of time together now, the whole little team of us, and Regina’s come so far. And if there’s any person who would understand wanting to redeem mistakes in life, it would be Emma. She’s made different kind of mistakes than Regina, but she’s made mistakes, and I think that there are similarities between them that Emma relates to. Emma doesn’t want to see her lose the thing that she’s worked for and the parts of her that have been redeemed.

TVLINE | Adam and Eddy said there will be an Emma/Regina-centric episode, kind of a deep dive into the status of their dynamic.
Yeah, yeah…. There’s an episode where they definitely start to talk about it. I don’t know if “talking” is really what’s happening, but they start dealing with how complicated the situation is, basically. They definitely start addressing the fact that Regina’s frustrated and feels betrayed, and Emma’s continuing to hold her stance that she’s not going to apologize for saving a life but she’s also trying to figure out how she could help in the situation. So there is a whole episode where they really start to… I don’t know quite how to articulate it. Because it’s not like they “duke it out,” and it’s not like they talk it out, but they start dealing with it.

TVLINE | And as a result, Hook and Emma might be taking it slow?
Yeah, I think so. There’s a lot to figure out. And we’re trying toOnce Upon a Time Hook Emma figure out if we can be together in midst of snow monsters and creatures chasing us and an evil Snow Queen in town…. Trying to figure out complicated dating issues in the midst of crazy chaos makes for some really funny things, some very serious things, some very heartbreaking moments, some very exciting moments. It really definitely turns dating into a true adventure.

TVLINE | In the premiere, Emma reassured him, “Be patient.” But it’s been a while since the show has had anything close to a love scene. Might Emma and Hook eventually end that dry spell?
I hope so. That’s about all I can say.

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TVLINE | What role, if any, does Emma play in Hook’s makeover? Is it something she initiates? Something she helps out with?
Oh, he does that all on his own. He is very fashionable, that Captain Hook.

TVLINE | Does Emma have a reaction?
Of course!

TVLINE | Are there any Emma-centric flashbacks coming up that you know of?
Yes. There are some scenes where we jump back and see some stuff when she was younger [and again played by Abby Ross]. There is also a bit of a curveball in some of the flashbacks that I didn’t see coming that is definitely going to add a layer of suspense to how all of the puzzle pieces fit together.

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TVLINE | What is the state of Emma’s relationship with her parents these days?
I think it’s really good. She’s just still trying toJENNIFER MORRISON, GINNIFER GOODWIN, JOSH DALLAS figure out how to be a daughter. But everything is always amidst crisis. I think she’s so happy to see her parents be able to have a newborn where they actually get to participate in its life and its upbringing. But I also think she is trying to figure out how to be more vulnerable, how to be more communicative and how to participate in their lives — not just as a friend but also as their child.

TVLINE | Do you have any theories on who wrote the storybook, the author Regina’s now out to find and strong-arm?
I genuinely don’t know, but I think it’s a really smart curveball. And It’s such an interesting concept of like, “It’s the writer’s fault,” if you know what I mean. But when we were watching the episode on the big screen, it occurred to me that maybe it had something to do with the Sorcerer’s Apprentice? But I don’t know. I literally am just saying that as an audience member that doesn’t have any answers.

TVLINE | And lastly, what can you say about Elizabeth Mitchell’s role as the Snow Queen?
She’s wonderful. I’ve always been a fan of her work, I think she’s such an extraordinary actress. I was really, really personally excited when she was joining the cast, because she’s someone I’ve always wanted to work with. I’m not allowed to say much about that character, but what I didn’t realize – and I just discovered this today on Wikipedia, as I was posting my Movie of the Week – is that Frozen was loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen’s Snow Queen story. So, I’m going to read that fairy tale now that I’m intrigued by that. But I don’t know what that means in terms of how much of that was written into Frozen in the first place and how much Eddy and Adam have spun on its head in creating their own twist on the way she’s going to cause problems for all of us.

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  1. Kate Jones says:

    Thanks for the excellent interview. So excited to get more background on Emma! She’s my favorite, so I’m glad that good things are happening for her. I really hope she can find a way to open her heart to Hook!

    • mikayla says:

      This is a wonderful interview! I’ve been wanting more Emma in the show because for a main character she’s had the fewest flashbacks. And I’m so glad about her relationship with Hook in the present because it’s something they have to really fight for and it makes it even better. And did I catch Hook and Emma love scene? Where do I sign for that? Haha

  2. Babybop says:

    I am SO excited for Hook to get into street clothes. He looks ridiculous in that giant leather get-up in Storybrooke. I’ll be interested to see what happens this season.

    • JR1 says:

      His pirate clothes are great and i think i will miss it when he finally does change lol. Cant wait for that, i kinda had a feeling that once Hook tries to settle in Storybrooke and now being with Emma, his change of clothes will come and here it is it seems :)

      • Len84 says:

        I agree here i do think Hook changing his clothes is like putting his roots down… he has no ship which was basically his home and he isnt pirateing – as he couldnt really go back to the person he was even if he is still a pirate in label and the skills he has that work in the Team Emma/Charming.
        Also am so not surprised that Hook does the changing his clothes himself (thats what im assuming reading what Jen just said) and he is rather fashionable – i mean look at the man, he wears leather and long coat unlike any other pirates thats quite fashionable anyhow lol and he has that lovely red vest coat he wears in the past scenes and he was a lieutenant who as a navy officer knows about neatness and cleaness and being proper and smart in clothes so really i am expecting the same thing here – Hook finding his own modern look and being smart in it ;)
        I cant wait to see Emma’s reaction – coz Emma’s reactions to things are funny and priceless but here’s hoping he actually makes her breathless ;)

  3. abz says:

    Nice interview. Really looking forward to seeing how this arc plays out.
    I could’ve sworn I remember seeing a rerun of House recently, where JMo did actually work with Elizabeth Mitchell in an episode before.

    • YES says:

      Oh god, I thought I was the only one! I think Mitchelle played a patient on the show, but perhaps she didn’t interact with Jennifer.

      • abz says:

        Yeah, I think she played a nun and it was a more Chase-centric episode, but still I’m sure they interacted at some point. Maybe not as much.

  4. Len84 says:

    Thanks Matt.
    Always great to hear from Jen Morrison :)
    One of the things from Frozen coming in, i was looking forward to was the whole Elsa and Emma elements because its there and the parallels and they are similar – both women been alone, guarded up and distant from love and now letting love in – Emma with home, family and Hook.
    I love to see more Charming Family scenes and bonding. More then again more to see Emma’s back in focus and her story and her journey on the whole
    I look forward to the first date, Hook changing his clothes and Emma’s reaction. Im on they adventure with them :)
    Be patient scene was one of my faves scenes from the episode too :)

  5. JR1 says:

    Thank you Matt
    Love Jen, Love Emma Swan. Very excited for her arc this season and opening her heart to many things she hasnt had in life and embracing them and what they mean to her esp LOVE with Hook, and finding her own happy ending and also her magic it seems esp with Frozen Elsa coming in.

  6. Lisa says:

    Great interview! I’m a little bit disappointed by the SQ episode….”start dealing with stuff” it’s not exactly exciting as I hoped, but maybe JMO doesn’t want to spoil it too much…We’ll see!
    I really loved the “They definitely start addressing the fact that Regina’s frustrated and feels betrayed” cause that’s the real problem between them. Regina used to trust Emma and now maybe she doesn’t anymore.
    That’s interesting to me.

  7. Callie says:

    It’s funny Jen said that Elizabeth Mitchell is someone she’s always wanted to work with. I guess she forgot that Elizabeth appeared in an episode of House in season one where she played a nun. Great ep!

  8. Ana says:

    This was an outstanding interview. Thank you so much, Matt!!
    I loved your question on how Jennifer feels about having Emma feel guilty over the results of bringing Marian back. I was wondering that, too. How Jennifer felt about that. I needed her answer for some perspective. Though I am glad that Emma won’t apologize for saving a life.
    And I can’t wait to find out what it is that Killian so shrewdly recognized was really behind Emma holding back from Killian…
    Bless you forever for the question on Emma and Killian being the ones to end the dry spell on love scenes on Once :) And bless Jennifer for her answer. And I am so excited to see Emma’s reaction when she sees Killian in his new outfit. I am counting down the days to 4×04!!!

    I love that we’ll learn more about Emma and her past…she is the central character of the show for me and I’m very happy she gets that focus this season. Also looking forward to seeing Emma learn to be a child to Snow and Charming…wonderful interview. Thank you again!!

  9. Tha says:

    I need so much HOOK and EMMA

  10. SO excited for that dry spell to end! I love what’s happening with Emma’s storyline this season! In love with flashbacks of her youth, her struggling with her magic, friendship with Elsa, and OF COURSE The Captain Swan storyline! <33 Jen's such a darling!

  11. KKT1 says:

    Ahhhh – so excited for this season! The Frozen stuff is fine, but I’m here for Emma Swan and this interview makes me so happy. Jen always has such great insight into Emma and is so thoughful in how she answers (great questions too, by the way).

    I’m so happy to see them exploring more of her childhood and background. For her sake I hope she can really start to open up and accept love from her parents and Hook – she deserves it! And if we get a nice love scene out of it – all the better!

    The only part I’m not as excited about is the stuff with Regina. Why does she feel so guilty about saving an innocent woman, but Regina feels no regrets or guilt about all the terrible things she’s done to Emma and her family? Oh well, it’s pretty clear that Regina is the writer’s fav, so they will do what they can to make sure everyone props her up at all costs.

    • Zelda says:

      Umm… Jen very clearly says Emma does NOT feel guilty for saving Marian. I’m not sure where you pulling it from that she feels guilty about that. I think Jennifer actually explains Emma’s reasoning very well in this interview. I’m not sure why that last paragraph including the dig at the writers was necessary if you’ve read the interview.

      • KKT1 says:

        Oops – you are totally right. I was wrong about the reason she feels guilty, but the rest of my comment still stands. I’m sad that they’re making Emma feel like she has to put her own life on hold until she can make everything better for Regina.

        • Zelda says:

          Okay. I guess I can’t relate because I don’t feel like that’s what’s happening on the show. I thought the Hook and Emma scenes in the premiere were beyond silly because it’s been literally a few hours since the time travelling and Marian coming back in the premiere and yet Hook thinks she’s avoiding him? God forbid Emma may spend some time with Henry and her parents and she may also still think about what went down the night before and may care about how Regina’s gonna deal with the aftermath. If that’s Emma putting her life on hold and “Killy” not getting enough attention for his taste… well…. yeah, sorry, I can’t relate to that. It’s all good tho. Different strokes for different folks.

          • Len84 says:

            Hook was right though and she admitted she was avoiding him. We saw that :) and he was also right in saying she needs to start living throught the crisis and have moment pretty much like the speech her father gave her about moment. i dont think he was wrong in asking her. But as i said it explained on the show she was avoiding him and he saw right through her and she kinda explained there is something its not him but there is something that has her feeling guilt and its not just Regina… its something else again Hook saw through her :) thats all im saying, its shown on the episode!

      • Jane says:

        Exactly! Look, you don’t have to like Regina. But Emma does NOT feel guilty for saving Marian. She feels sorry for causing Regina pain because despite their complicated history they had developed a sort of trust and almost a friendship between them. She feels guilty about starting a new relationship right after her actions caused Regina to get her heart broken. She’s worried that Regina might revert because that would be really bad for everyone. Feel how you want to about that, but Emma has made it clear that she absolutely does not regret saving an innocent woman.

        • Person says:

          Hmmm…I actually don’t agree about the trust/friendship thing. I think Emma trusts Regina with Henry, but that’s about it. I’m of the opinion that their relationship should be in a permanent state of mutually strained tolerance, where they get along for Henry’s sake and work fine together to defeat a common foe, but that’s the extent of any trust between them. I think going that route is more realistic given how Regina treated Emma (and her family) is seasons one and two and I think it makes for better drama because it’s more volatile.

          • Jennifer says:

            I disagree. They have put their faith and trust in one another on several occasions and not just in regards to Henry. Also, I find it far more interesting to see them learn to work together despite the complicated history and see their relationship grow rather than remain stagnant.

    • Frances says:

      I feel you. Regina has never been held accountable for killing Graham. He is the one who saved Snow’s life in the enchanted forest and made it possible for Emma to even exist and Regina has never even been confronted on that. Henry even suspected Regina at the time of his death. It’s like he didn’t matter. So why should Emma feel guilty at all. So weird

      • Kay says:

        No one’s mentioning him on the show. No one cares on the show. You can’t blame any of the characters for the writers no longer caring about a 7 episodes guest star from s1.

      • Nav says:

        I dont kinda dont think we ever gonna get that. The only thing I can wish and hope for is Emma opens up about Graham to Hook (coz she always kinda opens up to him) esp since she’ s back as Shrieff and she wears his shoelace on her wrist and Graham played a small significant part in her life and taking a chance on Emma and being a part of SB community and giving her the sheriff job which she came to fought for later… :) I guess it would be nice to see this and relaying that to Hook and how he can fit in the SB community and home :)

      • Jennifer says:

        For Emma to deem anyone unworthy of a happy ending and unworthy of her help would be out of character and very un-savior like.

  12. James says:

    Ugh! Until now I realized that maybe the person Elsa’s parents were going to see was The Snow Queen! Like, if there is one person that could help them try to figure out their daughter’s powers is definitely someone who has them! But then, The Snow Queen might want all the ice to herself, that’s why she is evil! I mean, it’s just a guess.

  13. Dominique says:

    as long as regina doesn’t pay for killing graham, nobody should have to feel guilty about possibly “destroying” her happy ending. especially not emma.
    I’m glad there’s more Emma stuff coming up though.

    • Frances says:

      You and I are on the same page. That’s what I said too

    • EllieT says:

      I get so sad when I think about Graham and what she did to him :(

    • Jennifer says:

      In your opinion, what would constitute Regina “paying” for killing Graham? Can I assume that your position is the same in regards to all the characters? That until they have paid for their crimes, they do not deserve a happy ending?

      • Casey says:

        Something, anything! Regina deliberately murdered the guy she’d basically kept as a sex slave for 28+ years, and there was zero repercussions for her. That’s just not right. I don’t expect the show to ever mention him again, because they don’t want viewers to remember what Regina did to him. But I certainly do. There’s no statute of limitations on murder.

        Honestly, at this point, I’d settle for on-screen acknowledgement that she did it and that it was wrong and evil of her. I want somebody to call her on it and remember that she did it.

        • MM says:

          I’m glad the show’s past this. They’ve got a lot of villains or former villains on their show. If they start digging up all their victims from ages ago and discuss them in the present scenes the show would be 80% only talking about the villains victims. They’re former villains, they did bad things. It’s a fact, we all know it. No need to dwell on it in present day. It’s enough for me if they show them being villains and reminding us that they did bad things in flashbacks.

  14. Freddie says:

    Emma Swan <3
    High hopes for Emma's arc this season and seeing more of that. Im on Team Emma – she did the right thing and saving a life and i know she wants to bring back happy endings but one has to fight for it too and you know who i mean and i also want Emma to finally fight for her OWN happy ending and putting some time and having moments in her life and i hope we do see that and grabbing those moments with her Charming family and Hook.
    I kinda feel like the thing that is stopping her is something that has happened in the past like in her childhood someone lost something or someone due to Emma and she is guilty and its weighing heavy on her mind because Hook did say its something else then just the Regina situation.
    Emma and Elsa friendship i want to see – cool ladies doing magic ;)
    More Emma and Hook romance and i am on that dating true adventure with them :) i love that we get to see everything happen with them and in present and their firsts as we have seen so far :)

  15. Leha says:

    Eager to see the Emma/Regina episode! I kinda figured Regina felt betrayed given that Emma told her “Trust me” in 3×13 and Regina did. She placed her trust in Emma and it got shaken up by Emma not listening to her and messing with the rules of magic/timeline.

    Not sure how I feel about the “finding the author of the book” deal because I’m pretty sure we’ll only know all of this at the end of the show.
    However, is it a coincidence that Disney is an anagram of… Sidney?

    Intrigued by this Elsa/Emma friendship! Let’s see how it goes.

    Thanks for the interview, Matt. And thanks to Jennifer for taking a little time! :)

    – A SQ shipper.

  16. Mary says:

    She’s an absolute lady. I cannot wait to see Emma and Hook’s development.

  17. This is awesome! I’m so excited for all of Emma’s storyline this season. I can’t wait to find out more about her past and see her journey & growth now.

    I’m also looking forward to Emma finally having a real friend in Elsa that understands and has had similar experiences and problems with their magic and feeling alone in their pasts, etc. Also I’m so excited for Emma and Killian’s relationship developing as well. I love them together so much!

    I can’t wait for Killian’s new clothes and to see Emma’s reaction to them.
    I love Jennifer so much! Thank you!!

  18. Ezria says:

    WOW I can’t wait for the tension between Hook and Emma to finally get resolved a little!!!! It feels like they’ve been waiting to get together for an age. Love their storyline. Love the season so far. Jennifer is a very classy woman.

  19. Rita says:

    I love when JMo talks about SQ and Regina, she gets it :)

    • Jennifer says:

      Yes, it’s nice to see some acknowledgement of the ways in which they can relate to one another. I hope that comes across on screen.

  20. Jennifer says:

    Definitely excited for the Emma/Regina episode. I actually like that it sounds like just the beginning of working stuff out with them. What makes their relationship so great is that it has developed organically and is never rushed. They have come so far but still have such a way to go and I’m enjoying the journey.

  21. Kay says:

    I hope we get some Rumple info soon, and RUmbelle. I’d like to know what’s going on with his mental state, and what this “addiction” storyline means. Is he using the hat to help rid of the curse and his darkness? Would love more RUmbelle scenes and romance too.

  22. amy says:

    Thanks so much for the interview Matt and all the great questions. I adore Emma and watching how her character has developed over the 4 seasons…I am beyond pleased the show is finally going to be giving us more of her backstory and I love the way Morrison brings her to life.

  23. Tran says:

    I always dreamed of Jennifer Morrison.

  24. Nav says:

    I love this –
    “Trying to figure out complicated dating issues in the midst of crazy chaos makes for some really funny things, some very serious things, some very heartbreaking moments, some very exciting moments. It really definitely turns dating into a true adventure.”
    THIS!!! is what I love and am here for with Emma/Hook #CaptainSwan – all this and more, this is how their relationship is and going to be and I am on that True Adventure with them and more!

  25. Remy says:

    After seeing Robin Hood & crew camping in the forest last week, I can’t stop wondering where is Hook living in Storybrook? I just can’t see him staying at the Storybrook Inn.

    • Len84 says:

      Grannys or maybe down at the docks somewhere or a boat ;) . I probably think he is staying at Grannys, i dont see anywhere else he might be atleast now

    • AnnieM says:

      Maybe he’s staying with Smee?

      • Len84 says:

        I doubt it lol. I think Smee is with the other crew members (thats the assumption i got) seeing as Smee asked him how come we still in Storybrooke… why dont we set sail with another boat since Hook hadnt told them what he did with The Jolly Roger and he was staying here for Emma, and Henry as well

  26. Carrie says:

    Thanks so much for this interview! You ask all the good questions, haha! :) Can’t wait for Emma’s story with Elsa and her beautiful story with Hook! It’s going to be a great season! Thanks for everything you do, Matt!

  27. Carrie says:

    “TVLINE | In the premiere, Emma reassured him, “Be patient.” But it’s been a while since the show has had anything close to a love scene. Might Emma and Hook eventually end that dry spell?
    I hope so. That’s about all I can say.”
    Oh Jen – I hope so too!!

  28. Raams says:

    JMo’s so good at interviews. She really gets Emma. I hope we have more meaningful development for Emma this season.

  29. Gina says:

    LOVE SCENE, LOVE SCENE! I’m seriously so pumped over this, it’s not like I’ve been waiting over 2 season to see those two having sexy times hahhaha. I need the episode now!

  30. queen_S says:

    great interview , thank you very much :)

  31. Sophie94 says:

    We love CaptainSwan , thank you for this great interview :)

  32. Maria says:

    More Captain Swan is great news always!!!

  33. lilly says:

    So excited to see Emma and Regina’s dynamic continue to evolve, they have come so far since the pilot.

  34. Magnhild says:

    Cool Q & A :-)
    I’m glad to hear from the Charming family issues. There are so many plots, it’s a bit like the initial story, which is how Regina ruined the lives of Snow White, Prince Charming, their newborn (and all the other folks in the Enchanted Forest) and how the Orphan Daughter of the Charmings found them after 28 sad lonely years, became secondary.
    There are so many sweet (and romantic…) moments in OUAT, but seeing Snow White and Emma holding hands in Season 2, THAT was special.
    ALL the Villains in OUAT and the plots they fuel are/were very entertaining and the romances (especially the one between Emma & Captain Hook IMO) are adorable, but come on! … Snow White and Prince Charming had to give to their First born. Their Baby had a sinistre life as an Orphan etc It would warm my heart to see that family (of angels) really actually fully joyfully bond.

  35. lns008 says:

    I love Emma and Jen!
    Lovely interview.
    I hope we also get the Snow and Emma bonding scenes too.
    I look forward to Emma’s whole progression this season and her romance with Killian/Hook – these two deserve so much love and care due how broken and damaged souls they are and I hope they finally esp Emma fully accepts this.

  36. Fan says:

    Love reading Jen’s interviews. I love how excited she gets talking about Emma’s budding romance with Killian. Honestly I’d really love to know more about Emma’s relationship with her mom this season. I loved the friendship between Emma and Mary Margaret in season one, and I’d like to see more of that, like some hybrid of a best friendship and a mother/daughter relationship.

    • Karina says:

      I totally agree – Emma and MM’s friendship in season 1 was my favorite thing! I would love to see more bonding between the two. And of course you can never have enough Emma/Charming scenes. It’s wonderful to think about her finally being surrounded by people who love her and letting herself be loved by all of them (Henry and Hook too).

    • Alice says:

      Oh me too! I want to see more of Emma’s relationship with her parents and how that actually works. Emma and her parents have 28 years of catching up to do. I would be so thrilled if this season explores more of their friendship and their relationship as Mother/daughter. It is a really fascinating hybrid.

  37. Devin says:

    Thanks for the interview! Loved reading it!

  38. nathiest says:

    “Yeah, Yeah”?…. bit rude.

  39. Casey says:

    Bless you for asking about an Emma/Hook love scene! You get all the cookies. I hope so, too, Jen.

    I’m also excited about the Emma/Elsa friendship, as I think there’s a lot they can relate to each other about. I just wish Elsa could stay longer, but I know she’s a short-term character.

    I’d like to see more done with the relationship between Emma and her parents. I’d like to get back more of the S1 Emma/Mary Margaret friendship.

    I dread the Emma/Regina-centric ep, because based on past experience, I’m afraid it’s going to be All About Regina more than about Emma. And for being the lead, Emma has had less narrative attention paid to her than others; she needs tons of flashbacks and centrics to catch up. I’m so over Regina and her placing blame on everybody else for her problems instead of accepting responsibility for her own actions, and everybody just coddling her.

    Jennifer Morrison is always so thoughtful about her character.

    • Karen says:

      Emma gets more than enough attention in my opinion. Even too much at times for me. I was totally bored with this year’s seasion finale for example. It’s an ensemble show and it’s good how their handling it in my opinion. If there are characters that need more time in my opinion it’s Belle and Robin Hood.

      • PAsh says:

        I agree so much! I like Emma alright, but I don’t need more of her.

        Of the women, I like Regina’s and Emma’s stories and screentime as they are now. For Snow I hope for a flashback episode without Charming, maybe when she was younger and living with Regina and Leopold, or when she was an outlaw on the run before she met Charming. Maybe something involving Red because I miss Red on this show.

      • Len84 says:

        Emma is the MAIN central heroine, she is the focal point of this show more then the other mains, its her main jounrey we started from in season 1. So no she is suppose to get the attention and rightly so as i said she is the Main Central Lead!

        • Carly says:

          You’re making up terms here. There is no such thing as a “main central lead”. You’re either a lead or you’re not. Once Upon a Time is an ensemble show focused on a core group of 5 lead characters – Snow White, Regina, Charming, Henry, Rumple and Emma – that are all equally important. There would be no Once Upon a Time without either one of them.

          It’s either very naive or very biased to think Emma is more important to the show than the journeys of those other characters that have shaped and carried the show on their shoulders since day 1.

  40. Irelia says:

    I lost respect for this woman long ago. She s**** up to all the fanbases trying to please everyone. SQ shippers are not stupid. We know she can´t stand us. The sweaters stunt with Lana was so lame it made me feel sick to my stomach.

    • Len84 says:

      I dont understand the need to put that here to be honest!?!

      • M says:

        Apparently, this actress, who has to answer to itws and viewers before even knowing what will be invented for her fictional character by her bosses and making sure to avoid spoilers when she does, has to pay because the creators of OUAT created this character ex nihilo, who’s Snow White and Prince Charming daughter, who had her life ruined by Regina, the Evil Queen, BUT does not have Stockholm syndrome.

  41. Amanda says:

    Thanks so much for the interview! I’m really excited to see Emma progress further this season, even if I am incredibly annoyed by the writers’ decision to have Emma feel bad enough to put her own happy ending on hold (I know that’s not the entire reason, but the fact that it even came up annoys me). Hook deserves a lot better than that. Anyway, I’m glad that after three seasons we will finally be getting some Emma flashbacks!

  42. Nia says:

    Thanks Matt for the interview. It’s always nice to see Jennifer talk about Emma and the show because of how eloquent she always is with her answers. I am really looking forward to this season and I am so happy that they’re finally going to go into Emma’s past and we will see more of her childhood. I think it is about time and I am hoping for more in future as well.

    Also thanks for those Captain Swan questions. My shipper heart got really happy…hehe <3 I loved how she said that their relationship is going to be an adventure with some happy, some funny, some heart-breaking moments! I can't wait to see them all <3

  43. Maureen says:

    I am looking forward to this season and the journey’s of the characters. I am looking forward to Emma finding herself as she has found /Storybtooke her home. I am lookin forward to the love story between Emma and Hook. I am NOT looking forward to it dragging on all season or not happening at all, however. I feel this has been two seasons in the making and going through a slow, few minutes every episode all season is way too much IMO. I have not been disappointed in any of the story arcs on this show in 3 seasons and I hope that the Captain Swan story is not the one that disappoints me. It is so much more rewarding a story with characters like Emma and Hook because of who they were and who,they become, so I sincerely hope it’s done right and it’s not a whole other season story before we see truly see CS happen.