How to Get Away With Murder Recap: It's a Stab, Stab, Stab, Stab World

Tonight’s How to Get Away With Murder recap is presented with a hat tip to the legendary Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham.

I do not trust Professor Keating
I do not trust her assigned seating
I do not trust her post-sex crying
Did you know she thinks the world is lying?
Does she want her hubby under arrest?
Or to feel her hot young student’s chest?
Detective boyfriend around her finger
Her employees all sent through the wringer
I do not trust fierce Annalise
But I’d like to be her, if you please

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I mean…

(And I say “I mean…” as a device to catch my breath and process SO. MUCH. PLOT.)

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Episode 2, “It’s All Her Fault,” gives us more cause to believe that the murder of Annelise’s hubby Sam Keating (three months into the future, and a few minutes into an immolating BONFIRE) and the murder of Sam’s student Lila (one week in the past) are intimately intertwined. (I didn’t intend for that last phrase to sound so sexual, but every person on this damn show seems to have an undercurrent of lust coursing through his or her veins, no?)

Let’s break down the action in three distinct parts:

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THE BODY IN THE WOODS/SAM | Yes, we’re back to the flash-forward of Connor, Laurel and Michaela in the woods. But wait, where’s Wes? He’s keeping his friends waiting — and Michaela panicking, saying she trusts Wes, but not “her.” Oh, and “it’s all her fault,” she adds. But who does she mean by “her”? Who does she think might convince Wes to go to the cops and pin the murder on his trio of co-conspirators? It appears as though the party in doubt is Wes’ neighbor Rebecca; after Wes returns to his pals and they stop to pick up lighter fluid to burn Sam’s body, he surreptitiously places a call from a burner phone and tells whoever is on the other end of the line that “we’re gonna protect you.” Later, after Sam is turned into so much ash, Wes speeds off to a seedy motel and finds Rebecca waiting; again, he’s all reassurances: “It’s done.” But is it possible that’s a classic Shondaland misdirect? Could Michaela be worried it’s Annalise who might sell them out? And could Wes be dialing his steely law professor and not his drug-dealing crush?

We get a few other interesting deets in the course of the hour:

* Laurel approaches Bonnie, worried she’s only made Annelise’s elite team because Frank is hot for her. But it turns out Bonnie is not the one to sit around and dish office dirt. She encourages Laurel not to waste valuable time on personal concerns, and instead use her energy “”to get Annalise to actually learn your name.” Oh snap! (Laurel later takes said advice to heart and helps give Annalise a key strategy to prove their client’s lack of guilt.)

In the present day, Rebecca gets arrested as a co-conspirator (along with Lila’s football player boyfriend) in Lila’s murder — and Wes gives her some good advice that she ought to have learned watching Law & Order reruns anyhow: Don’t say a word!

JACK FALAHEE, CONRAD RICAMORAFinally, Connor upsets his tech-spy paramour by pumping him (no pun intended) to hack into a witness’s email account, then later missing their dinner date. But Connor (who has real feelings! maybe?) begs for a second chance, and is even willing to act out the lyrics to “Pull Up to the Bumper” to gain forgiveness.

THE DEAD GIRL IN THE WATER TANK/LILA | Annalise finds her detective boyfriend with a gun in his pocket but decidedly unhappy to see her, considering she blackmailed him last week on the witness stand. “You won your case. You got laid. How can I be of service to you?” he seethes, threatening if she doesn’t leave him alone to tell Sam “every dirty, nasty thing” he did to Annalise under Sam’s roof.

But Annalise’s legal mind just cannot rest — not even when she’s home and in the midst of domestic “bliss.” She checks Sam’s cell while he’s showering, finds an innocent-ish email from Lila (who was spending the weekend volunteering at a homeless shelter — is that a euphemism for “sexytimes with the professor”?), and continues to give him looks of deep, unabashed suspicion.

“Were you screwing her?” Annalise finally asks an exasperated Sam about Lila. “I said no — absolutely not,” he responds. “Good eye contact,” she says, treating her hubby like she’s prepping a witness (one of the episode’s most scathingly funny moments). And then Annalise notes that it’s happened before. So Sam may not be asking to pay the ultimate price, but dude’s definitely been asking for trouble.

The episode ends with Sam preparing a romantic dinner for Annalise, but when he goes to the cellar to get them a bottle, I get super envious that they have a cellar in which they can fetch bottles. Wait, that’s irrelevant. Let me try again… When he goes to the cellar to get them a bottle, she checks Sam’s cellphone a second time — and discovers he’s deleted any contact info from Lila Stangard. #SOMETHINGAINTRIGHT

Annalise bolts, shows up outside Det. Nate’s house — while his ailing wife sits inside — and proceeds to implore him to check out Sam’s alibi the night Lila was killed. “Sam knew her — they were close,” she says, voice trembling with desperation. “You don’t do this to your husband — sell him out to your boyfriend,” Nate responds. But Annelise is in tears — and she’s so convincing, I wonder if she really thinks she’s got a killer in her bed at home. Or is it possible she’s the one who took Lila’s life — and is now using her knowledge of the law to frame her misbehaving spouse. The way Viola Davis plays it, it’s impossible to tell. Like Annalise says at the top of the episode, people are “unknowable” – and that’s why she doesn’t care if her clients profess guilt or innocence. Who can trust ’em, anyhow? (Snap poll: Do we care if Annalise is guilty or innocent, good or bad?)

She goes home and Sam wonders if their argument is behind them. “We’re good — I promise,” Annelise says, before seducing Sam with great gusto, then rolling onto her side and letting a single tear stream down her cheek. What in the whatting what is going on here?

THE BIG CASE OF THE WEEK | Oh, this one’s a whopper. Steven Weber shows up as a creepy, hunting-obsessed husband of Marjorie St. Vincent, a department-store heiress stabbed 16 times in her own bed. The episode’s best scene involves Weber acting out the prosecution’s theory of the murder on the blood-stained mattress — Annelise asked that the crime scene remain untouched until after trial — and using “pretty” Connor as the victim in the most erotically charged way one could act out a brutal stabbing. (I’m not saying I was turned on by the exchange, but… actually, I’m not going to finish this sentence.)

Things take a bad turn when it’s proven that Weber killed his first wife — and got away with it — while living in Switzerland, but it’s Laurel who saves the day when she does the simple math that Weber’s hunting skills don’t track with the all-over-the-corpse slaughter of Marjorie. Weber gets set free — while the defense learns it’s his college-age daughter who wielded the blade, as revenge for her poor biological mom.

Side note: Somehow, trial prep involves another scene where Annalise looks scintillatingly hot while leaning in verrrry close to Wes, who does his best terrified-puppy impression. #AlsoHot

On that note, I turn it over to you. What did you think of Episode 2 of How to Get Away With Murder? Are you officially obsessed, still on the fence, or already over it? And what are your working theories about Sam and Lila’s murders? Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Tran says:

    HTGAWM is at its best. Fingers crossed for a full season pick up.

    • Sara says:

      According to what I’ve read (and I’m pretty sure its been said on this site), Viola Davis doesn’t want to do more than 15 or 16 episodes per season, so you probably won’t seen a 22 episode pick up.

      • Larc says:

        If this is true, I can’t understand why they would handicap the show by casting somebody for the lead character who wouldn’t be agreeable to a full 22-24 episode season.

        • herman1959 says:

          Think about it – the reason the show got green lighted straight to series is largely because of the casting of Viola Davis.

        • blah says:

          This may be DUE to Viola not wanting more, but how do you think they convinced themselves it was a good idea after the fact? Look at so many shows now – AHS comes to mind – that are wildly successfull in a 13-15 show format? For deep mystery shows, like this one, a shorter season allows for a BIGGER story arc that can actually last the entire season with dying out early. Now we know the A – line plots are going to be individual episode murders, while the B – line will be the murder of “Annie’s” husband. On a side note, did the wierd murder dad remind anyone of the creepy murder husband guy in the Good wife? haha. Anyways, good episode. I cant wait to see where Viola’s character stands in the B – line.

        • PFitzDC says:

          Viewers need to start letting go of the 22-episode season expectation. More and more frequently, the broadcast networks are following cable’s lead and running shorter seasons. Sleepy Hollow was 13 episodes. The first season of Scandal was just 7 episodes. The last 24 was 12 episodes. Shorter seasons are especially effective for shows with convoluted plots like HTGAWM that show signs of strain if you pad them too much. So, I highly doubt that Viola Davis was the ONLY reason the show might have a shorter run.

      • Lara says:

        I would rather see a show with 15 or 16 great episodes than 22 subpar ones.

  2. delfiteblu says:

    I’m just not sure about this show. There’s something OFF about it and I can’t quite connect. Love Viola Davis but maybe not such a messed-up one. My daugjhter told me last week she didn’t know if she’d watch because she didn’t want to see VD being a bad person and I ASSUIRED her Shonda wouldn’t make her main character bad. But I’m not so sure now. I’ll give it another week or so but then…..maybe not so much.

    • delfiteblu says:

      Sorry for the typos – can’t find my glasses :)

    • Lola says:

      In fairness, this isn’t really Shonda’s show. She’s not the showrunner. And honestly, even if it were Shonda’s show, it’s not like Olivia Pope is a good person. I think Olivia’s better qualities were emphasized in the first season of Scandal, but it’s hard to imagine her qualifying as “good” at this point, although she certainly can do good things sometimes.

    • Dani says:

      Shondaland doesn’t do good or bad people … in Shondaland all the characters are humans with a lot of mistakes. Look at Meredith Grey, look at Addison Montgomery, look at Olivia Pope. None of these central characters can be labeled as good.
      And I think that’s not how television works these days. HTGAWM is a legal thriller with a very tough lead. Sometimes you’ll love her, sometimes you’ll hate her and be disgusted by what she does. It’s like with all of these central roles in Shondaland. And even though Shonda Rhimes isn’t the showrunner of this show, it works really well into her universe of writing.

      So far I’m impressed.

    • Jane says:

      I feel the same way. There is just something off about the show, It seems to drag on forever and after the first and second one I find myself wondering if I want to watch the next one. I admit to not being a fan of Shondaland shows. I quit Grey’s after season 3 and never made it past the 2nd episode of any of the others. I’ll give it a couple of more tries just for Ms. Davis.

      • Stormy says:

        ITA seeing VD as a malignant narcissist doesn’t go down well with me.

      • jj says:

        agreed, the show seems pretty predictable so far but I find myself rolling my eyes at the cheesy/cliche dialogue, i want to like this show because i’m a viola davis fan but the majority of the cast seem pretty mediocre

      • CB says:

        Think the flash forwards & backwards are slowing the show down & causes confusion for viewers if not paying close attention. Gotten my killers down & why. Time will tell if I’m right.

      • CB says:

        I think the repeated flashbacks & flash fowards get redundant. No way they can keep trying this method after season 1???

    • love357890 says:

      I agree there is something OFF, it’s intriguing and watchful because you seek to find out what is it? Then the relationships sexual or friendship appear to be a trade off. Since I work in law I usually dislike law shows, but defense law offers a raw opportunity so I hope I can figure out what the heck the law students are doing in the opening of the show and how far VD character will go to win a case.

    • CB says:

      1st time I saw Viola in mean role on L&O SVU years ago, I didn’t like it, but couldn’t deny she was superb. Felt same way about Denzel. They’ve always played the good characters for so long, it was a big jolt when I saw them play mean, evil people. LOL

      Now I can see their true talent way better having them both play flawed characters & appreciate and enjoy their talent even more.

  3. Gailer says:

    I’m watching but I am confused. The flashbacks back and forth aren’t helping. I was hoping for more of an LA Law.

    • Rand says:

      You need to give it your 100%.
      1) No multi-tasking. No blinking. No watching while eating. No peeing.
      2) Rewind when you missed a line.
      3) Rewatch it 3-5 times.
      4) Catch up and read at least 5 reviews from different sites, so you know major plot points.
      5) And keep all episodes handy. You never know which episode you need to rewatch.
      That’s how I watch anything from Shondaland especially Scandal.

      • Katherine215 says:

        You realize this is a tv show, right? I agree on 1 and 2, but watch it 3-5 times?! Read 5 reviews?! No one should have to put that much work into a television show. I’m not saying television should be dumbed down, but come on. What you’re suggesting is a bit absurd for a tv show.

        • bj says:

          I agree. That’s way too much work for a tv show. It’s not like it’s the only one I like to watch.

          I agree that characters can be good and bad and I can accept that but this one seems to be bordering on evil at times and I’m not sure I can continue to like her. And that’s sad because I really liked the first episode up until the mauling the student scene. This woman is a teacher. She’s supposed to teach, not just use.

          And having all those bright and innocent young people get pulled into becoming criminals is not my idea of a fun time.

          I’ll give it one more episode but it doesn’t look good.

      • herman1959 says:

        And 6) Enable Closed Caption (cc).

      • Charissa29 says:

        Good lord! It is a tv show, not an organic chem. final. Sheesh, I don’t want to study it, I just want to watch it. I’m enjoying it enough to keep watching for awhile, so I’ll see.

    • fwitzie says:

      I agree I cant follow this or see it. Its so darn dark all the time & I dont even know what I am looking at.

    • RReg says:

      You need to watch outside of the box. There are any number of shows like LA Law, another one would just be boring.

    • abz says:

      It’s not that confusing really. Were you multi-tasking or not paying attention to certain parts and missed something?

  4. Jooshua says:

    I found everything in the pilot BUT the case interesting. This week, I was only interested in the case.

    Either way.. it’s an interesting show that I plan to stick with til the end.

    • dan says:

      I was hoping this wasn’t a “case of the week” show, but I agree that the case in episode two was much better than the case in the pilot episode. From a real-practice perspective, however, it is unlikely that Anneliese would have a high profile criminal (murder) trial every week. It takes months and even years for these things to get to trial. She wouldn’t have these types of trials on a weekly basis. I learned a long time ago that reality is suspended on television legal shows. I’m giving this one a pass because it is entertaining.

  5. Juan says:

    This showings viola Davis as Annalise is amazing. Nothing else to say.

  6. Abby says:

    Honestly, this show just isn’t that good. It’s a shame, really – such a strong, diverse cast. I’m just not feeling it. Heck, ‘off the map’ was better.

    • RReg says:

      I think this show is brilliant. Quite the best on TV now. Scandal used to be it for me, but no more. HTGAWM is hands down the best. I wonder how we will get to the stage of Professor Keating killing her husband? Quite a good show thus far. I’ll stick around unless it jumps the shark.

  7. tahina45 says:

    I love Viola Davis and this show is amazing! Will someone get away with murder?

  8. Cheyenne says:

    Michael Slezak, love this recap. Cracked up all through it.

  9. ninamags says:

    I think I’m liking the case of the week more than the cover-up plot. That seems frantic and jumbled up. It’s confusing, like someone mentioned.

    Once a cheater, always a cheater. Which is why Annelise has doubts.

    The guy with the beard, forget his name, would be ten times better without the beard. He is gorgeous.

    That scene in the bedroom with Webber was so hot.

    • David4 says:

      It’s really not that confusing. Maybe you should stick to CBS shows. They are pretty much just copying Damages with the flash forwards and backwards.

    • RReg says:

      How could you people say this show is confusing? What on earth shows have you all been watching? Disney Family channel? Life time movies?

  10. Lynnacworth says:

    After tonight I am moving on let’s just say that Thursday Night Football has more appeal than these newbies who can’t act and Viola Davis who is overacting to the point of boredom. And I am normally a Viola fan just can’t stand Annalise. Love Scandal have always hated Greys so right now the “angry” Miss Shonda is only pulling 33 1/3% in my book and that is a failing grade. Toodles!

    • David4 says:

      Have you see Scandal this year? I’d say it’s 0% more than 33%.

    • Nia says:

      I agree this show is total crap! I can’t understand what people or critics like so much abt it? Is it coz the standard for all shows on the network today are so low so let’s chose the one that is mildly entertaining but still poor in quality and make it the best fall show when it doesn’t even deserve it meh!The newbies are pathetic! The black puppy dog guy is like a courier delivering mail. The cases don’t even make sense and VIola who is an otherwise great actor is overacting instead of showing strong subtlety. Everyone is stone cold and even if all of them were killed off tomorrow I wouldn’t feel sad lol. Too bad! I wanted to like it but no thank you! Back to Suits and the Blacklist. This years fall tv is pathetic.

      • george says:

        We get it your not a fan, next

      • Max says:

        Suits though? Really? A show that makes even less sense and doesn’t have the excuse of being a soap opera murder mystery? Embarrassing.

      • abz says:

        Lol Suits used to be an okay show and now its just meh. Whenever I find myself comparing one show to Suits, the other show is always the better one. And if you wanna talk overacting, Suits is a perfect example..
        Also, it’s only been two episodes. Of course, if any one of them were killed off, no one would be sad at that (can’t imagine anyone would). Two episodes is not enough time to get to know characters let alone get attached to them and be affected by their loss.
        And it’s always easy for some people to criticize something and not explain why they think that way. If you thought the case didn’t make sense, fair enough okay, but at least give an explanation as to why you think that otherwise it just comes across as it being just YOU who didn’t understand it. Of course I’ve seen more interesting cases (I’ve been too spoiled by The Good Wife), but the case seemed pretty straightforward to me.

    • jack says:

      No one will miss you, buh bye.

    • fwitzie says:

      Dont you agree that Scandal was slow & boring? ( I cant believe Im saying that) I feel like shes putting all her energy into a new confusing show & forgetting all about Scandal. Im very disappointed also. Dont think I like the new show either or the terrible message it gives.

  11. Greg says:

    Sam’s death and Lila’s have got to be connected.

    Yes, we don’t know the whole story of how/why Wes ended up at that hotel telling Rebecca it’s done but obviously, the death of Lila 2+ months ago has some bearing on Sam’s current death.

    It could be as easy as Lila was killed by Rebecca (and/or football boyfriend) and Sam found out and she killed him or something more complex. Of course, I am going with something more complex but I can definitely say that both murders are connected and we can’t dispute that anymore.

    • RReg says:

      I think Professor Keating killed her own husband and somehow gets the students to help her cover it up

    • RReg says:

      No, this makes no sense to me. I don’t see the 4 students covering up the death of Sam for Rebecca. The only reason they would try to cover up Sam’s death is because Annalise did it. She struck him with the statue in a fit of rage. I never understand why some people remain in a marriage while screwing with some one else. So she gets off with the detective, he gets off with his students, she obviously doesn’t trust him. She’s a lawyer – move on for Pete’s sake.

      • abz says:

        Yeah I still think Annelise is involved somehow. I could never see those students covering up Sam’s death for Rebecca. There’s definitely more to it.

  12. Tahonia says:

    is this the series that morphed from being a “Murder She Wrote” vehicle? Can’t mix up those two shows….

    • Amy says:

      No. The “reboot” of Murder She Wrote was scrapped altogether. It was a different actress, different network, different producers and was called “Murder She Wrote” Although I thought the same thing when I initially saw the previews.

  13. katie says:

    This show is absolutely incredible, freaking loved every minute of both episodes. Seriously cannot wait until next week!

  14. aar says:

    Besides the fact that there were numerous emails between Sam and Lila, I think the problem with the email is how Lila signed it – with just the initial L which suggests a familiarity that is much closer than prof/student.

  15. Ian says:

    Viola’s a great centerpiece, terrific actress, so I’m holding on, The show’s still a pleasure, even if the flashforward stuff is more confusing than intriguing.
    I hope we get some more insight into Mikayla’s life next. And I think Connor’s just being smart about the IT guy. That guy’s hacking skills have been what’s helped him make his marks on the cases of the week. He’s just securing the guy as an asset. I’d like to see a real relationship for him down the road, but not with this bland computer tech.

    • CB says:

      I like Oliver & glad he can see thru Connor the Con. Con is good but he’s lazy. Use sex for every task, 1 step from being reduced to whoredom, & wondering if he’s pseudo-intellectual. He has yet done 1 thing with head on his neck versus the head below to do his jobs.

  16. Ky Johnson says:

    Eh, I’m not really feeling this show and I wanted to so very bad. It feel likes it’s trying a little too hard to be flashy, and sexy, and pretty, and edgy. And ALL THE THINGS! Meanwhile I find myself distracted my Farm Saga. Is it just me or has this seasons new offerings been weak all around?

  17. aar says:

    The recap didn’t mention one of the most important plot points – the fact that Wes told his cohorts that the quarter landed on heads (for going back to get the body) when it really landed on tails (for leaving it at the house). I am so intrigued to watch Wes’ transformation over the course of the season because of this one action more than anything else he did the night of Sam’s murder in tonight’s episode.

    • Rand says:

      Yes. I rewind to make sure of that. The show made it seem like Wes is protecting Rebecca but what if he’s the one trying to get away with murder?
      Oh and more Asher please! Have we learnt anything about his father? I remembered something about him interning with a judge. Why isn’t he in the flash-forward? Is he dead?
      Bonnie is giving me a crazy single white female feeling and I think she’s the one that kills Lila. To protect Sam or just plain revenge.
      I wish next episodes will give us more backstory on Asher, Michaela, or Laurel.

      • Norma Lamb says:

        Bonnie may have killed Lila, but only Frank or Sam Keating could have carried her up to that water tower on the roof. Everyone else is too frail.

    • Angela says:

      Yep. Did a double take on that one to make sure I saw the picture on the coin correctly. So that’s going to be an interesting little detail to deal with later on… Wes ain’t so innocent after all. I agree with you on his transformation and wanting to know more about it.
      I too still think Annalise knows more about Lila’s death than she’s letting on, and that that girl’s death and Sam’s are connected somehow. They have to be. She’s very, very convincing with her emotional moments…but I’m still wary and suspicious of her even then.
      Steven Weber was incredibly creepy this week. I liked that whole scene with him acting out with Connor how the prosecution presumed he’d killed his wife. And the moment it was revealed that his first wife had died in a “car accident”, I knew there was more to that story-I’ve watched one too many true crime shows, I think. The father and daughter interaction throughout in regards to the second wife’s murder was really interesting-that end line about the inheritance was unsettling, too. I was left wondering if father and daughter were creepily too close for comfort somehow, or something.
      I get why some are put off by this show so far-it’s a lot to keep up with, and these characters are prickly at best, scheming and cruel at worst. I’m intrigued to see how this whole thing unfolds, personally, and to see how this gang of newfound criminals is fleshed out further over the course of the season.

    • Dee says:

      Agreed….he looks so earnest, I would believe anything he told me. I’m confused about Rebecca. She’s taken into custody…oh, I just answered my own question…LOL….the hotel scene is 2.5 months after she was hauled down the stairs by the cops. Ok, proceed!

    • herman1959 says:

      OMG, I totally missed it (I’ll have to rewind and look). I was also confused about the timeline per Rebecca/Wes at the end, but the good thing about this show is that they go back and explain things in the next episode. Until next week…

  18. Pavanne says:

    I’d put Connor and St. Vincent in the murder bed up against Olivia and Fitz in the broom closet any day.

  19. Guest says:

    I agree with all your comments re: flashbacks is too confusing to follow or care about, Viola Davis, who’s a great actress, is totally overacting and so far no interest in the characters. Having said that, I didn’t care for Scandal until the middle of the first season, so will give it a shot. Also, I think that Liza Weil’s character, was having affair with Viola Davis’ husband or wanted too and killed both him and the college student and that’s who they’re covering for. She’s the only actress that’s been under radar and underused.

  20. Delante says:

    Man they just keep peeling these layers off the characters one by one. You think you have it all good then another layer is removed. The flashbacks aren’t confusing at all. You did leave out how Wes lied about the coin being heads when it was tails. Also, he was calling the motel where Rebecca was at from the gas station. He said room 203 and that is the room she was in. For everyone who doesn’t like the show, I don’t know what you guys are expecting.

  21. Jesb2002 says:

    Kind of random, but distracting nonetheless, is Annalise’s courtroom attire. As a “real life” criminal defense attorney I know there is no way I, or even the most daringly dressed of my colleagues, would step foot in front of a jury in a sleeveless dress. Please, for the sake of some realness, have her put a blazer on. Please….

  22. Cobra says:

    Amazing episode, amazing show.

  23. Kai says:

    I did not think I would like this show because I’m not a Scandal or Grey’s Anatomy fan, but I must say I am enjoying this one. I’m anxious to see how it goes from week to week. It has it’s slow moments,(very few) but it’s just getting started. It’s messy and I like messy, so I’ll keep watching.

  24. Lee says:

    Man, you really have to check your brain cells at the door to watch this stupid dreck. What a waste of a lot of good talen.

    • kath says:

      That;s true for all Shonda shows. And yet, they’re almost all hits. (The only one that wasn’t was my favorite, Off The Map.)

  25. Sade says:

    This show I want to like but I am not sure. Something seems off, and at this stage fairly predictable. I find all the law students to be annoying except for the “gay one”.
    I was telling my friend that the show makes me long for Veronica Mars, and she was like just watch Veronica Mars season 1, so may be that is what I should do.

  26. elenora cartolano says:

    Oh just give Viola the award now this is a great show

  27. Shar says:

    Why wasn’t Weber’s character arrested for his first wife’s murder???

    • herman1959 says:

      They explained that – Double Jeopardy – you can’t be tried for the same crime twice. Once a person is found not guilty, that’s it, even if they confess later…google it.

    • Plus, he was put on trial in Switzerland. The US would have no jurisdiction on a crime committed in another country. I don’t even know if there is a such thing as double jeporady there (there certainly is here). So he could not have been prosecuted for her murder anyway. That’s one of the problems with the show, the law is all screwy!

  28. PFitzDC says:

    Michael–You missed a CRITICAL twist! Wes lied to his friends about the coin toss. They should have left the body where it was, but he told them that the result was bringing the body to the woods.

  29. Always a lot going on. I wonder do they actually have a legal consultant for the show because the law and criminal procedure is pretty far-fectched, taking away from the show for me. I’m still on the fence. I’ll keep watching and see how it goes. Sure isn’t as addicting as Scandal when it first came on. (I’ve given up on Scandal, too many breaks in between shows and season ends too quickly).

  30. angela says:

    I watched both episodes and had a hard time following the plot. Thank you for the detailed recaps. without them I would not know what was going on.

  31. kate'shomesick says:

    I already have a thousand theories…I can’t quite pick one :D…hopefully it doesn’t become too messy…and still makes sense in the end…

  32. Brigid says:

    I love the show! I didn’t want to watch because I didn’t think I’d like it but I was so wrong. It’s twisty and well acted. The characters are fleshed out well for only 2 episodes and the storyline has me suckered in. I have never understood why people can’t follow time jumping within the show. I have no issues with that, it isn’t confusing if your watching and paying attention to the show.

    I knew I recognized the guy who plays Frank (aka Charlie Weber), he was Ben/Glory in Season 5 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Steven Weber creeped me out and I am so looking forward to the main mystery. Who killed Annalise’s husband? Can’t wait to find out.

    • RReg says:

      My money is on Annalise killing her husband. What I can’t figure out is how she got the students to attempt to get rid of the body.

  33. ChicagoDan says:

    So Annalise is upset that her husband MAY have cheated with a co-ed, but has been getting busy in her own home/office with the married cop? Hmmm. And she runs to married cop/BF with suspicions that hubby may have done the deed, only to pounce on the suspected murderer a few minutes later. Love VD, but this type of hypocrisy doesn’t fit.

  34. HARRIET says:

    I believe the editing is poor. Too much back and forth. especially, in very DARK nighttime scenes.
    It needs more sexual tension. Courtroom scenes very good.
    Ill watch one more week, because I am a gladiator who loves SCANDAL.

  35. KayA says:

    I love the show, but do we have to have all the sex. A lot of people have stated that there is a lot off about this show, but we said the same thing about Grey’s, Private Practice, and Scandal. I say let’s just sit back, buckle up and enjoy the new ride at Shondaland – look out DisneyWorld.

  36. Yo says:

    I like Viola Davis, but I think the show is running too many plots and Viola Davis’s character is running too many personalities. Like Scandal, it is a little over the top and it is too much work. It seems designed for a digital generation, a little ADHD. I watched Gray’s Anatomy for years – great character development – but left Scandal because everyone was all the time yelling. This one is just difficult. You know, sometimes a simple plot is a good one: at ten o’clock at night I don’t want to work at television plot.

  37. kath says:

    Your Green Eggs and Ham parody rocked. And the whole review was pretty good.

    I wish the show itself were that entertaining. Viola Davis is good but the show itself feels like throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what will stick.

    And I really can’t figure out why anyone would think that first year law students make good detectives. Completely different skill set.

  38. chattykat11 says:

    Love this show! A bit confusing at the end, but worth it. Can’t wait for the rest of the season to be played out, and it’s okay if it’s not the old full 22 episodes. I think that they can keep the story fresh if they have shorter seasons.

  39. So Happy says:

    I didn’t buy Annalise’s fears about her husband ‘s involvement in Lila’s murder. Her cop lover is right about being suspicious! She is setting him up and definitely her husband. The single tear after she seduced her husband may have been her twinge of regret about the plans she is setting in motion.

  40. Tammy says:

    I think the husband is having an affair with Paris (or whatever her characters name is on this show)

  41. PETA YARbourough says:

    I’m confused. I’m not impressed or addicted. To Shonda’s new show. Mainly because it is too surreal. I will try once more to get it. If it doesn’t become clear. I’m done.

  42. ChrisGa says:

    I’m enjoying the show so far. Love the Connor character although I have to say that “puppy” Wes is brought down by the actor, who comes off as way too earnest and just isn’t very good IMO. As for who killed the college student and Annalise’s husband, I’m just gonna go out on a limb and say it was Liza Weil’s character seeing as how it’s obvious she has, or had, a thing for him/with him and there’s something a bit… about her. Also, you don’t hire Liza Weil to play not-unhinged.

  43. ethan dayton says:

    Im still on the fence for this show i can not decide if i like it!

  44. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    I love the show so far BUT i’m already getting CONFUSED the flashbacks are becoming too much. I think Annalise is responsible for killing her husband and having the students get rid of the evidence, also Wes’ neighbor the rebel looking chick forgot her name he’s ”protecting” but from what? Did she have something to do w/Lila’s Murder?

  45. Valerie Tower says:

    I think Wes is professor keatings son

  46. im still not sure of this show yet. im still a huge fan of greys and scandal and want this to be just as good. i’m finding it hard to connect to any of the characters, and before we get to know them there is this twisting forwards and backwards between multiple storylines which makes it more confusing. I wish they would have eased into the students being hired a little slower, it would have made the show a little more fun and we would have gotten to know the characters better. I feel like the first episode had 100 things going on, same with the second. ill stick it out this season and hopefully it will find its stride.

  47. My problem with this episode is that there was no thematic through line connecting what happened in this episode.

  48. Gerri says:

    After the second episode, I was thinking I don’t like ANY of the characters, even Wes. They all seem to be lacking conscience, morality, empathy. Just icky people. After reading some recaps and reviews I might try to hang on. But I hope this will be like Brit series: tell the story and be done. In other words, no second season. I want this storyline to have an end this season and don’t see HOW it could continue after everyone gets their comeuppence.

  49. WhoDhoo says:

    i think that if the show continues like it is, everything we initially think will be wrong. that being said, I think that the death of her husband will be trying to get covered up just because it might LOOK like the teacher and students would be the prime suspects due to things they will have done prior to his death. so basicaly someone will get away with murder, but by framing the teacher and students so cleverly that they end up scrambling to cover it up as though they really committed the murder.

  50. Anita says:

    I’m still trying to figure out episode one????