Mistresses: 22 Actresses Who Could Fill Alyssa Milano's Louboutins

The thought of Mistresses without Alyssa Milano’s Savi seems as inconceivable as Maison Sur Mer without high-end scented candles.

And yet, that’ll be the reality facing ABC’s tawdrylicious soap when it returns for Season 3 next summer. Indeed, Milano — the biggest name among the show’s fierce four-woman ensemble — announced she’ll exit the show to avoid uprooting her family when production moves from Los Angeles to Vancouver in 2015.

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Are we heartbroken? Of course — especially since the last time we saw her, Savi was about to stumble across her ex-husband and her little sister in a torrid, beachside embrace. (As Aaliyah once sang, “We need a resolution. We have so much confusion.“)

Nevertheless, a source confirms to TVLine that the role of Savi will not be recast — but that the show will introduce a new mistress to fill the void. And to that end, we’ve come up with a list of 21 actresses we think would be able to nail the show’s mix of sexy intrigue, witty zingers and “yes, more please!” fashion.

So click through the gallery below for our picks, then share your own casting ideas in the comments!