Did Bell Clang? Does Graceland Need Better Security? Will SYTYCD Return? Will Carter Kill Max?! And More Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Story, Graceland, Finding Carter and So You Think You Can Dance!

Falling SKies1 | Falling Skies fans, can we talk about how fake-tastic this docking scene looked? Including how the Beamer gently attached itself while clocking about 400mph?

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2 | Was the word “beau” as ubiquitous in the late ’50s/early ’60s as Masters of Sex would have us believe? Also, did anyone see that big sibling twist coming?

3 | What exactly did Big Brother‘s Frankie mean when he said the Head of Household competition was built for “someone like Nicole”?

4 | If ABC really, truly wants to get into the summer music-reality competition game (see Duets, Rising Star… or don’t), wouldn’t it be wiser to follow the template of VH1’s intimate, sometimes fascinating Make or Break: The Linda Perry Project than trying to churn out another dime-store version of Idol or The Voice?

5 | Are we really at a point where the MDA “Used to Run 20+ Hours” Telethon is now barely as long as an extended Sons of Anarchy episode?

Saved By the Bell6 | Who else was wishing a bell would save them from Lifetime’s The Story of Screech’s Secret Pain Unauthorized Saved By the Bell movie? And would they have us believe that Dustin Diamond (amid all his life-drama) coined the “That’s what she said” catchphrase?

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7 | Between creating a drone and putting together a radar gun, doesn’t it seem like Under the Dome‘s Joe has a lot of technology smarts that he should have, you know, revealed from the beginning?

8 | Joss and Harry succumbing to their passions in the Mistress‘ Season 2 finale: Swoon-inducing, stomach-churning, or a bit of both? Also, if there is a Season 3, how the heck are the show’s writers going to be able to continue the addictive scenes of our four central women pow-wowing, given that Joss is apparently in love with her sister’s ex?Top Model

9 | What exactly were the Top Model contestants modeling/selling during the Silly String runway show?

10 | Grammarians, do you think Gang Related ultimately was a victim of its title’s missing hyphen?

11 | The twist to Rizzoli & Isles‘ season-ending murder mystery can’t possibly be as obvious as it appears to be, right? That the wife did it? Also, can the eventual DVD extras include more instances of Maura mangling pop lyrics in front of tweens?

12 | Finding Carter wouldn’t dare kill off Max aka its most likable character, would it? And can we get a little less Crash (OK, a lot less) and a little more explanation for why Lori kidnapped Carter?

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13 | Is it too early to start our celebrity wish list for the next season of Drunk History?

14 | Which Frozen special/“What might have been” secret horrified you most — that Elsa originally wore a cloak made of live weasels?!

15 | Who did History’s Houdini miniseries have you missing most — Sally Struthers, or Ruth Gordon?Legends

16 | This Legends meet-up didn’t look suspicious and super-covert at all, right? Just three people in dark suits on a bench in a park, one with an unusual metal case, all looking surreptitious…..

17 | Really? Graceland, the easily accessible beachfront home to six federal agents, is protected by one door handle lock? Sid didn’t even need to get past a deadbolt??

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18 | Any So You Think You Can Dance fans still reeling from Season 11’s biggest “growth” story Zack only managing a fourth-place finish? And on a scale of 1-to-“hurl your TV out the window,” how devastated will you be if Fox doesn’t bring the reality delight back in summer 2015?

Project Runway19 | We can’t be the only ones shocked that this Project Runway design was the winner of the week, right?

20 | Could Rosie Perez’s casting on The View threaten Ellen DeGeneres’ position as daytime’s premiere boogie-down host? (Based on this Soul Train highlight reel, we seriously hope so!)

21 | Anyone else find themselves fast-forwarding through Satisfaction when the daughter’s storyline pops up?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Dean says:

    Seriously for a super secret federal agent hide out they couldn’t put a burglar alarm?

  2. johnhelvete says:

    12) Crash is almost certain to go to prison, so you and I should get our wish for a lot less Crash.

  3. GeoDiva says:

    11. I so think it is the wife ah..la.. “Presumed Innocent”.

    • Kvivik says:

      Except for the West Wing, every show I’ve seen Karis Campbell in the episode, her character always been the big bad. As soon as I saw who was playing the wife, I knew who the killer is. I’m hoping that they pull something out of left field at the last minute.

  4. Daisy says:

    12. It had better not. As much as I love the show Max is absolutely the only redeeming character around.
    17. That was ridiculous. I can’t even figure why they’d have a picture of all of them together right there in the living room. At the very least that should be on the 2nd floor where they have the ‘no guests allowed’ rule.

  5. sarah j says:

    8)Stomach Churning! They should not have gone there!

  6. TK says:

    6) Wayne’s World coined the phrase “That’s what she said.” Screech was quoting them.

  7. Eric says:

    Yesss, I fast forward through all the daughters storyline as well! Love the rest of the show though!

  8. Aaron says:

    18) Still depressed that Zack got number 4.. I know he cant win over Ricky’s momentum but number 4 really? I would kill someone if Fox doesn’t renew it. Best show I’ll watch all summer no matter what.

  9. Poppy says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who questioned this week’s Project Runway winner. Sean’s dress was my favorite!!

    • LADY_in_MD says:

      Sean should have won a third time
      Also what’s with all the love for Amanda’s outfit? It was terrible glad Zack had some sense in letting her know it was bad even though Heidi and Nina loved it

  10. Amy says:

    18. Most definitely “hurl your TV out the window.” SYTYCD is my favorite summer show! Fox needs to renew it ASAP.

  11. Ktd says:

    I will hurl my tv out the window if SYTYCD is not renewed.

    • danny says:

      I want ABC to pick up SYTYCD if Fox does drop it. They could heavily cross promote it with the spring season of DWTS and run it right after DTWS finishes. That would help out with that ABC summer reality competition series thing, too.

      • Emma says:

        That’s actually a really good idea. Plus they wouldn’t have to worry about taking breaks due to baseball. But I’m not sure if it would happen now, it would have been more likely back in the earlier seasons I think.

      • Thea says:

        I would love if that happened! But is there any chance Nigel would still be contractually obligated to stay with Fox if they did cancel the show? For all I disliked his puppeteering during his Idol days, I couldn’t imagine SYTYCD without him (or Mary or Cat).

      • Mo says:

        And so many dancers on DWTS come from SYTYCD. But seriously, don’t cancel it Fox!!

    • I.R.E. says:

      The petition for SYTYCD has to be created, Ktd!

  12. Vlada says:

    18. I cannot imagine summer without being amazed by talent on SYTYCD. That would be a major disaster if they cancel it!!!

  13. Katie_Mead says:

    7) Like, say, I don’t know … looking at the dome in a couple of places, estimating the curvature, and working out the area covered by that dome and its geometrical center, to first find the Egg?

  14. Bwhit says:

    17) yes!!! Plus if it was so painfully obvious that Sid put that tracker in Mike’s pocket, Mike even said ‘what are you doing?’ Um hello super FBI agent!!

  15. kat says:

    17. That was insane, just a little standard picked-in-30-seconds lock. I thought they had cameras. They have no security at all. A house full of agents whose lives depend on their covers. And the picture was also ridiculous considering they’ve even had those hoes in there (were they hookers?). They are the worst feds ever. They make The Following’s bumbling FBI agents look like super stars.

    21. Why are these teenage daughters always the worst? I almost checked to see if she was related to Dana Brody….There are already some weaknesses in this show, they do not need someone like Annika around to mess things up more.

  16. ggny says:

    Finding Carter main story has become straight crap. It has turned into the Crash show all the sudden. Max and Taylor at this point are the only reason to stick around. The show needs to be fixed fast

    • Ginger says:

      I hate everyone on the show but the mom and Max.Carter is horrible. Crash should’ve never made it past his first episode.

  17. 18) Hurl my TV out the window at a Fox executive’s head! This may not have been SYTYCD’s most exciting season, but it’s still far and away my favorite reality competition series. I loved Ricky and I am thrilled he won. Zack was indeed the most improved/most growth, but at the end of the day, Ricky was still the best dancer and as cute as a bug. I’m glad they didn’t punish him for being the front-runner. Zack was most certainly robbed of a second place finish though.

    • I.R.E. says:

      We still need to make a petition for SYTYCD before time runs out, gonzosgirrl!

    • S. says:

      They better renew SYTYCD. Go ahead, Fox. Get on my nerves and don’t do that. As for Zack, it’s America’s favorite dancer. If he was more than 4th favorite, he’d have gotten the votes. Sorry, I just don’t buy that he was robbed of squat. They all wanna win. They’re mainly using this as a platform to advance in their careers. He’ll be fine. He was top 2 guys so in a way he WAS 2nd. Personally I’d have put him 3rd. I’d have preferred one of our tappers win, but Ricky had to go be all super talented and whatnot.

    • Temperance says:

      I actually WAS one of the best seasons, only the best parts weren’t wondering who would in. It was plenty awesome just to watch the incredible dancers do their thing to pieces made by choreographers at the very top of their game.

  18. Jan says:

    12. They better NOT kill off Max! He’s the best thing about that show (though I also don’t want Alex Saxon to disappear from Fosters).
    18. I REALLY want them to renew SYTYCD! Felt gypped by the truncated version we got this season, but even a little is better than none. I, too, was surprised that Zack only finished fourth.

  19. L says:

    I was hoping the SBTB movie would touch on the more scandalous parts of his book.. the sex origies, the drugs, him sleeping with the network exec… instead it was a giant snoozefest.

  20. I.R.E. says:

    6.) I know what Dustin is trying to say, but the only one that he and the other original class cast members should bash instead are the original class producers and writers. The original class producers and writers should be blamed for appraising too much difficulty in the original class and included Dustin and his role in it at the same time in a hurry, which is dangerous!

    18.) We have to make a petition to request for SYTYCD’s 12th season for Summer 2015 very strongly. Although, I know there was something wrong in the FOX Network and SYTYCD is not the only show having problems. Glee, New Girl and The Mindy project are the other FOX shows also having problems along the way. But everyone in this network are fixing everything right away, so please still hang on!

  21. Lisa says:

    10. As an editor of 20+ years, since you bring up hyphenation and Gang Related, I should tell you that you’re not necessarily correct. Gang Related should be hyphenated if it’s a compound adjective modifying a noun, e.g., “gang-related violence.” However, it would be correct as “the violence was gang related.”

  22. JG says:

    12) I really like Finding Carter but if Max is killed off I will probably stop watching. He makes the show for me and has kept me interested up until this point. And I definitely agree that Crash needs to go.

  23. Beth Wagner says:

    If SYTYCD gets cancelled … I would rate it 100 to hurl myself out of the window!!! This is my absolute FAVORITE show! We go to the tour every year – no matter how far we have to travel (so far the longest has been 5 hours!)

  24. PFitzDC says:

    #18. Agreed….I thought that if anyone would spoil Ricky’s win, it would be Zach and totally expected an all-male #1/#2. Watching the Zach montage was a good reminder of how much he killed it all season long. And YES–I will be HURL-MY-TV-OUT-A-WINDOW devastated if Fox fails to renew the show for 2015. Yes, the ratings fell…but it’s a pretty classy feather in their cap for summertime show with a devout core following. Maybe they can find another few creative sponsor opportunities like the one they had with Degree.

  25. ... says:

    8. Horrible decision that turned the show into something that it wasn’t. Despite the title, it’s not a show where women fight each other over men or where sisters backstab each other, so it was disappointing to see all the growth that Joss had over season two tossed aside for some cheap shipper pandering.
    19. The Project Runway judges have been a mess this season. I have no idea why, but their taste level, especially from Heidi, has sank quite a bit.
    20. Unpopular opinion: Ellen can’t dance. She’s enthusiastic, for sure, but she has next to no rhythm, so Rosie Perez all the way.

  26. Jason Paul says:

    #18 SYTYCD needs to get renewed. Come on, Fox!

  27. jrex says:

    Can Max (the actor portraying him) continue to appear on both Finding Carter and The Fosters?

  28. ME says:

    Not mentioned here but how about Seth Meyers new set?? I guess they decided to spend a little on his show. It’s better at least.

  29. Kelly says:

    Wasn’t it still too soon for Rizzoli & Isles to have such a huge “save the suicidal man” storyline? It felt weird to me.

  30. roarfrom44 says:

    6. Screech was just quoting lines from Wayne’s World.

  31. Babygate says:

    8- Mistresses: I was very disappointed with this plot choice. This is a deal-breaker for me. The Joss we have known for 2 seasons in relation to Savi, would have never gone after Harry who, BTW, had been a complete a** the entire season.
    11- Rizzoli and Isles: I loved this show from the first episode but it was only because of the dynamic between Jane and Maura. The cases were never solid. Many times I’ve rolled my eyes at the predictability and lack of complexity of the “case of the week”. But this season the Jane/Maura relationship was redefined and it feels a bit awkward. I still love the cast but I find myself lacking much interest in watching now. Although I would say the beginning of this season was a bit more solid with better writing in terms of the cases but the summer finale reverted back to the original unsophistication and predictability of the earlier seasons. Also, how is it that Jane never mourned the loss of her baby? And the ‘new’ Frost just does not work for me. At all. She has no screen presence and always seems to be acting. And, is anyone else annoyed by the constant product placement??? Dunkin’ Donuts, Toyota, Autotrader.com, etc., etc., etc..
    16- Legends: I thought the same thing. Can this be any more obvious? Honestly, the only reason I’m watching is Tina Marjorino, and that hair!!!
    21- Satisfaction: gave it a try and after fast forwarding through half of it just gave up.

  32. dsrbroadway says:

    18) I can’t even with Zack only landing 4th place. If anything, he should’ve been the dark horse to win. Next to Ricky, I had my eye on Zack the whole time. I’d actually forgotten he was a tapper because he landed every number pretty much perfectly. Plus, he could tap, something Ricky can’t do!

  33. leo21 says:

    19 – I have no problem with that coat winning, especially considering that Amanda’s made the top. Most of the designs were boring and safe. At least someone who did something truly different and took a risk won.

    • Temperance says:

      I was fine with it. The blue dress was a slightly better vehicle for the massive, overbearing sapphire pieces, but the other outfit was much better, much more original fashion.

  34. Robin says:

    I will be devastated if SYTYCD doesn’t return next summer. I still love this show…(but gave up on Idol many years ago!)

  35. LaPiquante says:

    Zack deserved better than 4th. I’d see him in On the Town any day. Like, can he be a swing?
    And I just might toss my tv out the window if they don’t bring SYTYCD back. I think it could use a bit of retro-revamping (seasons without Mia are lesser by far). Bring in a choreo with weight who raises the bar for everyone, and it will once again be solid entertainment.

  36. Lana says:

    I will be inconsolable if Fox cancels SYTYCD, that is my very favorite show of all of them. Yes, I was totally shocked that Zack got 4th place. I wanted him to win but I was resigned that it would be Ricky, but I just knew he would get runner-up considering he had grown the most. Also that coat that won on Runway was hideous. However every year I question the taste of the designer judges and they don’t make me sorry I can’t afford to dress as fashionable as they would have us dress.

  37. Monica says:

    I want to fast forward through Satisfaction when anyone who isn’t Matt Passmore or Katherine LaNasa comes on screen.

  38. Probably there was no FBI budget in Graceland for a burglar alarm. There was also not too much budget for the second season. Maybe I have it wrong, but I am in the impression that the production budget was only half this season. The story line is fine. But it simply doesn’t look as good as last year.

  39. Sheila says:

    10. A hyphen would only be necessary if the term is used as an adjective, like gang-related violence.

  40. amorley552014 says:

    SYTYCD is my favorite summer show and it gets better every year. It had better be on next summer

  41. If SYTYCD isn’t renewed, I’ll have no reason to acknowledge Summer. I’ll start celebrating Christmas immediately after Easter.

    Also, I understand ‘suspension of disbelief’, but not having an alarm system on the Graceland house is beyond a stretch.

  42. Tisha says:

    More questions: From “Under the Dome” this week: Does Norrie’s mother just not care about her at all? All this drama and she’s nowhere to be found. From “Pretty Little Liars” in general: So Caleb just doesn’t go to school?