Fox Exec Talks 24's Future, a Critical Bones Juncture, Glee's Fitting Finish, Idol's Draining Talent Pool and More

Bones Season 11

Comings (24?) and goings (Bones?) were the hot topics as Fox Networks Group Chairman and CEO Peter Rice took the stage at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, ahead of Dana Walden and Gary Newman officially seizing the reins later this month.

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Following 24‘s successful and recently wrapped revival — which premiered to numbers larger than many of the action-drama’s previous openers — Rice seems to think there’s a good chance we’ll see another edition down the line.

“I loved this year’s season of 24,” he said. “I’ve always been a fan. We haven’t had a specific conversation about it coming back yet, but I’m sure we will in the future. It’s a wonderful franchise. When you look at the show itself, it has many more stories to tell. I think we need to sit down and talk to the creators.”

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As for Bones — which kicks off its 10th season Sept. 25 — Rice said, “I hope this year is not the last year. It’s a fantastic series. It has famously moved all over our schedule. It’s Emily [Deschanel] and David [Boreanaz’s] last year, contractually… but I hope it will come back.”

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Other highlights from Fox’s exec session included:

Glee Season Finale Recap* “I think Glee is one of the great shows in television history,” Rice said when asked about the decision to shorten the drama’s final season to 13 episodes. “It touched so many hearts and brought social issues to the floor. It’s been on for over 100 episodes now and six seasons, and we want it to go out in a way that celebrates it.”

* American Idol is “still a very strong show for us, and it’s a show that we love,” Rice said. “It’s aging gracefully. We’ve certainly played musical chairs in the last few years with the judges, and we felt very good about the production of the show this year. If I have a criticism of the show for us … it’s that we haven’t found for us, in the last two years, [kids] who have captured the imagination of the public. They’ve been really talented kids, but for whatever reason, there hasn’t been that catalyst behind the show.” (Asked if perhaps there perhaps simply are no compelling kids left who haven’t auditioned for Idol and such singing shows, he quipped: “We keep making more.”)

So You Think You Can Dance is a wonderful show,” Rice said when asked about the reality competition show’s future. Despite hitting a series low last week in the demo, he posited, “It’s doing a very good job for us in a competitive time over the summer. We’ll get to the end of the year and sit down with [executive producer Nigel Lythgoe] and see where we stand.”

* Fox ordered an additional 10 episodes of the Seinfeldian freshman comedy Mulaney, for a total of 16 — despite the fact that it has yet to premiere, and with many critics citing it among the bigger disappointments of the new pilot crop. “We feel really good about it,” Rice offered. “We feel it captures John’s voice, and one of the great things about multi-cams is when you can situate them with a comedian at the center who has a really unique voice.”

* As for Hieroglyph — which was recently shut down despite being ordered to series — Rice explained it was a “really ambitious project [but] ultimately, we looked at the first episode and decided it didn’t live up to the expectations we had for it. Rather than keep plotting through the episodes and hoping to fix it on the fly, we decided to stop.”

* “We were aware of his decision, but we hadn’t discussed whether or not he [could] tweet it,” Rice said of Gordon Ramsay’s decision to announce the end of Kitchen Nightmares. “We’re looking forward to his shows that are on now and what he’ll create in the future … I don’t think I’ve ever told Gordon what to do.”

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  1. Debs says:

    As David B recently tweeted that any Bones renewal depends on the network this could bode well for a S11. In any case ten years is a great achievement for any show-especially on Fox!

  2. Dani says:

    Too late for Glee! They destroyed everything likable about it in S4 and without Cory/Finn there is nothing they can do redeem themselves. Rachel flaking out on her life long dream, heavy focus on Blam, no Santana, and very little of the others is not the show I have any interest if seeing through to the sad end. Finchel was destroyed for a Male Prostitute and Newbies that didn’t last 2 seasons, Finn died a Lima Loser, Rachel turned into a flaky irresponsible Diva that quits at the drop of hat, who know what else they will do with 13 eps left. Moral of the story, NEVER invest in any Ryan Murphy show past S3.

    • Boiler says:

      Dani, I do agree with you about Ryan Murphy shows. Amazing people want them. I think Glee died with the unfortunate death of Cory. I liked the newbies but I think Cory’s death totally threw the writers into chaos.

    • Moment says:

      Fox likely would cut that 13 episode 6th season to 0 if it could. The numbers are horrific, the finale of Season 5 got 1.87 million viewers, 0.6 18-49. On a Tuesday no less.

    • Annie says:

      Well, I don’t know about the “moral” you draw from it, but there’s no question Glee hasn’t been anywhere in the vicinity of “great” from season 2 on.

    • Luciano says:

      “Finchel was destroyed for a Male Prostitute” seems quite fitting, considering Lea is getting over the loss of Cory with, well, a male prostitute! Sometimes life imitates art all too well.

    • Sil says:

      I agree with every word you’ve said, Dani. Glee went down the toilet fast season 4. But, I have to admit, when Cory died there went Glee’s central character, IMO. The everyday guy who doesn’t know what to do with his life. Ryan Murphy turned it into a show to focus on his special peeps. Darren Criss, Chris Colfer, Lea Michele. Season 5 was so far off base it last 2 episodes with me. I watched Rachel get to Broadway. That was all I cared about since Finn was gone. Glee writers lost their tail in the headwinds of chaos when Cory died. Glee has never survived that. I can’t stand Glee now. Ryan Murphy has a gift of creating inventive shows, but, let’s them fall into chaos and gloom to wither. This long hiatus will also be an antithesis to Glee. Only the diehard fans will see it through. I wish the actors a great future beyond Glee. They deserve better. Glee could have been a great show for many seasons to come, but, poor writing and poor follow through brought it down. Besides, I won’t be there to watch Rachel be a”flakey irresponsible diva”. That’s gotten old. I don’t give 2 sheets about Blaine or Kurt. The only one left worth watching isn’t invited as a regular. All the characters have gotten stale and I inventive. For me, Glee is stale. So many other shows worth watching. This one has had a slow death. Too bad, it used to be my favorite show once.

    • So why did you keep watching the show then? Since you clearly hate it so much. Irrational hate in fate.

  3. Moment says:

    I can see Bones getting an 11th season if it stays roughly at the same level it’s at now(Or does better). The 10th season hasn’t been announced as its last. And given how down everything is on the network, if it stays as one of the top performing scripted shows on Fox it’ll get something at least.

  4. Boiler says:

    Please keep Bones as long as the cast wants to do it!! Fox has other problems it needs to deal with. Bones is not one of them

  5. A says:

    I hope that Glee goes back to it’s roots in the final season and really focuses on what made the show great before the later seasons happened. In my opinion, the quality of the show dropped considerably when they pushed the adult characters like Will and Sue into the background. I for one, am hoping that they both get a good deal of focus in the final season like they did in season 1 which everyone says is the shows Glory Days.

  6. Drew says:

    24 – if there are so many great stories left to tell, why have they kept telling the same one over and over? There were so many better shows that they could have brought back.

    SYTYCD – it is old and boring. The judges praise crappy routines and slam better ones. The lighting and directing have sucked this year… If it comes back, they need to fix some major issues. They need new choreographers. Maybe make choreography another competition on the show and bring in fresh talent to do it, because I am sick of the same choreography every week and every year.
    Also, stop telling us what the routines are supposed to be about before we see them. If they don’t convey the meaning on their own, we don’t need to know.
    And finally, stop acting like dance changes the world. Despite all of the routines last week, wars rage on, cancer has not been cured and Obama is still tired of being President.
    They are dancers. They dance. That is all.

    Glee – will be forgotten before the last episode airs.

    Fox has a lot of cleaning up to do. They have some promising new shows, but they seriously need to address their faults if they are going to move on from them.

    • Lauren says:

      A real ball of sunshine, that one.

      • Drew says:

        Like I said, Fox has a lot going for it. Gotham and Sleepy Hollow especially. But they shouldn’t ignore their mistakes.
        24 had a good run. It ran its course. Why bring it back? Meanwhile, there are shows that they canceled too soon that could use proper resolution.

        • InJossITrust says:

          Bring back Firefly!

          • Drew says:

            That is one show that I love dearly, but I have come to appreciate its short life. Joss hasn’t produced anything with such solid stories and compelling characters since then. Even Serenity was weak. I’m convinced that he would have blown Firefly if given the chance (he even failed to stick Buffy’s landing in the end). As it stands, it is a painfully short masterpiece.

      • Yurie says:

        You’re worse.

    • Vikki Liegis says:

      I think the numbers are up for 24 now because computers are in everyday life be it lap top, tablet, smart phone etc more people understand more of the technology and they can relate better. Also the younger generation is now more intrigued and see that the possibility of some of the events aren’t as far fetched as they use to think. love the show hope more are made.

    • Shaun says:

      they have a lot of new choreo people this season….NappyTabs is gone.Think they gotta dump the judges though.

      • Drew says:

        Agreed about the judges. I think that making choreography a competition of its own would make the routines more exciting. As it is now, it just feels like the choreographers are patting themselves on the back. Like they are doing us a favor by allowing us to see their work. A competition would turn that around.

  7. David4 says:

    None of this means anything when they just replace the guy in a month.

  8. OGBOMADU says:


  9. TraciTV says:

    24 is the original binge watch show. I know three people who just started watching this past week. It’s always been about counter terrorism.

  10. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Glee was let down not by its premise but by the writing itself. RM bailed on the show when AHS began, left it in incapable hands and now we see what happened of course FOX allowed it to go on so the fault goes both ways.

    • Moment says:

      Fox renewed it for 2 seasons, that’s the only mistake it made. I don’t think anyone expected the numbers to go down the way they did, the network renewed it in good faith and the numbers collapsed, and now it’s stuck with a 6th season it doesn’t want.

      • tim says:

        But the network renewed it during S4, when things obviously were not working. Kevin Reilly said himself that none of the newbies had popped like they anticipated. They knew after the second graduation no one would care about Lima. Sidelining your best actors and turning the show into Blam and the newbies may not have been the best decision and to make it worse they blamed everything on Cory’s death. Cory was there for most of S4 and they did not use him but to sit , write on the whiteboard and babysit. Putting Lea with an actor that could not act his way out of a paper bag, smart move. What story did Kurt and Santana really have. When Heather Morris sings more than Lea Michele, you have a problem. They should admit their mistakes instead of all the BS for PR purposes.

        • Marc says:

          Murphy and company clearly did not have a good long-term plan for this show and instead road the early popularity into the ground.The kids were going to graduate, but it was as though the show had no idea how to handle it. Character popularity was more important than story-telling and common sense. You either have a long-term creative plan like most serialized shows or you see where stories take you like ER. Glee did neither.

  11. Terry says:

    If I was an aspiring singer, the last place I would go is American Idol because it’s a career death sentence. Unless of course you’re happy singing on street corners, cruise ships, las vegas lounges and tiny smoky bars. No need to go on American Idol and get saddled with staker “fans” and haters to end up doing that. Kelly and Carrie were their only 2 true success stories, there won’t be anymore. The only people benefiting from being on American Idol these days are the host and the “judges”.

    • Terry says:

      ugh, darn typo, I meant *stalker “fans”

    • Angela says:

      Yep. Any other really successful artists from that show were ones that didn’t win.
      I’ve only half paid attention to the show in the last couple seasons, and have to look up who the winners were and when for the last few years because I can’t remember their names offhand. And all the judge shifting and drama on that front has just been ridiculous (though I do like the particular lineup of judges they have now).
      I’ll probably watch until the show wraps up for good, because that’s how I am with the shows I watch in general (and because others in my household watch it so I’ll see it by default either way), but yeah, “Idol” is not “aging gracefully”-quite the contrary, it’s very much showing its age.

    • Mary says:

      AI was never suppose to be the end all only a stepping stone. I do agree that the judges are the only ones who benefit. I blame the producers who scout for the talent, I can’t believe that there wasn’t more talented contestants with personality then some of the ones they have chosen the last couple of years. In today’s music world, I doubt Kelly or Carrie would be as successful if they were on the show say season 7-13. Realistically I never thought the show would produce superstars, but I have appreciated being introduced to some talented contestants that I still follow to this day. I wouldn’t want to be a musician period is this day and age. Even the top stars are having problem selling their music.

  12. Mike says:

    Fox’s schedule and future are an example of what lack of awareness does to a network. They need to counter program!! They have Bones, Sleepy Hollow, Gotham, Brooklyn 99, those are there only real weapons. They need to use them to either win one night or not put them against shows that will destroy what they have. Put nothing of value on Thursday from 8-9, The Big Bang Theory and Football will win. Nothing on Tuesday from 8-10, NCIS dominate the slots. Mondays are going to go to NBC with Voice but the right show could do alright.
    1. Weds should be Bones and Gotham,
    2. Thursday at 8 should be filler, at 9 put Sleepy Hollow ( it seems Thursday at 9pm is a winnable slot on Thurs.
    3. Monday should be the Comedy’s night, with Brooklyn 99 at 9pm.
    4. Move Idol to Friday’s make it two hours, with results being the 1st 15 min of the next weeks show.
    5. Slot whatever Gordon Ramsey you want it is counter to most shows other run, and it is cheap.
    6. RENEW 24 ASAP, make it slightly more believable and hire the best writers you can.
    7. Look for shows that are not just like the CBS, NBC, ABC stuff, i.e., Cop Shows, modern family based sitcoms, The government agency shows. If you can find a new style of show it makes you look edgy.

    • Moment says:

      Sleepy Hollow in the Thursday 9pm slot would be a terrible move.

      Thursdays 9pm(Next season)

      ABC: Scandal
      NBC: The Blacklist(When it comes back from its mini hiatus).
      CW: Reign
      CBS: Two and a Half Men

      • Mike says:

        I hear what you are saying, with Scandal, however, Reign, and Two and a Half Men are not shows that get ratings. Two and Half Men where walking the edge of cancelation. The Blacklist is not coming to Thursday until Spring. Fox needs to think of the viewer the shows around their shows, and figure how to the ratings up. If not the CW will have a new friend.

    • Ram510 says:

      Since when is Brooklyn 99 a weapon? New Girl and the cartoons are just as much of a “weapon” as B99 if not more so. And Gotham hasn’t even premiered yet so to be fair we don’t know if it’s a weapon

  13. M3rc Nate says:

    I’d be curious to see 24 come back and its ratings, just because im curious how many people tuned in because it is a good show they had watched, but they were tuning in more so cause it was a new season, back from the dead after being off the air for so long. So if it comes back with another new season, maybe some of those people will be like “oh so its just regular back? Eh i wont really tune in”. Not sure, im curious. I hope they do bring it back, its better than most everything thats on TV right now anyways.

  14. soso says:

    Gonna stick with Glee until the bitter end. That tail end of the last season actually got decent again, but I just feel like the heart of the show is lost. Tis très sad. But I’m going to tune in and watch the final 13 episodes with…glee! #sorrynotsorry

  15. Jenna says:

    FOX has its issues, but it also has my most anticipated new show in Gotham, and my favorite returning shows in Sleepy Hollow and Mindy. It also was generous with Fringe and its fans. Good luck to them next season. Keep the quality up and I’ll continue to watch.
    PS. Loved his comment re: Gordon Ramsay: ‘I don’t think I’ve ever told Gordon what to do.’ I doubt anyone can. lol

  16. Lizo says:

    Ug, I hate Fox. Been burned too many times by them. Glad Heiroglyph was cancelled now so we didn’t get attached

  17. Tran says:

    If 24 comes back for another day, it should be the series’ last.

  18. Ram510 says:

    Everything about this press release reminds me how big of a mess Fox is in right now. And Mulaney looks to be the next Dads

  19. Jared says:

    I doubt Mulaney will even last 16 episodes..

  20. Tran says:

    If Fox is planning to do another 24, is there a possibly that Day 10 is going to be the series’ last?

  21. Ralph says:

    Gordon Ramsay is truly horrendous. The “reality” depicted on his shows is nonsense and a repulsive comment on what Fox thinks is good TV material.

  22. I.R.E. says:

    Glee needs a strong finish:

    1.) Needs 3 additional episodes to make it 16 to finish the series.

    2.) Bring back actress Jayma Mays in this show as a reduced guest, even if she still appears in “The Millers” at the same time.

    So You Think You Can Dance needs to bring back the solos, even if this year’s four eliminated contestants were correct so far.

    I think Ruben Studdard cheated in American Idol Season 2 finale and he should have get disqualified and ended up in third place instead back then. Ruben’s massive clout was too strongly annihilated and I don’t understand why they picked him in this contest for no reason at all. I agree that Clay Aiken should have won Season 2, although, I think the the runner up on season 2 should have been Kimberley Locke instead!

    The Mindy Project needs to fix the supporting cast by these:

    1.) Keep actress Zoe Jarman in this show as a reduced guest.

    2.) Add a cranky old actor to play a cranky old man doctor character in this show’s main cast to support this show’s stronger survival.

    3.) Bring both actresses Anna Camp and Amanda Setton to this show as reduced guests, even if they are appearing in other projects in the meantime.

    4.) Slow down the focus on Mindy’s men situation.

    5.) On the second half of this upcoming season, add an erratic young actress to play an erratic young woman nurse character in this show’s main cast.

    6.) Needs additional 7 episodes to make it a full-season order.

    Well, we know that Kevin O’Reilly is already fired for the general financial network collapsing incident on FOX, especially for messing up both Glee and The Mindy Project. Now we want to make sure this new replacement can help fix it right away!

  23. mike says:

    Id be ok with Bones ending if it meant 24 could come back. However, I think the numbers on 24 could simply be because it was gone for so long. I also think they should keep it on a 12-13 episode season, much tighter focus on story that way.

  24. Harr says:

    Bones need to end, it’s time. FOX would have an inkling if the stars wanted to come back for S11 at this point, so I doubt they want to. It’s time for them to move on to other things.
    24 would be great to come back, but KS doesn’t want to.
    Glee – well, time to end. I’m glad it is getting 13 episodes to wrap things up.
    AI needs to go as well
    SYTYCD – never watched it.

  25. Mikael says:

    I know Jack Bauer is sort of a tragic character, but the ending of LAD was too depressing! He doesn’t have to have a perfect happy ending, but I’d like for an ending better than this one

  26. acurat says:

    Glee has outlived its usefulness. The fact that “Rachel” has given up on her dream to be famous and sucessful and teach at “New Directions” in high school shows how far off track this once relevant drama has gone. It is being put out of its misery early by shortening the last season to 13 episodes.

  27. I.R.E. says:

    American idol would not have drained if Clay Aiken would have won Season 2 and Kimberley Locke would have been Season 2’s runner-up instead. They both are way better than Ruben Studdard.