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Teen Wolf Season Premiere: EP Talks Derek's Dilemma, Stiles' Kiss and More

Teen Wolf Season Premiere

Only on Teen Wolf could a simple-yet-sexy rescue mission to Mexico lead to the most unpredictable (little) twist in werewolf TV history.

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The first half of Monday’s Season 4 premiere found Stiles and Lydia playing the world’s most hectic game of Let’s Make a Deal with the head of the Calaveras. (I’ll go out on a limb and say her name is Araya. That’s what IMDb says, so I hereby relinquish myself of all blame.) The negotiation for Derek’s safe return began in Stiles and Lydia’s favor – there was plenty of sass and eyebrow action from both parties, which was much appreciated – but one false move turned Scott’s entire pack into the Calaveras’ unwitting prisoners.

Teen Wolf Season PremiereA very-not-chill torture session ensued, forcing Kira to electrocute Scott and prompting Malia to plant a big coyote kiss on Stiles. (Personally, I think they’re dirty bathroom kiss was way hotter than their dirty basement kiss.) Eventually, Scott screamed out the name of Derek’s real captor (Kate!), but that only led to more confusion. “Isn’t she dead?” they asked themselves, proving that none of them bothered to watch the final scene of last season’s finale. (Kids these days!)

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Braeden and her sweet set of wheels returned as the pack’s tour guide, leading them to “La Iglesia,” the God-forsaken ruins where Derek’s body was being held. And because this is Teen Wolf, Braeden also used the excursion as an opportunity to troll Scott and Kira’s love life. (“If you die down here, will you regret not kissing her?” she asked out of nowhere.) Of course, romance quickly became the last thing on everyone’s mind once Derek’s body was discovered in the depths of the tomb…

Below, executive producer Jeff Davis answers our burning questions from the season premiere, including how long Derek Jr. will be around and what Stiles and Malia’s kiss really meant:

Ian Nelson Teen WolfTHE CURIOUS CASE OF DEREK HALE | You probably weren’t expecting Derek to re-emerge from Kate’s tomb looking all bite-sized, were you? Well, fear not, because the former Alpha’s downsizing is only temporary. “Episode 2 is all about, ‘How do we get him back to normal?'” Davis explains. “The mystery of his backstory, what he was up to as a teenager, is always open for debate. And we like Ian Nelson so much, so we were trying to think of a way to bring him back and have some fun. [Laughs] I think people are going to be surprised by what happens in Episode 2.”

STALIA’S FIRST KISS (OF THE SEASON) | Stiles and Malia’s kiss gave us our first peek into their Season 4 relationship, but what was behind that kiss? Allow Davis to explain: “It’s because she remembers the calming kiss that they had at Eichen House, and it’s also because she likes him. He tells her, ‘Look at me, concentrate on my eyes,’ but what she finds herself concentrating on are his lips. For Malia, this is the first guy she’s made a connection with. You could say she made many connections, possibly, in the woods, but we don’t really know what happened to her in the nine years she was a were-coyote. This is the first real human connection she’s made.”

Teen Wolf Season PremiereLOOK WHO’S BACK | Monday’s premiere also saw the return of Braeden, who’s “going to be a big fighter this year, someone who’s always on the moral fence,” Davis says. As for whether or not she’ll end up as a love interest for Derek — they were allegedly seen kissing in one of the trailers released by MTV, pictured right — Davis hints, “That could be possible.” (Which is a shame, because we all know how poorly Derek’s relationships end.)

TEEN WOLF: THE NEW CLASS | MTV has been touting its next generation of Teen Wolf stars — Dylan Sprayberry, Mason Dye, etc. — for months, but don’t expect to really meet them until Episode 3. “Liam, Garrett and Mason figure into the plot quite significantly,” Davis says. “They’re not just teenagers on this show.” (One of those three becomes Scott’s first beta, while the other rookies will remain human… for now.)

Teen Wolf fans, what did you think of the season premiere? Are you relieved that Derek will be back in full form soon? And how do you feel about Stiles and Malia’s connection, now that you’ve gotten a chance to see it? Drop a comment with your full review below.

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  1. Shireen says:

    Am excited…love Braeden. Best one liners next to Stiles haha

    • Lena says:

      I love Braeden as well. She is an interesting character. I look forward to seeing more of her this season.

    • TR says:

      Yeah, Braeden is cool. I like her a lot, and I think they’ve done a really good job with her character for her being in so few episodes so far.

  2. Aisha says:

    I’m liking how they’re dealing with Malia so far, but Jeff Davis is still in charge so we’ll see if he can mess it up.

  3. sara says:

    I thought you said Allison would be remembered Andy in your early screening review? She was mentioned ONCE!

  4. Azrielen says:

    That episode was not good. Just…not even a little bit. Usually this show has some redeeming factors that make it watchable but that episode had none of them. It was all the half-assed bits and phoned-in acting without any of the fun. Maybe the next episode will be better once the scenery is a bit more familiar? Augh.

    • Randy says:

      I agree completely. It was essentially unwatchable.

    • Lizzie says:

      Agree I think the surroundings were just not jelling. Plus WTF is up with the Malia character. Ugh so annoying and Stiles is like her babysitter WTF I hope they don’t keep him like that cuz it sucks. He showed he isn’t the sidekick andymore give him more lines then just the usual. Plus as a Stiles/ Lydia shipper please tell me I wasn’t the only one pissed that that Malia/ Stiles kiss was basically just the first Stiles/Lydia only rushed. He even said the same dialogue she told him. Ugh I even like Kira now better than Malia.

      • nate says:

        so u basically only “hate” Malia cause shes dating Stiles? kids, man i tell ya. get over it

        • Jon says:

          Thank you…they’re so damn annoying. Don’t worry, I’m sure they will eventually grow out of it. Malia is a great character I think.

        • josh says:

          Malia is an annoying character because her purpose is to date Stiles, and it feels utterly fake. Stiles is not the guy who gets the girl, at least not right off the bat. It f’s with his character and demeans Malia’s the way they’re doing this.

          • Tiffany says:

            That’s not just her perpose and I don’t think malia and stiles r dating it’s been 2 months since season 3b ended to episode 1 season 4 so malia and stiles r more then just mates they r friends and if u saw the premiere he likes her it’s not just one sided! Malia is also badass and blunt and I love it cuz we haven’t seen that in a girl character in teen wolf before I’m excited for whats to come with her family drama that she doesn’t no about yet and how stiles and her will grow and connect Ik they didn’t have a slow burn but they didn’t have sex in echo house but I love the connection they have and chemestry and all the bumps that will make them closer why does every relationship need a slow burn I like this much better! So much better then Lydia and stiles! Stiles and Lydia way better as just friends and love that stiles is over her

        • breanna says:

          yeah i love the fact that their dating

      • Luli says:

        Kira is the character to hate… i just can’t stand her, but I do like Malia.

        • Scira says:

          Kira’s the character to hate because she’s gonna be with Scott and Allison is dead never to return? Um OK. Hate Kira all you want she’s here to stay unless she’s a dumb b*tch like Crystal and ends her contract but I think Arden has a little more sense. Kira and Malia are regulars now they are in opening credits sign a petition do what ever the f**k you want she isnt going anywhere. Allison was put there to date Scott so glad the b*tch is dead. So hate Kira or not Jeff said Scotts falling in love with her and he’s gona go for it because he cnt control the way he feels. So get over it keep hatin youre thot bot belittled ass isnt gonna make Jeff change nothing because no matter how much you run your mouth you gonna keep watching the show even with SCIRA happening :) You’re welcome

          • Lea-lb says:

            LOL, you really think Crystal is a “dumb bitch” by ending her contract? Haven’t you realized that pretty much all actors from Teen Wolf run away from it as soon as they get the chance? If anything, the ones who stay are the dumb ones.

      • Tiffany says:

        Malia wasn’t freaking out or having a breakdown like stiles was and malia kissed stiles Lydia only kissed stiles cuz Lydia uses her body and things to calm ppl down that how Lydia is.. And malia she’s badass and stiles isn’t like her baby sitter he’s helping her adjust to human li just like the rest of the pack so what ur sayin is u just being immature about malia and stiles! If u can’t see there chemistry and how concerned stiles was that malia was not just leaving the pack but him! That was the best! Lydia and stiles r better as just friends

    • luke says:

      Teen Derek seems kind of gimmicky… like name one other show that literally turns one of their main cast into a teenager

      • James says:

        Days of our Lives.

        Just a few years ago, they had one character regress from a 40-plus year old Victor Webster to 20-something year old Cody Longo (who best fits said character’s actual natural age).

  5. Oooh says:

    Haven’t seen the episode yet, but that’s my favorite time to read these ‘caps (I’m a sucker for spoilers). Although it left me asking the question: who the heck is Braeden?

    Of course that is what Google is for. . She’s the chick that showed up for about 3 seconds at the beginning of 3A, died instantly, and then was never spoken of again. I knew she was coming back, I just knew it. Well. . .Actually I knew it several months ago and then kind of gave up on the idea, but I still say that counts.

    • Lauren says:

      Someone explain to me like I’m 5 years old — why would you read this BEFORE watching the episode? Has to be one of the strangest (to use a polite word) things I have ever heard.

    • Lena says:

      You might want to catch up on last season. Braeden showed up last season after 3A. She saved Derek and Peter.

  6. So I watched this with my friend. And do you realize how many times we paused the tv to say “that was sexy” or “what the heck” or “bruh”. I absolutely adore teen wolf but these feels are KILLING ME. One episode. Only one episode so far in the season and there are so many feel. When it ended you only begged for more and more. Teen wolf is the reason I even turn on my tv.

  7. Derek’s relationships don’t turn out poorly because of Derek, though. Jennifer and Kate are responsible for those implosions, what with being serial murderers lying to him about their true intentions, Braeden’s pretty upfront so far about who she is and she’s now saved his life twice, so she’s already steps ahead of Jennifer and Kate as a possible romantic partner for him. No shade to you, Andy, but I’m kind of over people blaming Derek for other people using him and it blowing up in his and their faces. Kate’s and Jennifer’s evil’s not a reflection on Derek, man. It’s a reflection on Kate and Jennifer.

    • Mo says:

      Andy didn’t actually -blame- Derek for the messed-up relationships of the past, only noted that they tended to end badly. Because they do.

      I’m a little meh on that premiere though. Maybe it reminded me too much of fanfic.

  8. Bryce says:

    The episode was fine and all, but I really can’t wait to be back in Beacon Falls. Overall though I’m really impressed by how cohesive the pack was. I truly do hope they mention where Isaac’s gone, because I love him and he was like a solid third of Scott’s pack up until this point. Plus he’s so connected with Allison. I honestly wish Sharman wouldn’t have left because I could see Isaac and Malia really bonding platonically, what with their lost childhoods and all.

  9. Whit says:

    Braeden yay! Malia was great too but I don’t like all that Stalia stuff!

  10. Allison says:

    Basically, we don’t know why they took Derek… I guess we’ll never know because well, this is Teen Wolf. Also: that twist? Tumblr guessed it right a week ago so. I’m glad that Davis likes Ian Nelson but could we get Hoechlin for more then 2.5 seconds per ep please and thank you.

  11. Rook says:

    Great twist! I didn’t see that coming, excited to learn why. I really like Malia, can’t wait for them to expand deeper into her character. She sorta reminds me of Anya from Buffy in a not understanding social norms type way. I’m thinking Lydia’s banshee powers might factor into bring Derek back.

  12. Dee says:

    Awesome! I was really hoping Scott would turn someone this season! Can’t wait!!

  13. Zach says:

    I already liked malia, but this episode made me love her. ” if hunting season sucked, I would eat her and then I would leave” so excellent, also “dance with me dumbass”

    • Tai says:

      Malia had some of the best lines of the night. And they were delivered so obliviously because she doesn’t understand that she’s offensive. And I love Stiles in the background commenting on her progress. I’m amused by Malia thus far. I’m interested in watching her grow.

  14. Jose says:

    Am I the only who got serious Anya from BTVS from Malia tonight?

  15. Randy says:

    The melodramatic character entrances and the action sequences in this show are cringe-worthy. I’m not sure if Jeff Davis is trying too hard or not trying hard enough. The show was better when it focused on the relationships between the characters. It seems that the bigger the budget, the worse the show gets. I’m fine with bigger stories and sets, if the directors can execute it well. Unfortunately, that’s not the case here.

  16. Tiffany says:

    I saw the premiere season episode and omg I love it so much it was amazing I loved the brotherly and sisterly love between stiles and Lydia and now I love love love malia and stiles they r so cute!!!! Yes I hope malia and stiles r endgame and stiles and Lydia r friends! Yes

  17. Scott Johnston says:

    The show is always such a visual delight, and I really loved getting an episode that is largely a road trip. We don’t need Beacon Hills every episode, and we don’t need constant reminders of what happened last season. Which was after all only 3 months ago. I’ve always been a fan of episodes like this one that start in the middle of something and leave it to the audience to fill in the gaps as they go. Obviously a bit of big ask for some viewers judging by other comments. I guess they probably have school tomorrow and had to stay up past their bedtimes though.

  18. janean137 says:

    ok I might be the minority in this but I thought the episode was full of cheese! The club seen was totally cheesy, the fighting was totally cheesy some of the music was totally cheesy. Not my favorite season premiere to be honest but still excited for the rest of the season none the less…but so far really cheesy. Loved Braeden! hope she is Derek’s love interest!

    • James says:

      Teen Wolf always have very cheesy fighting sequences, the cheesiest of them all being that Season 2 finale scene where Jackson/Kanima were battling Peter, Isaac and Scott.

      • TR says:

        Yeah, Teen Wolf has always been known for it’s camp. But the thing about it was that the show never used to take itself so seriously, and the camp was just played up for chuckles. In Seasons 1 and 2, the show just tried to concentrate on subverting tropes and trying to put a new spin on the urban fantasy genre.

        It’s different now. The show is really hyped now and gets a lot of media attention. The writing now is lazier, most likely because they’re more concerned with pumping out more episodes and less concerned with producing something of substance. So yeah, the cheese and camp just has a face-palming effect, now.

  19. Lotte says:

    I was already pretty dubious about S4, because no spoilers so far have excited me. I wasn’t keen on all the interview claiming I will love Malia and all that yada. I am not looking forward to the new Generation (the Lacrosse team).

    Overall, all shipper goggles aside, this was a weak episode. Foremost, with the exception of Dylan and Holland (who also already had stronger episodes), the acting was so bad. And I mean, it was cheesy and amateurish. With Crystal, one of the stronger actors left. Also the adults weren’t there to catch the younger cast, But Crystal really was missing, who also usually elevated Posey.

    I have no idea why Scott even considered Kate an option. His revelation looked great for TV purposes, but until that point he had zero evidence to even think about her.

    Also all that talk I will love Malia? Hey, look! Girls dancing suggestively, but no worries it is still no homo! (And Kira and Malia would be a pairing I’d like). Also so far her character hasn’t done anything interesting and even without her being paired up with Stiles, she doesn’t excite me.

    The cliffhanger was pretty good though. However I knew about because some website accidentally spoiled it. So,,, even that surprise was gone.

    At the very last, I was bored most of the time. I just think in general the episode wasn’t really good executed and all spoilers for the future episodes don’t promise me any better hopes.

    Well, I once loved the show. I am happy for those who still love and enjoy it. But it is clear, TW isn’t meant for me anymore.

    • nate says:

      not trying to start an argument or whatever but you’re gonna stop watching a show you’ve been watching since the beginning over ONE episode. thats really drastic & stupid. also thats you’re fault for spoiling yourself lol…

      • Lotte says:

        Thanks for calling me “stupid”. That is very mature of you and not at all starting an argument.

        I have many reasons why I am not happy with Teen Wolf anymore. This is just the peek of a pile of problems I have since a long time. It is most certainly not just about ‘one’ episode. But it was the first episode, where I was legitimately bored, questioned the overall bad acting (sans Dylan and Holland) and the plot was just full with holes and cheesy dialogue.

        Also the spoilers I read? Released on this very website and other legitimate sources. You know, it is all about PR and getting fans excited about the new season. So when *I* do not even read *one* spoiler I like, then well it is very clearly not the show I enjoy anymore.

        At the very last, I acknowledged I am happy for those who still enjoy the show. Because it is *my* opinion and I know other will think differently. You should adapt that mindset, because I know with certainty I am not alone with my opinion. But believe me, you are not superior by still loving the show. It just means we have different mindsets.

        • ... says:

          Well, you’re at fault for reading spoilers and setting certain expectations for yourself. It’s not the show’s fault that you went into this with some pre-set notion of what its quality would be.

          • Lotte says:

            It is my fault for readings official interviews from Jeff Davies, the cast and crew and not agreeing with those? Really? It is my fault to have certain expectations of quality and cohesive storylines?! Your logic is full with flaws and your argument makes no sense. Fans are allowed to dislike TV shows and the disagree with the shows procession.

            I will stop commenting now, because… your argument is not very much thought through. But I am happy you still love the show. Enjoy Season 4.

    • Scott Johnston says:

      Scott knew it was possible to turn someone if claws dug deep.

      Scott knew Kate had been killed by deep claw wounds.

      Scott knew Kate had targeted Derek in the past (and had rather a liking for him )

      Plus the old lady basically said it was someone Scott already knew, if he just thought about it.

      Perhaps if you’d spent less time being bored and indignant you might have understood what was going on.

    • TR says:

      I do think you’re right about the Kira/Malia dance scene. I would definitely support a relationship between them if it were developed properly, but both of them are firmly established in the pursuit of straight relationships. So the scene was basically played for titillation and sensationalism. Teen Wolf is clearly still on top of its queerbaiting game. Ugh.

  20. Paulina says:

    P.S. The main cast of MTV’s Scream already been cast: Amy Forsyth (Reign), Willa Fitzgerald and Dillon Lane will be three of the six main characters. Jill Blotevogel wrote the pilot.

  21. Ian says:

    It was a meh premiere for me, unfortunately. Like, what was the point of Araya torturing Scott to get him to pull some answer out of his butt he couldn’t have really possibly figured out, and when she already knew it was Kate?
    And what would Malia know about dancing? SHE WAS A COYOTE MOST OF HER LIFE.
    And I rolled my eyes at them using Braeden to get in Scott’s business about Kira. What?
    But none of it is as ridiculous as them making Derek young again just to use Ian Nelson.

    Jeff Davis must be on crank. He seems to be losing his mind more and more every new season deeper this show goes.

    • Hailey says:

      There putting young Derek in the show again to Learn more about Derek no one knows anything about Derek therefore there putting ian back in so we can learn more about Derek so I think it was smart of them for bringing young Derek back

  22. lia says:

    I hate Malia the character. Her character was poorly written and not fully thought-out, her history/story has many holes in it. Her character was just pushed into the show so quickly and I haven’t been able to adapt to her at all. Besides the character cliche of misunderstood bitchy girl gets quite old after a while. I wish they would have given stiles something better as a partner then that.

    • Cae says:

      Like lia I totally agree with u they just slammed her into the show like she’s been there the whole times now we all know she’s officially part of the show because she’s on the teen wolf theme song or whatever . I like Kira a little more but not enough it’s like the original cast is being removed one by one and I can’t really get into it anymore. I loved it the way it used to be fun sexy mysterious but now it’s just a little corny and random the way the just jumped into Mexico and everything. Shows should always have a twist but this wasn’t a very good one hope the show gets good again

  23. Lizzy :) says:

    I loved the premiere! I love how every season doesn’t repeat itself, while at the same time they are all connected :)

  24. Jess says:

    I hope they keep Ian Nelson around for more than a couple episodes. He’s great.

  25. TR says:

    To be honest, I’m not feeling the Stalia relationship, and I probably never will. They did introduce Malia as a were-coyote who killed her family, not as a love interest. And girls are allowed to have romantic relationships without it being sexist. But if the writers cared about appropriately handling the feral girl storyline, they would have actually made Malia act like a feral girl and not just like a girl with no concept of social norms. But of course, Stiles couldn’t hook up with a girl who actually suffered from feral child syndrome, because that would be wading into consent territory that even Teen Wolf’s writers aren’t tactless enough to breach.

    So instead they’ve hand waved away the illogical parts of Malia’s backstory, and it instead seems like they are presenting her as a detached girl with no social graces who acts feral sometimes when a scene calls for something that is really funny or dramatic. We, as the audience, are supposed to forget that she was feral to excuse the fact that she can be in high school and have romantic relationships and function as a semi-normal human along with the rest of the cast. But we’re supposed to forgive her for being tactless because she’s still kind of feral. Double standard much? They essentially use her feralness as a plot device of convenience.

    And now she considers herself mated to Stiles, most likely because the writers needed to provide motivation for her to continue a relationship with him. In that context, the trope is not romantic. It just comes off as kind of sad.

    I don’t think that’s fair to Malia’s character. No, she has not been “reduced to a love interest,” but the writers’ intent to use her as a love interest has resulted in a complete bungling of her character development. If they wanted to give Stiles a girlfriend, they should’ve just chosen an easier backstory for her that wasn’t as difficult to develop properly. But because of all the weird and badly written issues that are in play with Malia, her relationship with Stiles doesn’t really come off to me as sweet and innocent. It comes off as rushed and kind of unhealthy and codependent. Instead of the writers taking the time to have them learn about each other and establish a true romantic connection, they instead present this “coyotes are loyal and mate for life” concept, which makes it seem like Malia just has a weird psychological fixation on Stiles because he was nice to her and was willing to lose his v-card with her in Eichen House (which, yeah, don’t get me started on how disconcerting that scene was).

    Am I reading too much into it? Maybe. But I’m just calling it like I see it. I hope they decide to develop Malia’s character outside of her relationship with Stiles, and I hope they make her into something more than just a girl who’s feral for laughs and awkwardness.

  26. Kellie says:

    “Personally, I think they’re dirty bathroom kiss was way hotter than their dirty basement kiss.” Andy, you clearly know the difference between they’re and their, so why did you use one the wrong way and one the right way in that sentence?

  27. josh says:

    I wish they had more character development, and that they let the characters be influenced by what happened in previous seasons. Jeff has said that he likes to move things along and not dwell, but rushing to tell new stories like this is just so stupid. The show has terrible writing, editing and music, but I really like the actors… Hop eit gets better once they are back in BH.

  28. Saloni says:

    Plz make Scott a little more powerful.He is looking so weak and helpless unlike an Alpha…from the very first episode…

    Secondly, Kiara doesn’t look like a lead actress like Alison…Scott should get a better strong actress…sorry Kiara :( u look too sweet n feeble

  29. Larry Jenkins says:

    Loved the new Opening. Hate that we are losing Isaac, Ethan and Aiden. Hope Danny gets more screen time and a steady such as Deputy Parrish, or newcomers Liam or Garrett.

  30. breanna says:

    i think stalia and scira forever lydia be damned in the romance department

  31. mboke azka says:

    I think stiles should be with lidya.malia to so sad for allison dead.cause
    Allison is good couple with scott.i dont like pleaseeeee writer dont write kira to be scott girlfriend…find some else

  32. Hailey says:

    I really want to see more of Ian Nelson “Young Derek”…And I think it’s about time stiles has some
    Romance in the show but I really love this show and seen every single episode….it’s a great show and I hope they make a season 5 after 4😀

  33. Po says:

    I just want Derek back to normal and go on more actions in the series. For me, he is the best werewolf of the series. His built , his fiery looks, and his whole character are best represent what a werewolf should be.

  34. Po says:

    Derek is the best werewolf of the series. His built, his fiery look and his whole character represent best what a werewolf should be like.The rests are ok too but…

  35. Don’t think Kira is the girl for scott. I think she looks to childish for him. Allison had grace and an elegance about her. I thought they would give him a little more time after Allisons death. First love and all. Kira should be just a rebound for now. Not really an emotional connection. Will be disappointed if the put the two together. Do see any chemistry.

  36. Christian says:

    I love all the current characters however I don’t like Malia and Stiles (Stalia) or Scott and Kira as couples. Scott should take some time to grieve over Allison before going into a new relationship and Stiles has liked Lydia since 3rd grade. Lydia and Stiles have become close friends and I beleive they both have feelings for each other. Malia also should be focusing on her family relationships and mainly her ACADEMICS!

  37. Sarah Neale says:

    this is for Jeff Davis could you do more of teenage Derek aka Ian nelson?

  38. I love Derek &Stiles and Scott but the love and the support they have for each other it’s so intense , I hope Derek and will always cl8se and they made love and kiss cause that’s what we like about those 2. We call them the perfect love match, it’s been a long time we had a serie with two beautiful man ,a lot of people would like to be a Derek and a Stiles cause it’ a real and pur love between both of them. Canada salute you DEREK AND STILES YOU’RE SIMPLY THE BEST

  39. Zoe says:

    Stalia sucks so bad, sorry, nothing will change that.
    Please, give Stiles Derek or Lydia, or even Scott.
    And if you still want Malia in a relationship, Kira is the obvious choice.
    Even if you don’t give Stiles a replacement bf/gf, break up Stalia

    • scace says:

      Zoe: great comment. Don’t think we’ll have to worry about Stalia going on much further. I think they will go their separate ways in 5B. THANK GOD Kira is leaving for at least a few episodes. We will either: A) be happy by the reformation of Scott’s pack B) be tantalized by the fight between Scott & Theo’s packs or C) be amazed as the survivors of Scott and Theo’s packs join forces to defeat the greatest force of evil to ever materialize on Earth – that plot point will probably begin season 6. You will have to stick around to see if season 6 ends with Scott pulling a Derek Hale as Liam becomes the new Alpha – but no one will ever surpass Scott’s status as a “true” Alpha.