Teen Wolf Recap: Stiles, Interrupted

Teen Wolf Stiles Malia KissFinally recognizing what a danger he’s become to himself and others, Stiles checked into a mental asylum in this week’s Teen Wolf. As you can imagine, things got pretty crazy — and surprisingly hot.

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First of all, who would have expected Stiles to run into so many familiar faces in the “nuthouse?” (His word, not mine.) I was especially surprised to see Marin, who’s apparently neither dead nor working at Beacon Hills High School as a guidance counselor/French teacher anymore. She’s very much alive, and serving as a counselor at the asylum, where she gave Stiles one simple instruction: Don’t. Fall. Asleep. She told Stiles that he’s most vulnerable to the Nogitsune while unconscious — because what high school faculty member doesn’t know the behavioral patterns of ancient Japanese spirits?

To his credit, Stiles did a pretty good job of staying awake, though his journey into the depths of the asylum — with everyone’s favorite reformed coyote, Malia, by his side — certainly had its ups and downs. Stiles and Malia’s kiss would definitely fall into the “ups” category (more on that later), but his personal surrendering to the Nogistune in order to save Malia from his maniacal roommate Oliver is definitely one of the “downs.”

teen-wolf-320-staliaSTALIA | In hindsight, I’m surprised that I’m surprised about Stiles and Malia’s hookup. Sure, she gave him a nasty left hook when they first saw each other at the asylum, but things only got steamy from there — and I’m not just talking about when she literally walked out of a steaming hot shower to greet him naked. I feel like Malia is the first character innocent enough to be a good fit for Stiles, though something tells me Papa Peter won’t be too happy when he finds out what went down between them. (In fact, Ian Bohen literally tweeted his disgust for the hookup, so there’s that.)

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SHADY LADY | Following his arrest, Papa Argent was greeted by the same mysterious woman we saw torturing Derek and Peter on the midseason premiere — and it turns out he’s related to her. She called him “mijo,” but my many years of playing “Guess Who?” leads me to believe she’s not his mom. My money says she’s Allison’s mother‘s mother, but like most things on this show, it’s best to wait for official confirmation. (Are you there, Jeff Davis? It’s me, Andy.)

WERE-STILES? | Of all the insane things that happened this week, one moment tops them all: Scott’s realization that he might have to turn Stiles into a werewolf. After stealing an ancient Japanese scroll from an armored car — yes, the gang went full-on Italian Job this week — we learned that one way to be rid of the Nogitsune is to “change” its host body. “How do we change Stiles’ body?” Scott asked, sending Tumblr into an immediate fan-fiction frenzy. While I admit this would be a cool twist, I’m not sure I’m ready to handle Were-Stiles. Not just yet, anyway.

What’s your take on this week’s Teen Wolf? Do you support Stiles and Malia’s budding romance? Do you want to see him become a werewolf? Hit the comments section with your every thought.

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