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Once Upon a Time Hook Emma SpoilersWho’s getting younger on Once Upon a Time? Who is Abby’s Scandal-ous new friend? New Teen Wolf twosome ahead? Should Five-0 fans fret? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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Could you please get some scoop on what’s coming up for “Captain Swan” in Once Upon a Time Season 3B? –Kim
As already hinted, Hook will have a tough time getting back in Emma’s good graces, especially given how their first NYC “reunion” went. “She will be very wary” of this stranger, cocreator Eddy Kitsis previews. “I mean, if someone knocked on your door wearing leather and guyliner and tried to kiss you…? He’s lucky he didn’t get a baseball bat to the head!” Adds Adam Horowitz: “Emma’s a tough cookie when she has her memories. So without them, it’s not going to an easy road for him.”

This Once Upon a Time hiatus feels like forever! Got any scoop to help make the remaining month-plus wait more bearable? –Stefanie
If you’re in your mid-30s to early 40s and look like a young Richard Schiff, call your agent now. A flashback in Episode 18 — the same one that brings back Rose McGowan’s Young Cora, hmm — will introduce us to Prince Leopold aka the man who will one day be Snow White’s father. The younger Leo is described as grounded, humble and not afraid to open his heart, coveting more from marriage than just a political arrangement. UPDATE: Also in this ep, Eva Bourne will reprise her role as Young Eva.

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What can you hint about the upcoming episodes of Scandal? –Lindsey
I got Darby Stanchfield to elaborate for me – a bit – on the scenes she recently filmed with a cast member she’d never worked with before. “It has to do with the other world, the White House world,” she said of the first-time pairing. “It’s a role that Abby’s not used to being in, but sometimes Olivia Pope is busy and short-staffed. so Abby’s got to step in. It made for some really nice scenes.”

After this week’s almost-revelation on Teen Wolf, is there any romance (with boys or girls — how radical!) on the horizon for Stiles? –Emony
The answer is an emphatic yes. While last week’s scene pointed to a moment of questioning for Stiles, there will be one person in particular in Episode 20, titled “Echo House,” to whom Stiles finds a mutual attraction… and more.

Anything… I’ll take anything you’ve got on Graceland…. Please…. –Jess
For Season 2, the USA Network drama is casting the recurring roles of Kelly, an alcoholic who meets Briggs at AA (but has no idea of his link to her own tragic past), and Vera Walker, Mike’s new FBI supervisor… and perhaps more. You’ll also meet Zagurski, the Fed now laying claim to Mike’s Graceland room – unless, that is, Mike can convince his new boss to let him return to the house and hunt down a very big fish.

I would love some scoop on my favorite show, Beauty and the Beast — please and thank you! –Larissa
Believe me when I say that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to archaelogist Sam (guest star Tom Everett Scott), whom we meet this Monday.

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Now that Scott Caan is going to film the Entourage movie, will he disappear from Hawaii Five-0? I really hope not! Also, is there anything you can tell us on Danny’s new love interest, Amber? Something about her doesn’t feel right to me–Sarah
I brought your concern to exec producer Peter M. Lenkov, and he assured that Caan’s Entourage encore will “absolutely not” impact his Five-0 presence. As for Amber, well, she is… harmless. As Lenkov noted, “Something good has to happen for these guys at some point!” (Amber’s next appearances include Episode 19, which I scooped here.)

How will the illegal votes affect The Good Wife‘s Peter/Alicia? Is she going to overlook it or take action to defend him? –Ana
Series cocreator Michelle King would part with no specifics, but she did promise that the potential voting scandal “continues to play over the rest of the season. I don’t know if it will be a part of the season finale, but it’s definitely not over.”

What is going on with NCIS‘ Jimmy Palmer? It seems that the show has toned down his involvement this season. –Sherry
Show boss Gary Glasberg reminds, “We’ve had this [storyline] runner that we started, about his personal life and his wanting to adopt. That’ll continue through the season,” ultimately leading to “an emotional bit of closure.”

I’m curious, will we see Tony’s apartment again soon on NCIS? –Cheryl
As a matter of fact, yes – in Episode 17, Glasberg says.

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The latest episode of the Tomorrow People was my favourite yet, mostly because it featured Astrid and John. Anything else coming up for them? –Mahika
I have no fresh scoop on John and Astrid. But Luke Mitchell did tell us that an upcoming episode will reveal how John met Cara.

I am really into Reign on The CW. Any scoop? –Niki
The next handful of episodes will gradually remove the proverbial bag from the mysterious Clarissa’s face. “We’ll learn how it is that she’s rooted to this castle, who it is that she’s kind of related to, and we’ll learn a back story that even she doesn’t know — and that backstory will anger her,” says EP Laurie McCarthy. As for her protection of Mary, McCarthy says, “It’s a little bit like having the Mafia as your best friend. Her moral compass is not quite set at the right angle and when she perceives a slight, she reacts pretty violently.”

I do have a major question about Revenge: Will we have a new flash-forward in Episode 14? –Michael
Though showrunner Sunil Nayar had (long ago) told us he was considering possibly dropping a new “WTF Just Happened?” flash-forward teaser at midseason, it would appear he elected not to. Instead, I am told, the midseason premiere (airing March 9 at 10/9c) picks up right where the finale left off.

Do you have anything on my favorite and underappreciated ABC comedies, Suburgatory and Trophy Wife? –Claire
Yes, and yes. Chris Parnell previewed for me a pair of Suburgatory episodes in which George, Noah and Fred A) go on a group date (any guesses on the lone guy to get some “action”?) and B) go camping (the wrinkle: Fred loses his son in the great outdoors). Meanwhile, the Trophy Wife herself, Malin Akerman, teased for me one of her most favorite episodes, in which Kate “has to kind of dress it down and be a Midwestern wife — or at least that what she thinks she needs to be, for an interview with immigration. It entails a lot of crazy comedy.”

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