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Castle No Two-Parter Season 6Will Castle‘s Kate kick some A? When will Once Upon a Time light Belle’s fire? Is the Grey’s gang gossiping about April’s choice? Will Tony move on from NCIS? Here are answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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I really miss badass Beckett on Castle — might she show up again soon? –Stephanie
Oh yes. I’m hearing you’ll want to keep an eye out for Episode 17, “In the Belly of the Beast,” to be directed by Rob Bowman.

Any scoop on Castle? Will we see another two-part episode? –Andrea
I can officially confirm that, as show boss Andrew Marlowe anticipated earlier this season, the ABC drama is breaking with tradition and there will be no two-parter this February or spring. (Marlowe was always of the mind that the season-opening, high-stakes D.C. arc served that purpose.)

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Please tell me any scoop for Hook on Once Upon a Time. –Harini
This can’t bode well for our resident swashbuckler: As we speak, the show is casting the one-episode role of Blackbeard, a cut-throat pirate if there ever was one. Might he cut Mr. Jones’ throat?!

Do you have any scoop on the timeline for Belle and Lumiere’s interaction on Once Upon a Time? Do they meet before Belle stayed with Rumpelstiltskin…? –Natalie
When I hand-delivered your Q to the Once creators, Adam Horowitz said, interestingly, that the answer “is a big spoiler, believe it or not. But we will see how Belle met Lumiere” (played by Henri Lubatti aka True Blood‘s Nigel). Will Belle get burned?!

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Anything on Grey’s Anatomy‘s Jackson and April? To make us wait until February 27th is just cruel. –Mimosa
I cannot offer you travel through time, but find solace in the fact that when the show returns, you’ll immediately learn if Jackson or Matt got the girl. “We pick up moments after where we left off, and we will know who April has chosen right off the bat,” Sarah Drew promises. And regardless of the outcome, the Grey+Sloan Memorial gang will be talking about this wedding interruptus. “No matter who she chose, people are going to be murmuring and gossiping about this forever,” Drew anticipates.

This NCIS: LA fan needs something good on the Densi front. Anything you can share? –Monica
I have good… and not-so-good. Showrunner Shane Brennan confirmed for me that the timing of Daniela Ruah’s maternity leave “worked out perfectly,” in that the show had already pre-shot enough Kensi scenes to keep her in every episode, without missing a single beat. Thing is, when Kensi eventually returns from her Afghanistan op — during which something “totally unexpected” and calamitous happens, leaving her understandably shell-shocked — being back in Deeks’ orbit “doesn’t work out the way she thinks it’s going to work out.”

Any scoop on what’s coming up for Banshee‘s Lucas and Siobhan? –Hayley
What’s coming up is… the Cinemax series’ next episode. “You won’t want to miss tomorrow night’s episode,” EP Greg Yaitanes hints. “Their kiss last week was just the beginning….”

I love The Crazy Ones — has it been picked up for a new season? –Lillian
Not yet, but in lieu of such (inevitably) good news, I offer scoop: One upcoming episode finds Brad Paisley (guesting as himself) locking horns with Josh Groban’s now-cocksure jingle writer, Danny Chase, while another will introduce us to the girl who broke James Wolk’s character’s heart; she’ll be played by sometime Jimmy Kimmel Live player Jackie Sieden.

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Any info on Criminal Minds‘ Reid? –Emilie
Showrunner Erica Messer says that in an upcoming episode that sends the BAU to Vegas, we won’t see Reid’s mother Diana, “because Jane Lynch is too busy, but there is a nice little mention of her and where she and Reid are in their relationship right now.”

Is Jordana Spiro’s Detective Villette Waiting for the Knockgoing to be sticking around on The Good Wife? She and Kalinda have sizzling chemistry, and it’d be lovely to explore Kalinda’s personal life for more than a short arc. –Alicia
When I asked series cocreator Michelle King for a status report on Spiro/Jenna, she assured, “She is still around, though I don’t know exactly how that’s going to play out.” Invited to assay the dynamic between the ladies, King opined, “I wouldn’t necessarily say that [Jenna] is ‘the one and only’ [for Kalinda], but there’s definitely chemistry there.” That said, she confirmed there’s some “ambivalence” on Kalinda’s part.

With the new team dynamic on NCIS, Tony really looks overqualified for his job. He’s been there forever. As part of his promised “growth” are we going to see him get a promotion? –Sandra
OK, so I brought to showrunner Gary Glasberg everyone’s concern about Tony’s “growth,” especially as Ziva’s exit grows farther and farther away. He avowed, “It’s really important to all of us — it’s important to me, it’s important to Michael Weatherly — that the character of Tony DiNozzo continues to grow.” But outgrowing Gibbs’ team likely will never be a part of that. “That’s something that we at one point or another talk about…. But at the end of the day, as I have learned from real agents that I’ve spoken to, once you find a team that you feel comfortable with, that’s just where you stay,” Glasberg explained. “You become a part of the family, and that’s just what it is.”

Anything good coming up with Danny and Steve on Hawaii Five-0? I need some bromance! –Sarah
And bromance you shall have. For one, EP Peter M. Lenkov teases a “really fun and suspenseful” episode airing Jan. 31, where an escaped convict (played by Michael Madsen) carjacks the boys “and takes them on a ride for most of the episode, to clear his name.” And later this season, in Episode 19, “Danny and McGarrett are in a perilous situation where they have to really rely on each other, and that’s a real ‘blood brother’ type of episode.”

I am a fan of Catherine and Steve on Hawaii Five-0. Can you please share some spoilers? –Carmen
And spoilers you shall have. Lenkov shares that this season’s second-to-last episode is a “big, dramatic” one for the lovebirds, featuring “some flashbacks to her stint in the military. You’ll get to know her as a soldier, when she was actually in the Navy.”

Revenge is on their winter hiatus, and I need something just to get me by until it returns. Got anything good? –Drew
In the winter finale we got a first look at Conrad’s ex-wife Stevie (played by Gail O’Grady), but just you wait until she starts mixing and mingling with others. “Needless to say, she and Victoria are at odds, because Victoria came in just as Stevie was on the way out,” Henry Czerny told me. “But yeah, she’s a firecracker, and the electricity that you’ll see between Stevie and Jack — yes, Stevie and Jack — and between Stevie and Victoria will be fantastic.”

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