Teen Wolf Season Finale Recap: 'We're All OK'

Teen Wolf Season FinaleAfter a season of chaos, confusion and way too much Japanese terminology, everything finally clicked in Teen Wolf‘s epic finale. And while not everyone lived long enough to celebrate the pack’s victory, there was one mind-blowing surprise guest at the party.

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Season 3’s final hour picked up shortly after Allison’s death — only a few hours, at most, could have passed — but there was no time for mourning, as the Nogitsune was now harder/better/faster/stronger than ever.

I’m not going to lie, the events of the finale were about as confusing as they’ve been all season, so I won’t even attempt to deliver a play-by-play of the last battle with the Nogitsune. What I am aware of, however, is that Stiles is safe and the Void is gone forever — and for that, we can all be thankful.

THANKS, ALLISON | Gone but not forgotten, Allison actually ended up playing a major role in Season 3’s final battle. She had apparently figured out that the Oni spirits could be killed by silver — as we saw, right before she lost her own life — and Isaac and Papa Argent were happy to pick up where she left off.

teen-wolf-finale-twinsTWO BECOME ONE | Though it wasn’t nearly as heartbreaking as watching Allison say goodbye to Scott last week, I’ll admit I got pretty bummed watching Aiden die in his brother’s arms. Of course, that wasn’t half as surprising as Danny’s post-breakup confession to Ethan. Seriously, how long as he known about werewolves?! Has Jackson been sending him extremely informative postcards from London or something?

KATE’S FATE | In true Teen Wolf fashion, the biggest shocker was saved for the episode’s final frame. Not only is Kate Argent alive (!!!) but she’s taken some sort of supernatural form. It turns out she was “La Loba” who that gang was looking for at the beginning of Season 3B, the one Derek wrongfully assumed was Cora. Seriously, though, what was up with her blue face? Girl looked like an Avatar.

MALIA’S BACK | The other big Season 4 tease at the end of the finale was seeing Malia waltzing through the halls of Beacon Hills High School. She and Lydia exchanged a pleasant nod, hinting that they might actually be friends — despite their shared history with Stiles — then Malia launched right into wolf training with Scott. That girl’s got claws, and she’s not afraid to use ’em.

Teen Wolf fans, which finale twist blew your mind the most? Drop a comment with your burning questions below, because we’ll be talking to EP Jeff Davis tomorrow, and we’ll demand some answers!

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