Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Castle, Once, Grey's, NCIS, Revenge, Five-0, Banshee and More

Castle No Two-Parter Season 6Will Castle‘s Kate kick some A? When will Once Upon a Time light Belle’s fire? Is the Grey’s gang gossiping about April’s choice? Will Tony move on from NCIS? Here are answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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I really miss badass Beckett on Castle — might she show up again soon? –Stephanie
Oh yes. I’m hearing you’ll want to keep an eye out for Episode 17, “In the Belly of the Beast,” to be directed by Rob Bowman.

Any scoop on Castle? Will we see another two-part episode? –Andrea
I can officially confirm that, as show boss Andrew Marlowe anticipated earlier this season, the ABC drama is breaking with tradition and there will be no two-parter this February or spring. (Marlowe was always of the mind that the season-opening, high-stakes D.C. arc served that purpose.)

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Please tell me any scoop for Hook on Once Upon a Time. –Harini
This can’t bode well for our resident swashbuckler: As we speak, the show is casting the one-episode role of Blackbeard, a cut-throat pirate if there ever was one. Might he cut Mr. Jones’ throat?!

Do you have any scoop on the timeline for Belle and Lumiere’s interaction on Once Upon a Time? Do they meet before Belle stayed with Rumpelstiltskin…? –Natalie
When I hand-delivered your Q to the Once creators, Adam Horowitz said, interestingly, that the answer “is a big spoiler, believe it or not. But we will see how Belle met Lumiere” (played by Henri Lubatti aka True Blood‘s Nigel). Will Belle get burned?!

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Anything on Grey’s Anatomy‘s Jackson and April? To make us wait until February 27th is just cruel. –Mimosa
I cannot offer you travel through time, but find solace in the fact that when the show returns, you’ll immediately learn if Jackson or Matt got the girl. “We pick up moments after where we left off, and we will know who April has chosen right off the bat,” Sarah Drew promises. And regardless of the outcome, the Grey+Sloan Memorial gang will be talking about this wedding interruptus. “No matter who she chose, people are going to be murmuring and gossiping about this forever,” Drew anticipates.

This NCIS: LA fan needs something good on the Densi front. Anything you can share? –Monica
I have good… and not-so-good. Showrunner Shane Brennan confirmed for me that the timing of Daniela Ruah’s maternity leave “worked out perfectly,” in that the show had already pre-shot enough Kensi scenes to keep her in every episode, without missing a single beat. Thing is, when Kensi eventually returns from her Afghanistan op — during which something “totally unexpected” and calamitous happens, leaving her understandably shell-shocked — being back in Deeks’ orbit “doesn’t work out the way she thinks it’s going to work out.”

Any scoop on what’s coming up for Banshee‘s Lucas and Siobhan? –Hayley
What’s coming up is… the Cinemax series’ next episode. “You won’t want to miss tomorrow night’s episode,” EP Greg Yaitanes hints. “Their kiss last week was just the beginning….”

I love The Crazy Ones — has it been picked up for a new season? –Lillian
Not yet, but in lieu of such (inevitably) good news, I offer scoop: One upcoming episode finds Brad Paisley (guesting as himself) locking horns with Josh Groban’s now-cocksure jingle writer, Danny Chase, while another will introduce us to the girl who broke James Wolk’s character’s heart; she’ll be played by sometime Jimmy Kimmel Live player Jackie Sieden.

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Any info on Criminal Minds‘ Reid? –Emilie
Showrunner Erica Messer says that in an upcoming episode that sends the BAU to Vegas, we won’t see Reid’s mother Diana, “because Jane Lynch is too busy, but there is a nice little mention of her and where she and Reid are in their relationship right now.”

Is Jordana Spiro’s Detective Villette Waiting for the Knockgoing to be sticking around on The Good Wife? She and Kalinda have sizzling chemistry, and it’d be lovely to explore Kalinda’s personal life for more than a short arc. –Alicia
When I asked series cocreator Michelle King for a status report on Spiro/Jenna, she assured, “She is still around, though I don’t know exactly how that’s going to play out.” Invited to assay the dynamic between the ladies, King opined, “I wouldn’t necessarily say that [Jenna] is ‘the one and only’ [for Kalinda], but there’s definitely chemistry there.” That said, she confirmed there’s some “ambivalence” on Kalinda’s part.

With the new team dynamic on NCIS, Tony really looks overqualified for his job. He’s been there forever. As part of his promised “growth” are we going to see him get a promotion? –Sandra
OK, so I brought to showrunner Gary Glasberg everyone’s concern about Tony’s “growth,” especially as Ziva’s exit grows farther and farther away. He avowed, “It’s really important to all of us — it’s important to me, it’s important to Michael Weatherly — that the character of Tony DiNozzo continues to grow.” But outgrowing Gibbs’ team likely will never be a part of that. “That’s something that we at one point or another talk about…. But at the end of the day, as I have learned from real agents that I’ve spoken to, once you find a team that you feel comfortable with, that’s just where you stay,” Glasberg explained. “You become a part of the family, and that’s just what it is.”

Anything good coming up with Danny and Steve on Hawaii Five-0? I need some bromance! –Sarah
And bromance you shall have. For one, EP Peter M. Lenkov teases a “really fun and suspenseful” episode airing Jan. 31, where an escaped convict (played by Michael Madsen) carjacks the boys “and takes them on a ride for most of the episode, to clear his name.” And later this season, in Episode 19, “Danny and McGarrett are in a perilous situation where they have to really rely on each other, and that’s a real ‘blood brother’ type of episode.”

I am a fan of Catherine and Steve on Hawaii Five-0. Can you please share some spoilers? –Carmen
And spoilers you shall have. Lenkov shares that this season’s second-to-last episode is a “big, dramatic” one for the lovebirds, featuring “some flashbacks to her stint in the military. You’ll get to know her as a soldier, when she was actually in the Navy.”

Revenge is on their winter hiatus, and I need something just to get me by until it returns. Got anything good? –Drew
In the winter finale we got a first look at Conrad’s ex-wife Stevie (played by Gail O’Grady), but just you wait until she starts mixing and mingling with others. “Needless to say, she and Victoria are at odds, because Victoria came in just as Stevie was on the way out,” Henry Czerny told me. “But yeah, she’s a firecracker, and the electricity that you’ll see between Stevie and Jack — yes, Stevie and Jack — and between Stevie and Victoria will be fantastic.”

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  1. Allen says:

    Isn’t there always ambivelance on Kalinda’s end?

  2. Amy says:

    Hook vs Blackbeard sounds fun.

    • Edward Teach was a real person. Not a freaking fairy tale.

      • Japserann says:

        So is Mulan. ^.^ Can’t wait to see Hook vs. Blackbeard. I’m sure it will be another flashback episode for Hook. So exciting!!

      • ben says:

        In a show in which fairly tale characters have turned up in the real world throughout history (Neal in London etc) you are telling me that saying ‘hey, this real life historical figure is actually a character from the same land that the fairy tale characters come from’ won’t work? Actually, I think it could be an awesome concept that could go beyond Blackbeard.

    • Olivia says:

      I just want Hook NOT to be killed off. I’d rather Henry (can’t stand Jared Gilmore’s speaking) or Belle die.

      • Fey says:

        matt you troll. HOOK CANNOT DIE i will not survive that i swear

      • Tegan says:

        Belle’s not going to die. Emilie has recently given interviews about her role in Season 4, and also a while after S3 wraps, is going to appear at a convention with other members of the cast to promote the fourth season. Both of which would not happen if Belle was going to be killed off (thank god, as she’s my favorite).

        Besides, the rumor mill says that it’s a male character. Not anywhere near close to confirmation, but still.

  3. Anaelle says:

    Oh I bet Kensi’s fiancé, Jack, will come back :D !

  4. Drew says:

    Thanks for the Revenge scoop, Matt! Counting down the days until it returns!

  5. pecola says:

    As much as I love seeing Kalinda on my screen, I have to say, I don’t see the chemistry between Archie Panjabi and Jordan Spiro.

    Can’t Jill Flint come back?

    • Dee says:

      I agree. Lana and Kalinda have way more chemistry than Kalinda/Jenna.
      Bring back Jill Flint!

    • Tania says:

      The only STRONG chemistry that jumps out every time that I see these two interact is between Kalinda and Cary Agos. I would like to see *that* examined more.

      • Diva says:

        Ugh Cary is too good for Kalinda and I’m saying that as a Kalinda fan. I didn’t start caring for Cary until this season. I don’t see how Cary could ever trust Kalinda and vice versa. I’m rooting for Cary and Robyn.

        • Fran says:

          I completely agree. Cary and Kalinda are two of my favorite characters, but I really don’t see them as a couple. They certainly don’t have the kind of chemistry that we see with Will and Alicia, and as much as I like Kalinda, I think that Cary does deserve better. Jenna and Kalinda also seem to have more chemistry, IMO. I’d also love to see Cary get his own personal story that didn’t include pining after Kalinda. The writers really don’t use that actor enough!

        • vera says:

          It’s very simple. Cary should be with Robyn, and Kalinda should be with Lana. They are both hanging around the wrong people at the moment.

    • abz says:

      I’d love to see Jill Flint come back. I loved Lana and Kalinda.

  6. Babybop says:

    Don’t kill off Hook! They already killed off one super attractive Irishman, they can’t kill another one…

  7. Jenny says:

    YAY Badass Beckett is back…

    • RBA says:

      I am going to incur some wrath here, but I am not a fan of big bad @ss Beckett. BBAB has just become to over the top for me. What I really want is a clearer exploration of her character that will give Stana room to show her acting skills rather than seeing Stana making faces or pointing a gun at someone….

      • Dark Defender says:

        No disrespect, RBA.. but she can do all that and still be badass… one of her best scenes in character development and acting skills was the speech she gave to Sen. Bracken right before she pistol whipped him.
        Total badassery.

        • Rich Abey says:

          Totally. That was arguably the best scene of Season 5, just behind the proposal. It showcased Kate Beckett’s character development from the fragile partially broken down Beckett in Season 1 (who probably would have killed Bracken without hesitation & end up in prison) to the strong wholesome Kate that managed to decide the correct path to achieving justice (which is not via offing Bracken).

        • Cindy Dorsey says:

          Totally agree with you Dark Defender. Another bad ass Beckett was in the Target episode where she kicked the chair out from under that bitch she was interogating and told her “I’m not a cop today, honey”. Awesome show , cast, writers, everyone!!!

      • MRP says:

        watch again

      • deborah46 says:

        I being hearing rumor they don’t like each other n did Nathan sign his contract with abc that what I want to know love the show n they still have more stories to tell

  8. Len84 says:

    No not Hook!!! i adore him and his complex character, and his journey he has had and his love for Emma, and believing in her etc. But i hope we see more a backstory.

    Revenge – Jack, are you trying to say something will happen between Jack and Conrad’s first wife lol

    • Japserann says:

      I really hope Jack and Conrad’s first wife do not have sparks of that type. lol Eww

      I’m looking forward to Hook and Blackbeard, I’m positive it will be more flashback for him. So exciting!

    • Cee says:

      Nick did an interview saying someone from Jack’s past comes back. What do we know about Jack’s mother? Hmm. Or maybe Stevie and Jack had a thing while she was married to Conrad.

      • Cee says:

        Now that i think about it, Jack would have been to young for something to have happened between he and Conrad’s wife. Let’s hope so. What kind of past could they have?

    • The Real Amanda Clarke says:

      I highly doubt the ‘electricity’ between Jack and Stevie will be of a romantic nature, he’s already in love with Margaux and most likely carrying residual feelings for Emily, to add another woman into the mix would just be flat out ridiculous. Plus, she’s old enough to be his mother so eww. Hey, maybe she IS his mother… interesting.

  9. June says:

    I wonder if we’ll ever see any actual intimacy between Castle and Beckett. Oh, who am I kidding? Of course we won’t. Marlowe truly is a terrible show runner who has no idea what to do with this characters anymore.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      That didn’t take long at all….

      • Luli says:

        Those comments need to stop… The recap of the last episode was filled with this type of comments… Don’t you ever get tired of reading the same thing over and over again??

        • Me!!! says:

          Apparently some people don’t. I have the feeling some people will always complain about everything.

        • Dmac says:

          And by the same people over and over again. This show will never be what they want it to be. Personally I wish they would head over to fan fiction and be done with the negativity.

          • Me!!! says:

            True! It is always the same people complaining. But apparently they already read to much FFs and therefore have those kind of expectations. Well…., sorry, it’s not going to happen, but I am pretty sure Castle already covered a lot of story lines in the last two years that could count as fanfiction :D

      • Francine says:

        Lol, Matt. Yet I keep defending it too…. This is the direction the show wants to go in (for whatever reasons) and it obviously isn’t changing. I know I’ve stayed with shows I disliked out of loyalty, but sooner or later you have to stop torturing yourself. If you’re that unhappy with it you shod probably stop watching. Just my opinion though, not trying to tell others what to do :)

      • Just one thing says:


      • Leigh says:

        Hahahahahahahahahahaha. I can’t stop laughing!

      • Apples says:

        There’s actually a kiss in the next ep (in the promo) and I bet people will still find things to complain about- how it is awkward, or badly lit, or how it is “obvious” that Katic and Fillion hate each other, how Marlowe is a terrible showrunner etc.
        I don’t get this fandom, sometimes. I especially don’t get the hatedom. Don’t like the show? Don’t watch it. Let the ratings dictate to the studio and the network whether they’ve been successful or not…

      • Angela says:

        It’s almost like clockwork with some of these shows, isn’t it?

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Wait ’til they see Monday’s episode :-X

          • Angela says:

            Heh. Sounds intriguing!

            I’ve only seen bits and pieces of “Castle” here and there, but the discussion about it on this site has been interesting to read. I think there’s some good points on both sides about how to display romantic moments on a TV show, but some of the comments about the topic are amusing nonetheless. Ah, well. Hopefully the show manages to find a way to make at least most of its fans happy somehow!

          • TullaT says:

            castle fans make me feel better about NCIS fans

    • Francine says:

      I disagree that Marlowe is a terrible showrunner. I may not agree with everything he does but he seems to genuinely care, at least from what Ive always seen. He just does things differently, and I guess you either love it or hate it. I see tons of intimacy between the two, but I’m one of those people that don’t need to see kissing or sex scenes. I look for the small gestures and comments to see that intimacy- the subtle things. That subtlety between Caskett is what I always loved about the show, and I never thought it would change after they became a couple. I understand that others feel and thought differently though.

    • Me!!! says:

      If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.
      If you want to see some intimacy go watch a TV Show on HBO. What we are seeing on Castle is an actual relationship (you don’t always have sex or kiss constantly) and it was always build on character development. I’m pretty sure they are having a lot of intimacy off-screen. You don’t always need to see it happen.
      How about you appreciate what we have. There are tons of fandoms out there that would be very happy to be in the position we are in.

    • S. says:

      Oh brother. Go bury your face in badly written fanfiction (that’s with rare exceptions a redundant phrase, sorry). You’ll get your alleged intimacy and a real dose of what horrible writing and characterization is really like. You’re demonstrating a profound lack of understanding of what the job of showrunner entails (and what constitutes “actual intimacy.” Hint: more than kissing and spooning.) If you had to run a show, you’d have to rock yourself in a fetal position before the day is out.

    • Lu says:

      I have tried many times to try & like Castle, just can’t like the main guy, I just read he’s the Star on the show, he’s god awful, nothing manly about him, he’s wimpy….ok, this is jmo..

    • Rich Abey says:

      Oh lord here we go again…. :(

    • Cindy Dorsey says:

      You’ve got to be kidding June. Marlowe is a genius who has created the best show ever on tv. The scenes between them two are so tastefully done. The Always scene at the end of Season 4 was so awesome and beautifully shown. Left just enough to the imagination. Apparently it must be working, since its Season 6!!

      • WDV says:

        You think he is a genuis. That’s oke. But accept other people don’t think that. I find it really weird people get mad when people say they don’t like what Marlowe does. But than those same people start hating on those people who mainly state their opinion about the show.

        If people think something is bad, or think Marlowe is bad. They have the right to say it, as you have the right to say he is a genius. There is no one being right or wrong here.

        I like what Marlowe does with the show mostly. In my opinion he screwed up a lot in the last three ep of s5 and the first three ep of s6. He made me dislike the Beckett character so much that I was thinking about quit watching the show.

        About the bad ass Beckett. I like it. However sometimes they overreact it and make her into this superhero woman. So tone it down a bit.

        But he made it better again, and slowly and slowly I am starting to like the Beckett character again.

  10. MRP says:

    Best news ever, Beckett will be back. I’ve missed her. And Rob Bowman is directing. It doesn’t get more perfect than this

    • scooby says:

      Exactly. Been a fan of Rob Bowman for awhile. “Memento Mori” is a classic X Files episode. For Castle fans the fact that he’s done shows like “Rise,” “Knockout,” and “Always” tells you to get excited for the episode coming up. He did the last 3XK ep, well it involved 3XK. The point is, uber creepy episode which was fantastic. He’s a director/executive producer on the show which I like. Not only is there a strong point of view, he knows everything about the show inside and out. When people like that are directing the smallest things get the right attention because the person is so familiar with what is possible and everybody’s strengths. About Kate, we love seeing her be a badass but I bet Stana doesn’t mind having a little less running in heels sometimes. ;) Maybe we’ll get to see Castle in his writer vest again.

      • Francine says:

        Interesting tidbits about Rob Bowman scooby, thanks. I confess I usually have no idea who directs which episodes, but that’s good to hear.

        • LucyVanPelt (@LucyAppa) says:

          Rob Bowman directed some of the BESt X Files episodes. knowing he directed castle is the first thing that has made me want to watch.

      • Rich Abey says:

        Other than getting to witness BAMF Beckett in action, I’m excited about Rob Bowman returning cause some aspects of directing in the episodes of late have been mediocre. Main issue here is Castle looking bored with the case work or even sometimes life at large. Why? Unless the writers are planning to make Castle consider leaving the precinct now that he is about to get married to his love Kate Beckett, it’s just poor directing. Hopefully Rob Bowman (being the great director he is) spots this & remedies it, cause after all we love & care for ‘Castle’.

        • Just one thing says:

          All due respect to the other writers, Bowman naturally has the strongest handle on the show’s creative vision. Guess it helps that he is an EP. He truly elevates 90% of the episodes he directs. I’m selfishly glad they didn’t lose him or have to share him more than they did last year.

          • Just one thing says:

            Oops, meant “other directors.” Always have writers on the brain when talking Castle. :-P

    • Rich Abey says:

      Oh yeah. Always been a huge fan of bad-ass Kate Beckett. The epitome of her bad-assery was , when she pistol whipped evil-overlord Senator Bracken. So, eagerly looking forward to her kicking more bad butt! ;)

  11. Pickle8182 says:

    It doesn’t help NCIS that the whole team now looksoverqualified next to the dim wit new girl. In so many ways too- they re all better actors. I can’t even get the regular crowd to come over and wtch it any more. Worried about the show, always been staple and favorite of mine.

    • NoChance says:

      Don’t fret. “NCIS” ratings are still stellar so it’s not going anywhere. I prefer to watch alone and then talk about it later because that way I don’t miss anything.

    • My work mates and I used to talk about it every Wednesday. No one cares any more.

      • NoChance says:

        Sometimes changes in cast do that. Some viewers leave due to a cast member leaving when the character they played was their favorite. I’ve done it myself and moved on to shows that still held my interest.

        • LucyVanPelt (@LucyAppa) says:

          yeah that’s not it. It was fun. It’s not fun any more.

        • babs22 says:

          NCIS has been my favorite don’t-miss show for years. It’s not so much the cast change that has me bothered, but the fact that since the new girl joined the show, all the episodes have highlighted her to the detriment of the rest of the actors. She seems likable enough, but the writers have turned this from an ensemble cast to making the whole team supporting players to the new girl.

      • Evan Cooper says:

        You know, I really wish you and your usual snarky crowd, that show up to badmouth and offer up the “no one cares” about NCIS would put a sock in it. You do not speak for ANYONE but yourself, so stop pretending to know what everybody else is doing. Don’t care any more? Then how come, when anything is written about NCIS, you are one of the first to show up and comment? Yeah, right………

        • Tina says:

          Easy Evan, how about giving the benefit of the doubt that the subject of Lucy’s “no one cares” comment was herself and her workmates – since that’s who she was just referring to. And while her statement may not have been positive, it wasn’t actually “badmouthing”. It was simply a statement of personal opinion – something everyone is entitled to. I realize it’s annoying to hear negative comments about a show you obviously still strongly appreciate, but you don’t need to dignify negative comments by responding to them. Just ignore them and concentrate on the positive.

          • NaomiP says:

            Sorry Tina, I agree with Evan. Plus, check Lucy’s comment above about how the show “it’s not fun anymore”. She isn’t talking with her workmates, she’s posting her dour assessment of what isn’t “fun” anymore. Yes, she is entitled to her opinion, however, Evan is entitled to voice his resentment of the same comments continually as well. I’ve seen on other sites, (TV Guide.com to mention one) where Lucy voices disparaging remarks every time NCIS is mentioned–it gets old very fast. While in the perfect world, turning the other cheek and ignoring the situation is lovely–the problem is, why should one group or individual run roughshod over others without some repercussions? Evan and I, and anyone else, have just as much right to voice our displeasure with the constant haranguing over anything said that doesn’t meet with Lucy and her follow snarkers approval as Lucy herself. It works both ways.

        • I talk about it because … I care.

        • LucyVanPelt (@LucyAppa) says:

          I watch the show for the same reason the Ziva haters watched it for 8 years while she was on it. Love the show overall. right now I’m upset about where it has gone. I’ll speak up about it because I love the show and won’t walk away.

      • Celestrial Moon says:

        I used to drop what I was doing to watch NCIS. i do not watch any more.

    • Betty says:

      I’m unhappy with NCIS also. Something is wrong. I would start with “Bishop”.

      • Dmac says:

        Personally I like her and so does it seems millions of people as their ratings didn’t take the nose dive the Ziva fans were predicting. If you don’t like the show change the channel. I am so tired of all the whining about the new girl. Ziva isn’t coming back, Tony and the team are moving on perhaps so should you.

        • NoChance says:

          Weeks and weeks ago Gibbs said something like “she (Ziva) moved on so let’s move on”. It’s time. I saw a report that Cote has a movie role coming up so it seems like she’s moved on with her career. Shouldn’t her fans be wishing her success and hope that it’s just the beginning of her career post-NCIS?

        • Kathy says:

          No — if fans don’t like the show, they’re entitled to express their opinion. You didn’t see the anti-Ziva fans leaving — they stayed and expressed their opinions for 8 years. Why should the people who aren’t fond of Bishop be denied that same right?

          • Celestrial Moon says:

            i agree.

          • LucyVanPelt (@LucyAppa) says:

            THANK YOU. Eight years from now, let’s talk.

          • Downrightnasty says:

            Well, for eight years. Ziva fans were outraged over how horrible the comments were about Cote and her character, so your reasoning now is, turn about is fair play? Wow, that’s really makes no sense. Plus, very immature as well, great job. I used to think the haters were awful, but, you lot are no better. Hypocritical and disgusting…..

    • Larc says:

      I think Bishop is an obvious weak link in a once-strong chain. She makes even DiNozzo look mature by comparison. I can’t imagine others on the team feeling very safe if she “has their back.”

      • LucyVanPelt (@LucyAppa) says:

        In real life she would get them all killed immediately in the field. No way the REAL Gibbs would allow this. He wouldn’t even allow Ziva to carry a gun in the field at first. They played Bishop’s incompetence with firearms as comedy, but it’s not funny.

        • MiltonW@hotmail.com says:

          DiNozzo used to be my favourite – now even Gibbs doesn’t recognize him as Senior Field Agent because little know everything about everything Bishop is stuck to his hip and is running the show. Not a fan of Bishop. Was a fan of GIBB’s TEAM. This Season is weak and boring.

  12. Amanda says:

    Hook’s going to be fine. He’s so not the one getting killed off. He’s got too much backstory left to tell and the Captain Swan paring is too huge. Not to mention he’s too much a part of the promotion like how Sawyer was on LOST. That being said makes me wonder if Blackbeard isn’t the real pirate but a code name for the casting of Killian’s father. Many have thought since season 2 his dad was Davy Jones and for awhile Prince Eric, as Davy Jones fell in love with a mermaid too in the “POTC” movies. Wouldn’t surprise me and a lot of us Hook fans at all if Davy is Killian’s father and he’ll come back as a new villain for season 4.

    • Gil says:

      What i was thinking as well… Davey Jones, and might of fallen in love with a mermaid (also the captain quarters has mermaid statues in them lol) and as for Hook/Emma… not only is it popular, but its due to the fact we actually seeing a buildup in the show… and their moments they share and how they react to each other. He and Emma just fit together and build each other up.
      There is alot to tell with Hook and his life as pirate Killian and childhood Killan.

  13. lisa says:

    This is totally what I’ve been thinking! That either Jack’s going to be the “White Ghost” and the reason she’s away, or he’s going to show up there somehow and mess things up.

    • pinky says:

      Seems like Jack will have sth. to do with it but why does he have to mess everything up again for Kensi? I really do hope that she and Deeks get their thing work out in a positive way or I may not be able to love the show as much as I do now any longer…

  14. Len84 says:

    Another thing could Hook’s father be Davey Jones?

  15. NoChance says:

    I’m glad they’ll be addressing Tony’s desire to be Gibbs’ 2nd in command rather than leading his own team and that real NCIS agents stay put when they find a good fit.
    It’s also good to know what I already suspected – that Michael isn’t leaving “NCIS”.

    • CindyIf we're talking about the blond who wasn't taken aback by the woman interrogator they team warned her about, I don ' think she's anit wis; my memory isn't to good bt I think she xcame p with some good ideas and helped capture a bad guy un the recent says:

      I totally agree with No Chance

    • Carolyn Levesque says:

      Love Michael – So relieved that he is staying on the show. I would like Gibbs & the other staff
      to show him more respect ex. 2nd in command. Also more episodes with Senior Robert Wagner.
      Their relationship is great fun and serious at the same time.

  16. Ana says:

    This Blackbeard better not hurt our Captain (aka Hook, aka Killian Jones, aka man of honor, aka love of my life and hopefully Emma’s) or I will hunt him down and kick his ass – not Ross-style but for real.

  17. I was one of hte people Tony should get a promotion on NCIS. It would be ok that he stays on the team as long as his talents are used. With the new dynamics, he has NOTHING to do. He is way too good of an agent for that.

  18. Elizabeth Martin says:

    Love NCIS:LA!!! I simply cannot watch that BIshop character on NCIS. Can’t wait till Kensi is back.

  19. I would love to see the old NCIS team again….the FAMILY.

  20. Betty says:

    A lot of us don’t care for the character “Bishop” on NCIS. Any chance they might replace her?

    • NoChance says:

      I think I saw that Emily has been added as a permanent cast member. I like Bishop, she makes me smile and I like that Gibbs and Tony and Tim want her on their team.

    • Evan Cooper says:

      “A lot of us”, really? Who? (And how many actually exist in the flesh?) I like her character and am enjoying what she brings. See? I’m speaking for myself, the few people who swoop in with “no one likes her”, or “a lot of us” or my personal favorite, “the regular fans of NCIS” are now just annoying with their imaginary claims. I swear to God, there must be some hidden bat signal that goes up every time NCIS is mentioned, because the crazies swarm in like locusts.

    • Dmac says:

      Sorry Betty “a lot” of you are going to be disappointed. She isn’t going anywhere. I personally couldn’t be happier.

    • Kris Kirby says:

      Not with 19 million viewers tuning in every week is Bishop leaving, the only way she’ll be written out if if the ratings go below 16 million.

  21. MP says:

    Okay, so Hook’s not dying if they’re casting Blackbeard… right? I can live with that.

  22. tp says:

    I couldn’t care less about bad ass Beckett. I want the old confident Castle back. Watching reruns TNT makes me miss how he used to be.

    • Just one thing says:

      The two aren’t mutually exclusive.

      • tp says:

        I didn’t say they were. Nor did I ask for your snark. I used to love this site but now it’s like people can’t express their opinion without a smart remark from someone else. Half of the people that comment now are so hostile. It’s a complete turn off.

        • Rich Abey says:

          Oh really? People care about Castle. So when you go around saying you couldn’t care less about bad-ass Kate Beckett (which by the way is one of the main attributes that drew Castle to her), people tend to get worked up. After all they are entitled to express their opinion regarding your opinion, no matter how snarky it might be.

          • Rich Abey says:

            but yes I agree with you on wanting the old confident Castle back. I have no idea why they would want to direct Castle as looking bored/unenthusiastic. He clearly has lost a great deal of interest in the cases of late.
            Only explanation I could think of was…maybe the writers are aiming for a plot-line where Castle is considering leaving the Precinct late in the season now that he is about to get married to Kate? If not clearly it’s poor directing from the directors at Castle. Rob Bowman..where the hell are you? Please fix this issue!

        • Just one thing says:

          Sorry to offend. I just meant that there’s room for both confident Castle and bad-ass Beckett. If you thought my mild, one-sentence reply was snarky, I don’t know what to do about that… Wasn’t attacking you at all.

    • lacy curtains says:

      You are NOT alone! I watch for Castle,;just enjoy the other characters as the side offerings to his ‘entree’. Together, they make a great viewing, but I’m still mostly about RC. I loved him in S1- early 2.

  23. JJM says:

    I’m more interested to know which series regulars will actually be returning on Grey’s Anatomy next year. Majority of the casts deals are up except the residents.

  24. JC says:

    Love both the Hawaii Five-0 spoilers – I enjoy both the bromance and the romance. :) And I think Tony’s doing fine this season on NCIS. I’m very much enjoying this more mature version of Tony – there was a point during the show’s run that he got to be so annoying I couldn’t hardly stand him. I am worried about Densi though. I hope they don’t destroy that relationship. Even before they got together it was one of the best things about the show.

    • NoChance says:

      Agreed about Tony. The “idiot” seems to be gone this season and it’s great to see the Tony that we knew back in the 1st few seasons of “NCIS”. Funny and Smart. Caring in an awkward kind of way. His heart is back in the right place and he’s working on letting people see the man behind the mask.

  25. Sandra says:

    Thanks for answering my question! I wouldn’t say Tony is on a good team now. It is very unbalance and he and Tim have little to do. The team needs a lot of sorting out.

  26. Lillian says:

    I think different viewers are watching different NCIS’s. Maybe our tv’s alter the show or something. My tv is showing me very competent & useful Tony and McGee.

    • JC says:

      Ha! Yes, that’s the show I’m getting too. :)

      • Evan Cooper says:

        Mine as well………..

      • NoChance says:

        Me three. I’m really enjoying getting to see the Tim and Tony friendship taking off. Didn’t Tony come up with the solve last week when he figured out that those numbers might be metrics – that was a pretty big contribution. Tim working while in denial about his girlfriend’s injury. Both have grown leaps and bounds in Season 11.

      • LucyVanPelt (@LucyAppa) says:

        I’m getting Sandra’s show. who’s your cable provider?
        last ep, fell asleep. New Tony creeps me out.

    • Darlene says:

      My TV is doing the same thing as your TV! Isn’t that fantastic? Tony and McGee are wonderful. The team works well together.

    • Kris Kirby says:

      I see Tony and McGee standing or sitting around watching Bishop do everything, so I guess my TV and yours are not the same either. And Gibbs has been a neutered wuss letting Mary Sue2.0 do everything. And even Bishop’s allowed to sit on top of his desk now.

      • Youknowho says:

        Nah, you got it wrong, Gibbs was too busy playing Daddy to Ziva with her pappa issues, for the last 8 years. If anyone was a Mary Sue, it was Ziva, NCIS turned into the Ziva Mossad hour and it was downright boring and dull.

        • TullaT says:

          what’s gibbs doing now? glowing at bishop? pass the bucket. that’s not Gibbs..

        • Kris Kirby says:

          Well again I disagree, and I see daddy Gibbs with his new Kelly3.0 Ellie Bishop, who gets a good job when she takes her earbud out, and he playfully shoves her when she sits on top of his desk. Now if the others had dared to sit on top of his desk, he would have given them the ole Gibbs glare to the end of time. Nope sorry see pathetic old man this season. Laughed at him when he stared down the Afghan rebels. Real pathetic. And you know something your right, Tony did do something constructive in the last episode, he offered to make Tim a casserole or pork chops.

  27. Christy says:

    Boo to no Castle 2-parter but I think we all saw it coming.
    Super excited about the other spoiler. I love Badass Beckett. Her speech in After the Storm is still on of my favorite Beckett m

    • Christy says:

      *post button right next to done button = danger*
      …moments. Which makes me wonder if “In the Belly of the Beast” refers to the return, and possibly takedown, of Senator Bracken.

      • Just one thing says:

        I wouldn’t mind a revisit of Bracken, though I’m ready for that story’s resolution (like his death). Reading the title, I thought she’d have to go undercover or something. That’s been done to death, I know.

    • Taryn says:

      I totally cannot wait to see BAMF Beckett in Castle S6 ep 17! Woot woot! And to be directed by Rob Bowman! Great combo those two! She will kick some ass again in this episode!
      Did I say, I can’t wait? Bring it on! So so happy! Thank you, Matt for the heads-up!
      And thank you Andrew Marlowe for a great show! Continued Castle success for years to come!

    • Rich Abey says:

      Still thought we would get a 2-parter, cause they never disappoint. But you gotta take what’s at hand.

  28. realpandora says:

    Thanks for the first spoiler…
    But for goodness sake… Who cares about Catherine background… Come on…
    (I know, I’m crazy to talk like that for all the hate I’m going to receive, but enough is enough…)

    • JC says:

      *raises hand* I care. And “enough is enough?” You say that like all we’ve been getting is Catherine background. We don’t have much background on Catherine at all. And she hasn’t even been in the last two episodes. What is this “enough is enough” stuff?

      • SM says:

        Isn’t it interesting that the two episodes that Catherine was not in were the two highest rated episodes of the season. Not saying there is a correlation but it is interesting.

        • JC says:

          It wasn’t like it was advertised that Catherine wasn’t going to be in them. So no, I don’t think that has anything to do with it. It would be easier to say that it was due to Grace Park’s return, though that can’t be proven either.

          • realpandora says:

            It was advertised… By PL himself… What the whiteboard pic… But, what I know…

          • JC says:

            I have no idea what you’re talking about. Was this something on Twitter? If so that hardly counts as “advertised.” I highly doubt enough Nielson viewers follow PL to move the needle in either direction even a minuscule amount. But nice try.

          • realpandora says:

            *with the whiteboard pic…
            *proofreading is your friend, self… *

          • MJ says:

            do you really think that those 10 million people are on social media? hahahaha. There is a much greater majority of people that have no idea about the upcoming episodes than those that do. But, go ahead and stay in your safe bubble where you can keep thinking that’s true.

          • lindae5o says:

            By contract, Michelle was scheduled for just 17 of this seasons’ 22 episodes.

          • Alisa Neely says:

            that’s 17 eppies TOO MANY….sorry….hope she is in even LESS, next season….if there IS a 5th season.

          • JC says:

            @ lindae5o – The point still stands. Most general viewers would not have known that, and even if they had, they wouldn’t have known specifically which episodes she was not going to be in. As MJ said, you may as well try to argue that the ratings were up because of the lack of Scott Caan. It’s a ridiculous argument.

        • MJ says:

          Equally interesting that Scott Caan wasn’t in one of them either. And limited time in the other.

          Meaning – It has no meaning whatsoever.

          • realpandora says:

            He wasn’t in the last ep, that had a little drop of viewers (some Scott Caan fans had said they weren’t going to watch the ep), but it was a Chin centered one, so it was good, still.
            But, again, what I know…

          • MJ says:

            I’m done, logic is your friend – not an enemy.

    • MJ says:

      I care too. It’s fine that you don’t but at least try to see that you’re opinion isn’t the only one.

    • Magreeda says:

      Just here to +1 you out of a sense of comraderie. I don’t even watch H50 anymore and Catherine is a big reason. Others feel differently, of course, but I didn’t want you to feel alone since two people have already chimed in to disagree with you.

    • angelisintetici75 says:

      I already had more than enough of Cath (who is a secondary chatacter) for this season… Actually I have enough of her even to cover next 2 seasons.
      Really, I can’t understand why they had to put her on 5-0 :-/
      This season is boring and lacks all the magic H50 had in the past, a good part of this for me it’s due to the exagerated presence of her character, particularly in the first episodes, I didn’t feel the need to have an other ep based on her to close the season.
      Olso Steve looks mostly OOC when he’s near her.

    • Alisa Neely says:

      i agree…..it’s been OVER-KILL with the steve & catherine crap….she will NEVER be a TRUE MEMBER OF 5-0….and we’ve had waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy TOO LITTLE OF “MCDANNO”…..she is a JOKE….i fully believe, it was catherine’s fault that billy ended up DEAD.please ship her off….and GET BACK TO WHAT MADE THE SHOW GREAT….STEVE, DANNO, CHIN & KONO.

  29. Kellie says:

    I kind of liked the lack of Danny in last week’s episode. He’s always complaining lately and for me, brings the show down. I’m liking the unlikely bonding between McGarrett and the SWAT captain better.

    • MJ says:

      Loving the scenes with McG and SWAT capt!

    • Alisa Neely says:

      sorry…..but, he along with steve & the other 2 MAIN characters are what MADE the show great…..and WHY would he want to there,if he’s being PUSHED OUT?…saddly…..even alex KNOWs what the WINNING THING IS…..and it is NOT “MCROLL”……danny is MISSED by HIS FANS…..and i’ve seen MORE AND MORE people say; they are SICK OF CATHERINE.

  30. sarah says:

    H50: Blood Brothers, I really hope that does not mean that Danny dies!
    I am glad that we get two Danny/Steve episodes though.

    • Ann says:

      Same here. I love their dynamic. I know some people just want the case and not any backstory on the characters or interactions and relationships the characters have, but that is precisely what has me coming back to H50 every week. I think that “Blood Brothers” will have them in a situation where their relationship gets more to the level where they seem more like biological brothers than they ever have before.

  31. Jacqi says:

    I think april chooses matt. Even though i want her to be with jackson. I love greys but i think this should be its last season, it has run its course.

  32. mary says:

    Wow now I’m really excited! Blackbeard, total badass! And what if he ends up being hook’s dad?! So much story to tell, please don’t kill him

  33. Carrie says:

    HAHA Hook’s not dying, nice try Matty. Just b/c you used him as a tease is the exact reason why he won’t. ;)

  34. Annette says:

    I honestly haven’t seen much growth from Tony, especially since ‘Once A Crook’. Feels like he’s pretty much been regulated to be the sideline….really, this is a waste of Tony’s intelligence. Here’s hoping we’ll get to see smart and funny Tony in the 2nd half of the season.

    • Mel says:

      I think Tony has been both smart and funny this season. Would I like to see more of him, and perhaps have a bit more Tony focus? Sure. But he’s been reflecting a lot, working as the good team player he’s always been, and has been very supportive of both McGee and Bishop. In short, he’s back to being the guy Gibbs depends on, even if he’s not the center of every ep. I’m also enjoying the dynamic he has with Bishop. As long as they continue to grow Tony forward, I’m good. I also think Michael Weatherly has done a great job of showing Tony’s subtle shift, revealing a character who is a bit more reined in and quietly competent, even as he remains funny.

      • L.Burke says:

        Great points. I think they’ve done a pretty great job with Tony this season.

        They also might have reduced MW’s role a bit so he could spend some time with his wife and brand new baby. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more of Tony 2nd and some storylines start gearing up for him the half the season.

        • LucyVanPelt (@LucyAppa) says:

          Michael had his first child in 2012, they did not put him on a bookshelf that time.
          I think they can’t figure out what to do with him now. He was the sharp investigator. Now Bishop solves it all. his interaction with her is sweet. I have never watched the show for sweet. I watched it for sharp, sassy Tony, who has completely disappeared.

          • Youknowho says:

            Explain what has Bishop solved? Oh wait she hasn’t solved anything, the case with Parson is still on going. ;) Sharp Sassy Tony hasn’t been around since season 4 when he was with Jeanne, he was too busy being Ziva’s lap dog.

          • mary says:

            Technically, his first child was born in the middle 90’s.

    • Same, he’s just there for comic relief now. I want the real Tony back.

  35. Oh come on Mr Glasberg, are you trying to say that everyone will turn down a promotion to stay where they are on a team they like. I don’t believe that for one moment so every other TV cop show have got it wrong when they promote someone in the show and they are pleased to accept it.

    • as524 says:

      No he isn’t saying that at all –

      If you’d actually read it, it says the agents/former agents he has/had access to said it wasn’t unlikely.

    • NoChance says:

      There’s only 1 major team on the fictional NCIS so promoting Tony would mean Michael Weathely was out of a job. Some people don’t live for promotions and Tony seems like one of them. Gibbs is his “ideal”. Didn’t he tell EJ that he wants to learn as much from Gibbs as possible so when Gibbs retires for real he’s promoted to the Team Lead position on the Major Case team?
      Maybe you should talk to a real NCIS agent before getting all annoyed at Gary who has talked to real agents.

  36. Ruth says:

    I swear on my grandma’s grave! If Hook is killed off this show, I will NEVER, EVER watch another epsisode AND will write ABC about how I feel about being goaded like this by tv execs. HEY, A&E: I AM NOT YOUR PUPPET!!!! If they kill off Hook, I will BEG ABC to NEVER, EVER work another project with Horowitz and Kitsis again. They are cruel to their fans, and I’m starting to wish I never started watching Once Upon A Time in the first place! ARRRRGGHHHH!!!!!! <<>>>

  37. Heather says:

    They better not kill off Hook! I’ve been a fan of OUAT from the beginning, but Hook brings so much to the show and I love his relationship with Emma and how she’s able to let down her walls more and more with him. It would be awesome though if Blackbeard is his father. I would give anything for flashbacks of Killian when he was little.

  38. Tonyfan says:

    Tony was the first character that I really loved on ncis. I hate to complain but I have to disagree that tony is being normal. He’s weird. He seems to have no zing. He’s kind of just blah, almost every scene he’s in. And I love Michael Weatherly, so I really do hope that Glasburg is taking his ideas into consideration, because who knows his character better than michael? I hope they find a better balance soon. I don’t want MW to get sick of it and decide not to renew his contract this year. Without Tony, ncis will really be done.

  39. as524 says:

    Nothing new with NCIS, I see.

    it’s obvious that GG thinks Tony/MW are important to the show. Otherwise they wouldn’t have obviously lightened the load for MW when it was baby time in the Weatherly household. Funny though that fans are using this to complain about Tony having nothing to do. Gotta wonder if these same fans would have launched their ‘complaints’ if ziva had been on the team & not Ellie.

    My one thought about the NCIS non-spoiler is that it’s past time that columns such as this quit tying Tony’s name to the character who isn’t on the show anymore whenever a question is asked.

    • L.Burke says:

      Thank you!! I brought that point up about the new baby too. I think some fans forget there might have been real life issues behind the lighter Tony time on screen.

      • LucyVanPelt (@LucyAppa) says:

        DId he get a lighter schedule after his first child was born? oh wait, actually it was heavier.

        • John 1138 says:

          It’s a smart move, they’re simply phasing out the expensive actors and replacing them with Bishop.

        • StupidPeopleShouldn'tTalk says:

          So, how long have you worked for the show? Judging by your vapid and repetitive comments about how light or heavy MW’s workload is, you must have vast knowledge on how his life is run. Please tell us more, talk about an eye roll inducing statement…..

          • Peopleshouldthinkthingsout says:

            Actually someone contected to the show actually posted something on line about MW being away from the set spending time with his new family and offering their congraduations.

            And was or wasn’t this same sight moaning about ‘lame plot’ because the 250th is going to be revolving around Tony and his Dad? That alone tells us we’ll be seeing more Tony in up-coming episodes.

        • guest says:

          While I agree with your comments about MW and Tony not being used to his full potential, this isn’t a valid argument. Olivia was born on April 10, 2012. MW technically only had two or so more weeks of filming at that time before he would get his over 2 months of hiatus. NCIS is in production
          from July-April. Since Liam was born at the
          end of October it could be plausible that
          the EP were giving him a lighter schedule in
          order to deal with the demands of taking
          care of a newborn and 18 month old child.
          Now that filming has begun in the new year,
          I hope we will be seeing Tony in more of
          a take charge role. We can hope and we shall see.

  40. generaye says:

    Absolutely thrilled & excited about the kick ass Beckett scoop for “Castle” episode 17!!! So miss this aspect of Beckett very much! She’s why my family & friends watch the show. Thank you Mr.Marlowe! Of course thanks to you too Mr. Matt for this scoop!

  41. 889ol says:

    I was understandably shell-shocked when Kensi punched Deeks in the jaw and the show acted like nothing had happened. Nothing wore apologizing for. Also, isn’t this the same spoiler about a huge revelation and shocking turn we’ve been getting since before the season started? The only spoiler I want for NCISLA is that finally, finally, someone from the show will address the punch or how they dropped the PTSD story completely after doing it so badly as to be a disservice to their viewers. Season 5 has been the worst yet for me and I really no longer think they will turn it around.

    • Apples says:

      I’ve quit watching the show after the punch was not addressed and everyone sailed merrily onwards. They lost me with that nonsense.

    • LucyVanPelt (@LucyAppa) says:

      Shane Brennan put Ziva in a terrorist camp for an entire summer where she was tortured and presumably raped. he BARELY addressed her PTSD. I am equally disappointed that SB has not addressed Deeks’ 24 hours of discomfort.

      • guest says:

        And this is my biggest gripe with the writers and EP of both NCIS shows-nothing is truly ever addressed. I too believe that Ziva was tortured and raped and all we got was her mentioning of “being like him (Saleem) would be even worse.” Oh and she did get a little emotional when she had to deal with
        the female rape victim by telling McGee she
        wouldn’t tolerate being attacked. I think
        TPTB think the viewers are stupid and
        forgetful. My favorite example of this is
        when Tony had Ziva’s fingernail marks on
        the top of his hand at the end of “Berlin” yet
        at the beginning of “Revenge” the marks
        were gone. Drives me nuts…

  42. Teri Shannon says:

    Rob Bowman and Stana Katic at their best will be awesome to see. Then again, Stana is always at her best. I applaud her for her characters development and the hands on care she has taken to make Beckett so alive and believeable. Castle is the best show I have ever watched!

  43. Whatevah says:

    Jack in Revenge – the writing seems to be anyone but Emily.

  44. realpandora says:

    He wasn’t in the last ep, that had a little drop of viewers (some Scott Caan fans had said they weren’t going to watch the ep), but it was a Chin centered one, so it was good, still.
    But, again, what I know…

  45. John NYC says:

    Like this year’s NCIS better than the last few.

  46. Fran says:

    They better not kill off Hook!!!!

  47. Leni says:

    I am thrilled that we are getting some back story on Catherine. She is a part of the five-0 task force now and has been part of McGarrett’s life long before Danny,Chin and Kono. That being said I am also looking forward to the brotherhood episode with McGarrett and Williams. This season has been well balanced and the upswing in ratings has shown that the writers on the right track. There has been something for everyone. I look forward to learning about all the main characters. In my opinion its the character centric episodes that are the best.

    • Alisa Neely says:

      catherine should NEVER have been added to the team…..did steve even OKEY it with the governor?….she is his “sorta” girlfriend…..more like favor girl, paid with SEX & food….and lately, he looks uncomfortable with her around…….we NEED background on DANNY…..not catherine…..only reasson she is there….is for the male fans to DROOL over….i don’t find her all that great looking…..SHE IS GOING TO BE THE DEATH OF THE SHOW.

  48. I agree that Tony doesn’ thave enough to do. why couldn’t they promote Gibbs to a higher job (I’m sure Director is not the only job ranked over him) and make Tony the team lead. We could still see Gibbs all the time. I don’t see why it has to be frozen like this. But the main this is, I agree that the new Tony is weird. Different, in a bad way.

    • LucyVanPelt (@LucyAppa) says:

      exactly this! why do they have to be at the exact same desks forever? in the same exact roles? Other shows have moved people into different positions and OMG it was not the end of the world.

  49. Natalie says:

    Thanks for answering my question about Belle and Lumiere! I can’t wait to find out about how they meet!

  50. abz says:

    I think it’d be pretty cool if they got someone from the Pirates of the Carribbean to play Blackbeard. I know he played Barbossa, but how cool would it be for them to get Geoffrey Rush. I loved him as Barbossa. Anyway, looking forward to this and for the show to come back. March is so damn far.