Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Once, Grey's, NCIS: LA, HIMYM, Newsroom, Criminal Minds and More

Once Upon a Time NCIS LA SpoilersWill Grey’s Anatomy do a “double” take? Good lovin’ for Once Upon a Time‘s Evil Queen? Who’s returning to NCIS: Los Angeles? And what tune does How I Met Your Mother have on tap? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Anything, I will take anything regarding the new upcoming season of Grey’s Anatomy! ANYTHING, please. –Sara
It appears that things refuse to remain sleepy in Shonda Rhimes’ Seattle, seeing as the Season 10 opener will involve a group of firefighters. There may also be a bit of a “two-parter” feel to the ABC drama’s return – heck, maybe it will even turn out to be an actual two-hour premiere a la Seasons 5, 6 and 8 – since several of the guest-starring roles, including one fireman’s fiancé, will span two episodes.

Do you have any Regina-related scoop for Once Upon a Time Season 3? –ZsaZsa
And how! With an eye on the upcoming run, series cocreator Adam Horowitz tells us, “We may find out that perhaps, just perhaps, there is a special someone out there for Regina.” (This is where you play matchmaker in the Comments.)

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Do you have any scoop on what The Newsroom will bring us when it returns? —Erica
We now go to TVLine’s Kim Roots, live on the screener-watching scene! “The Tea Party hasn’t forgotten about the ‘American Taliban’ comment Will made in last season’s finale, and ACN takes a few major hits because of it,” Roots reports. “But that’s nothing compared to the huge trouble the network – and News Night, in particular – are in as the season opens. Elsewhere: Maggie’s got a terrible new haircut (with an even more terrible story behind it), a NewsNight staffer gets arrested, Marcia Gay Harden is a lot of fun as a sharp-dressed attorney, Jim spends a lot of time on a bus with Grace Gummer (Smash) and we finally find out exactly what Will said in the rest of his stoned voicemail to Mackenzie.” Thanks, Kim!

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Any chance that Peter Cambor will be coming back to NCIS: LA next season? Even briefly? It seems like a great chance to bring Nate back, for the fallout of the finale. –Tracie
You’ve got a bright bean there, Tracie – since I can report that Cambor/Nate will in fact resurface early into Season 5.

I’m in desperate need of some True Blood spoilers, please give me anything you got! –Drew
This Sunday there are exceedingly disturbing goings-on between makers and progeny, and two more characters appear to be about to bite the dust — one of them willingly.

Can you confirm any stars returning for Defiance Season 2? –Sally
I shan’t, but instead will tell you about a new series regular. The Syfy hit is casting the role of Niles Pottinger, a “provisional mayor” installed into office by E-Rep. This 40something gent is described as both “a man of manners who is rarely in public without cufflinks and freshly polished shoes” and a “sociopath.” We’re also going to meet Rafe’s wife Pilar, whom as you know was sent away years ago after almost killing their children during a bipolar fugue.

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Do you have anything new on the final season of How I Met Your Mother? – Babar
This just in from Wayne Brady, who is set to recur as Barney’s bro James during the CBS sitcom’s farewell run: “My first appearance of the season will involve me singing a little Kenny Rogers-and-Dolly Parton tune, and it’s going to be really funny.” Assuming we’re talking “Islands in the Stream,” any guesses on the other half of his duet?

What happened to CSI: NY? And CSI: Miami, for that matter? The Finder? Body of Proof? Is Leverage taking on the big networks for another season? Has Graceland left the building? Is Touch in or out? Has Sinbad sailed into enough hearts to stay? Thanks in advance for your insight. –Kevin
Cancelled, cancelled, cancelled, cancelled, no, “too early to tell,” cancelled and one-and-done. And you are welcome!

Will Thomas Gibson and Matthew Gray Gubler direct any Season 9 episodes of Criminal Minds? –Brigitte
Series boss Erica Messer reports back that yes, both Gibson and Gubler will again step behind the camera this season.

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Over the past few weeks on Franklin & Bash, Rob Lowe’s name has been dropped more often than F-bombs on HBO. Any idea if the man will make an appearance as himself on the show? –Anthony
Somehow I, too, missed this news, but apparently the rivalry between Franklin, Bash and Rob Lowe will literally come to a head when the Parks and Recreation star pops up in the Aug. 14 season finale.

With Gregg Sulkin’s pilot not being picked up is there any chance we could see him back on Pretty Little Liars? I love having an extra Fitz around. –Estee
Greg could be back in the future, I am told, but not during this summer season.

Any word on a Men at Work renewal? I really love that show, all those guys are hilarious! –Tedi
There’s nothing official to report yet, but at least one source I spoke to said not to rule it out.

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I read that [UPDATED] Marina Sirtis will be reprising her role as Orli Elbaz on NCIS — that’s fantastic! We have news of a returning character that is closely affiliated with Ziva. Now, can we please get some news about Cote de Pablo — preferably good news that she will be returning? –Claire
Given very recent developments, the best we can do is hope that Eli’s Mossad successor isn’t back for a (gulp) funeral.

Will any progress be made in Melissa and Joey‘s relationship in upcoming episodes? –Julia
I am hearing that towards the end of the season, fans such as you should be very happy.

I’ve been completely hooked by The Fosters – a terrific show for all ages. Any scoop? –Lisa
In Monday’s episode, when Liam confronts Callie in a major way, one of the guys in her life tries to defend her. Anyone else bothered by the word “tries”…?

Please tell me that Famke Janssen will be in Season 2 of Netflix’s Hemlock Grove. –Fernando
Famke Janssen will be in Season 2 of Netflix’s Hemlock Grove!

Can we please get some scoop on Hawaii Five-0 Season 4? And this is a random question, but has Rookie Blue ever mentioned Frank and Noelle’s baby’s name? I can’t seem to remember or find it online. –Clarlee
I’m dry on H50 at this instant, but will hook y’all up next week, for sure. As for the Rookie baby, no, you didn’t miss her name – but it will be revealed before this season is over.

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If one of the new ABC comedies fails quickly, could ABC schedule Suburgatory for a full season? — @chloebates4
As previously Inside Line’d, though Suburgatory at this time has just a 13-episode order, for midseason, that total could in theory be increased – which would be Super Fun, right?

I am trying to find the name of tango music that General Hospital‘s Duke and Anna danced to at Nurses’ Ball, and when Duke danced with Emma. – Anne
The Nurses’ Ball tango was “Tango Apasionado” by Larry Groupe, while Emma and Duke danced to “Tango Bradere” by Brad Hatfield.

I am a TVLine addict, absolutely love your scoops and the pithy tone in which you deliver them. Please, anything on the status of Cooper next season on Southland? –Veronica
Erm, this is awkward…. Though an “addict,” you somehow missed this bit of sadness.

What is your review of the TV series Betrayal ? –Mike
I finally brought myself to pop the new ABC drama into my Sony Watchman D-VE7000S, and it plays like a 40-minute commercial for a perfume called “Infidelity” — and if you happen to know perfume lingo, this one has a base note of vanilla.

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  1. ilovefootball2525 says:

    Cote De Pablo is leaving NCIS. Any idea how she’ll be written off?

    • Sara says:

      Let’s not kill yet another female character on this show. That’s all they seem to do on this show. I’m still saddened she’s leaving! :(

      • Larc says:

        After she gets the person who is responsible for her father being killed, Ziva should return to Mossad. That could leave an opening for her to visit NCIS on occasion on the chance that might be possible.

      • Nick C says:

        I agree. Write her off alive… I always think of Clooney on ER when this stuff comes up. They way they did it gave him a chance to show back up for one scene when Julianna Margulies left and then the series ender.

      • John says:

        Agreed, write her off the show alive, in whatever manner.

        • Mallory says:

          Is it wishful thinking to choose to believe that during that unseen four months of NCIS that Tony and Ziva got together, and now she’s pregnant or something, so that’s why she’s not coming back?!? :) I don’t care how they do it, as long as they don’t kill her…

  2. Jay says:

    Thank you for giving us a Defiance spoiler. It was a fantastic first season, I can’t wait for the new season next year. Hopefully you will keep us updated with more spoilers as they come out.

    Maybe if you are feeling really really generous you could find it in your heart to get hold of some Haven spoilers perhaps? It still seems like such a long way off!

  3. Patrick says:

    So, Super Fun Nignt is just as awful as it looks. The main actress in that is so annoying. She is good in small doses, but she just can’t carry ANYTHING. The premise of super fun night is sound, but it only works if the leads are cute (not LA Gorgeous or anything, just cute) and slightly quirky. Full on loser doesn’t work on TV.

  4. Deena says:


  5. Babar Suhail says:

    Thanks for answering another one of my questions.

  6. I hate spammers says:

    Wow… Where has “Kevin” been?

  7. macabre says:

    The fact that the returning cast for Defiance is a secret gives me some hope. Hopefully some surprises and not everyone who died in the finale will stay dead!

  8. OUAT Fan says:

    I’d love to see Regina find someone new!! (Hopefully a new hunky character?? Win!) She deserves some love!

    • fey says:

      Agreed! A new guy for Regina!

    • abs says:

      I could go for Neal and Regina aka Evil Fire actually

      • OUAT Fan says:

        “Someone somewhere out there” sounds like a new person to me. Maybe a gorgeous new lady? Whoever it is…looking forward to a new face and fresh start for the Queen. ;)

        • abs says:

          Looking forward too! Although “someone somewhere out there” made me think of someone not on the ship with them and at first I thought Neal but it could be someone new as well. Probably someone they will meet in Neverland

      • Kelly says:

        blood doesn’t just make a family so that would be creepy incest like to me.

    • Paulie says:

      No, why a new one? She deserves to be with someone who has been there from the start. Saw her changing, both her mistakes and how she saved the town. Not random new guy.

      • courts says:

        Unfortunately every guy on the show is a giant douchebag

      • OUAT Fan says:

        Archie? He would be a calming influence.
        Whale?? He’s kind of a semi-villain.

        • Jennifer says:

          I like Regina and Archie as friends but romantically, I think she needs someone who can really go toe to toe with her and challenge her and I don’t think he fits that bill. As for Whale, he gave her a big ‘ol shove in the direction of becoming the Evil Queen, without a second thought so… no.

          • JCK says:

            She needs to be with a villain, maybe Jafar, The Sheriff of Nottingham [they said Robin Hood is returning], Mordred [from King Arthur] etc.

        • fairytalefan says:

          I think it’s either going to be Sidney (the Genie) or Mr. Gold…then again, Mr. Gold is in love with Belle, but it might make a shocking twist…

          • Rocki says:

            Lol, wouldn’t that be a little weird for everyone? Not only is the Queen Snow’s stepmom but she’s also Henry’s mother. And would be marrying her son’s grandfather. And she’s literally tried to kill every person Henry is related to.
            Well except for Baelfire /Neal that I can remember. So maybe she can get Neal if Emma goes for Hook!?

    • Rachel says:

      Maybe Peter Pan has needed the right leading lady??? hmmm….

    • fairytalesdon'tcometrue says:

      If its not Jiminy Crickett/Dr. Hopper don’t bother me. I still resent the lack of Frankenwolf before they lost the “wolf”

    • Abby says:

      What if it’s Peter Pan? What if Peter Pan isn’t a boy, he’s a man like in Hook, for whatever reason, and they meet and fall in love?

    • Kelly says:

      I think Regina and Hook would be perfect.

  9. Jared says:

    Its really sad to hear that ABC is basically giving up on Suburgatory. That show had such potential to be a really good quirky sitcom but the writing went downhill fast.

    • Nick says:

      I agree…it took a really bizarre turn towards the end of the season, especially involving Dalia…don’t get me wrong I love black comedy, it was just such a sudden shift in tone for the show that it felt jarring

  10. rmr says:

    Matt, thanks for Grey’s spoiler, though you said she is not coming back, (yet)I’m scared to look at the guests stars and see HER name..cough Lauren cough. :-(

  11. Amy says:

    Regina finding love is fine with me as long as she’s also punished for all the people she’s killed. Same with Gold.

  12. Callie says:

    OMG, please, please, please let Regina’s true love be Emma!!!!! What could possibly be more special than the someone she made magic with to break an unbreakable curse? COME ON!!!!!!

    • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • fey says:


    • Lem says:

      Yes, I approve. Emma!

    • Amanda says:

      Won’t be Emma. They are making the triangle with Emma, Hook, and Neal a major part of the story. My guess too is it’s someone new for Regina or possibly Neal if they do wrap up Emma’s triangle quick and she decides to move on with Hook.

      • abs says:

        I think so too. I’m excited to see it!

      • Melanie says:

        …or possibly Hook if they do wrap up Emma’s triangle quick and she decides to be with Neil. Your sentence has another possible ending. :)

      • Jennifer says:

        They have teased the Emma/Neal/Hook triangle but I have seen nothing that says it will definitely play out, let alone be “a major part of the story”.

        • OUAT Fan says:

          A few articles said that they’re planning to explore the Hook x Emma relationship.
          Let’s focus on Lana!! There was talk Lancelot might come back, but that got squashed. Too bad. That could have been a nice guy for her

        • Danny says:

          When asked about Hook and Emma, the show runners keep saying that Emma thinks Neal is dead and Hook is hot, implying something’s going to happen between them only because she thinks Neal is gone. When she discovers Neal is alive I think we’re in for a triangle.

          • meg says:

            I disagree that it’s the only reason she’ll go for Hook. The attraction has been there from the beginning so if she goes for him I don’t think it’d have anything to do with Neal being “dead” also adam tweeted that if emma goes for hook he won’t be a rebound.

    • Sheila says:

      Ew. Emma is Regina’s stepgranddaughter. Technically not related, but creepy.

      • cas says:

        Plus I don’t see why we have to make every show have gay characters. I am all for the whole equality stuff, but doesn’t mean we have to constantly watch it.

        • Jennifer says:

          I do not wish to get into the step-granddaughter argument because it is weak at best and I am sure has been done to death. As for your statements, cas, this seems to be the type of comment that is meant to provoke a reaction. I hesitate to give such comments undue attention but I would also hate for others to see it go unchallenged and think that this sort of attitude is acceptable.

          “…we have to make every show have gay characters.” I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that this is a hyperbolic statement employed as a tactical maneuver and that you don’t actually believe this to be the case. Nevertheless, while it may be true that not every show has to have gay characters, I also feel that if more did, the television landscape would be a more accurate reflection of our society. I am basing this on my perception that gay characters, not to mention the LGBTQ community as a whole, are underrepresented on TV. However, I have no data as to the percentage of the population who identify themselves as LGBTQ compared to the percentage of television characters who do. So, who knows, maybe I am wrong in this regard.

          You have a right to want to see the stories you want to see played on television- just as much as I have the right to want to see the stories I want to see. To deliberately wish to exclude the representation of any facet of society, when there is no narrative reason for it to not exist in the fabric of the show, does not promote a sense of equality. Rather, your phrasing “the whole equality stuff” suggests to me a dismissive tone and reflects how little weight you actually give the concept.

          Ultimately, regardless of what either you or I want to see on any TV show, it is the right of the creators to tell any story in any manner they wish. Neither of us have to like it, or even accept it if we wish to call for a change. We do, however, have to recognize and respect that it is their decision to make. There will be many creative decisions with which we may agree or disagree. If either of us find ourselves doing more of the latter, you are 100% correct in your assertion that it “…doesn’t mean we have to constantly watch it.” In that case, you may exercise your right to stop watching and, in that situation, I am sure there is a little button on your remote that you will find very useful.

          • Rocki says:

            I think the response has more to do with shippers who pair up characters that makes no sense JUST because they’d be a gay couple. We don’t have to squish any type of person into every show, especially if it doing so would completely disregard the characters’ backstory.
            This whole “Swann-Queen” nonsense has gotten ridiculously out of control! Not because they’d be a gay couple but because it would be totally out of character for what we have seen of the Emma and the Queen, not because of any LGBT connotation. The Queen can’t run around TRYING TO KILL Henry’s birth mom, both as a child and an adult, seperate Emma from her parents as an infant, try to kill said parents repeatedly and then decide she’d rather date Emma. It just doesn’t work.
            Now OUAT wants to make Tink and Peter or Ariel & Eric(a?) a same sex couple I’m cool with that but it needs to make sense from what we know about the character-which with all the (hundreds) of years of history we’ve explored is going to require either new characters or characters whose backstory hasn’t been explored in depth. Which rules out the main cast, for now.

    • Kelly says:

      I liked the Snow and Regina step parent relationship too much before Cora and Rumple messed it up. I want that back so that makes that relationship borderline incest for me.

  13. Dan says:

    Regina with…Jafar!

  14. So, the Criminal Minds spoiler is that MGG and TG will be directing? Um, thanks? :/

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      The Inside Line is about scoop, Barb. ;) Real questions, real answers.

      • Aww, Matt. You’re always so kind to reply to my comments. I love you! <3

        • JCK says:

          I’m too panicked by the news that Matthew Gray Gubler is dating Taylor Swift! EGAD! He, IMO, should be cast as the lead in 50 Shades of Grey.

          • Angela says:

            Hoooooooold up, WHAT now? Where’d you hear the Taylor Swift thing at?
            And Matthew in the ’50 Shades’ movie would be…quite interesting…

          • JCK says:

            Google it. He was at her July 4th bash and they had identical face painting [flags, stars etc.].

          • Angela says:

            Just did. Eh, they did also say that it hasn’t been officially confirmed that they’re actually together, though. Just that they happened to be at the same party and the rumor mill of course got going as a result.
            If they are, though, certainly not a pairing I would’ve expected, hence my surprised reaction, but…*Shrugs*.

  15. Claire says:

    yea. I had my first question answered. hooray. (dripping sarcasm)

    Sorry for not being more grateful, but the anvil that was dropped on me yesterday kind of knocked the gratefulness out of me. But yeah, thanks for clearing up that mystery. Now please direct me to CBS headquarters where I can file a lengthy complaint about how CBS has lost a fantastic actress because they don’t want to pay her equal money. I couldn’t say it any better so I will copy and paste from someone else “CBS managed to pay a foul-mouthed, ungrateful womanizer $1 million for a show that should have been canceled long ago, and who has since been fired.” Cote de Pablo is a strong, levelheaded role model for all girls and should be kept — is our world really this upside down?

    And asking for directions was rhetorical — no need. ;)

    • Amber says:

      I was hoping they would leave her alive so that we could possibly see her come back some in the future but it looks like in true NCIS fashion they will yet again kill another female character. That story line is getting old. Why cant they just send her off to be happy but leave it open ended just in case????

    • Hannah says:

      Which show should have been cancelled long ago??

    • Alisa Neely says:

      sorry, but Cote does NOT deserve to be paid equal or MORE then mark, micheal, pauley,or david….but, especially, MARK ( who is an EP on the show)….michael or david……imo, cote is NOT worth that kind of money….and i’m THRILLED, she’s gone…..i’m sick of her and TIVA.


    • Peepars says:

      Maybe after 8 years of working hard she felt her character had nowhere else to go. She killed her half brother; a lover which she was close with. Her father was dead. What more could she provide the team? They were more than competent before she arrived. I like Ziva but any of her storylines were played out. And (I hate to anger the Tiva shippers out there) it wasn’t ever going to happen. They gradually reduced her “Mossad Assassin skills” in later seasons. What would make her stay? The money? I’m sure she has made more than enough to take any role she feels would suit her in her own time. I’m not for CBS’s treatment of female actor’s, it’s happened before and will happen again but I’m sure, as the highest rated show on network tv, she could’ve asked what was reasonable and got it. She just doesn’t want to.

    • felinefriend says:

      I hope Ziva is not a role model for all girls! As far as salary, other cast members have been there longer. For that reason, I don’t think she should get the same pay – seniority should mean something.

      • Alisa Neely says:

        i agree totally….and i think, she was FOOLISH to think she deserved to be paid MORE or equal to mark, michael, david and pauley……she’s NOT that well known….unlike the first 3 i listed.

  16. Sarah says:

    They better not kill her off. That’s all I’m saying. Because I’ll be really angry.

  17. coni says:

    Regina and Hook pleaseeeeee

    • prish says:

      seems a fit

      • Louise says:

        Based on what? I’m honestly curious. Because other than “it’s hot” I don’t see why that could be considered a fit? Slightly less predictable and lame than Hook and Emma maybe. But it doesn’t take much for that and it’s right up there with “hot” as far as the level of argumentation goes.

        • courts says:

          Based on what wouldn’t it fit?

        • K says:

          Based on the fact that they’re practically the same person? Lover murdered, devoted their lives to revenge above all else? Now trying to reform, one for her son, the other for the memory of his lover’s son (who happens to be the father of Regina’s son).

          • Jennifer says:

            Sure, if by “same person” you mean that Hook is Regina Lite. Hook was a pirate who had an affair with a married woman and lost her to a spurned husband. Regina was a young girl whose first love was killed by her own mother aka the woman who should have loved and protected her and put her above all else. Hook’s quest for revenge consisted of hopping a portal to Neverland and waiting around for 300 years and his “redemption” was one scene in which he turned a ship around. Now think about EVERYTHING Regina has done, both in her quest for Revenge and struggle for redemption. To try to compare the two is a great disservice to the journey Regina has been on and the woman she is.

          • JCK says:

            The woman she is, is an unconscionable shrike.

      • fey says:

        seems like the opposite. they have no hesitation killing the other. I don’t like them together gives me the creeps sometimes

    • Jess says:

      Could be interesting.

    • OUAT Fan says:

      I don’t want that for her. He left her to get tortured, and then ditched her to die in the finale (plus they’re pairing him off with Emma). I want to see her with a new guy who will be all about her!

    • AL says:

      I don’t know …I just don’t see it (and granted I’ll admit I ship Hook and Emma hard) but other than them both being attractive and lets face it every single person on this show is, I could never see it turning into a real ‘True Love’ …they both just tried to kill each other, and yes they both lost love via crushed hearts but Regina has crushed numerous hearts since then. And unlike Hook she was never abandoned by her parents(but she did try and kill them) … I love every character on this show and I think they all deserve a second chance but first I think Regina needs to decide who she is…Eddy described her as addicted to her magic…and like any addict is trying to quit. I’d like to see her make a decision on that front before love comes and make amends with Snow. When I see a love interest for Regina I want to know it’s a love interest for her …I read a lot of sites and and twitter comments and I feel like some people are being very vocal about Hook and Regina now because they’re anti Hook with Emma and ship Emma and Neal. Others just want Regina to ‘find’ love and be happy, and because Hook is the only ‘unattached regular’ they feel he’s their only option. Granted I know that’s not everyone, but there are a lot of people who ship Hook with Emma (I mean there are 1161 fics on Fanfiction.net vs 61 Hook and Regina ones) A lot of people who ship Captain Swan won’t stop shipping it and I feel like Regina deserves to have someone who she’s shipped alone with.

      • Lana fan says:

        I hate it when people try to force Hook and Regina. He was drooling over Emma all season.Why should Regina get sloppy seconds? I want Regina to have a new man.

        • Tanya says:

          Not buying you are what your username suggests for a second.

          New low even for you guys.

          • Lana fan says:

            Wow, that wasn’t nice. Actually am a big OUAT and Lana fan. Sorry if we have different opinions. Maybe you shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

        • K says:

          What? Hook was flirting with every woman alive all season, including Regina. He also actually opened up to Regina and willingly talked to her about what he was feeling (“Revenge is an end”), as opposed to treating her as a piece of meat.

          • Giby says:

            yeah until you realize he had planned on double crossing her all along. I want a new character for Regina

          • K says:

            Double-cross or no, it was still the most self-aware and revealing speech he’s had on the show. And of course she was planning to double cross him too. :)

        • A says:

          Hook was hitting on any female that moved all season. That was hardly isolated to just Emma.

      • K says:

        There is never ever going to be one person that Regina (or anyone on this show) will be shipped alone with. The Regina/Emma thing is huge and that will always be a consideration no matter who she’s paired with in canon. But mostly, you will never find 100% agreement in any fandom (except maybe for Snowing). Rumple and Belle have been established as True Love from their first episode but there are people who ship them with others. Emma has been and will be shipped with Neal, Hook, Regina, Jefferson, Graham, August, and Gold–and no doubt will be with other people who stumble along.

        And really, the number of fanfictions about a couple means less than nothing. How many hundreds of thousands of Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy fics were out there?

        • AL says:

          I’ve been watching ONCE since the beginning… and while I had kept tabs online about it, I certainly wasn’t active in the online fandom. I suppose to a varying degree I was since I followed the cast on twitter and liked the Facebook page but that was pretty much the extent. Then something happened, well two things let’s call them “The Doctor” and “Tallahassee”. Something sparked in me, and I saw something I thought had been missing from my favorite show, the beginnings of what could be an EPIC love story and I saw it between Emma and Hook. An original story that could be all ONCE’s and theirs alone. I think Emma deserves a love as EPIC or more so than her parents …and in my opinion I just don’t see it with Neal (but Neal bashing or listing the reasons I don’t like them isn’t my purpose here)

          So I started to pay attention, kept track of articles, scoops, and joined tumblr. I used the fan fiction numbers of 1161 CS fics to 61 HQ fics as an example but I can use others, there are more videos on youtube, more activity on the Captain Swan tag on tumblr, there are more pro CS comments on the Facebook page when they highlighted the article possibility of Captain Swan happening. And when there is a scoop…there are a ton of pro CS comments. So I’m going to go out on a limb and say that CS is the second biggest Emma ship online behind Swan Queen (who have an amazing and loyal group..over 3000 fics) and just for the sake of argument there about the same number of fics for Emma and Graham as there is for Emma and Neal somewhere in the 200 range. And since I mentioned it before there are also a lot of people who shipped Hook with Belle…and Aurora since the beginning (there are more fics for he and Aurora and more fan vids on youtube than for Hook and Regina)I made the reference because I don’t want to see Regina with someone who is so very, very passionately shipped with someone else. And from what I’ve read and what I’ve gathered nobody is shipping Emma with Hook for any other reason than them. They aren’t shipping them to stop SQ, or HQ or because they hate Gold and they want Bae to suffer, or because they don’t want Henry to have his parents back together they’re shipping them because like me something about these two sparked something in them too.

          I know that there are bad eggs in every single fandom and I know that Hook and Emma shippers are guilty of it too, but here’s the kicker and honestly I’m all for ship and let ship but like I said while I was trolling twitter I saw someone tweet Adam that they were being bullied by Captain Swan shippers because the they shipped Hook and Regina and Emma and Neal … I felt terrible and was going to tweet them an apology that not all Captain Swan shippers were like that, until I read their twitter feed. They had hated on Hook since the beginning and hate Regina and spammed hate to the writers all the time…they only started ‘shipping’ them when the possibility of Hook and Emma started to look more possible. So I didn’t bother,…then I saw the same handle (which linked to their twitter) slamming Jen and her acting and her character on another site…and yet this person ships Emma and Neal because from what I can see Neal is an extension of Gold (their favorite character)… and it’s not just this person I see lots of people who don’t like CS because of loyalty to Gold, they hate Hook, they want Emma with the father of her son (which is fine but I’m glad my parents didn’t stay together or I wouldn’t have a great step-dad and my wonderful siblings) . I also know there are people who ship Emma and Neal together with no regard to those things and ship Hook and Regina just because but like I said I read a lot of sites and a lot of twitter comments and I feel like the majority of the online active fandom are being very vocal about Hook and Regina now because they’re anti Hook with Emma and ship Emma and Neal. Others just want Regina to ‘find’ love and be happy and they think because Hook is the only other male regular it has to be him. (And I will restate though that I know that is not everyone)

          Here’s where I get real though…let’s look at numbers. Let’s say with DVR numbers that on average 10 million tune in to ONCE in America. Well of those 10 million roughly 389,000 follow ONCE on twitter, only roughly 36,000 follow Adam on twitter. The highest possible percentage of the audience’ like the Facebook page’ (just under 3 million) and actually of all the cast Ginny and Jen are the two with the highest followers on twitter. So if we just took the Facebook page then that would be less than 30 percent of the regular audience but it’s not even because all these numbers are not regular viewership, they are just a sample of the viewership WORLDWIDE. So why did I give these numbers, why did I mention them because it’s to show that the online fandom is simply that …online and the more vocal you are doesn’t mean you’re the bigger group and I mean that for me too. I live in Canada, I have no idea how many people watch the show here, I think the viewership on CTV in close to 2 million and some people watch it on ABC and I know a lot of people who love and watch the show who would never dream of or even know what goes on online.

          So let’s look at some numbers that do count. “Tallahassee” an Emma themed episode was one of the second highest viewed of the season with 10.15 million viewers(which featured Hook, Emma and Neal), now let’s look at the episode that you mentioned Hook opening up to Regina. The Evil Queen was one of the lowest of the season with only 7.16 million viewers (these numbers are rough but pretty true as I checked ratings numbers as the season went along) . I love this show and I love all the cast and the characters, just because a group isn’t vocal online doesn’t mean the characters are any less important, my offline friends love Hook, love Snow, love Charming and love Emma…and they love to hate Gold…and most of them like me think that Regina has a way to go before they see her find love again…I would like to see the show go on for a very, very long time. Will I stop watching if Hook and Emma don’t get together …NO…will I stop if Hook and Regina get together…NO…will I stop watching if Neal and Emma get back together …I don’t know… I don’t want Emma with him just because he’s Henry’s father …but the biggest kicker in all of this is that I have faith in the writers to keep writing the show that I fell in love with.

          The point is you’re entitled to like Hooked Queen and ship them if you want. I make no secret that I love Captain Swan..and I will also make no secret that I don’t ship HQ for that fact…but I’m also allowed to want Regina to have her ‘own’ love interest that’s not Hook that we haven’t seen yet…because I don’t see Hook and Regina when I watch the show…I think I as a viewer (and this is for me) I want to feel that spark with Regina and somebody that I felt with Hook and Emma and if you feel that between HQ …good for you…my comments were made because I didn’t and I don’t and I that’s what I want for Regina when she’s ready for it!

    • fey says:

      No no no no no. She left him to be killed and he left her to be tortured. Never going to like them ever.

      Regina deserves someone new who will make her be a better person.

      And Hook and Emma are perfect. Nobody touch them.

      • K says:

        But…Hook left Emma to die? And Emma literally tried to torture him by poking him in his broken ribs? So doesn’t that break your rules?

        • fey says:

          What are you talking about?! are you serious? He didn’t leave her to die like regina pushing hook off to maleficent and emma wasn’t torturing him lmfao

          • K says:

            He didn’t leave her and her mother to starve to death in Rumple’s cell? I coulda sworn that happened… And I was exaggerating a little about the torture, because Emma, unlike Hook and Regina, doesn’t torture people.

    • bklyngirl says:

      Hook and Regina will end up the destination, based on the parallels and subtext in their scenes. Hook is a rogue and can hold his own with her.
      Emma and Hook will bond in the beginning, but her heart will bring to her Neal. Why else would they bring Neal back alive and as a regular?

      • Lana fan says:

        I don’t think so. Hook and Emma were in the True Love promo etc. I think they’re going there. Besides why would we want Regina with a guy after Emma? I want her to have a man of her own. Done sharing!

  18. Ruth says:

    Any chance we can see more of Nicholas Brendan on Criminal Minds next season? He has been a favorite of mine since BTVS. Thanks

  19. Melanie says:

    Regina & Hook!! That would be really hot.

  20. Steve F. says:

    So, the NCIS fanbase got rocked by Cote de Pablo leaving the show… my question is, did the scoopmasters at TVLine see it coming, or were they just as caught off guard as we were?

  21. Patchi says:

    I’m looking forward to betrayal will give it a try

  22. Janis says:

    I don’t understand this. Why do many fans and the media always act like finding love interests for the women of Once Upon A Time is the most important story for them?
    Regina especially isn’t even ready for romance in my opinion. I’m afraid if the writers rush it because the shippers went crazy on them it will not be good for her character….

    • courts says:

      Because the writers on that show are really bad and are incapable of writing women without romance

    • fairytalesdon'tcometrue says:

      @Janis: because OUaT it’s a shipper show, it lives and dies on love stories/true loves. And its been mostly “dying” ever since last season.

    • Fran says:

      I agree Janis. The show was supposed to be more than who is dating who…. unfortunately its turned into that.

    • Rocki says:

      That’s a bloody good point! Emma and Regina’s SON is MISSING, they are literally traveling across worlds to try to rescue him from, whomever. If either of this ladies start hooking up with Hook before they find Henry I’m going to lose respect for the writers, if not the characters. Not to mention the whole “Neil’s dad is standing right there” locked on a ship with his grandsons mother(s) and the potential flame of either of them, who just happens to be his own mortal enemy.
      Gods this family is in need of some SERIOUS counciling….

  23. Amanda says:

    I’m so happy reading about Regina finally getting a new love interest too. It’ll be perfect to add to the redemption story for her. Does sound to me too that it’s either someone new or someone who isn’t on the boat like Neal, or Jefferson if Sebastian was able to come back. I really do think it could be a great match with Regina and Neal not only because of him being Henry’s father but also because of the drama their own parents went through.

    • abs says:

      Yes I see a lot of similarities between them and their pasts. They could go well together I believe. I’m excited to find out if the show is headed that way because it could be really interesting between them

    • K says:

      I definitely can’t see Regina with Neal because of the Cora/Rumple hookup. Ick. I’m not entirely convinced that the show won’t backtrack and make Rumple Regina’s father.

      • Lana fan says:

        I don’t love her with Neal, but I don’t love her with any of the other guys either. I love Rumpbelle, or Gold would be good. Thank God we’re getting a new guy!

  24. Ally says:

    As long as the writers treat Regina better than the fans who pretend to care and “ship” her with someone but in reality only want to use her to get rid off Neal or Hook so their favorite Emma ship can happen… Almost makes me want to see Swan Queen on the show just so fans can longer use them as means to an end and to “win”.

    • Danny says:

      Yes I’ve noticed 99% of the ones who ship Regina and Neal are Captainn Swaners who just want Neal out of the way

      • Ally says:

        Well yes. But the numbers are not different for the so called Regina/Hook fans. A huge part of those who tweet Adam Horowitz about “Hooked Queen” are Neal/Emma (and often times also just Clan Charming fans who want Neal and Emma only because he’s Henry’s father) fans who want Hook out of the way.
        It’s childish and very transparent and so obvious that both camps couldn’t care less about Regina. If you want your favorite ship, fine. But don’t pretend to care about a character because you think that’s gonna help getting what want for some whole other character. That’s just low.

        • Danny says:

          Yes but I’ve seen people shipping Regina/Hook since it was first announced that he’d be on the show. Especially when Lana said implied that she wanted it to happen(this was before The Crocodile). There were many people who genuinely wanted it before Neal came along, before Tallahassee aired.

          • Lana fan says:

            Jennifer had some interview saying her new man would be a villain before the season started. I love Lana too much to ship her with Hook. Let Emma have him!

          • AL says:

            Well if you’re going there… there are also a lot of people who shipped Hook with Belle…and Aurora since the beginning (there are more fics for he and Aurora and more fan vids on youtube than for Hook and Regina)

            And honestly I’m all for ship and let ship but while I was trolling twitter I saw someone tweet Adam that they were being bullied by Captain Swan shippers because the they shipped Hook and Regina and Emma and Neal … I felt terrible and was going to tweet them an apology that not all Captain Swan shippers were like that, until I read their twitter feed. The had been hating on Hook since the beginning and hate Regina…they only started ‘shipping’ them when the possibility of Hook and Emma started to look more possible. So I didn’t bother,…then I saw the same handle (which linked to their twitter) slamming Jen and her acting and her character on another site…and yet this person ships Emma and Neal… so I’m sorry but that’s pretty low for anyone!

            Once Upon a Time is my favorite show and Emma is one of if not my favorite characters… but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love all the characters…I do think Regina deserves “True Love’ again but I think it need to be someone who brings her back to that girl I saw in “Stable Boy”

        • K says:

          It’s not quite the same. Let’s consider: Regina and Neal have shared not one moment of screentime, they are currently in two different worlds, and Neal is in love with someone else (maybe two someones, if his so-called feelings for Tamara didn’t dissolve when she shot him). Regina and Hook, on the other hand, have shared many scenes (more than he and Emma, for that matter), have cracklin’ chemistry, and are currently on a shared quest to save her son. Not to mention that both have decided (at least temporarily) to give up on their decades-long revenge obsessions in favor of said quest. AND both are finally moving past their lost loves (zombie Daniel told Regina to love again; Hook realized that Rumple had bested him by finding love).
          Now tell me which pairing looks like something people could actually be interested and even invested in, and which is clearly hypothetical and driven by agenda?

          • Kate says:

            I have watched this show since the beginning…and never cared much about “shipping.” Certainly, some couples were more interesting than others. That said, I don’t see the chemistry between Regina and Hook. They’re both ‘sexy’ characters, and I saw a lot of manipulation in their scenes together…but no real potential for relationship. In the finale…I did see a guy who was willing to leave her to die (and to get tortured…then die an episode before that.) What you didn’t mention was that the ‘shared quest’ is also being attended by Emma, the Charmings, and Gold. When you saw Hook come back in the finale, the focused on Emma…not Regina.

            Now I have seen chemistry with Emma and Hook (the hand wrapping scene was hot, lbh).. Their relationship has captured media and fan attention on a global level (look at the number of fic, fandoms, videos, article etc they’ve generated…which is interesting as supposedly Regina and Hook have shared more scenes??) That tells me that their chemistry is incredibly strong, and is resonating with the audience. Talk about getting people ‘interested’…. Additionally to their chemistry, I’ve also seen some genuine concern and care. While he admitted that he had planned all along to betray Regina…he said he never planned on betraying Emma (Emma assuring that the Giant would keep him alive vs Regina thinking Maleificent would certainly kill him).

            I like Regina, I like what she adds to the show (mostly I like her ‘evil’)…I could see the benefit of her having a relationship…but I don’t think it is necessary for her character right now. If they do decide to give her a love-interest…let’s hope for someone new (aren’t this ‘shipper wars’ tedious?) so that she can be happy.

          • Rocki says:

            Um, all the stuff you said about Hook/Regina apply to Hook/Emma. Emma has always struck me as looking for love or at least looking for something. Regina just seems so focused on what *she* wants, at the expense of everyone including Henry, that its hard to see her having a seriousness about any relationship. Regina barely trusts anyone and, despite the flirty banter, sure as hell has never trusted Hook. He inherited him as an ally from her mother, she didnt recruit him. To me, the actors just have amazing chemistry but the Queen sees Hook as just another pawn.

        • bklyngirl says:

          That’s not true on all counts. There are those Regina fanatics who love the idea of Hooked Queen. And could care less about the other pairings.

      • fey says:

        Kind of unfair. obviously regina and neal shippers wouldn’t be neal-emma or regina-emma shippers now too, would it? same for hq and st

  25. Tom Charles says:

    Can Ashley Benson or Lucy Hale sing? Would sort of make sense for the siblings I think. Or maybe The Girl with the Yellow Umbrella?

  26. Babybop says:

    I think Regina should be with someone who isn’t a fairy tale/storybook character at all. Like, an outsider who comes into the town. Someone who doesn’t know about her “reputation” in the town.

  27. Jennifer says:

    I don’t understand the appeal or the logic of Regina/Hook and Regina/Neal. Up to now, both of those guys have been pretty one-note. Regina deserves someone as complex and fascinating as she is.

    • Mari says:

      I agree so much.

    • Catherine says:

      Yes! Also, I still secretly believe it will be revealed at some point in the future (when ratings on the show start to drop) that Regina really is Rumple’s daughter. In which case, she’d be Neal’s sister. Ew.

    • JCK says:

      Hopefully NOT Regina/Neal as odds are Gold is Regina’s father. If she got with Neal that would be incest.

      • K says:

        I’m still guessing that King Xavier (Henry Sr’s dad) is most likely to be Regina’s bio father, with Rumple a distant but possible longshot. Henry ain’t even in the running.

  28. SJ says:

    Since episode 2 of the upcoming season is Grey’s Anatomy’s 200th episode, it wouldn’t surprise me if the season premiere was a two-parter, episodes 199 and 200 which ABC can bill as “the 200th episode of Grey’s Anatomy”…

    Still hoping for more Suburgatory, but it looks like ABC pretty much gave up on it. But hey, that network has already cost me Better Off Ted, Apartment 23 and Happy Endings. What’s another one, right? :/

  29. Sam says:

    Would be really weird for Lauren aka Hilarie Burton to not be back if there is no time jump as is being suggested… So Matt watz the status change on the ‘yet’??? Get us some confirmation…
    200th epi is the 4th Episode!

  30. Katie says:

    Regina should be paired with Emma!! She’s the only person so far who sees Regina as a person, doesn’t let her get away with crap when Regina’s being her more corrupted self, and has constantly given her a chance. Regina respects Emma and has stood up for her when their custody issues weren’t getting in the way. Regina and Emma would be great, and completely not boring as a couple. Swan Queen!

    • Dee says:

      I love their dynamic. One of my favorite scenes in season 2 was when Emma explained to her parents that she sees Regina as more than the Evil Queen. She and sometimes Henry are the only ones who do that. And it’s true that there’s a special level respect there from Regina’s side too. Regina only ever apologized to two people in Storybrooke: Emma and Henry. They are the ones that make her care.

    • jamed says:

      I find this so disturbing… the family tree alone would make this beyond creepy. This would never, ever happen.

  31. Emily says:

    Newsroom! Can’t wait for Sunday. I love those idealistic fools.

  32. Mirza says:


  33. SAM says:

    Regina should be going to jail for all of her many, many, many crimes rather than getting a romance.

    • A says:

      Agreed. I wouldn’t wish her on anyone. People talk about how so and so is too good for Regina but any decent human being would be too good for her.

  34. Sona says:

    Regina and Emma, please! :) They just make sense.

    • Ashley says:

      like they said, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz New Man! New Man!

      • Jennifer says:

        Are you implying that Swan Queen would be boring? Because whatever arguments you have against it, surely boring cannot be one of them.

    • A says:

      Yeah let’s put Emma with the woman who is the reason she grew up orphaned. That makes sense. Swan Queen is one of the single most effed up ships in this fandom.

      • Jennifer says:

        I would like to address this comment but it is making the argument about what is right for Emma while the spoiler was about Regina. So, rather than veering into a new direction, could you please explain, from Regina’s perspective, why Emma would not be a suitable love interest for her?

        • Jax says:

          I would say because…. It doesn’t matter! Emma could never look past all the evil things she’s done to even think about having a romantic relationship with her, so whether Emma would be good for her or not is a moot point. If I had to answer though, I would say that Emma would be bad for her because to be in a relationship with her would make her even crazier than she herself is! Talk about a toxic pairing.

        • A says:

          Jax summed up how I feel very well. Explaining why it would be bad from Regina’s perspective is irrelevant, in my opinion. She is the one who did all these awful things so whether Emma would be good or bad for Regina doesn’t matter. All that aside, if i had to answer, I don’t know why Regina would want to be involved with the daughter of someone she blames for ruining her life. There is way too much bad blood for that relationship to be good for anyone.

        • Jennifer says:

          The spoiler specifically referred to someone “for Regina” which is why I was approaching it from the angle of who would be good for her as opposed to the other way around. But I’ve now given some of my thoughts on the Emma perspective in the comments below if you would like to refer to them.

          I’m not sure I understand the statement about making her even crazier. Emma would make Regina crazy? How so?

          Hmmm, why Regina would want to be involved with the daughter of someone she blames for ruining her life… well, if she can separate the two because they are different people and Emma had nothing to do with Daniel’s death, then it shouldn’t matter. Some would even argue that it would be the perfect revenge :-) That however, would not be healthy so that’s not a good reason. I bet most of us could actually agree that Regina’s blame on Snow is misplaced and that she should have blamed Cora. I hope that in time she will realize this and that she and Snow can repair and rebuild their relationship because for all of the bad blood that is between them it is clear to me that there is still love there as well.

        • Rocki says:

          Oh idk, cause Regina has spent her entire adult life trying to kill Emma’s family? And Emma? And she resents that Emma has been accepted and loved by Henry so easily, where as she, Regina, never really had that. Oh and Snow, ya know, Emma’s MOM killed Regina’s mom, like 5 minutes ago…
          I really could do this all day. Regina might be able to tolerate Emma when she has too, and is willing to use Emma as an ally when it benefits her but she is bitter as snot towards Emma. Despite being the person that ruined Emma’s life.

  35. Angela says:

    Thrilled to hear the news that Gubler’s going to do more directing on “Criminal MInds” next season :D! Can’t wait to see what weird episodes he’ll work with next. And Gibson directing again is cool news as well.

  36. ben says:

    Wayne Brady can do both halves of a duet just fine – but the other half (if needed) would probably be NPH I’d assume.

  37. Godricwouldbesoproud says:

    Sounds like the Nortmans are taking disturbing to Lannister levels, Tara and Pam, and Willa and Eric are the only progeny-maker going ons on the show.

  38. A.B. says:

    Regina and Rufioooooo

    • Louise says:

      You do know Rufio is described as a teenager in the casting call, right? ;)

      • Rocki says:

        Yeah and Regina is technically 300 or so. Not to mentio. That just because Rufio is cast as a teen doesn’t mean his not as old or older than the Queen. He might’ve been in neverland- where ya don’t physically age-for a looong time😉

  39. Fran says:

    Shippers are getting insane on OUAT. Regina and Emma? Where on earth did this idea even come from? Because Emma doesn’t take her crap??? Yeah…. so? Honestly with all the things Regina has done and the family tree side of it…. gosh, how creepy.

    • A says:

      They’ve been insane. They’re just getting more insane. Swan Queen is crazy messed up and gross on so many levels. I do not get it.

      • Fran says:

        Yeah I try to stay away from it all so somehow I missed that…. yuk.

      • Louise says:

        Very classy. Disagree all you want, but ship and let ship.

      • Jennifer says:

        “…crazy messed up and gross…” – would you please elaborate? Thank you.

        • A says:

          Oh I don’t know….maybe because Regina is a mass murdering rapist who cursed a entire town and is the reason Emma grew up parentless. Or maybe because Regina would have killed Emma had Charming not gotten her into that wardrobe. She also attempted to kill Emma with that pastry Henry ate and could have killed both Emma and Snow at the well. Not to mention the fact that she tried to kill Snow and Charming, Emma’s parents multiple times. Any number of those reasons makes Swan Queen incredibly messed up.

          • Jennifer says:

            Thank you for your response. “…mass murdering rapist who cursed a(n) entire town…” is not specific to Emma. It is an argument against Regina having a relationship but it is not an argument against Swan Queen so I will set that part aside. As for the rest of it, again, it approaches it from Emma’s side rather than Regina’s but if we want to use these statements to examine Swan Queen as a whole, I will try to explain why I disagree.
            All of those offences that you mention are horrible, I admit. However, none of them have been directed at Emma personally. (I believe the battle for Henry is about Henry and Regina’s own issues, not Emma). Now, probably most people, if they were in Emma’s shoes, would feel exactly as you do- that those crimes would be reason enough against a relationship, whether they are personal attacks or not. This is a completely reasonable viewpoint. Is there a lot of very unpleasant history between them? Yes. Have they hurt each other and are they capable of hurting each other again in the future? Absolutely (and this goes both ways.) I personally believe though that they could also be very good for each other in ways that no other person can and that the benefits outweigh the potential risks and the past harms. To me, this would make their relationship “complicated” rather than simply “messed up”. So, we have different opinions on the matter. We are both entitled to them and both are valid because they are *opinions* and they are ours.
            In the end, it is Emma’s opinion that matters. This is where I feel that currently, her stance aligns closer to my way of thinking as evidenced by the numerous times that she has stood up for or aided Regina. In regards to the wardrobe, she blames the Charmings, not Regina. While you raise legitimate concerns, Emma does not seem to share them. I do believe that these issues should be addressed if they were to be in a relationship and therefore present a compelling reason why it would not make sense right now. What I do not believe is that they are an insurmountable obstacle nor that they proclude a healthy relationship between the two in the future.

          • Jennifer says:


          • Julie says:

            Standing up for Regina does not mean Emma can so easily forgive and forget all the evil things she’s done though. That in no way means that she could have or want a romantic relationship with Regina. I think they could come to an understanding and some kind of wierd friendship…..but I see no indication that it would ever turn romantic. There has been nothing to suggest that would happen, at least from my point of view. I honestly would lose all respect for Emma if she could get past those things to even begin to think about her in a romantic way. Emma’s life is the way it is thanks to direct interference from Regina.

          • Jennifer says:

            I doubt she will forget but I do think she can forgive, even if it is not easily. I believe she already has to some extent. I don’t feel that Regina’s past deeds makes her unworthy of love but it will take somebody special who can see beyond them. That person could be Emma. She is pretty special by definition, being the savior and possessing the magic of true love, etc. and she has shown a huge capacity for compassion and empathy.

            I think they already have a great understanding of each other. You are right that that alone does not necessarily lead to romance but it is a wonderful foundation for it. You, from your point of view don’t see any indications that it could go in that direction. I, from my point of view, do. That is subjective and open to interpretation.

            I can’t tell you how many times I have seen a friend enter into a relationship that I thought was “bad” for them and lost some respect for them because of it. Often, the relationship turns sour and I am proven right. But there have been those times when it works out and I realize that I didn’t understand the other person or the relationship as well as I thought or that maybe I had formed incorrect or incomplete impressions, or that I was viewing it solely through my own personal bias. If Emma and Regina were to become romantically involved and you still felt that strongly that Regina was undeserving of Emma’s love, then it is understandable that you would not want them to be together. But if they demonstrated that they truly love and respect one another then I hope that you would reconsider your opinion. What any of us have done in our pasts is a part of us and should not be ignored but is not the entirety of us. I know that I would not want to be judged solely on mine and I would not want anybody else to be either. This is exactly the story that I see being told on Once and I see it being told through Emma and Regina, regardless of whether it ends in romance or not.

          • A says:

            I just don’t think the things Regina has done are forgivable, though. She tried on multiple occasions to kill people Emma loved as well as Emma herself. Personally I think Regina’s actions are unforgivable, make her irredeemable, and do make her unworthy of Emma. For what it’s worth, I also find Rump irredeemable and I’m not big on Rumbelle either so this isn’t just a I hate Regina thing. I just don’t see how anyone, let alone Emma who has arguably suffered the most at Regina’s hand forgive everything she has done or why they even should. Since the show is obviously going there with a love interest I think her best shot is someone who doesn’t know her past or someone like Hook, not him specifically, just someone who probably wouldn’t really care about the things Regina has done. We’re obviously have to agree to disagree because we have very different views on this subject but I thank you for not attacking me and being civil instead.

          • Julie says:

            I certainly respect your opinion and am glad we can discuss it maturely. I actually do believe that Emma has, to some extent, forgiven Regina and I think she understands her as well. That all leads me to th

          • kath says:

            Emma would be nuts to consider having a relationship with Regina after all she’s done and continues to do. Being kind to her occasionally and trying to keep a connection for Henry’s sake is not Twue Wuv.

        • Julie says:

          Let me try that again! That all leads me to think that Emma and Regina could have some sort of friendship, mainly for Henry’s sake. That seems to be the main reason that Emma tries to understand Regina. I just don’t see how or why you can make the leap to a romantic relationship from that. Emma has never shown an interest in a woman romantically, let alone Regina. It would seem extremely out of character. That seems to be my main problem with this whole thing. I just don’t believe the show will ever go in that direction and I th

          • Jennifer says:

            Fair enough. I could go into the things I see that lead me to believe the pairing has romantic potential. However, my goal is not to push my viewpoint onto others but merely to try to understand others’ and provide a counter viewpoint. So thank you, Julie and A, for presenting your thoughts and hearing mine out. I appreciate the opportunity to have a reasonable and respectful discussion.

  40. Jukes says:

    I just hope the writers stick to their storylines on OUAT and don’t cater to the shippers. I cant even keep track of all the couples people ship and half of them are so ridiculous. I love this show and it should be about much more than love interests…. but who knows. They’ve already let some of the main characters take a back seat for new ones and goodness knows we don’t need anymore characters on this already bloated cast. But it appears that’s not going to change either….

    • A says:

      I agree. I pray they don’t cater to these ridiculous ships. I hate when shows do that. I would love to see more focus on the characters they already have too but like you’ve said that seems unlikely. They’re more interested with shiny new characters.

  41. A says:

    Yes let’s give the mass murderer and rapist a love interest. That’s the last thing she needs right now.

  42. Sassa says:

    Reblogged this on Sarah.

  43. dr2red says:

    Subpurgatory was a great show but this season was just off. Loosing Noah and Mr. Wolfe does not make any sense to me. They were both very funny and the Carmen side story better than the main story.

  44. Jax says:

    Where has there been any indication that Emma would be interested in a woman, let alone the one woman who has directly made her life a living hell?

  45. kath says:

    With Peter Cambor returning to NCIS:LA and Cote de Pablo leaving NCIS, I think I may have to jump from the mother ship to LA.

    I don’t mind if Regina gets a new relationship on OUaT as long as the show isn’t All About Regina for yet another year, but I really wish they would come up with something better for Emma than the guy who put her into prison to save his own skin.