Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Bones, HIMYM, NCIS, Nashville, Castle, True Blood, Glee and More

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Question: I will take anything you have on Bones. The little I have heard about the season has me truly intrigued.  —Cassidy
Ausiello: The first Bones Season 9 spoiler has arrived — and it’s an Ask Ausiello exclusive! According to a little birdie, the Sept. 16 opener is titled “The Secrets in the Proposal.” What does it mean?!?! Allow Stephen “Little Birdie” Nathan to explain: “We want to continue exploring how Booth and Brennan adjust after their ill-fated proposal and the secret Booth is forced to keep. Secrets will be a theme we keep alive — and dead (we are a murder show after all) — in the episode.”

Question: Any scoop on what season 5 of Glee will bring? —Alicia
Ausiello: At least three new female recurring characters, including African-American McKinley newbie Ruby, and twentysomethings Julie and Ryan. Interestingly, actresses auditioning for Ryan must be able to sing and play guitar. Potential portrayers of Julie just need to be cute and quirky.

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Question: How sure are you about “The Locket” being the title of the How I Met Your Mother season premiere? –Babar
Ausiello: On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being not so sure and 10 being exec producer Carter Bays has since released a photo of the premiere script with the words “The Locket” emblazoned at the top confirming my earlier scoop, um… I’ll give it a 10.

Question: Got anything How I Met Your Mother-related for us? —Rebecca
Ausiello: Episodes 2 and 3 are titled “Coming Back” and “The Broken Code,” respectively. (And yes, Babar, I’m sure.)

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Question: I am so thrilled that Falling Skies wound up renewed! Any scoop to add to my celebration? –Chelsea
Ausiello: Try this casting item on for size: Jennifer Ferrin (The Following) guest-stars in the July 21 episode…. as Tom’s wife. Also, are you eagle-eyed enough to spy Doug Jones in the same episode out of his Cochise get-up?

Question: As a desperate White Collar fangirl could you please tell me any scoop about it? —Ellie13
Ausiello: Prepare to hose yourself down, because if you ever wanted to see Neal dressed as a fireman, this season’s sixth episode will satisfy your… curiosity.

TBQuestion: I saw the Ben/Warlow twist coming a mile away on True Blood, but I’m still intrigued by the storyline. Any intel on this Sunday’s episode? —Cathy
Ausiello: This week, you’ll learn a whole lot more about exactly how the rare fairy vampire came into existence. Plus, it will make a bit more sense why Sookie waited until after she and her latest suitor were half naked before revealing that she knew his true identity.

Question: Any scoop you can give us on Pam and Tara’s love/hate relationship on True Blood? — Ashley
Ausiello: Oh, c’mon. Even though the language they use is often hateful, you know their relationship is really more of a love/love sort. And in this week’s episode, Tara makes a biiig sacrifice that proves it yet again.

Question: Any NCIS tidbits to share on the new season? —Cheryl
Ausiello: There’s some serious WTF?! buzz surrounding the CBS smash’s Sept. 24 premiere, and here’s why: The episode is titled “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.” (Trend alert: This is the third instance in recent memory of an hour-long drama using this expression as an episode title, following Scandal and The Good Wife.) Maybe the title is a nod to the insane workload dropped on the desk of the I.T. department’s newest hire Ozzy, a towering figure who’s tasked with digging up information on an intruder and tracking down a potential hacker.

Question: Any news on whether or not Lana Parrilla will be on Once Upon A Time panel at Comic-Con? –Callie
Ausiello: Speak of the devil.. er, Evil Queen. Though Parrilla was not among the first batch of RSVPs, I have just learned that thanks to a bit of “hocus pocus,” she will materialize at the panel after all.

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Question: Any details on when and how Yvonne Strahovski’s Hannah will resurface on Dexter? —Caroline
Ausiello: Dex’s killer ex returns around midseason in what exec producer Sara Colleton calls “a very interesting way,” adding, “These two people were like magnets, and sometimes that can be attractive, sometimes that can be repulsive. But it will definitely be part of Dexter’s emotional journey to experiencing what being a human being is all about.”

Question: You’ve been conspicuously quiet about Castle Season 6. You holding out on us? —Charlie
Ausiello: Me? Never. The show is casting a handful of new agents detectives who I’m guessing will be Beckett’s new D.C.-based colleagues in the U.S. Attorney General’s office. One of them — a character named Matt, who’s intelligent and driven — will recur, so either Kate’s putting down roots in the nation’s capital or this guy’s going to follow her back to the Big Apple or… I’m talking out of my ass. It’s one of those, I swear!

hookQuestion: Are the rumors true about Once Upon a Time introducing Tinker Bell? —Bonnie
Ausiello: I’ll answer that question by describing to you the new character of Violet and letting you draw your own conclusions. How about that? Vi is a mischievous twentysomething whose penchant for troublemaking belies the heart of a true survivor. (Interesting side note, especially for Hook if she is Tinkerbell: She never lets a slight go unpunished!)

Question: Mistresses isn’t going to waste Gary Dourdan’s hotness by relegating him to a generic “insurance investigator” role, right? —April (not the Mistresses character)
Ausiello: First, the bad news: The former CSI star’s latest alter-ego won’t suddenly reveal he’s moonlighting as a hired assassin or a highly paid gigolo — so “insurance investigator” will have to sate your appetite. The good news, however, is that Dourdan’s Anthony Newsome will try to shift his relationship with Karen from professional/adversarial to personal/friendly (ahem). All he’ll need is a floodlight, a security camera and a glass of wine. As for whether she’ll be game for his affections…we’re talking about Karen, summer’s hottest TV mess. You do the math.

Question: Thanks for the Nashville scoop last week. I’m a greedy bastard, so please gimme more! —Tara
Ausiello: We almost lost Rayna! It’s true. We’ll learn in the season premiere that she nearly perished in the finale’s cheesetacular car accident, but the silver lining is the near-death experience sent her album sales soaring. Jump ahead several months to the opener and her career’s still on an upswing and she’s the apple in the eye of her label’s new top exec, the very good looking and incredibly charming Jeff. You thinking what I’m thinking? ‘Cause I’m thinking these two crazy kids are going to mix in a little pleasure with their business. (Speaking of Nashville, didja see this?)

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Question: Any scoop on Hart of Dixie? —Cornelia
Ausiello: The premiere, titled “Southern Comfort Zone,” will introduce two new recurring characters. One is Joel, a quintessential New York artist who passes through Bluebell to get some inspiration for his latest book and becomes enamored with the small town’s charms. The other’s Lynly, Lavon’s spoiled, cluless cousin who arrives to town in the hopes of mending her broken heart. News flash: Girlfriend’s not as dumb as she lets on.

Question: Production of Season 5 of Vampire Diaries officially started this week. I realize its a tad early but is there a way we can find out how much Delena sexiness is shippers can expect in the premiere!? —Ana
Ausiello: Can’t help you on the Delena front, but there’s buzz that the show is casting a male doctor who knows alllllll of Damon’s secrets.

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  1. Just one thing says:

    Re: Castle and the young Matt character — Something told me they’d bring in a young guy this fall. After six seasons, it just feels like a logical move.

    • eridapo says:

      The main spoiler for the premiere has already been leak on line by the actor who will be playing Alexis possible love interest… He placed his audition tape online in which there is dialogue between him and Castle. PI gives away Kate’s status in the relationship to Castle and her working location….

      • Andrea Aynsley says:

        Thanks for ENLIGHTENING Me about that audition vid…I watched it and didnt’ understand how everyone knew the 2 most important cliff-hangey answers from Kate till I read your post…Totally missed out the FIANCE bit..well DC or not doesn’t really faze me…THANKS!!! All I gained after watching that was that things did not go well in DC. =( Missed out the big F word..Haha

        PS: Do we know if this is a reliable source or just a teaser / decoy script?

        • Just one thing says:

          No offense, but your post is incredibly spoilerific, without any sort of warning to people who didn’t wish to know that information.
          It’s unlikely that it was a deliberate decoy. But it’s somewhat likely that the sides he used in his audition have since changed direction.

      • Audrey says:

        Where can I find this video? Was it removed? I can’t believe I didn’t watch it!

      • Just one thing says:

        Thank you, but that has nothing to do with my theory about Matt as a young detective.

  2. Linderella says:

    Somebody has dream about Mama Mason? Please say it’s that and not that she’s been resurrected!

  3. Joe says:

    Did Ziva of NCIS ever sign her contract for the new season?

    • Classic NCIS fan says:

      God, I hope not :p

      • Gaara says:

        Lol keep dreaming

      • Editor says:

        Oh, I am in agreement. We need Cote back on NCIS to bring her beauty and talent to the rest of the cast. I am not sure if Cote was not there – I would watch the show at all. She is after all the leading lady in a cast full of men. Love her. Love Tiva !!

        • ncis4evr says:

          There is another female in the cast, you know. And as far as abandoning the show if Cote doesn’t return, I guess that pretty much adds credence to the feeling that Ziva/Cote fans only care about/watch the show because of her. Whatever.

      • cernicalo says:

        I’m with you on this one. So very tired of not only TIVA, but the ridiculous Mossad story lines. I really want to see this show return to what made it great — namely, the case work, caring family ties, humor and suspense.

    • I’m pretty sure Cote de Pablo will be back and I can’t wait. Love Ziva and Cote. She is a big part of the show. :)

      • Joe says:

        Thanks for the reply. I love her too.

      • Jeanne Roland (Marigoldmom) says:

        Indeed, Cote is a very big part of this show! and not only according to her fans! Mark Harman has on several occasions said so! So I hope they get the contract settled soon! I know I will not be a regular viewer without her!

        • BJG says:

          What do you expect Mark Harmon to say – “I’m really upset that they killed off the Kate character & I wish she were still here instead of Ziva?” Of course he’s going to say positive things about Cote.

          Like some of the others I’m tired of the Ziva/Tiva/Mossad storylines; the MOMENTS. I want the show to bring back the Navy in NCIS.

          • SAM says:

            Mark Harmon is at the place in his life where he can pretty much say what ever he wants.

            It’s all moot as it is now official that Cote will not be returning. I guess we’ll now see exactly what kind of an affect it has on the rating and the show overall.

      • LM says:

        Ziva is a big reason why I watch NCIS!

        • lizzy90 says:

          And a big reason why many viewers left or will leave the show.
          The cast is due on the set in a few days and only people with a contract can be there so… just a few days and we’ll know if CdP’ll be back and what her role will be on S11.

          • Melanie says:

            Although the crew and the show is the best in the tv world, when Ziva leaves they will never be number 1 again!!!! It’s like losing a limb, you will never be the same. KEEP ZIVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • pj says:

          Hmmm i started watching because rhe show was different funny drama with some subtext between all the characters, now we have the soap for a non coupling. No I don’t watch because if Ziva. I tired if her and all her coats of drama. Shes not even that good. Fast forward works fir her scenes.

      • Alisa Neely says:

        sorry, it has been CONFIRMED, that she will NOT be coming back…..she will be back…..but, ONLY to wrap up the ZIVA character…..thank god…..i’m GLAD be rid of her……the show had turned into the ZIVA SHOW lately…..while sidelining MOST of the cast to SUPPORTING of her.


    • Esaul says:

      I’m hopeful of her return as well. But I’m a bit scared the longer we’re without any confirmation of her status.

    • witchmd says:

      I really hope they will announce that she has signed her contract soon. Really love Cote and her character Ziva. NCIS will not be the same without her. I would most likely stop watching if she leaves the show.

      • Pat says:

        I’m completely tired of Ziva’s mary suesque character and all her melodramas. I’d be happy if they wrote the character out. Her and her soapish melodramas have been done to death. I know that her fans would be upset, but this character has reached her expiration date.

        • Phyllis Nethken says:

          You seem to forget that each character has repeatedly been involved in melodramatic scenarios–Tony with all his women, (making him out to be an immature, selfish male); Gibbs with his issues and pushy women (none of which are very likable) Abby with her naive and bad choices with men); McGee with his immaturity and poor taste in women and Ziva with her sarcastic answers and comments to Tony. Let’s face it the show is resting on its laurels and needs to changed up a little. I love NCIS and have watched it from the beginning but the story lines seem to linger in the same vain. The writers need to come up with new and improved. All the actors and actresses in this show are wonderful and very talented and I want it to last a whole lot longer so let’s make sure you do a new and improved instead of sticking with the old stuff. You have a great show here and top drawer talent DON’T BLOW IT!!!

          • OriginalNCISfan says:

            Outside of the Gibbs scenarios you named, none of the other characters have the level of melodrama that Ziva has brought to NCIS. From the crimes she’s been involved in to her stalking/violent faux romance with Tony including the idea that she is, in fact, more sexually promiscuous than Tony has ever been portrayed to the soapish arcs she’s been front & center for, Ziva is the personification of soap opera when it comes to NCIS.

            I do agree that the writers are in a rut. They’ve gotten far too used to writing for moments & personal tragedy, then just throwing in the requisite body of the week. The episodes are formulaic & boring.

        • pj says:

          Exactly agrree. Past expiration date. ziva soures and curdles.

          • Joe says:

            Watch Law & Order.

          • Cote was offered gobs of money to stay on the show, twice. She has chosen not to renew her contract anyway so it’s not about the money, it’s about she wants to move on. So sadly, we say goodbye to Cote. I hope she finds another avenue that brings her what she’s looking for. She will finish up her story line in the 1st couple of episodes and then be gone. So long Ziva, really enjoyed watching you. I, however, will remain a fan of the show not matter what. The integrity will still be there and it might just be even better. I’m willing to give it a chance without Ziva/Cote even though I did enjoy her interaction with all the other cast members. We have to remember that they are actors and do have private lives of their own. Goodbye Cote and good luck!!

    • Yane says:

      I hope she will be back, michael, pauley and seam didn’t signed until July 12.
      I love ncis I was a casual viewer during seasons 1 & 2, I think I was the only happy fan when kate was killed because I did not like her one bit, then Ziva walked into the squad room and asked Tony if he was having phone sex and since that day I have not missed one episode.
      When a show started to lose characters after so many years I lose all my interest I loved CM until season 6, Lauren was my last episode of CM I hope that is not the same with NCIS.

      • Keilworth3 says:

        I agree. The chemistry between the members of the cast make the show what it is. Ziva/Cote is necessary. The uniqueness of each character provides plenty of good story lines — the writers just need to step up. More importantly the producers and studio bosses need to step up. The only reason they can get the profits they want is due to the cast. They have really opened a hornets nest by “biting the hand that feeds them”. Open the pockets, bring Ziva back, kick writers into gear and give the NCIS fans what they deserve. The characters on this show have grown into a family. Respect that !!!.

    • bobbi says:

      please let me know too. anxiously awaiting good news,

    • pj says:

      I hope do shes gone. with zivs and rhe tiva just ruins the show for me. If she stays my houseful of demographics will not return to the ziva tiva soap hour.

    • D Strickland says:

      I heard they didn’t offer one, now everyone saying she’s leaving on Personal reasons

  4. bored in Lima says:

    Glee – Thank goodness at least 2 on are on the NY side. The Lima side needs to be down to less than 30% of time each episode to make it bearable.

    • Eddie says:

      NY rules! NY side! NY kids! whatever whatever… Gleeks are annoying and desilusional. Fox won’t let go of the high school side. They’re not dumb enought to let that happen. Then, explain why Jake’s rendition to ‘Let Me Love You’ was the first song to chart in the iTunes list since season 3.

      • anne says:

        One good song does not make up for the repetitive storylines done by lesser talent on the Lima side.

      • Tay says:

        That’s not accurate lol

      • Julie says:

        OH,OH I know this one. What is because Neyo tweeted about it and his fans bought it to support him. Next time ask something harder.

        • Hoyt says:

          Because Neyo is has more fans than Lady Gaga and JLo, and thus, the “Americano” mash-off didn’t chart. Sure…

      • joke says:

        Please one song that still didn’t make as much as most songs in season 3. Plus it had to have the original artist tweet about 2 times to get it to sell

      • Jake "Kermit the frog" Puckerman says:

        Who said anyhting about dropping the high school side. Most people with taste just want it to switch to mostly NY. The boring newbies can get 5 minutes here and there.

    • Lori says:

      I wish they were only adding characters on the NY side of the show. McKinley became unwatchable last year. They should just hire some good actors and let them work with the talented cast in NY.

  5. Brittany Reid says:

    So excited for Castle to start again :)

    • Beck says:

      Love Castle Thanx for the news.
      As for Glee, They lost me as a viewer after last year.
      NCIS will be great thanx for the news.

  6. Elly says:

    Maybe Tara’s the one getting killed off instead of Eric. She’s not the same Tara since season 4, it wouldn’t be that huge of a loss.

  7. Mary says:

    I hope this Matt guy has a fling with Beckett, she deserves someone who actually cares about her… and plus I bet he’ll be a hottie (not like Castle who’s really let himself go these past couple of years, he looks like her Dad TBH). I love that they’re casting someone fresh and new for the show, I’d love to see Beckett hang out with more cool people.

    • Liz says:

      OMG This^

    • Just one thing says:

      I think it’s more likely that he will be in his 20s, hero worship Beckett a bit, and she will take him under her wing.
      The cast isn’t old, by any stretch of the imagination, but I can buy the theory that a younger character (esp. If he eventually interacts with Alexis) can help bring in younger viewers.
      Of course, I say this recognizing that some of Castle’s most loyal viewers are already pretty young.

      • Sally Ramsey says:

        Keep up. There has already been a twenty something cast to interact with Alexis. His name is PI. As to Castle being out of shape, look at some recent pictures of Nathan or his most recent appearance on Conan. Lookin goood. He is supposed to be the father of a twenty year old daughter. Just how young is he supposed to look? Also a thirty something detective named Rachel McCord has been cast for at least a three episode arc. Oh the possibilities! But let’s face it. Last season was the most watched ever. People obviously like the love story between Castle and Beckett. The showrunners are not dumb enough to kill the golden goose. There will be some obstacles, but without those there would be no story. There will be a Caskett, somehow, somewhere, there will be a Caskett.

        • Just one thing says:

          I know about the other young guy character, but I still think Matt is going to be a young guy, too. Or at least younger than Beckett and not a potential suitor.
          Long-term, there is no point adding someone at her professional level, since we have Esposito and Ryan. Bringing in a younger character with less experience adds a fresher perspective.
          It’s an unsubstantiated hunch on my part, but I’m sticking with it. :-)
          Totally agree with you about external relationship obstacles. I think from here out they will be internal.

    • Sheila says:

      You’re pretty hateful for someone who seems to like the show

    • Castle looks like MY dad. It’s weird. Once I saw a picture, and I was like, “Wha.. wha… WHAT?” They were almost identical. I must have serious daddy issues to once have had a crush on him. *shudders*

    • GMC says:

      Nathan Fillion is STILL VERY HOT…. How do you feel that he has let himself go? I sure do not see that. But then again… I have been secretly lusting over him since day one… and yes, I am a very happily married lady…. and yes again, my hubby knows:)

      • Janie says:

        Yeah for old ladies like you…I prefer hot dudes like Chris Evans

        • Jules says:

          Oh grow up and stop being so nasty.

          • Janie says:

            Nasty? because I have a different opinion?
            You are the nasty one bashing my opinion..!

          • Jules says:

            Not bashing your opinion- just your old lady comment! That wasn’t necessary at all and yes, it came across as nasty.

          • Janie says:

            Oh please that comment came from what she said..move on lawyer!

          • Jules says:

            She didn’t say anything that would justify your comment- what, because shes married? Sorry, it came across as nasty and I was just pointing out that it was uncalled for. Who knows what your lawyer comment was for as that doesn’t even make sense. We’re all free to like who we like, we just don’t have to be nasty to get our point across. That’s all. Have a wonderful day.

    • Fran says:

      Someone who actually cares about Beckett? Are we really going to go there again? Castle has put his life on the line for her numerous times. What more can a guy do to prove he cares???

      • Janie says:

        He didn’t show any affection last season..he stay with her in still..”that’s what he does for the people that he care about”…after that..he did nothing…

        • Fran says:

          He may have taken her for granted sometimes but there’s no doubt he’d do anything for her. Beckett was no better with all her lies. They both have issues but its pretty obvious how much they each care about the other. Beckett’s insecurity was so exaggerated in the last few episodes.

        • Fran says:

          Where d

        • Fran says:

          Sorry let me try that again. Where did I say that it was okay? I was merely pointing out that both Castle and Beckett have their issues and both made mistakes this past season. Neither one gets a pass. No matter what though its pretty obvious they both love each other even with their faults. I have no problem exploring those things but the way it was done was just too exaggerated for me.

        • dmac says:

          My God, what are you 12??? He doesn’t make huge declarations of love because that isn’t who he is and that is not what she would want or need. There was plenty of small gestures this season and he always has her back…always. Why is it that some viewers want the characters to completely change who they are when they are in a relationship, they fell in love with each other as is and it should stay that way. I am not sure what show you are watching, but I am watching the one with grownups who are working their way through trying to figure out how they fit as a couple and it is was a damn good season.

    • Pinky says:

      *WOW*…and here I thought that only NCIS fangirls were nasty…

      • OriginalNCISfan says:

        I know, right!? But then I think that most of the shippers from NCIS jumped on the Castle bandwagon pretty quickly

  8. Babar Suhail says:

    To be fair, I sent that question when the title was supposed to be a rumor.
    And I lol;ed at the callout on the other HIMYM titles

  9. nlforst says:

    I had kind of hoped the first episode of S11 of NCIS was going to be “damned if you don’t” to continue the play with the S10 finale Damned if you do episode title. But I kind of like the WTF title.

    • teresa_u125 says:

      Same here, considering the show’s history with titles like that. So there must be a good reason why GG didn’t go that route. Sounds interesting, at any rate.

  10. Sally Ramsey says:

    Yet another new Castle character to panic the shippers. We get to spend the summer in sweet speculative torture.

    • Just one thing says:

      I don’t think Matt or the other character they’ve created will be a threat to Castle/Beckett. At this stage, Castle and Beckett are their own worst enemies and the final relationship obstacle moving forward, I think.

    • Sam says:

      Why should they panic? No reason to think romantic interest.

  11. Nicole says:

    Wow, Mary..such a castle fan! Not..

    • Jay says:

      More like a Beckett fan..right?

    • Mary says:

      Why because I don’t agree with everything the fandom wants or go with the status quo. Just because I want something different doesnt mean I’m not a fan. Word of advice people have differing opinions, just because I don’t kiss the shows ass all the time doesnt mean I’m not a fan. Also, as a fan of Beckett’s I’m glad she’ll have other people to interact with, last season become a bore and bringing in new blood will be nice.

      • TheEx says:

        The only interesting aspect of Castle was the shipper moments, AKA, the relationship. There’s 100s other crime procedurals out there which have far more intricate cases. Without the relationship and interaction between the core characters Castle is nothing.
        And I wouldn’t get too carried away with how Castle is too out of shape for Beckett. Beckett isn’t no spring chicken. At the end of Still, when they do the close-ups of Beckett’s face as she’s kissing Castle even all the make-up they used on her couldn’t hide all the wrinkles and signs of aging. You know, all the stuff you don’t normally see in the mid-distance shots or under far more forgiving interior lighting shots. If anything it’s time for Rick to find himself some late twenty-something and start over. The show is called Castle, after all.

        • Jay says:

          It’s called Castle but is not about his boring life as a writer, it’s about his MUSE Beckett!

          • TheEx says:

            The show’s about a mystery writer who find he has a knack for solving real crimes. He can do that with a police detective, an insurance fraud investigator, an FBI profiler, or even a private detective. The show doesn’t need Beckett. Any hot woman will do as a muse.

          • Liz says:

            Yeah and why the show focus the attention since the very beginning in Kate story..Castle it’s about Beckett through the eyes of the writer..Castle have made a lot of money with Kate..why is that?
            There is not show without the muse LOL

          • TheEx says:

            No, Liz. They focused on Kate’s story because they needed a reason to tie the two characters together. It was a hook to try and draw them closer; to encapsulate the romantic angle that all these types of shows need. It’s basic male seduction 101: find out what’s important to the woman and then immerse yourself into those things. For Kate the only thing that’s important is her mother’s death. It’s why she has no friends outside of the job. Kate’s best friend is Lanie, Her next best friend is Espo. If you take away the mother story line Kate’s an empty book.

          • Brandon says:

            That is like saying take out Booth or Brennan from Bones and add a new character because the story can go on with only one of them.

          • Liz says:

            Just like Castle..Castle is not interesting at all..Castle without Beckett = not drama because he doesn’t have anything to add to the show..that’s why every SL focus on her!

          • TheEx says:

            Liz, have you not been paying attention? Castle has a mother, a daughter, writer friends, friends with the mayor, ex-wives, a CIA father, actor friends, a bar, etc. There are all part of his back story, and all things that can keep being used. Again, the show is named Castle. Stana was one of over 100 women brought in to test with Nathan. Any one of them could have been picked. Nathan is the star.

          • Liz says:

            The star of what?
            Nathan with his “I don’t want Caskett” became one of the most hated actors in Castle and Molly with his lack of tact is going in the same direction LOL
            I think you are lost..pretty lost!

          • Fran says:

            Whoa- the show doesn’t need Beckett? Maybe at first but she is way too involved in the storyline and Castles life now. The show did start out as being about Castle but when is the last time we’ve seen him writing? At a book release? With his writer friends? They changed the focus of the show a long time ago and Beckett is a big focus. Its actually one of my main issues with the show. It became way too much about Beckett and her problems. But she cant realistically be dropped now.

          • TheEx says:

            Liz, really? Nathan is the star. Stana was a nobody before Castle. Nathan was cast. Stana auditioned. As far as the Caskett thing, yes, Nathan didn’t want to rush into them being a couple, but that was a couple of years ago. It was Stana who just said in a TV Guide interview last week that if Beckett doesn’t take the job she’s a loser. So obviously Stana doesn’t care much about the relationship aspect of the show either. I guess that reflects on Stana’s own life.

          • Liz says:

            Yeah sometimes producers cast wrong people..and what do you care about her private are crossing the line of professional to personal without any proofs..when people don’t have argument to expose an opinion they always goes too personal!

          • TheEx says:

            Liz, it wasn’t Beckett that said if she doesn’t take the job she’s a loser. It was Stana who said that, so yes, it reflects on her who she is as a person. We’re getting Stana’s personal opinions, not Beckett’s. Thus it reflects on her life, as our opinions are a reflection on our lives.

          • Liz says:

            and What do you care about her life..we are talking about Beckett..I mean, castle?

          • Fran says:

            I don’t think Stana’s comment means she doesn’t care about the relationship. More likely that she means Beckett shouldn’t give up something she truly wants for a relationship. Especially when they could still work it out and be together even if she took the job. Plus I think she’s answering the question from Beckett’s point of view. Just my opinion though.

          • TheEx says:

            Liz, I don’t care about her life. You made the comment that Nathan was hated because he didn’t want to rush into Caskett. IE, his opinion. I was simply saying that Stana’s opinions seem to be that the relationship isn’t that important either. It was a counter-point to your point.

          • Jay says:

            What are you talking about, before Castle Nathan was a nobody with a lot failures in his career..all of his shows were cancelled in the firsts episodes of the pilots..just saying!

          • TheEx says:

            Jay, he did Firefly and Serenity and he did 60 episodes of Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place with Ryan Reynolds. That doesn’t include the season he did on Desperate Housewives, plus his reoccuring character on Buffy. These are all cult favorites. Plus all the cameos and voice over work he does in moves: such as Monsters University, Much Ado About Nothing, Supers, the upcoming Percy Jackson movie, etc.
            Go look at Nathan’s list of roles pre-Castle and then go and look at Stana’s. What was the biggest thing she did pre-Castle? Stilletto? The two episode of Heroes? The 30 seconds she was in Quantum of Solice?

          • Jay says:

            Serenity was a fail in the box office AND Firefly was cancel after what 10 episodes? LOL
            that’s not a big star to me..and we are talking about jobs before Castle..he is doing better things now because of Castle..jeez this people are blind!

            done talking to you. keep living in your fantasy bubble!

          • TheEx says:

            Dude, you said all is shows were cancelled in the pilot. I was simply point out the ones that weren’t. Yeah, Firefly only made 13 episodes, but it’s now one of the most popular scifi shows in the world, always ranking high on the fan-favorites lists. There’s a reason why there’s so many Firefly lines thrown into Castle: because Marlowe knows how much of its fan-base follows Nathan. Nathan was know and was given the Castle role. Anyone could have ended up playing Beckett.

          • Liz says:

            To portrait Beckett you need to have talent..If Marlowe cast Stana as Beckett is because she have talent to share with the rest of the cast.. but anyone could play a goofy clown making silly jokes on TV ;)

            Have a nice day!

        • Andrea Aynsley says:

          I know hey..the wrinkles and “natural” beauty that show signs of ageing which is good to help viewers appreciate that all movie stars have flaws…I accept that Nathan isn’t a 6-pack muscly buff abs guy but you’re right Becks is no spring chicken. I say they better get their act together and make babies before time runs out..tick tock..they’re not lovesick teenagers anymore..Like Stana says if they don’t know by now if they’re in love..then they’ve clearly missed the boat. Or better still that LOSER comment whatever it is meant by it…

          Make it or Break it but quite stalling and doing the same dance moves over and over…
          Actually 20-30’s already watch castle and bringing an annoying guy like PI in to try and up the cool factor is not ideal..CASKETT relationship is the be all and end boring backstories of the insignificants will up the ante.

        • James says:

          Any hot woman could have done fine as a muse…. but Beckett is firmly a part of Castles life now. You fang up and replace her now.

    • Castle Fan says:

      It never ceases to amaze me the level to which some fans will stoop too. Seriously, some of you call yourselves Castle fans? Mary’s entitled to her opinion, folks. Like it, hate it, love it or leave it. At the end of the day, we’re not all cut from the same cloth. And I’m really SICK and TIRED of other fans bashing other fans opinions on what they want to see. Last time I checked, we’re all fans of the same show.

      AWM doesn’t make this show “just for the Casketeers” or shippers. He makes it for ALL the fans.

      And we all like different things.

      I want Beckett to go to D.C. She’s worked hard for it. Just because some of you don’t see it as “her thing” doesn’t make your opinion relevant or mine any less revelant. Unless AWM actually put it in there as a plot device, he obviously believes that Beckett has worked for and deserves this opportunity.

      Now, I have no problem with people who think she shouldn’t go. However, you have to respect those who want her to go (and hook up with someone else or whatever) as well.

      • Meri says:

        Well put! The truth is that with a good show, a show that works for a huge audience the show has to work on many levels and there are going to be people who like the same show for very different reasons. One reason versus the other doesn’t make you a better fan!

      • James says:

        I agree that everyone needs to respect others opinions and stop being nasty. Unfortunately the heart of the show is the interaction between Castle and Beckett and that’s not going to change completely. There may be some bumps in the road but its still going to always be about the two of them- in one way or another.

      • Luis says:

        Truth is, Beckett going to D.C. is just the kick in the pants the series needs. The relationship story line had reached a plateau and the murder of Beckett’s mother has played out, for the time being. The show needs some new impetus to drive it forward and this seems like a promising story line.

  12. wsmize says:

    So happy for hart of Dixie scoop, though I saw this one already. So is Lynly aromance for wade? Meaning this will be the season of zeorge? And is Joel a man for lemon? Or temptation for annabeth which wil lead to a break up with Lavon since Joel finds annabeth’s southern charm his muse? Meaning lemon and lavon will finally get together? Hiatus is killing me…..

  13. Faisal says:

    Mike, nothing on Grey’s, again..Shonda pissed at you? hmm.:'(

    • Danyelle says:

      Didn’t Shonda just Tweet that they just came back to work? Is Mike supposed to be a psychic, lol.

  14. Olivia says:

    Hold on. You mean there are 3 FEMALE new characters out of 4 for Glee? You sure you’re talking about freakin’ GLEE, right?!

    That can only mean one thing: we will soon hear about 10 new male characters being cast.

  15. Atlanta says:

    Well Stephen Nathan may want to explore booths-and brennan’s
    relationship now that they have thrown yet another roadblock into their relationship but many long time fans have had more than enough of it.

    • lucy says:

      Just want Brennan to actually use her brain and question why Booth, who is Mr Marriage, did a sudden 180, a sudden 180 that is out of character for him…and start to suspect and wonder that something perhaps is fishy with the situation…Pelant fishy…

    • OldFan says:

      Hear, Hear, I think this storyline put the whole show in serious jeopardy
      I am real tired of the way this show has been going. Jack and Angie are the only interesting left. I just hope Jack gets his money back and takes Angie back to Paris after Bones and Booth drown in a puddle of pig urine and Poppa Brennan raises Christine.

      • anon says:

        Booth and Brennan > I would take whatever the status.of the B&B relationship anyday over Hodgela…..Angela leads Hodgins around by his balls, he’s like a lapdog to her: yes, Angela, no Angela do whatever you want, do whomever you want..ugh.

    • suzi says:

      Booth and Brennan are just fine–they will survive this the same way they survived her taking off with their baby. Pelant is the only villain who could cause these reactions, and I do hope he’s gone soon, but watching B & B work through their problems, growing stronger, is a part of the show I enjoy. I also enjoy Angela and Hodgins–their marriage leveled the playing field, proving that she is just as in love, “over the moon” as he once said, as he is.

      • Begorrah says:

        of course B & B will be fine, just getting over tired of the same theme again and again, guess they cant figure out how to write a committed couple, in love, working all things that are thrown at them out. btw, Hodgela makes me gag, whiny Ang, and ball less Hod, what happened to them? they used to be interesting, not anymore. What happened to us being shown they have to live like us “common” people with his billions?

        I’m still pulling for our prickly main couple to show us that love in enough.

  16. Celeste says:

    …because what Glee needs is more characters. Geeze…between Glee and True Blood they have more characters than some entire networks.

    • Eddie says:

      Actually, that’s what ensamble dramas are made of.

    • Nina says:

      I’m pretty sure Game of Thrones has more. But you wouldn’t know coz you probably only watch Supernatural with 2 – 3 (?) main characters.

      • Pam says:

        The difference is GOT doesn’t use all of their characters every episode. Glee tries to and all of them end up short-changed as a result. Most shows have lead and supporting characters while Glee tries to give everyone lead strorylines with supporting screentime which hampers the plot and doesn’t allow for character growth.

        • ensemble my a$$ says:

          So true glee was ok when it stuck to its leads, once it tried to give everyone a story it fall a part. Stick to Rachel, Finn as your leads, Kurt, Santana as main characters and the rest supporting character who get a focus episode here and there.

      • Celeste says:

        Actually, I do watch GOT. The difference is that even with only 10 episodes a season they don’t try to cram ever single freaking character into every episode and ends up just recycling old story lines that were already done better i.e Finn/Rachel/Quinn then Jake/Marley/Ryder.Would I like to see more of Jamie Lannister? Sure. Do I wish every episode had Tyrion and his incredible dialouge? Totally. The writers on GOT are wise enough to give the characters their own space and time. Even when this means I have to sit through episodes where the focus is characters that I do not totally enjoy, I am willing to do this because the story is excellent. I never said I wasn’t a fan of Glee or True Blood. Both are still on my watch list, DVR, or I own every single episode. It’s just simply if you’re going to continue to expand your cast to monumental proportions, you should still try to serve each character well.

  17. Derek Johnson says:

    Hey, got any news about the future of Arrested Development? Season 4 left a lot hanging out there, and I’d like another season, but with few episodes.

  18. Dave says:

    I hope this Matt sweeps Beckett off her feet…and off the show!

    She can be go be Super Agent Beckett in DC, as long as the audience isn’t subjected to more of her snooze worthy character.

  19. Lecholls says:

    I can’t wait until we get some New Girl scoop again!

  20. A says:

    I’m happy that we’re gonna get to see some more people on the NYC side of Glee. I love the main cast in NYC but it’d be nice to see them branch out the NY side and have the character actually interact with other people. Also hopefully these additions may mean that they may be easing out of Lima soon.
    Excited for White Collar!! Can’t wait for it to come back.
    I am happy for more Castle characters. It got a little boring last season at times and seeing some new characters interacting with the cast might be interesting. I just hope that this Matt guy doesn’t cause some Caskett/Matt love triangle because I am in no mood to see one of those.

  21. Andrea Aynsley says:

    All I care about is the proposal…Yeah and Casketty goodness…NO CASKETT = NO Show worth watching. So Bring it On..whoever they want except a selfish, lying, childish and insecure caskett…All is deathly silent on Stana and Nathan’s front..the only ‘excited’ tweets are from PJJ, Tamala, Molly and other insignificants..

    • Just one thing says:

      “Insignificants?” Wow…

    • TheEx says:

      I watched a couple of different Nathan interviews over the summer; especially that Canadian scifi convention he did a couple of months ago. The impression I got from him was that he has a 7 year contract in Castle and he’s just trying to get through it. He seemed quite adamant about wanting to do new things in the future.

      • scooby says:

        Not the case. Nathan isn’t ‘just trying to get through it.’ He made it clear (and agreed with Andrew) that S5 was a rebreak, not a plateau, because when couples get together it’s a new beginning, not the end of the fun. Sounds to me like it’s an opportunity for creative renewal that he appreciated. He gives the impression that he’ll stay with the show as long as that’s going strong, and he’s not going through the motions or becoming repetitive. Now can that continue? We’ll find out, but he was down for what was gonna happen this year. He talked about it with enthusiasm before. He takes the show seriously and likes the people he works with, it’s not just a job. Not like he takes jobs lightly–Firefly taught him to appreciate when things aren’t yanked away sooner than they deserve to be. He’s trying to stay on topic about his current stuff usually. If you’re supposed to be talking Much Ado or some other project for instance and instead you spend time talking Castle, people behind those other things get annoyed. Nathan’s never been anything other than gracious about Castle and isn’t going “I can’t wait to get outta here.” It’s just not true. He’s a class act and an appreciative human being. I guarantee you if he had a problem with something, he’d approach Andrew behind closed doors and weigh in, not appear less than enthused in public. He gets asked about the show a lot, a lot of the same questions and stuff he can’t answer. It’s probably draining. You may’ve been picking up on something else.

      • Andrea Aynsley says:

        Yeah see to me Nathan always came across a bit ‘negative’ about the caskett relationship in his interviews as compared to Stana..but then this loser comment appeared and hit us all in the face so I guess she is going to DC and then coming back. However, there’s no video of her saying that…but she probably did say those words or something similar along those lines coz’ I trust the source that came from.

        How do you know how long their contracts with castle lasts? See they can’t bite the hand that feeds them as they are both B movie stars and it is castle that made them famous/ increased their popularity etc…so if they hurt their fans…it’s sayonara castle ratings and show..if your head or heart’s not in the game..better give us a good married ending and move on to other floppy indie projects

        • TheEx says:

          The “loser” comment came from Stana’s TV Guide interview. TV Guide wouldn’t make that up. As for Nathan comments, it comes from a YouTube video where he was at the Calgary Expo at the end of April this year.

          • TheEx says:

            Here’s that part of the Calgary Expo interview:

          • csi42xxx says:

            It’s funny you posted this because I haven’t seen it but I was just thinking that this show is going to end after 7 years because of Nathan (7 year contracts are standard AFAIK when you make a pilot and it gets picked up). Nathan doesn’t work too hard to hide the fact that’s he’s not that into Castle (not even the relationship, the whole project) and whines about the workload- kind of funny that as an actor he can’t fake it a little better and put 1/10th of the enthusiasm he puts into still going on about Firefly 10 years later… Love him, love the show (and hell I liked Firefly too but it’s time to move on) but it’s a bit disappointing as a fan- the upside is that 7 years is probably enough for this show anyway and gives them time for a Caskett wedding :)

          • Bonzio says:

            Keep in mind that Nathan and Stana work 70+ hours a week for over 9 months straight while filming Castle. You can’t even say they get weekends off as Friday nights often extend into early Saturday morning due to union pay rules. The 2 leads are in nearly every scene while Seamus and Jon probably do not even work 35 hours per week, and Penny, Susan, and Molly don’t even work in half the episodes. We watch 22-24 episodes a year. Nathan and Stana on set the equivalent hours of 2 full time jobs to make those 22-24 episodes. It’s not that difficult to get burned with something like that after 5 years. Who knows if they will even make it through 7 season? They were worried about being picked up at the end of 5. There’s no guarantees they will get picked up at the end of 6; which probably would not break Nathan’s heart.

    • scooby says:

      Wow harsh about the supporting players, I guess you’re one of those that only cares about the leads. Of course Stana and Nathan aren’t going to be saying more than they have to, that’s part of the whole ‘non-spoiler’ policy most shows are gonna have. Wasn’t Stana not on some big panel right after Beckett got shot in S3? I mean we all knew she was coming back, but there’s no way to have her there and not ruin something potentially. Here, the only thing anybody cares about is really how the job/proposal situation is gonna work out and either they don’t know or they can’t say. There’s very little point of them saying squat right now. Closer to September, they’ll start to tease stuff. Plus didn’t they just start back filming? Give it a few weeks.

  22. Ian says:

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease less Lima next season. I’m sure these writers don’t care though, they’ll do what they want, regardless of audience feedback. It’s insane, but the show’s been on a decline for years now and they managed to get renewed for 2 more seasons.

    Anyway, I think either Julie or Ryan will be the new girlfriend for Santana. I could see it being either one: Ryan the singer-songwriter if they’re going for a more mature relationship. or Julie if they want another Brittany.

    Next scoop, could we get some info about Kurt? I hope he’ll have more screentime next season, a life of his own again and not everything be Klaine.

    • anne says:

      I agree. More Kurt! I only want Klaine if they deal with their freaking issues and they have a healthier relationship. Otherwise, give Kurt a new guy. (and actually show him dating the guy)

    • Trent says:

      I’d just like to see Kurt doing something other than simply supporting the other characters in whatever they are doing. It’s nice that he’s Rachel’s best friend but between that and his time with Blaine I felt like he was repeating the same scene over and over again last season. Same thing with Finn teaching the Glee club actually. I understand that Rachel is the priority in the NY storyline but if they focused more time on that side of the show Kurt and Santana could have something to do too.

      • hummelberry says:

        At least with Rachel Kurt gets to have a voice.

        • lorena says:

          If you mean when Kurt has to constantly reassure Rachel of her talent because the rest of the world isn’t doing it enough then yes, Kurt has his own voice. Please. Hummelberry is an awful friendship because it’s practically one sided and Rachel is always forcing her advice on him forgetting Kurt is not her.

  23. AJK says:

    Any chance we could get Kyle Chandler to play the new label exec? I need a Coach and Mrs. Coach reunion!

  24. James D says:

    Moma Mason making an apperance What the Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? that might throw a Wrench in the saving Anne plan.

  25. OldFan says:

    Bones had better lose that lame Pelant story line or I’m a goner. This arc has Bones on the edge of the water ski jump.

    • janet.c.l says:

      I disagree i think pelant is the most interesting bad guy they have had in a long time. I dont think they should keep him to much longer but i do think he’s a interesting and challenging bad guy. I love bones but in my opinion the writing is geting worse every season. The twist of booth not being able to marry bones seemed so soap opera to me bur thats just me. I’ll still watch untill it gets to bad.

      • 1mars says:

        imo, we need to see some B & B wins over Pelant, no one is as smart, clever, resourceful as they make him out and it truly is boring now, every procedural seems to have a serial killer. Just off him once and for all, it’s past time. Now really, a serial killer wants to break up a committed couple….in what universe? So who is Pelant crushing on Booth or Brennan? Just ugh.

        • janet.c.l says:

          I agree that the keeping then from marring thing was dumb(like i said it come off like some weird soap opera bad guy move) but they haven’t had a bad guy who has challenged then so much in my opinion. Its usually win battle lose battle win war this time around they lost quite a few battles. Clearly he’s obsessed with Booth and Brennan why else would he bother messing with then. I’m sure by mid season Pelant will be gone(didn’t they say he wouldn’t be around much longer?) well they are going to win they always do but id be boring if they won every battle and weren’t challenged a little. I think it started off interesting but it kinda gone awry hopefully they can turn it around but i doubt it.

      • Miriam says:

        He has been on WAY toooo long as it is…which is why I stopped watching Bones a long time ago…even threw the DVD’s out! Started watching Castle instead…which may go the same way if they mess up Caskett!!

  26. anna says:

    thanks for the title of NCIS 11×01….

    Gotta wonder, after the way he ended S10 (sniper Gibbs, friend-zoning T&z), where GG is going here….

  27. Tay says:

    Can’t believe Glee is casting 3 female characters. Still skeptical about Santana getting a love interest. Ryan Murphy and the rest of his bigot writer buddies probably wouldn’t be able to handle having more than one lesbian on the show. Who will worship their beloved, cardboard cut-out male characters then?

    • sara says:

      Ah, but don’t you see? Those three new female characters will all be pining after the same dude! Because that’s the only thing that the Glee writers know how to do

    • Ironic says:

      True. Who writes regular heterosexual relationships into gay shows, am I right?

  28. Lisa says:

    Why couldn’t you tell us that Rachel is going to get the lead in Funny Girl and Zoe is finally going to try a relationship with George? That’s what I want to hear!

    • Audri says:

      I think it’s pretty safe to assume that Rachel got something, I’m thinking if she doesn’t get the part out right then maybe she got the understudy part. And I don’t think anyone believes that Finn moveing to NY isn’t inevitable, but I think he needs to get some sort of potential love interest first, Rachel doesn’t seem to want to say how she really feels about him, in that way they are having an even rougher time than klaine, and so maybe one of the twenty-something’s is gonna stick around for a while and be the new santanna love interest they have been promising us and one is a student at Lima college or maybe a TA at McKinley……. And the other option is maybe Rachel needs a funny girl co-star and that’s what one of them is for…….. And as for ruby, that makes sense, heather (Brittany) is not going to be a regular next season and Vanessa (sugar) is leaving her on and off slot on glee so the new directions are gonna need some new girls going into nationals………. I also had this crazy thought about rachel’s opening night being the same night as nationals, it would make for a great episode musically and logistically, like a showstopper episode, and dispite being the co-head of the new directions, where do you think Finn would be that night?

      • FINNchel fans says:

        Finn having another LI would make no sense. If he is beating people up for his future wife he would be a big old hypocrite (again) to date someone else. But it would be interesting to see if the Finchel fandom were as big of asses as they were to Dean. I say Finn’s LI would no get the hate because Finn is their hero and they tolerant Rachel cause she gives him more screen time.

        • Audri says:

          That’s the thing though, we know he loves Rachel, everyone else knows he loves Rachel, Rachel knows he loves rachel, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be a little attracted to a cute new girl who likes him, and maybe if mr shue and the new directions were to be like, look Finn, we know you love her, but things are a mess right now, you need to at least try to move on right now. He maybe might try. And besides Rachel did the whole trying to move on thing, Finn I don’t think would be quite as sincere, but he still deserves to as well. And I think I like the idea of her wanting to be a teacher and maybe even helping out with glee club since Brody was a NYADA student and had been on broadway, I think it may be the only way for the inevitable to happen and that is finn moving to NY to go to school but he won’t go untill she can step up and be more upfront about it all…….

  29. Mark says:

    I don’t know of this has been discussed or not but I would love it if they revealed that Wendy turned out to be the big bad in charge of Greg and Tamara and she was played by Sonya Walger. I kept waiting for them to pull away at the end of Season 2 and reveal Penny- I mean- Wendy hashing out orders.

  30. Douglas Hillyer says:

    I hope Beckett and Castle go after the powerful killers of her mother. Doug.

  31. Jill says:

    Ugh, that Nashville news is upsetting. I hate when shows skip ahead months and don’t show you any of the aftermath of their crazy finales. I was looking forward to some Deacon/Rayna hospital scenes. Also, new love interest for Rayna? Are they just going to ignore her whole relationship with Deacon? This does not bode well.

    • Amie says:

      I agree. I’m far more concerned about Deacon and what he’s doing through all of this. I mean, rehab? Jail time for the drunk driving and injuring his passenger thing? I want to know what happened to Deacon! Not to mention whether he gets to have any relationship with his daughter. And if Rayna jumps from that mess into a new relationship in five minutes… I will respect her choices even less than I already do.

  32. Claire says:

    Doubt both new Glee twenty-somethings will be in NYC. I’m betting Ryan will be a new love interest for Santana and cute, quirky Julie will date Finn.

    • dreading a Finn LI already says:

      Finn shouldn’t have a love interest after his assault on Brody. But I am sure she won’t get the hate Dean got or that Ryan will tweet go away Julie. And I am certain Rachel won’t get to be a “hero” and save Finn from himself and his mistakes.

      • Audri says:

        Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not going to say that what Finn did was really called for and if it were another story maybe we could even see Brody as a victim but at that point I think Finn was just really really really mad, I re-watched the other day and noticed that he first tells him that he needs to just compleatly disappear from her life and then Brody says he loves her and Finn threatens to tell her and then he turns to leave and then Brody grabs his arm and Finn snaps and turns around and beats him up, but I don’t think it’s fair to judge an entire charecter based on one moment of extreme anger that kind of makes sense, I mean he really really loves her and Brody lied to her and cheated on her and was just generally kind of a creep, I understand Finn loseing it. And right now Rachel needs a push to make her tell Finn what she wants and how she feels. And jealousy seems to be finnchel’s preferred method of pushing…….

  33. Lydia says:

    Whatever we learn about Damon’s secrets I hope it will help him grow in his relationship with Elena and not regress because I really want them to stick with the couple they chose this time. I can’t handle that love triangle again.
    Also the casting for Glee just makes me realize how little I care about that show anymore which kind of makes me sad since I used to really enjoy it.

    • Beck says:

      Me too about Glee. I don’t watch it anymore. It seems to be that writers no matter what show it is have a thing for triangle love drama. Glee has been written so poorly for the characters that it is rather sad. I used to love to watch it but it really turned into platform for social issues the writers want to bring to light.

  34. Lucy Sylvia says:

    Beckett and Castle belong together That what make the show That why I watch the show I will be very sad if Beckett and Castle split up Best show on tvl.sylvia

  35. JB Smooove says:

    MAN! Still no Office scoop….

  36. frezb says:

    RE: Bones. I am still convinced that this mysterious ex-priest whoever is Max. Didn’t he dress up/disguise himself as a priest in one episode back in season 2 or 3? I can totally see Max getting to the bottom of the proposal fiasco and he knows enough to be able to keep everything off grid. I do agree with Lucy though, Bones needs to use that big brain of hers because this whole thing is just fishy.

    • I hope Brennan comes up with the answer to the Proposal Flop. For me, I want to see Booth & Brennan in a scene like she was with Scully in B. We missed that one. I think the fans of B&B deserve that one.

    • Linda says:

      That was my first thought too! Max would have no problem killing Pelant and ending the threat to the ones he loves. He’s done it in the past after all. I hope it comes down that way, but I don’t think it will.

    • Sarah says:


      I totally agree with you about the ex-priest being Max.

  37. lame says:

    Wow some of you people have tunnel vision. Beckett will say “yes” to Castle and to the DC job. Can’t ask her to give up on a dream job without giving it a try, that would be contrary to the character. I imagine we’ll be seeing two sets of teams working cases in each city till something tragic forces Beckett to return to NYC. I can imagine Castle meeting Beckett at the end of episodes as she leaves the DC office.
    What’s the big deal, the secondary characters will have more to do.

    • JAA says:

      thank you, finally someone who thinks with their heads

    • eridapo says:

      It is out now.. and yes to both is the answer..

    • Andrea Aynsley says:

      Are we certain that it’s a win-win situation from this leak? This is the best answer a Yes-Yes to both….will they re-edit the script bcoz’ of this indiscretion? Wouldn’t the actor get into hot soup by doing that?

    • Samuel says:

      thx for thinking with your head before commenting.
      Really I don’t understand why fans would freak out about this agent Matt. We don’t know much about him, maybe he is married, or he is gay. I think he would be the “Agent Avery” of Beckett, following her around and taking Beckett’s order.But is it necessary for them to have some romantic thing, I don’t think so.

      In the last 3-eps arc in season 5, Beckett had been tempted, made some mistakes, and try her best to fix it. She said yes to the proposal, and clearly she had Castle’s blessing for the job in DC. They will have problems, but they will overcome it. Realistically Beckett won’t go for long. As we know there will be a 3-eps arc again. I think what AM want from this arc is Beckett realizing what she really want, build up the trust and faith between Caskett, and as a chance for them to learn how to compromise. At the end of the arc Beckett would return to the 12th.

  38. Just one thing says:

    For the love of all that is sacred and true, I hope whoever is cast as Matt on Castle doesn’t post photos of call sheets or his audition tape online.

    What an absolute cluck-eff of a Castle spoiler avalanche this evening. I much prefer to get my spoilers from TVLine than Twitter.

    • Andrea Aynsley says:

      I hope he does..if Matt is even could be someone talking out of their ass…TV Line doesn’t spoil just creates more intrigue, angst, excitement….but gives nothing significant away.

      • Just one thing says:

        TVLine spoils plenty. The difference is that the spoilers are controlled.
        See what happens when they’re not? People go crazy, and they don’t just keep it to themselves, they make sure to spread the info without considering how this makes the cast and crew they claim to love feel. (“#welcomebackcastleteam! Enjoy the headache we’re helping perpetuate by telling everyone we see and spreading the links!”)
        I’m sure the actor playing an unnamed federal agent had no idea posting the call sheet would lead to drama, just as I’m sure the young actor had no idea posting his audition video publicly on Vimeo would be so easy to find. And I’m definitely sure the cast and crew of Castle had no idea they were gonna have to deal with this BS the first 2-3 days of shooting.
        TVLine may not give us everything we want when we want it, but that’s because they don’t plan to sabotage the show. What happened last night, and the fans participation in it, unfortunately has.

  39. Will Kaitlyn Black be a regular on the next season of Hart of Dixie? Annabeth is the best!

    • Tracie says:

      Yes Kaitlyn Black was promoted to a series regular. So we’ll definitely see more of AB and hopefully learn more about her.

  40. Tam says:

    Castle fans need to chillax. Atleast hold off your judgement until you watch the ACTUAL episode. Not just based on spoilers or what you “want” to see happen. After watching it you have every right to love it or hate it, whatever you want. Just give the writers who have created this show you love in the first place, a chance.

  41. Tam says:

    Dont really care about about Kate’s choice about the job, as long as Caskett are together no matter what. I wanted her to stay in NYC but her accepting the job in DC has its own merits so im fine with that too. Dont know if the leaked audition is reliable or not but i like the scenario so if its real ill be very very happy come Sept ;)

  42. Andrea Aynsley says:

    Sorry but TVline doesn’t spoil creates more angst and stirs the pot that is already boiling over..I hope that audition tape was real. I’m sure AWM and co. wouldn’t be that low-down to ask Pi to post a “fake decoy” just to generate publicity..but see who would be so dumb in this day & age to give the game away especially if you’re an unknown wannabe actor. What about confidentiality agreements and career prospects etc…? Hope they won’t change the script now that it is leaked…

    • c-mo says:

      if everyone thought about consequences before they posted something online there would be no youtube/vimeo/twitter/facebook……………

  43. chris Blake says:

    more goss on NCIS would be nice, you never really tell us anything.

  44. SAM says:

    Maybe there’s simply nothing to tell at this point.

  45. cas says:

    I hope HIMYM finally does something to wrap up Ted/Robin and make it believable that Ted doesn’t love Robin anymore and that we believe he is capable of moving on that same weekend. I love Bones and Booth, it took them so long just to get engaged so it’s not like another half a season will make it any worse. And seriously Gary Dourdan on Mistresses? I was watching that episode and was like “No Way”, as I thought drugs had already taken over his life by now. Loved him in CSI. Drugs, however, did not help his aging process but he does look healthier than the last picture I saw of him and I am happy he is working again so hopefully he got his act together.

  46. OriginalNCISfan says:

    Reading the comments here I see 2 things:
    Re: CASTLE – it’s sad that the shippers of the show seem out to destroy each other as well as other fans. It’s happened before & it really does ruin the enjoyment of the show for many

    Re: NCIS – have to admit I’m laughing over the number of ‘fans’ who claim that without Ziva, there is no show, at least for them. Aren’t these the very same fans who berate others for not liking the character or the romance that has virtually taken over & destroyed a once smart,. funny & interesting show? Aren’t these the same fans who used to yell loudly that THEY were the true fans of the show when they were being fed endless amounts of Ziva and Tiva melodrama?

    Here’s hoping NCIS Season 11 is much better than Season 10, with it’s endless amounts of Ziva stories and melodrama along with far too many hit-me-over-the-head shipper anvils. Neither Ziva or Tiva is what made/makes NCIS special and worth watching.

  47. JBC says:

    I have noticed that both Castle and NCIS have tons of comments when included in the Ask Ausiello Spoiler articles.. Maybe it would be better to have those two shows have their own separate articles when it comes to spoilers for the fans to sound off on. Just a thought.

  48. Angela says:

    I read where Alex Trebek is considering retiring–true or false? Matt Lauer is mentioned as a possible replacement. I hope Matt Lauer is never considered a replacement for anyone, especially after his fiasco with Anne Curry. Anne was and is a much better than self-centered Matt any day!

  49. Phoebe says:

    Ausiello, you are so cruel to us Castle fans!!!!

  50. A.B. says:

    What I’m curious about is if they will make baby Lexi grow up rapidly on Falling Skies. Since she put alien that shouldn’t be a big stretch