Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Castle, PLL, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Carrie Diaries and More!

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Question: Help! I need a Season 6 Castle scoop! —Marine
Ausiello: And I need you to dial it back a notch! Although Season 5 — Rick and Kate’s first as a couple — hit such memorable milestones as their first Christmas together and Valentine’s Day, Castle creator Andrew Marlowe tells TVLine, “There are a couple of really, really big, juicy and interesting moments” he was not able to get to, but still hopes to cover. Without detailing said moments, he explains, “We feel like next season is the proper time to tap them, if we’re going to be honest and true to this relationship and the complications that often come into play.”

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Question: If Beckett takes the job in D.C. on Castle, what happens to our favorite precinct guys, Ryan and Esposito? —LEP
Ausiello: They’d stay put. “The precinct doesn’t go [with her],” Tamala Jones, who plays Lanie, notes. “I think [Kate] would still help from D.C., or wherever she was. But I hope she doesn’t take the job. What’s Lanie going to do without Beckett in the same [city]? I don’t think Lanie would like that!”

Hell on WheelsQuestion: I don’t recall ever seeing Hell on Wheels mentioned in your column, but there are some people (like me) who really like it. So… got any Season 3 scoop? —Maggie
Ausiello: Sounds like someone didn’t bother reading the June 5, 2012 edition of Ask Ausiello. (Awkward!) Anywhoo…. the POTUS is joining Season 3 for a multi-episode arc! The show is currently looking for a “name” actor to portray former general and future president Ulysses S. Grant. The cagey politico comes to town to make Cullen (Anson Mount) an unexpected offer.

Question: Got anything on The Carrie Diaries? —Eugene
Ausiello: Carrie‘s going to be looking a lot Sexier in Season 2 now that the show is introducing a pre- Kim Cattrall Samantha, who is described in the casting breakdown as ballsy and confident with a wicked sense of humor and a don’t-screw-with-me attitude. When we meet her she’s working the velvet rope at a downtown nightclub. Oh, and the role will be a series regular, so Sammy Jo is sticking around.

Question: Where in the world are Game of Thrones‘ Brienne and Jaime? After what happened last week, I’m gonna need them to be in Sunday’s season finale. – Art
Ausiello: We recently asked Nikolaj Coster-Waldau what was up with his alter ego, and though he stayed true to the cast’s cagey nature regarding future plot points, he was damn charming while doing it. “After the bear, [Gwendoline Christie and I] had to take a breather,” he joked. “That took too much out of us.” And when we pressed about whether he could say if Jaime would be in King’s Landing by the end of the season, he replied, “I guess I can….” But he singlehandedly (see what I did there?) won us back when he confirmed that Season 4 of the HBO epic will begin shooting next month.

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Question: Any news on The Walking Dead? —Sebastian
Ausiello: Next season’s fourth episode is titled “Indifference” and will introduce us to two new survivors, Jack and Erin. Both are in their 20s and described as easygoing and “extremely thin.” Jack’s a bit of a joker, while Erin walks through life with rose-colored glasses.

suitsQuestion: I am so excited for the new seasons of Suits and Covert Affairs, and was hoping for any spoilers on Mike/Rachel, Mike/Harvey or Annie/Auggie. –Tiffany
Ausiello: I choose Column A! Mike and Rachel’s Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner-esque sit-down with her parents, which Meghan Markle first told us about, will come with all the requisite awkwardness and grilling one might expect. But just how uncomfortable is it? I’m hearing that race and dead parents are brought up! Thankfully, Rachel’s mom is there to play peacekeeper — and to ask her daughter if she loves Mike. (Two guesses on Rachel’s answer?) Bonus Suits Scoop free-of-charge: The show is on the prowl for an actress to play mom to Gina Torres’ Jessica. Mrs. Pearson is beautiful, strong and powerful, but much warmer and much more accessible than Jessica. (We will come to learn that Jess gets her chilliness from her pa.)

Question: I’ve been wanting Sookie and Alcide to hook up on True Blood for a long time. It almost happened last season, but it didn’t end so well. Is there any chance they will get together in season 6? —Rashad
Ausiello: First off, here’s the reason it didn’t end so well. Secondly, Sookie’s going to be otherwise engaged this season with this guy. Bottom line: The Sookie-Alcide ‘ship has sailed, methinks.

Question: I’m not ashamed to admit it: I really enjoyed Mistresses. The one question I had as the credits rolled, though, was how in the hell Alyssa Milano has managed not to age over the last decade? If you can’t answer that I’ll just take some scoop. –Violetta
Ausiello: Because some secrets are strictly between a woman and her dermatologist, I’m jumping right to the scoop: Next Monday’s episode finds Milano’s guilt-ridden character Savi  — who ended the series premiere in the midst of a scorching tryst with coworker Dominic — making a heartbreaking confession to her hubby. Before you go jumping to conclusions, however, please bear in mind that the contents of said confession might not be what you’re expecting. (See how Savi being besties with a psychiatrist can yield dividends!)

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Question: If I set a series recording for Mistresses, does it make me a philistine? Also: Can I get some scoop on what’s next for Jes Macallan’s hilariously lewd Joss? –Grady
Ausiello: First of all, big words like “philistine” have no place in a discussion of Mistresses. Secondly, you know that old adage about not mixing business with pleasure? Well…apparently Joss hasn’t heard of it. And I’ll give you three clues about where this is all heading: Hot lesbian client Alex (Shannyn Sossamon). A dresser drawer in a recently listed property. And “Japanese bondage rope.” (Uh-huh, put the kids to bed! I said “Japanese bondage rope.”)

MICHAEL AUSIELLO, DANA DELANYQuestion: Just wanted to say that I caught you on screen last week in the Body of Proof finale! They really get you doing the craziest things! —Joann
Ausiello: I hope some of the “bonus material” we shot makes it into the DVD. The unbelievably awesome Dana Delany (who went out of her way to  ensure all the items on my perk rider were accounted for make me feel comfortable) and I were having all kinds of fun with that empty coffin between takes. Get your mind out of the gutter; we mostly just had sex in it.

Question: I usually can’t stand cheaters, but I love Switched at Birth‘s Bay and Emmett so much. Any hope on the horizon? —Dakota 
Ausiello: Unfortunately, Emmett is giving Bay her space in Monday’s premiere, an episode that also finds Daphne and Bay shaking up their living situations (the result of which may give viewers a little taste of what’s to come in the “What If?” hour later this season).

Question: I’m desperate for anything you have on Pretty Little Liars. —Estee
Ausiello: It looks like Emily is taking her swimming career to the next level. In next season’s ninth episode, aptly titled “Into the Deep,” the wannabe Missy Franklin crosses paths with a prolific swimming coach who’s famous for sending his students to the Olympics. He’s also famous for being something of a drill sergeant, so let’s hope Em doesn’t get in over her head. Swimming puns! Woo-hoo!

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  1. Unkystan says:

    Please. Anything on my favorite show “Bunheads”

  2. Andy says:

    Where’s the love for Rookie Blue?

  3. Estee Thomas says:

    YAY! Thanks for answering my PLL request :) I can’t wait till next week for new episodes!

  4. Ryan says:

    Does anyone really believe that Castle will turn into a show with Beckett in another city and the rest of the precinct still part of the show. Even if she takes the job, it will only take couple episodes until she returns to NYC. The show isn’t like 24, where they get rid of regular characters or make huge changes.

    • Tam says:

      Exactly! Even if she goes, which i doubt, she WILL be back by the middle or end of the premiere. No 12th = No show.

      • Christy says:

        Exactly! Anytime anyone goes anywhere, they are back by the next episode.Beckett was mad at Castle for digging up her mom’s case in 1×10-Fixed by the end of 2×01. Castle left the precinct in 2×24-Welcomed back by the end of 3×01. Kate says they are done in 3×24-Castle is back by the end of 3×24. Same for Always. So if she does go at all, she won’t be away long.

        • Lauren says:

          ^^^ Not scary at all.

        • Carl says:

          This time the Castle writers have put themselves in a corner that will be hard to get out of. Castle and Beckett have a magic chemistry that carries over to all the other cast members and that’s what makes “Castle” work so well. Now that Beckett has been put in a precarious situation the wrong decision, as far as fans are concerned, could end the season even before it begins. It seems that the 5/23 and 5/24 episodes changed the entire direction “Castle” is headed. No one wants to have the Feds around and certainly no one wants a Fed shadowing Beckett. Like they say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. If Beckett is to leave it should be permanent and Castle can go back to his book writing and “Castle” will become a good show that didn’t have to die.

    • steve says:

      exactly imo she is 100% staying put and saying yes to castle. Castle without beckett just wouldnt be castle as Castle/Beckett are the show.

      • Lucy Sylvia says:

        Castle/beckett are the show Hope beckett will stay in new york That is why i love castle great show on tvl

  5. Marie says:

    Any news on NCIS with Cote (Ziva)? Please tell us she is coming back!!! Thank you….

  6. Elena says:

    As a book reader, I’m curious how Jaime and Brienne returning to King’s Landing earlier than in the books will affect the events regarding Sansa. It will be interesting to see how the writers go about that storyline and see if they change anything. And that’s all I will say so as to avoid spoilers.

  7. Eric F says:

    On “Suits”, I’d love to see Diahann Carroll play Gina Torres’ “Jessica” mom. I’m sure they could spare her on “White Collar” long enough to play this role to the hilt. And while we’re at it, how about bringing in Alan Tudyk as a love interest for her…the Firefly/Serenity bump in viewership would be tremendous!

    • Ed says:

      Thats a good choice. I was thinking Rita Moreno.

      • prish says:

        You two are so right on, except I see Diahann Carroll as one grandmother, Rita Moreno as the other grandmother and Alfie Woodard as the mother. There are 17 years between Alfie and Gina, which could work. We would need an impassive father type. Dennis Haysbert,
        James Pickens Jr., Delroy Lindo, Bill Duke, could do it. Yaphet Kotto might be best, though. He can manifest a very intense sober look. Then, there are fan favorites like Avery Brooks, Michael Dorn, Joe Morton, Carl Weathers, and Richard Roundtree. Some would watch just to see one of them as the father. just thoughts

        • Blair Underwood should be on that list. I really like “President Palmer” from 24. Now to my absolute favorite show, SONS OF ANARCHY! when are they returning to TV. The actress who was “Adriannie’ on Sopranos ( and is mom to Waylon Jennings 2 grandkids) Is the woman you love to hate! Katie Segal is really impressive and Ron Perleman always a huge presence.. Any info
          about the return on the show would be welcome!

    • cjinsd says:

      Diahann Carroll was my first thought, too. She meets all the requirements.

    • Joe says:

      I was going to suggest Khandi Alexander as her mum, but she’s only a decade older than Gina.

      • TobyG. says:

        It could still work. Harrison Ford and Sean Connery are only 11 years apart and they played Father and Son perfectly in the 3rd Indiana Jones.

  8. Cynthia says:

    Thanks for the Mike/Rachel scoop :D

  9. Cory says:

    I nominate Diahann Carroll for the role of Mrs. Pearson! I think she’d fit right in with that cast. If not her, then how about Phylicia Rashad of ‘Cosby’ fame?

  10. Chicago Dan says:

    ABC is still foolish for cancelling BOP. The network needs more than Castle as a procedural – and that is evolving into typical ABC soapy fare. Liked the cameo, though. :)

  11. Heisenberg says:

    The King in The North!

  12. dude says:

    Is there anyone that legitimately thinks that a new love interest is what Sookie needs? If they were going to put her with anyone this year, it should be Alcide AKA that guy that’s been there for her for three years now. At this point, either put her with Bill, Eric, Alcide or leave her alone but she has enough romantic prospects on her plate without adding new ones.

    • Romy says:

      I agree, a new love interest is not what Sookie needs. If only they would follow the books a little (don’t want the mess that was the last one, if you know what I mean) and have her and Eric hook up for good!

      • IMHO says:

        I just finished reading the Final book in the Sookie Stackhouse Series .
        I hope the HBO series doesn’t end with Sookie hooking up with the same guy.

    • Sarah says:

      Agreed. I love Sookie, but having every guy on the show fall in love with her is just irritating.

  13. Lily says:

    I have a feeling something will prevent Beckett from going to Washington DC. If she did there’d be no show. So something will happen to make her stay. Maybe love. Maybe pursuing her mother’s killer. But something.

    • meh says:

      Beckett needs to make the decision to stay in New York on her own, otherwise Castle has basically became her fall back which just isn’t right.

    • George Smith says:

      Do you think that a person who has pistol whipped and possesses the ability to destroy one “senator”, has taken on the mother and brother of another, and just arrested the son of a significant contributor to a third “senator” is going to end up with a position on a high powered task force that can take all three down. Her job offer will last about 50 nanoseconds when these corrupt individuals get wind of the offer. They would do anything to keep her out of their world! Even NYPD is too close for them.

  14. Broadwayfan says:

    Use some of your tremendous Hollywood clout where it will do some good!
    Gerald McRaney would be amazing as POTUS, U. S. Grant. Of course, truth be told, Grant’s military experience isn’t representative of Gerald’s upbringing he’s an actor. He can do It.

  15. Kate says:

    Thanks for the Castle scoop! I can’t wait to see what the really big juicy moments are. As long as the don’t break up- I say bring them on!

  16. Funny thing about Mistresses – first episode premiered here a while ago in FoxLife and I already watched some episodes :) It’s a nice guilty pleaser – not especially engaging but when you are not in the mood for Game of Thrones or The Fall, it’s worth watching:)

  17. mia says:

    Switched at Birth scoop!!!!! Bay/Emmett!!!! I really want them to get back together. I normally can’t stand cheaters, but the writers have handled it *so* well I can’t help but root for their reconcilliation.
    And that whole show is just perfect.

  18. Caro says:

    Awww….why didn’t you give the Covert Affairs scoop!

  19. Charlotte Robbi says:

    Haben Sie keine NEWS von BONES, wann startet Staffel 9 und wie sieht die Beziehung zwischen Booth und Brennan aus? Die werden sich wohl nicht trennen, denn sie haben ja ein Baby.
    Der Schluss der Staffel 8 ist ungereimt. Hätte es für Booth nicht eine bessere Lösung gegeben Pelants Drohung Brennan zu erklären. Diese enorme Verletzung ihrer erst entstandenen Gefühle ist einfach grausam. Zudem hat Booth ja immer eine Heirat gewollt
    und Brennan erklärt das sei der Höhepunkt ihrer beider Liebe. Hätte er wirklich keinen Ort finden können ihr weis zu machen, dass sie beide diese Sache nur durchziehen wegen der Drohung von Pellant. Ich bin enttäuscht über diese lange Wartezeit die FOX uns zumutet mit dieser Ungewissheit zu Leben. Hoffe Sie haben mir Antworten. Danke.

    • MysteryObsessed says:

      I don’t think they speak german dude
      da würde ich serienjunkies empfehlen ;-)

    • Ally_D says:

      To translate for Charlotte (but I don’t watch Bones so I might be missing some context):
      Do you have any news about Bones, when season 9 starts and what is happening with the relationship between Booth & Brennan? They can’t be separated since they have a baby together.

      The end of season 8 was silly. Could there not be a better solution for Booth that would explain Pelants threat to Brennan? This big violation of their new-found feelings is just cruel. Also, Booth has always wanted to get married and Brennan said that was the highlight of their love. Can he really not find a way to make sure they both pull through this thing because of the threat of Pelant? I am disappointed with the long, uncertain wait FOX expects of us. I hope you have answers. Thank you.

  20. joy says:

    What can you tell us about Parenthood?

  21. Heathers says:

    I was thinking Phylicia Rashad for Jessica’s Mother.

  22. It's Me says:

    When will you reveal the Blind Item couple….was it Castle & Beckett???

  23. peter says:

    she will going to say no to the job but she ‘s also will say no to castle or at least ”not now ”
    because is too fast

  24. Mari says:

    I get nervous when complications hit Caskett.

    • Lauren says:

      Agreed; however, I think the tag for this “scooptacular” was somewhat misleading: I read it and thought, “Oh, no! A break-up for Castle and Beckett.” Really, however, the “separation” referenced was between Beckett and Ryan/Esposito (i.e., a separation from the 12th precinct). Whew! And although the spoiler about Castle and Beckett was (I think) meant to put us on our guard, I actually found it to be somewhat reassuring: If Castle and Beckett are not together as a couple next season, then there will be no potential complications to said relationship to explore in the first instance. In short, AWM indirectly (inadvertently?) admitted that Castle and Beckett will not be breaking up at the beginning of Season 6!

  25. Patti says:

    Thanks so much for the scoop :)

  26. Kimberly says:

    I think Beckett will take the job and be posted in New York.

  27. Lesley says:

    I’m inclined to think its Eric Vaughan behind the job offer, he wants Beckett so if he can separate her from Castle he thinks he has a chance. Being one of the richest most powerful men in America is used to getting what he wants. KB will stay with Castle!

  28. I’m in a band cummed twice on this vid i lovee itt

  29. imho says:

    Jessica Pearson’s parents: my first choice is Phylicia Rashad (she & Gina possess a similiar calm/coolness & elegance), or Diahann Carroll. Her dad should be someone like Edward James Olmos or even Ahmad Rashad (Phylicia’s ex)

  30. skyrim says:

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  31. Unknown says:

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