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Question: Wait… you get to see True Blood episodes before they premiere!? —Kevin
Ausiello: Um, yeah. That’s kind of how this whole thing works. I’ve actually already screened the first four episodes of True Blood‘s new season and, based on what I’m seeing so far, I feel very comfortable declaring Season 5 the year of the Pam. Between the origin stuff with Eric and her present-day storyline with [SPOILER], Kristin Bauer van Straten’s vamp is practically in every other scene — and the show is the better for it. I’m starting the 2013 Emmy campaign for KBvS now. The woman is a national treasure! (The folks at Walmart will probably beg to differ after they watch Sunday’s premiere, but whatevs.)

Question: Anything else you can share on Tina Majorino’s True Blood arc? Love her. —Tim
Ausiello: Her first scene is with Eric and Bill. A shirtless Eric and a shirtless Bill.

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Question: Can’t wait for True Blood this Sunday! Is it safe to say Russell is back to exact revenge on Bill and Eric? —Yvette
Ausiello: “Russell doesn’t forget anything, but he’s also smart enough to know when to let bygones be bygones — for tactical and political reasons,” the king’s portrayer, Denis O’Hare, tells TVLine. “There may be a greater good.”

Question: Is it true that Glee is introducing three new characters next season, including a brother for Puck? Or is it just a fake rumor? — Milissa
Ausiello: Sure hope it’s not a fake rumor since I broke the news on Twitter last night. Here are some additional deets on the newbies: Besides Puck’s heretofore-never-seen guitar-strumming kid brother (who at this point is nameless), the fall lineup will include a high school girl and a college-age feller. Oh, and — shocking! — they will all be as easy on the ears as they will be on the eyes.

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Question: TVLine’s comments section re: Once Upon a Time is the best. Anything you can share to spark more prediction threads about next season? —Jen
Ausiello: Don’t count on a time jump between seasons. “We’re picking up right where we left off, but where we left off was in the middle of a veer in a different direction,” consulting producer Jane Espenson told TVLine’s Meg Masters at last weekend’s ATX Television Festival in Austin, before reiterating, “Season 2 will be different than Season 1.”

Question: Any word on which new fairy tale characters Once Upon a Time will introduce in Season 2? —Claire
Ausiello: The frontrunner would seem to be the Little Mermaid. “I would hope Ariel would join the show,” says Espenson. “She’s one we’ve definitely talked about.” But there have certainly been others. “There are a whole lot of princesses we haven’t seen — like Aurora, Rapunzel and Jasmine,” she adds. “And it’s hard to look at that list without going, ‘Well, what about Goldilocks?!’ And they’d all be good, because what we do is take them and go, ‘Well, the thing you never knew about Little Miss Muffet is… ‘”

Question: You haven’t had much in the way of American Horror Story scoop, mister. — Joanie
Ausiello: You know this column is called Ask Ausiello, right, not Rag On Ausiello? Nonetheless, I’ll answer your non-question by revealing that, among the freaks in the show’s asylum-set second season will be: Jed, an 18-year-old farmhand whose as skinny as a hoe; Clara, a middle-aged loca with a Latina flair; and — my favorite — Pepper, a diminutive kind of child-woman anywhere from 20 to 40 years old and very likely deformed in some way (or ways!).

Question: In honor of Sons of Anarchy‘s much-deserved Critics Choice nominations, treat us to some Season 5 scoop. Please. —Jesse
Ausiello: Things are looking up for Opie. Sorta. You see, he’s getting a new love interest. That’s the good part. Unfortunately, she’s the cousin of San Francisco-based crime boss Henry Lin (who was last seen in Season 3). The rebellious Keiko is looking to break away from her family and run with SAMCRO. Rumor has it Gemma will not be a fan.

Question: The five (or more) new series you are looking forward to this coming fall? —Mark
Ausiello: In no particular order they are The Mindy Project, The New Normal, Nashville, Last Resort and Partners. I reserve the right to revise that list as I make my way through my huge stack of pilots. At last count, I’ve got about 873 left.

Question: I’m in denial that House is really over. Give me some scoop on Season 9. In absence of that, some scoop on White Collar Season 4 would be great. —Matt
Ausiello: As you may have surmised, given how Season 3 ended and factoring in the bevy of beauties headed Neal’s way — AliasMia Maestro, Supergirl, Lost‘s Rebecca Mader and a returning Gloria Votsis (as Alex) included — Burton will not be a series regular for the coming season. However, that’s not to say we’ll never see Sara again; at last count, Burton had shot four episodes for Season 4, which premieres July 10.

Question: I need some scoop on The Glades, Burn Notice and White Collar! —Marlene
Ausiello: I choose Option No. 3! Although all teasers to date have suggested that Neal is already hot-n-heavy with the local island girl being played by Mia Maestro when Season 4 opens, that is in fact not the case. He’s made some inroads in wooing her, sure, but she’s still holding out for a grand “honest” moment from “Mr. James Maine.” And when he gives her what she wants? Oh my. Also, if yesterday’s promo seemed shameless, know this: It left out a scene of Neal showering.

Question: Any information on Suits Season 2? —Nicki
Ausiello: How about some additional intel on Erinn Hayes’ guest role as a “woman from Harvey’s past?” Her character, Lia, is the head of security at a glamorous Atlantic City resort, who despite — or because of! — hooking up with Harvey in the past, proves resistant to his charms when she has something he needs.

Question: I need to know what’s coming up for Sam and Andy on Rookie Blue. — Crystal
Ausiello: As you could probably tell from this season’s first two episodes, their romance won’t be without its complications. “How do these two people — with their history together and the difficulties they have communicating — make this work?” muses Rookie Blue EP Tassie Cameron. “That’s the delicious thing we get to explore in this season.” Whereas Andy is “an open book in a lot of ways” and “wants to have a committed, open, communicative relationship,” her partner’s more guarded personality will get in the way, previews Cameron. “Sam is a much more closed book, much more damaged [and there’s] much more going on [with him] that he hasn’t told her about. We’re going to explore some of why Sam is the way he is both in this season and, with any luck if we get it, in Season 4.”

Question: Rookie Blue spoilers, please! —Hannah
Ausiello: This Thursday’s episode launches Gregory Smith into a major arc when Dov interrupts a robbery in progress and shoots a black teenager. “[It] has really big emotional and professional repercussions for him over the season,” reveals Cameron.

Question: Any good Teen Wolf scoops? —Alysia
Ausiello: JR Bourne, who plays big, bad Argent, would neither confirm nor deny buzz that one and possibly two major characters will bite the dust this season, but he did issue this frighteningly cryptic warning. “I think [the fans] will be shocked, surprised and maybe even upset,” he told TVLine at the MTV Movie Awards. “I think they’re going to cry. I think they might maybe pee a bit in their pants out of nervousness. There’s going to be a lot of stuff going on.”

Question: Any Teen Wolf scoop on Lydia? —Jen
Ausiello: “By the third episode you’re going to get some hints of what’s to come with Lydia… and she’s not OK,” teases the show’s creator/showrunner Jeff Davis. “She is definitely feeling the effects of the bite that was taken out of her side. She has a very big arc this season. I told [her portrayer], Holland [Roden], at the start of the season that her role is going to become a lot more important, even though the character doesn’t know it yet. There’s a lot for her to play and she’s part of a big mystery.”

Question: Any chance you might be able to dig up some Drop Dead Diva scoop? —Samantha
Ausiello: Kim Kardashian won’t be stirring up trouble for Fred and Stacy when the angel eventually returns. (And he will return.) EP Josh Berman assures us that rumors that the reality starlet would be playing a love interest for the heavenly fellow was just that — a rumor. “That’s not how we chose to write the character,” he explains. “She would not have been the actor that we would have used to come between [them].”

Question: What’s the status of the Friday Night Lights feature film? —Carol
Ausiello: It’s still in development. Here’s an interesting tidbit: If and when it gets made, I hear it will definitely be set in Coach and Tami’s new hometown of Philadelphia.

Question: I haven’t heard yet when Awkward is coming back. Share some scoop and a premiere date would you? —Vicki
Ausiello: MTV’s gem of a comedy returns with its second season June 28 and although Jenna chose Jake in last year’s finale, the competition for her heart is far from over. We just screened the first two episodes and there are at least three moments that will have Team Matty fans swooning, while Jake still remains too good to be real. So will Jenna stick by her preferred dance date? Look for her to make her choice loud and clear in Episode 2. Meanwhile, the mystery of who wrote the carefrontation letter is replaced by another juicy question.

Question: Will Bones be doing anything special for its 150th episode next season? —Patti
Ausiello: I have no idea — those are Hart Hanson’s words, not mine. “We’ll do something fun,” the EP assures of the landmark hour, which will likely air at midseason. “But I haven’t thought that far ahead.”

Question: Any chance some of the Finder cast might land on Bones next season? —Joel
Ausiello: Don’t think the thought hasn’t crossed the mind of the man in charge of both shows. “I would love that so much,” says Hanson. “But you would have to make sure it wasn’t self-indulgent. And I don’t have a sense right now how much the Bones audience would like to see that. And I don’t know if the Finder audience would want it to happen. But I personally think it would be great.” Hanson concedes that he’s still “exceedingly depressed” about The Finder‘s cancellation, confessing, “It’s hard to let go.” He also says that after some “initial wariness,” the Bones cast warmed up to “the Finder upstarts,” adding, “They all became very fond of each other. David [Boreanaz] really liked working with Geoff [Stults]. They got along terrifically well, so it would be fun to have them on [Bones].”

Question: Got any scoop on The Vampire Diaries? How long is the gang going to be clueless about Klaus’ whereabouts inside of Tyler? —Karolina
Ausiello: “Not long,” offers EP Julie Plec. “But long enough for there to be some cases of mistaken identity.”

Question: Got any Pretty Little Liars scoop to hold me over until June 5th? Like, maybe, more info on the role of “Kenneth” that’s being cast? —Elyse
Ausiello: You didn’t hear this from me, but he’s Alison’s pa.

Question: Any scoop on Hell on Wheels‘ second season? Not gonna lie — I love that show. — Emit
Ausiello: When did I ask you to lie? Anyhow, it’s looking like the toughest guy in Season 2 just may be… a lady. The show is set to introduce Thomas’ wife, Hannah, who — in spite of her hoity-toity upbringing and elegant airs — has the drive of any 10 men. The part’s just recurring (for now), but it sounds like a doozy.

Question: What should we expect for the new season of 90210? Does Dixon die? Any new spoilers? —Sikne
Ausiello: No comment on the Dixon question. I can tell you that Arielle Kebbel will be back as Vanessa for a handful of episodes.

Question: Has Kalinda’s scary-ass husband been cast on The Good Wife yet? — Nicole
Ausiello: No, but they’re getting closer! The official casting breakdown went out on Monday, and from the sounds of it, Kalinda is in for a wild ride. Though she knows that Nick is trouble with a capital T, she’s still drawn to him like the proverbial moth to a flame (and we all know how well that always works out for the moth!). In other news, Lockhart Gardner is going to get some help with its financial troubles in the form of Clarke, a bankruptcy trustee who will make everyone see red as he tries to steer the firm back into the black. Eli will see dollar signs, too, as he attempts to convince a middle-aged internet moneybags named Maddie to throw her support — and wallet — behind Peter’s campaign.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. (Additional reporting by Meg Masters and Vlada Gelman)

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