Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Grey's, Scandal, Smash, Five-0, Castle, Falling Skies and More

Grey's Anatomy Scandal Smash SpoilersWhat is Grey’s Anatomy‘s big finale secret about? Why is Kerry Washington worried about Scandal fans surviving the hiatus? Will Smash go out on a high note? Does Falling Skies have a killer in its midst? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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Grey’s Anatomy | As we enter this final stretch — the Season 9 finale airs next Thursday — here are a few teasers and/or merely interesting anecdotes. For one, you know how Shonda Rhimes famously tweeted that she scrapped her original finale plan for one that gives us a “superstorm”? Well, she says that a bit of bad weather was always coming Seattle’s way, “But it definitely wasn’t going to play out the way that it does now.” Then there was her tweet about having to whisper something to a director during the filming of a finale scene. Rhimes tells us that the top-secret exchange involved a bit of dialogue that was kept out of the script pages, yet was coming up in the scene. (“I just walked down to the set, told the director what we were going to do, and then he did it.”) On a related note — or not — I have this vittle for TVLine reader Jessica, who’s wildly curious about what the finale has in store for Meredith, Derek and the birth of their baby. “It is probably the exact opposite of any situation that anybody would want to go into labor in,” Rhimes says, “but it’s also works exactly how we want it to.” The show boss describes the storyline as “fairly intense,” adding that Ellen Pompeo “did beautiful work.”

And now, a flurry of reader questions….

Fitz choosing Olivia has the Olitz/POPUS shippers over the moon. How long before Scandal ruins the honeymoon? –Mandy
My advice would be to savor the POPUS/Olitz goodness while you can, because big things are brewing for season’s end. As Kerry Washington shared with me, “The end of the season finale is so shocking that at the table read I almost couldn’t get it out of my mouth. You can’t imagine how you’re going to live through the hiatus.”

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When Falling Skies returns on June 9, how much time has passed on screen between the Season 2 finale and the Season 3 premiere? –@jacobsjj
I will go out on a limb and say that seven months have passed — if only because about a dozen different characters mention in the Season 3 opener that seven months have passed. (So exposition-y!) As such, Tom and Ann are thisclose to birthing their baby, which will, all things considered, present out-of-this-world complications. I can also share that the premiere has a wowza cold open in which the rebels kick some ass… until they don’t; Hal is somehow paralyzed, yet still finding ways to rendezvous with an ever-creepy Karen; and a murder mystery plays a big role in at least the first episodes.

Hi, Matt! I would love to get scoop on the Hawaii Five-0 finale — more specifically on the Kono and Adam storyline. Thank you! –Clarisse
Showrunner Peter Lenkov wants you to know, Clarisse, that come May 20, “Kono has to make the hardest decision of her life — choosing between Adam and her Five-0 family.” Your prediction?

I know it’s a little early for next season questions, but any chance we’ll see Dane Cook on Hawaii Five-0 again? –Sarah
Yes, it is a little early for next season questions.

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Who is coming back next season on Criminal Minds? –Sandy
Who, indeed. Though our sister site Deadline said that holdouts such as A.J. Cook, Kirsten Vangsness and Shemar Moore had until close of business this past Tuesday to accept CBS/ABC Studios’ “final” offer for Season 9, last I checked, there had been no movement,

Now that Smash‘s Karen told Jimmy that she loves him, will they be getting back together anytime soon before the series finale? And will Jimmy tell Karen that he loves her? –Kristina
Let’s just say the would-be couple has a “moment” in the finale airing Sunday, May 26. You’ll also see the entire cast singing “Under Pressure”; Karen and Ivy will reteam for a musical number; and Eileen’s bad boy squeeze Nick (played by All My Children‘s Thorsten Kaye) will resurface.

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I’ll take any (and I mean ANY) scoop regarding Castle‘s season finale! Monday cannot come fast enough! –Martina
Awesome, because I have ANY scoop: Chuck alum Mekenna Melvin, we knew, guest-stars in Monday’s ep. I can now add that she’s playing Talia McTeague, a well-off Harvard student who shares a connection with the Victim of the Week.

Any news on the Man In the High Castle miniseries from Syfy? My husband is really excited about it. –Saralyn
Your spouse is in good company — the cabler got a very strong reaction to that announcement — but it’s still in the development stage at this time, I am told.

In one of your interviews with Revenge showrunner Mike Kelley, he said that he “tabled” Conrad’s son for the latter half of Season 2. Has Victoria’s abandoned son taken the place of that storyline? –Andrew
Not necessarily; last we checked in with Kelley, the Conrad’s son story had been pushed all the way to Season 3 — which, of course, Kelley won’t be overseeing any longer. So… who knows?

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  1. Maki says:

    Imagine Conrads and Victorias son being a couple.LoL that would be a moment to remember.

  2. Lea says:

    Very excited for anything related to MerDer/baby. They are the reason I still watch.

    • Russ says:

      As long as Meredith doesn’t have the baby in the elevator, I will be excited.

    • DarkDefender says:

      McBaby coming in the elevator is apropos. Can’t top heart in an elevator, but I bet it comes close. All the great Mer/Der moments happen in those elevators… This should be no exception. Most unlikely to assist with the delivery? I’m guessing one of the new interns, whomever they are keeping around next season and hopefully not chesty McDouche.

  3. Jenny says:

    Does anyone actually expect the MerDer baby NOT to be just fine? Of course he will be, everything is always fine with MerDer. The drama is dumb and will take up half the finale. They should have just let Meredith have the baby. MerDer fans would have been happy and there’s plenty of characters to give more story to.

    • Meredith has already lost a child. let her have this one.

    • Lea says:

      Oh, yes. Meredith definitely had everything so easy *rolleyes* this is a drama show, Meredith is the lead character so of course the birth will be dramatic.

    • Tia says:

      They spend an episode, dedicated to Callie and her baby and made a musical out of it which was the most ridiculous episode to date and we all knew she and the baby will live. So what if Meredith’s one will have the drama and not a ”normal” birth? It’s the finale, and it’s Grey’s Anatomy. Quiet and normal don’t fit in the show.
      Bring on the Meredith/Derek/baby. I only care about them.

    • sophie says:

      Seriously ?? MerDer are the heart of this show I wouldn’t mind if Shonda Rhimes decides to kill off all the other characters and just keep the ones from the early seasons(and Owen of course!!!)

  4. Jessie says:

    If there’s been no movement for Cook, Vangsness and Moore should we take that as a sign that Criminal Minds won’t move forward without them? I’m guessing this means that Gibson and Mantegna signed?

    • Kvivik says:

      No one has confirmed Gibson and Mantegna signed new deals. Just that Shemar, Kristen and AJ were the holdouts in the negotiations.
      Personally, I’m a bit tired of Hotch and Derek being so dark. I miss the Derek of the first couple of seasons. And I was happy that Hotch seemed to lighten up again when he had the interaction with Beth.

    • Angela says:

      I sincerely hope that’s what that means. Continuing to cross my fingers that we’ll hear the good news that everyone will be coming back next year.

  5. Count me as someone who DOESN’T want to see Dane Cook on H5-0 next season. Or ANY season.

  6. Mike Ashmore says:

    what duet does Karen and Ivy do in the finale? Thanks, I will hang up and listen!!

  7. chris says:

    If they break up Olivia and Fitz yet again at the end of an arc, that is redundant. How many times is Scandal going to run this play? It will actually help me through the summer hiatus.

  8. kristina says:

    Yes, thank you for answering my smash question. I really do hope Karen/Jimmy get back together.

  9. Becca says:

    Yay Castle scoop! Even if there’s no Castle/Beckett intel, it’s great to hear that Mekenna Melvin will be on. Can’t wait for Monday!

  10. Katie says:

    So, are you saying Dane wll be back on 5-0 next season? I need to know if I’m gonna need to buy Kleenex in bulk all summer long.

  11. Saralyn says:

    Thank you for answering my question! I’m glad Man in the High Castle is still a go.

  12. Emmakingg says:

    Thank you Matt for always working so hard at getting us fans some Castle scoop! We don’t take you for granted..:-)

  13. Anna says:

    thanks for the SMASH gossip!! Love that show!

  14. ddddddd says:

    Let me guess, Olivia is pregnant. Dun, dun, dun. With Jake’s baby!

    • Suz says:

      Who’s the daddy may be better. She was with Jake and Fitz… Then it becomes, will she keep it or have a ‘fall.’

  15. A.B. says:

    Has anyone thought that maybe they don’t have Mer deliever in the finale but cut out when she goes into labor and don’t have her give birth till next season.

  16. James says:

    sweet can’t wait for falling skies its a guilty plessure of mine. love Mekenna Melvin so thats something to look forward to.

    speaking of Castle Matt, is their any validity to the Deadline report that ABC is going to give castle a Two seaon pickup?

  17. Jessica says:

    Thank you for the Grey’s spoiler Matt. Looking forward about the top secret scene. And can’t wait for the birth of MerDer’s baby.

  18. Lisa says:

    So disappointed with SMASH! I wanted to see Derek and Karen together! Can’t that worthless Safran do anything right? I hope no one else ever hires him as a showrunner -he awful!

  19. jenna says:

    I think the mole (or associate) must be fitz, cyrus or david. Someone close to either olivia for fitz so the betrayal is twice as devastating

  20. Mari says:

    At this point I’m only waiting for Castle’s sneak peeks.

  21. Mark says:

    Oh the baby drama. What to do when you don’t know what to do with the famale lead? Get her pregnant, yay. No. Much more interested in that Callie/Arizona (Lauren) breathtaking scene or April’s storyline.

  22. GinnyB says:

    Matt, is there any chance at all that CBS will NOT cancel Vegas? Do you think some other network perhaps on cable might pick it up? It’s such a good show.

  23. cjeffery7 says:

    oh man! i totally forgot ann was preggers! oh my gosh! so much to look forward to on Falling Skies! can’t wait!

  24. Tom Mc says:

    Why is that Hollywood seems to think Philip K. Dick is the only sci-fi writer who ever lived? I would much rather see a movie or series based on the novel that inspired Man In The High Castle – Ward Moore’s Bring The Jubilee. If you have never heard of it, seek it out and read it. Damn fine novel about an alternate reality in which the South won the Civil War.
    And I’m still waiting for The Stars My Destination or The Demolished Man by Alfred Bester, or Wasp, by Eric Frank Russell. These stories would make epic films or TV series if done properly.