Criminal Minds Boss on Renewal Hold-Up: 'If We're Not on the Fall Schedule, I Will Be in Shock'

Criminal Minds Season 9 Renewal DelayErica Messer has signed a new deal with ABC Studios to continue on as executive producer and showrunner of CBS’ Criminal Minds, our sister site Deadline reports — assuming the crime drama is renewed for Season 9.

The hold-up: Longtime castmembers A.J. Cook, Thomas Gibson, Joe Mantegna, Shemar Moore and Kirsten Vangsness all have yet to negotiate their own Season 9 returns, though that process is expected to be expedited now that Messer’s officially on board.

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During a TVLine interview about the show’s season finale (airing May 22), Messer said that if CBS’ May 15 Upfront presentation “rolls around and we’re not the schedule, I won’t have any words for you, because i will be in shock, on the floor.”

CBS already has renewed 19 shows to return for the 2013-14 TV season, but Criminal Minds remains a conspicuous omission from the list. “Five of our seven actors aren’t negotiated for next year — it wasn’t just one or two [as in past seasons] — and good business says you can’t pick something up until those [talks] are at least well underway,” Messer explains. “And when CBS put out that press release [about pick-ups], they weren’t.”

For her part, Messer admits, “I’m calling business affairs [for updates] every day saying, ‘How bored are you with me calling?’ And they are very, very bored with me calling. But I feel very confident that the show is beloved both by ABC Studios and the CBS Network, and by fans around the world. I’d be shocked if we didn’t come back.”

As previously reported, Criminal Minds‘ Replicator-centric Season 8 finale will feature one fatality and one possible death — one of which is a character played by a series regular.

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  1. hello says:

    Of course it will be renewed, but i fear it will be without Thomas Gibson.

    • Lisa 7 says:

      HE “IS” THE SHOW! If he’s not on……….I’m not watching!!!!! PERIOD!

      • freidag says:

        Eh, he was barely there this season and I didn’t miss him. If he wants off, he wants off.

      • Ditcher says:

        I agree with you 100% without the original cast it really isn’t criminal minds. Without Thomas Gibson, shemar Moore, Joe, Mathew Gray gubbler and AJ cook it really isn’t criminal minds. Prentis already left, it would suck if any other cast member left. Blake is new so I really wouldn’t care if she left. I wouldn’t watch it anymore without them.

        • Rita Ennas says:

          I agree, I would not be able to loose anyone else. I too would like to see Prentis return.

          • Barb says:

            Paget Brewster really needs to be part of this team, it’s just not the same without her, she is a great addition to this show and I really miss her badly, please bring her back.

          • Hope M says:


        • Evangelin G Chapman Wall says:

          Bring Thomas Gordon back. One of your new actors is monotone and passionless. Bump him. You’ve run off some good cast, but Gordon was holding the whole dang opera together. Glad you brought Paget Brewster back. Shemar’s replacement is inferior. Clean it up or take it off the air. The viewers and fans need things we can count on. Cast doesn’t need to be so shifty.

    • David S says:

      I feel like he wouldn’t turn down a steady pay check.

    • Magically Suspicious says:

      I’d love to see him back, but I’m not sure I’d miss him if he left. I certainly wouldn’t stop watching.

    • greysfan says:

      If CBS doesn’t renew this show then it will move to ABC. ABC Studio’s makes a tonne on this series. CBS are idiots taking so long. This is a show hitting its 9th season and they continue to have issues with contracts. I get its the business but the actors deserve what they are asking (yes i don’t know what it is exactly but they do) because they do an incredible job week in week out. If CBS are that stupid to cancel it then they are the biggest losers here. I too fear Thomas Gibson will be the one to depart but then again it could be anyone.

      • Ditcher says:

        YOU ARE SOO RIGHT!! CBS TAKES FOREVER! Criminal minds are like a family, it’s been 9 seasons ALREADY! If there isn’t a cm season 9 I will be so disappointed because that is the best and it can’t be beat

    • Sally Lindsey says:

      I really don’t care for Tripplehorn, she comes off as an arrogant elitist. She could go and I’d be fine with it.

      • cindy arnold says:

        I don’t care if Tripplehorn comes back at all. I was hoping the last episode when the husband and her were talking about moving to get other jobs I was hoping she was gone from the show.. She is so boring and just is not a fit with the rest of the cast. I hope none of the regulars leave.I think actors commit career suicide when they leave hit shows.

    • Susan says:

      I REALLY hope that ALL the current members stay as it wouldn’t be the same!!! :(

    • biby says:

      they have all renewed for seasonn 9. matthew grey gubler specificcly stated that season 9 will be his last. this might be the death of ried. and maybe criminal minds.

      • Angela says:

        Just curious, where exactly did you hear that “season 9 will be his last” news? I hope that’s not true or was misinterpreted/misreported or something.

  2. Tinemi says:

    I’d be shocked if they didn’t come back… mostly because they wouldn’t get a proper send off and after 9 seasons as one of the most watched series it deserves a good ending and not a cliffhanger ending.

  3. Bethan says:

    I hope the show returns with all the cast members but I don’t think there has been a season of this show without some sort of shuffle within the cast or behind the scenes!

    As long as Hotch, JJ and Garcia return I’ll be happy :)

  4. King says:

    Five out of seven cast members? Well that explains a lot why renewal hasn’t been finalized despite the strong ratings Criminal Minds gets every week.

    • Dav says:

      Not to mention the show runner and several of the writers. The lawyers and agents have been very busy over at CBS this week!

  5. As long as AJ Cook and Joe Mantegna are back, I’m fine with it! <3

  6. tlh45 says:

    Well, I like Thomas Gibson, so if he doesn’t come back….I don’t know if I would continue watching. Then again, if Gibson leaves and CSI NY doesn’t get renewed…Gary Sinise would make a great addition! I would definitely be watching then!

    • Angela says:

      …I kinda like that idea, actually. That could be interesting.
      I do hope Gibson stays, though. I hope ALL the main team members will be back for next season, I like all of ’em.

  7. Rjrtist says:

    I’m going to say Tripplehorn is a victim.

  8. shuayb says:

    They can kill blake but not anyone else. I would be really pissed if they kill hotch. It would make creative sense to shake things up by killing someone like hotch or joe mantegnas character. But I don’t want them to.
    What would be great is if we find out that the replicator is Gideon

    • Daven C says:

      I’ve been thinking that ever since we first started seeing him on the show. But I also think there is more than one unsub. A big bad and an apprentice.

    • Lesli says:

      I disagree with you on Blake but love the Gideon idea

  9. Morgan says:

    Criminal Minds has sucked this season. I would like to say that it is because I miss Prentiss. But I think it’s just crappy writing. They have had maybe 2 good episodes this season. And the new chick ain’t cutting it for me. Whack her and be done with it.

    • Lisa 7 says:

      They need to go back to the “ORIGINAL” cast. I watch season one, repeat after repeat. Just loved the old cast. They should bring back the guy Joe M replaced and make it a SMASH HIT!!!! (DO NOT REPLACE JOE THOUGH)! HE CAN’T BE REPLACED!

      • Steven says:

        Mandy Patinkin left the shows and has since said the show was the biggest mistake of his career. He’s not coming back.

      • Dav says:

        I actually hated the first season. It was the Mandy Patinkin show and they made it all about his character. The others were just background noise. After he left the rest of the characters came out front and center and got to contribute more to the story. I’m glad he left.

        • Mari says:

          I don’t care for the first season as much, either–and I by far prefer the Rossi character to the Gideon character. I found the Gideon character creepy, which is odd because I usually like Patinkin.

    • freidag says:

      I think this season was better than the last two seasons combined! Not a fan of Jean T and the Blake character but I didn’t miss Prentiss as much as I thought I would.

    • Lisa Panger says:


  10. GS says:

    I will be beyond pissed if this show doesn’t come back…my absolute favorite. The only one they can lose is Blake. That character grates on me and she is no Prentiss so she can go away. The others need to sign their freaking contracts! I need my Criminal Minds fix!

  11. wrstlgirl says:

    LOL, and so begins the threats “I’m not watching anymore”…..honestly people enough of this. You sound ridiculous.

  12. Rachel says:

    I too would struggle to watch the show without Thomas Gibson. Thomas Gibson really makes the show for me. i would miss Joe, JJ, Shemar, Kirstin & Reid but i think I could deal as long as gibson returns I have struggled this season with how they are doing the replicator story-line. I wish we had more of that process & not so many what feels like stand alone episodes in between. My struggle is not so great that I would stop watching at this point, but if any of the main characters besides Blake is killed, I don’t know if I could watch. I have a feeling though that its the death is going to be the alcoholic boss lady. (Her name has slipped my mind this second) I also think Gideon would be the ideal replicator, “gone of the reservation” but they would have to reveal it without us actually seeing him because he has really bad mouthed Criminal Minds since he left the show. He said it was too deep & dark & made him depressed the whole time he was on the show. I don’t think they could get him back to play one of the darkest villains Criminal Minds has had. Who knows?! Looking forward to the next episodes & hoping for signed contracts soon! :)

    • Rachel says:

      I apologize for my typos, everybody!

    • wrstlgirl says:

      It’s funny you should bring that up because I was chatting with some friends last night about the replicator and Gideon’s name came up. That would be an interesting twist. I really can’t see losing any of the “main” cast with the exception of Blake who, for me anyway, never really blended in well. The replicator is tied to her in some way because he appeared just shortly after she joined the team I believe.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        He or she appeared, I should correct that :-)

      • Lola says:

        It is interesting that the replicator would be include her. I mean, if we are still working on the theory that it is someone who has a grudge against the team what ever happened would have happened before she joined. Seems like the replicator would target the others and not her. However, it is entirely possible he/she is just some psycho who has a thing against the FBI or wants to test themselves against the “great BAU”.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          One theory is that Blake joining the BAU team brought the replicator to the surface for some reason but it’s all just theories.

          • Mel says:

            Maybe the Replicator is just a manifestation of all the angry fans who are upset over losing Prentiss. :-)

      • Lan Hinton says:


  13. Steven says:

    I’d be ok with Morgan leaving. I never warmed up to his character. i love everyone else on the show though. Glad MGG is signed on.

    • Rachel says:

      Garcia & Morgan’s back n forth is what made me love Moore’s character.. One wouldn’t work well without the other. I depressed sad Garcia would be hard to watch!

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Completely agree, I look forward to their banter each week.

        • Steven says:

          I usually find the banter so inappropriate. I love Garcia, but Morgan bothers me.

          • lyn says:

            The only part that bothers me is the idea that someone like Morgan would remotely consider someone like Garcia. Their innuendo seems false and ridiculous.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            You’ve peaked my curiosity :-) Why wouldn’t Morgan legitimately be interested in Garcia?

          • lyn says:

            JMO. A bodybuilder who obviously has great respect for his body is unlikely to be attracted to a woman who has no respect for hers. Not only is she unhealthily overweight, she compounds that by doing herself up as a clown. I’m not saying no one would want her, but I’m pretty sure Morgan wouldn’t. Again, that is only my opinion.

          • Lara Vlach says:

            @lyn – Some bodybuilders may not be attracted to Garcia, others might. The character is brilliant, and being overweight does not mean she (or, for that matter, the actress, as is implied by your comment) has no respect for her body. Her quirky appearance and fun accessories do not make her a clown.

            They have well visited Garcia’s personality and her attraction to bright, fun clothing, accessories, etc, and the character has explained that she is, in part, drawn to these things because she witnesses absolute horror day after day. In addition, she is vivacious, funny, and extremely intelligent. She is gainfully employed, compassionate, committed to bettering the world, and not afraid to stand out. Her weight does not detract from her many amazing qualities, not the least of which is her genuine affection and concern for Derek Morgan and every other member of that team.

            TPTB may never put Morgan & Garcia together, no matter how many fans would love to see it. That could be because they think it’s more interesting or fun with the banter, and worry about what. Or it could be because they are concerned about audience members who think/have writers who feel that an overweight, quirky character could not possibly/genuinely be attractive to a conventionally attractive bodybuilder like Derek Morgan.

          • Angela says:

            @Lara Vlach: EXCELLENT post. Perfectly stated.
            I think Morgan and Garcia would make a rather cute couple, myself. I could see them together. But that’s a good point about the friendship thing, too. This show is one of very few out there I’ve seen that hasn’t put any of the main characters together into an actual romantic relationship (Reid and JJ had that date in the first season, but that was off-screen and nothing came of it since then), and I find that rather interesting. Wonder if that’ll ever change?

        • Angela says:

          As do I. It’s a nice bit of lighthearted humor, which is sometimes needed given how dark this show can get.
          Plus, they just have a great working/friendly chemistry and play off each other really well.

  14. david says:

    they haven’t renewed so that you wont know who dies in the finale otherwise they will all be back

    • Jackie says:

      My thoughts exactly! They aren’t going to say who is signing a new contract until after the finale! I really hope they don’t kill off one of the team tho….

  15. Jimmy says:

    Criminal Minds needs to come back, it’s consistently been a must-see show, and I can’t remember every saying that I disliked an episode… As far as the cast goes, I wouldn’t really care is Jeanne Tripplehorn leaves because she never really clicked for me, and even if they kill off Joe Mantegna’s character, I wouldn’t be too hurt over it. He is a great actor, but the character never really clicked for me. I liked Gideon much more, but I know Mandy Patinkin won’t come back, so I hope they find a suitable replacement if they choose to go down that road. The only people that MUST come back for me are Hotch, Morgan, Reid and Garcia… everyone else is expendable to some degree for me

    • allyson peterson says:

      I agree with you totally!! Why do you do this 4 or 5 episodes and then start a new season? My friends and I really hate this format and really wish you would would go back to more episodes per season.

  16. Susan says:

    I love this show its the best programme ever and I love the cast its what makes this show so brilliant! I agree Blake isn’t much fun though. In the UK we are half way through season 8, so not sure what’s to come. Hotchner is my favourite I’m in love with that character and have thought up a great story line to spice things up for him ;) if the writers are interested you have my email! Lol!! Please continue with the show I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to the BAU as I’m sure many others aren’t !! Xx

  17. Lola says:

    I don’t see why everyone is so worried. They do this to us ALL THE TIME! “someone we know is going to die” or “One of their own is in danger”. Yeah, they said that last year and it turned out to be Will. Notice they say “a series regular” and not “a major character” or “one of the team”. I’m calling it now…Strauss is going to die.

  18. Anne says:

    I quit watching when they got rid of Prentiss and when they married off J.J. to Detective Crawfish.

  19. Shannon says:

    I am woofully behind (like by a few seasons – so my comments may not be wholly accurate), but one of the things I have liked about CM is that it is really an ensemble cast and the only one we seem to keep losing is the female field agent (elle – emily now Alex). i think the show would be in trouble if they lost Hotch, Morgen, Reid and Garcia. I really like JJ and Rossi, but I don’t think they are as essential to the success of the show as the other four are.

    As much as I like Mandy in some of his other endeavors, I didn’t like him in CM and I didn’t like how Gideon-centric the first two seasons seemed. Once Mandy left, I felt that the other characters began to be fleshed out and we had more stories that impacted each player.

    That being said, I think it will be back with a full cast (minus the person they are killing off if it is indeed one of the main core cast. sometimes the studios use words that make you think main cast, but really it is just a consistent background character).

    • Krista says:

      JJ is now a profiler so she is in the field almost all the time. She has filled some of the gap now that Prentiss is in London.

      I couldn’t agree with you more where Gideon is concerned. My least favorite episodes are from the Gideon years. Thankfully, we’ve gotten to know so much more about the other characters since his departure.

      Now that Messer has signed I have a feeling the majority of the remaining contracts will be settled pretty quickly. I think there will definitely be a 9th season as long as they get at least a majority of the cast resigned.

    • Funny, because if Rossi or JJ left, the show would be so much more boring for me for me, my least favorite episodes are the ones without JJ, when she’s on maternity leave, and season 6, and before Rossi gets to the team. Even my favorite *storyline*, which is Bloodlines, 5×14, I think, isn’t perfect because JJ isn’t it in.

      I don’t care at all for Hotch, he could be gone and I wouldn’t miss him. Garcia is fun, but even when she’s almost gone from the episodes they function well. I really do like Morgan, but I’d be okay with him gone. I don’t adore Blake — she could be so much more, but she’s okay. Either way, there, gone, all the same. Reid may be my least favorite of them all. I never liked him much.

      But Rossi? I want him to be my best friend and my mentor! He’s clearly the smartest of them all, if you think intellectually wise. JJ? I want to hang out with her! She’s the heart of the team. She’s always been all about the victims, when the others focused on the killers. Just watch the first episodes. She’s so essential, they brought her back. JJ and Rossi makenthe show for me <3

  20. Mel says:

    I think Hotch and Reid are really the two characters the show can’t do without. Nothing against the other characters/actors. They are great and there are plenty of fans (myself included) who would miss them. However, as far as keeping the show going, I think it could stand the loss of one or more of the others and keep going. Hotch and Reid are irreplaceable though.

  21. Karen says:

    Can’t lose spencer Reid I’d be devastated . Brilliant character and performance from MGG

  22. Ginger says:

    Just cancel it. They’ve run out of story lines and the characters have become so 1 dimensional!

  23. MARY KRDER says:


  24. GMom100 says:

    For years I avoided CM because of the nature of the show, but, after watching an episode on A&E, I was hooked! I love the characters! JJ, Reid, Hotch, well, all of them! But this season? Not so much! The shows are just so gruesome, I have only watched a handful all the way through. Plus that new lady (I didn’t even know her name), Blake, is a big zero. The producers, etc. need to get down on their knees and BEG Paget Brewster to come back! Also, I want more Will on the show!!

    • AshAshJ says:

      I wanna see more Will on the show as well! My favorite characters are: Reid, Morgan, Rossi, JJ, and Will (even though he isn’t a main character) everyone in my family is telling me they are going to kill Will and I keep saying I don’t want it to happen! I like Will’s character, he has potenial and the character has good dinamic
      Sorry if there are any misspelled words in this, spelling is my weak spot + I am using a mobile device

      • Jackie says:

        I too like the character of Will. They aren’t going to kill him off this year, he isn’t in the finale, he is in this week’s episode. I doubt if we’ll see much of Will since the actor has been getting so many movie roles, but we can hope!

        • AshAshJ says:

          Yes, yes, we can hope for his character to be on more! I am very happy I am not the only Will fan, it seemed like I was for everyone I talk to hates his character and wants JJ to be with Spencer

  25. kk says:

    I an a diehard Criminal Minds fan….everyone of the main cast needs to stay. Criminal Minds holds the top slot on my series priority list.

  26. Cate says:

    Paget left, she has a possible new show, I think it’s time to move on and let Prentiss live in London in peace. I miss prentiss too, but I think it was obvious throughout season 7, that PB didn’t want to be there (yes she wasnt happy with how the network treat her and AJ but she decided to leave, it was her decision). Prentiss was a character not many people liked at first too so maybes we should give Blake a chance. I think the writers tried to do the opposite with Blake and let her just blend into the background in comparison to Seaver, who was shoved down our throats and had strong opposition too, (not RN fault but the writers handled her introduction into the team wrong IMO). I liked this season, I think it’s slowly getting back on track after the two previous rocky seasons. So fingers crossed for a season 9.

    • freidag says:

      I agree. Paget wanted to leave. No one made her go. It was her choice to walk. AJ let bygones be bygones and stayed and didn’t hold a grudge and had a good job and a show and fans that love her.

      I have tried to give Blake a chance and I’ve enjoyed a lot of her kind interactions with Reid. But making the big Replicator finale all about her character as Erica Messer has said, really annoys the heck out of me. What a letdown.

    • I really agree about this. MOVE ON, people. Prentiss isn’t coming back. Give Blake a chance. I LOVED seeing her in the classroom, as a professor. I hope they get to,explore this side of her more. That gave her individuality.

      Also, about Rachel Nichols, I HATED her a Seaver. No personality, no character, I thought she sucked. Turned out, it really was the character the writers tried to force down on us. The woman is *amazing* in Continuum. You can’t say it’s the same actress.

  27. Tara M. says:

    Criminal Minds MUST return! Its my fav show, and if isn’t doesn’t come back on….I will b so deeply upset and heart broken. I look forward to every wednesday, knowenin I can watch my fav show and my fav actors! Its an amazing show…and I Know it will return in September! They don’t want to dissapointed all of there millions of Fans! Me lve CRIMINAL MINDS!!!

  28. Carey F says:

    I LOVE this show. I came into it when Season 6 was finishing and Season 7 was starting (UK view schedules) and just caught the old re-runs on TV and just got HOOKED. I loved that the core of the cast has been the same bar one or two changes. I like that the characters aren’t bitchy and back-stabbing to each other. They have lil fights and disagreements (which family doesn’t?) but they generally sort it out.
    Though, I don’t like how the Replicator isn’t being mentioned as much this season considering he’s targeting the team. I wonder if he goes after a family member of the team? Mark Hamill has been cast – I just hope they haven’t spoiled the surprise, but again, you can’t cast him and give him a small part.
    I love the show and the cast – I hope they choose very carefully who they get ‘rid’ off and don’t ruin the dynamic of the team in doing so.

  29. badpenny says:

    So Joe Mantegna just confirmed on twitter that “one person will not be back for next season.” He didn’t say who.

  30. Ellie says:

    I hate to bust bubbles but I just read that its confirmed that “Reid” and the new chick, were in fact not asked to renew their contract.

    • paul burnett says:

      they both signed a 2 year contract for season 8 & 9 (reid and blake)
      that’s why theres no mention

  31. D says:

    An earlier post said that Reid’s contract wasn’t up for renewal. Maybe that’s why there was no offer.

  32. Anne says:

    The present cast is what makes this show. What a disappointment when Emily left, however, we adjusted. If Garcia, J.J., Spencer, or any one else of the original cast leave then this show isn’t worth watching. The cast (the team) is what its all about. Obviously the producers haven’t a clue how important keeping the original cast is. Wake up!!!

  33. JC says:

    Since Prentiss, Greenaway and Garcia each got shot once and survived, I think this time either JJ or Blake will get shot in the season finale.

  34. Lisa Panger says:

    I’m already bored of the show. I hate what they did to spencer. After that, I barely cared to watch.

  35. Susan says:

    I REALLY hope that ALL the current cast stay on the show. It just would not be the same without them. I love the show and there have been just too many great shows cancelled or ending… :(

  36. Deborah W Pancoast says:

    I love all the characters. Each one adds some different twist to the group. I love Morgan and I loved Gideon. He added a special insight and sensitivity. Notch, Reid, Garcia, JJ, Prentiss, and of course Rossi are each so integrible to the group. Give us more. We want more!

  37. Hwood Writer says:

    As someone who worked on the show, I might bring more insight to this debate, along with my own opinions, of course. First, the Patinkin Year… it was most definitely the Patinkin show. He’s not only arrogant but extremely difficult to work with and full of himself. He was a nightmare on Chicago Hope and pulled the Caruso-esque exit, then burned the bridge with Criminal Minds as well. They were quite relieved for him to go. Mantegna on the other hand is very well-liked, and one heck of an actor, a much better addition to the show. (And his wife runs a great little Italian restaurant in Burbank.)

    Gray-Gubler brings the most eccentricity to the show and his character is invaluable to the magic. Same goes for Vangness who is one of the best actresses I’ve seen in a long time. I agree with the Tripplehorn observations. She’s dispensable.

    I’m also more fond of Thomas Gibson than I had been in earlier seasons, but he’s still a tough character to connect with.

    Now, as to issues the next season: The show is what’s known as a co-production between ABC Studios and CBS (network). Budgets have to be signed off on by execs on both sides, which is time-consuming. In terms of contracts, actors tend to wait to negotiate additional years based on various factors. I’m confident the show will come back.

    In terms of the writing, on the other hand, when the scripts lose the interplay between characters, the magic wanes. They DO need fresh meat in the writers’ room.

    • Jeff M. says:

      Very late reply but I just stumbled onto this comment thread. You may have found Patinkin overbearing; he himself has admitted to deplorable on-set behavior. However, as a fan, the first two seasons of the show were by far the best. I see repeated posts where the show was too “Mandy-centric” but that was because he was the lead! The show still featured the talents of the rest of the cast but Gideon was always the mentor and guru of the group. His talent (you worked on the show – tell me anyone on that cast who can convey more emotion without saying a word than Patinkin) shone through and his portrayal gave Gideon foibles and doubts even through his experience and passion for justice.
      Some of those episodes were so well written and directed and acted that very little (except C. Thomas Howell as the Reaper) since has had the gravitas and compelling draw that Gideon’s episodes did. I will say this episode this past week (I believe titled “Strange Fruit”) with Rossi facing his own past while trying to break through an indignant unsub named Charles Johnson.
      I don’t dislike Joe (Fat Tony) Montengna; I would love to see a scene between Rossi and Gideon. However you cannot watch CM since season three and say it stands up to Patinkin’s work on the show.

  38. Ângela says:

    I love every single character in that show. I love Joe sarcasrm and on the same time his sweetness. I really want all them back.

  39. Tina says:

    I love the show but I would like to see Morgan and Garcia get togetherer finally I think they really care about each other. always remember opposites attract .just think of the story lines and how Morgan would risk everything to protect her Garcia . and I agree with everyone if the original cast don’t return it just want be the same. hurry up and sign contracts and get this show back on I just need to watch it.i love everything about it.

  40. Rachelle Essex says:

    After been a fan and watching this show from the beginning…having seasons 1-7(still waiting for 8)I’m disappointed to hear more of our original characters…ones we have grown to love may not be present in 9….I won’t continue to watch bc in their own way each make the show the success and what it has become…a great show….a terrific wonderful show…So I hope u listen to us as fans bc in my opinion if any more of the star actors and actress leave…the show will lose a lot of fans…..To my CM family I love u all and apperitate all the hard work and love you put into the show to make it WONDERFUL all these years……

  41. amel says:

    I want all the team members back for next season, even I don’t really care about Blake. And I want Prentiss back!

  42. Ansley says:

    As long as the remaining original cast comes back, and Rossi comes back, ill be fine. DONT KILL DR. SPENCER REID

  43. YIISD says:

    The character Blake needs to go. I wouldn’t mind seeing JJ leave either … Except for the fact that I really enjoy the character Will.
    Reid, Rossi, Morgan & Garcia make a great character base. Keep those & let the audience stay on the edge of their seat each season to see which “newbie” leaves.

  44. Gale Ann Mauck says:

    Criminal Minds is AWESOME! Please tell me all cast members will be back, including Thomas Gibson. This family can NOT be broken up. I love them all.
    I think the writing is excellent and the actors are superb!!!
    I pray for another season in 2014.
    There are thousands and thousands of fans out there. :)

  45. As long as shemar and aj are still on there I Will continue watching <3

  46. stulin says:

    Is everybody happy now? Season finale was great!!!!

  47. Jay Moody says:

    Gibson, Mantegna and Gubler have to return. Replace the others to jazz up the series.
    PLEASE just get rid of “Penelope” and “Derek”. She’s annoying, and I have to mute the volume so I don’t have to hear “Derek” say “baby doll” over and over again.

  48. Lenora Davis says:

    I am really praying that Rossi, Hotchner, Morgan, Garcia, and especially DR. REID, will stay on the show until it ends. I am aware that it is a very hard job but these characters make this show. I will truly be heartbroken if one of the actors who plays those parts leaves. If one leaves, good luck on trying to finish the show on a good foot. When reading the above comments I wasn’t sure what to believe. I started to tear up for fear that Matthew Gray Gubler wouldn’t stay on the show. He did say something about leaving but coming back..not sure. I really hope that the truth is better than the rumors I just read in the comments. LOVE CRIMINAL MINDS AND ALL THE CAST :)

  49. Lenora Davis says:

    I am really praying that Rossi, Hotchner, Morgan, Garcia, and especially DR. REID, will stay on the show until it ends. I am aware that it is a very hard job but these characters make this show. I will truly be heartbroken if one of the actors who plays those parts leaves. If one leaves, good luck on trying to finish the show on a good foot. When reading the above comments I wasn’t sure what to believe. I started to tear up for fear that Matthew Gray Gubler wouldn’t stay on the show. He did say something about leaving but coming back, and that everything would be alright not sure. I really hope that the truth is better than the rumors I just read in the comments. LOVE CRIMINAL MINDS AND ALL THE CAST :)

  50. Taylor says:

    Nooooo Reid has to come backkk!! I will never watch this show if he doesn’t come back!!!! :”(