Scandal Burning Questions: Shonda Rhimes on Fitz's Fate, Mellie's Wordplay, Mole Twist and More

Scandal Season 2 Finale Preview Shonda RhimesWill Scandal‘s First Lady have the last word?

ABC’s always buzzy sophomore drama once again “went there” — playing a big card, abruptly, by having Mellie follow through on her threat to air President Grant’s adulterous laundry for all the world to see. But what are we to make of what she didn’t say during her TV tattle session? And will Cyrus strike back with his promised “mutually assured destruction”? And what had the show’s cast exclaiming, “Holy mole-y” at the finale’s table read? Here, series creator Shonda Rhimes fielded some burning questions about the latest jawdroppers and what’s to come in Season 2’s final two hours.

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TVLINE | If I have one quibble coming out of the “run-out-the-clock” scene: Didn’t Olivia once take the stance that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one…? Something along the lines of how she can’t rob American of a great president on behalf of own love life?
Yes, but she wasn’t doing anything [in that clock scene]. She didn’t do anything. That was all Fitz.

TVLINE | Yes, but she let him sit there. She didn’t say, “No, you can’t do this. You must go.”
Well, she did. She said, “I’m going to call Cyrus…. Maybe you can call Mellie and get an extension….” He’s a grown man and he made a choice, and I think she understood for the first time that he was in fact making a choice for himself.

TVLINE | Now that Mellie has announced Fitz’s infidelity to the world, will Cyrus follow through on the smear campaign? Is there any reason he wouldn’t?
I think all kinds of things are going to happen next. One of the things I always like to say about this show is that when the episode ends, I always get all these questions about the next episode that I can’t really answer because they don’t really have anything to do with the next episode, because we move at such a quick pace that by the time we hit the ground we’re going in a completely different direction than you thought we were going in. But I do think some really complex things happen in the next episode that are pretty interesting. Cyrus really finds himself busy defending the White House, serving the needs of the president. He’s got a job to do.

TVLINE | Should we now be wondering if Olivia’s name will be dragged into this scandal? Is that a next big question?
We’ve got bigger fish to fry before we get there. We should be wondering why Mellie did not name Olivia Pope by name in the [TV] interview. We should be wondering that. That’s the big question of the next episode.

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TVLINE | Have you considered an iteration of this show where Fitz is not in office? Because that now seems a stronger possibility.
We’ve definitely considered that. Definitely.

TVLINE | Or does that change the feel of show too much for your comfort level?
We’ve considered every option. It would change the show a lot, but the show has to change from season to season anyway. We’ve considered a lot of things.

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TVLINE | Is the eventual mole reveal something you are especially proud of? Kerry Washington told me it’s “so, so shocking.”
What I love is that our mole reveal is not just a mole reveal. I love that we reveal who the mole is — which is pretty darn shocking, and the cast had a fit when they found out, which was great. But even better is our “Who’s hanging out with the mole” reveal. The cast went crazy when they found out who the mole was, and then they lost their minds when they found out who’s with the mole, which is even better. That twist on the twist is even more satisfying for me.

TVLINE | Does the finale plant a seed for an all-new arc a la “Who is Quinn?” Or does it play a significant beat in a current storyline?
Both. When the finale ends, we sort of leave you wondering — because it left me wondering -– “What the hell are we going to do next?” Not because “Oh my god, that was so great,” but really like, “What the hell can they possibly do next, because I think they just exploded the entire premise of their show.” But I’m glad we did that. It feels really good.

TVLINE | And for the purpose of TVLine’s May sweeps scorecard, are there any fatalities or possible fatalities?
There are possible fatalities in the Scandal finale.

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In the New Spoiler Alert! With Retta: Scandal Mole Theories Discussed!

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  1. Mary says:

    I flippin LOVE this show!!!! Seriously best show on TV lately. Thanks for the scooplets!

  2. rachelle says:

    Aaaahhhhh! I’m SO excited! I love this show so damn much!

  3. Katie says:

    Sally Langston and Mellie– I just have that feeling …..

    • Cheyenne says:

      Or Sally Langston and Billy Chambers, who I’m not at all convinced is dead. We saw Charlie get into the elevator with him but we didn’t see Charlie kill him. Charlie’s been playing a double game all along; what if he let Billy escape?

      • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

        I’ve been saying this for weeks with my group of friends that watch it together. I hope you and I are right! :D

      • Olitzff says:

        Ohhhhh, gooood point!!!! There must be a reason for why they made it a point to show Charlie letting Huck escape…he does have a heart …. GREAT idea…..

        • Cheyenne says:

          I don’t think Charlie has a heart at all. He let Huck escape (and maybe Billy Chambers?) because he figured he could make use of them later.

          Just like Jake’s boss Rowan told Jake not to kill Charlie if he finds him; he said he could be of use to them.

    • HLH says:

      I feel the same as you about this one…I keep thinking back to their last scene together when Mellie offered to make a deal with the VP to save her behind from treason.

    • Olitzff says:

      I was thinking the same thing….But that damn Hal is involved too…and I think Mellie didnt name Olivia because she just may need Olivia to fix her if the assured distruction thing does happen and Mellie herself is dragged through the mud

  4. the girl says:

    Thank you Shonda! I needed this. Since we watched the episode, my husband is all, “Why didn’t she say Olivia’s name?? Mellie is going to use Olivia’s name as leverage!” and your response to that question makes him sound even more right. Don’t tell him that part, though. How devastating this would be if Fitz wasn’t who he is anymore, and the eventual changes that would happen at OPA because of her association with this scandal. They would go from being THE gladiators to being regular. It would damage their relationship irreparably, and make for some GOOD TV.

  5. Kat says:

    I’m quite sure the mole is David, because THAT would be shocking for literally everyone… Mellie wouldn’t shock me personally… and I think he’s working either with Sally (since it has to be someone who did NOT know about Defiance – Mellie did) or with James… especially since James and David kind of found out about this TOGETHER… just a guess of me… but I’m quite sure the most shocking revelation would be if it was someone close to them. Which David is… they let him into their home and he knows a lot! My guess is: It’s him and it’s gonna be “jaw-dropping” for everyone who thinks he’s “poor” and “innocent”, becaues I’m quite sure he’s not!

    • hj70 says:

      I so agree with this statement. To truly be shocking it has to be someone that is painted as innocent. Most of this characters have a bit of smudge on them, but David has been rocking the white hat cleanly for almost 2 seasons.

      Or they can pull a LOST like scenario and bring back Henry Ian Cusick (aka Desmond from Lost) — that would be shocking too.

      • Kat says:

        Henry Ian Cusick is a great “baddie”… I’ve seen him in “The Mentalist”… awesome, how cold and slimy he can be… loved how good he was in that role, but I actually don’t see that happening… I think it’s David, and he works with either Sally (to get rid of the President – I mean, after all the people who he loved betrayed HIM too and lied to him not only once) or maybe James is in this too. The last episode made me think he’s also not as “innocent” as it seemed… I mean, he knew already he would do this interview with Mellie when he “distracted” Cyrus… well played, James!

    • Griz Girl says:

      Cool, I’m not the only one who thought that. I think he is pissed about what happened at Defiance and he is going to bring the White House down. I also think he found Charlie through Cyrus’ cell phone and hired him too.

  6. maggie says:

    Fitz is the mole.

  7. Suz says:

    Why am I the only one saying the mole is Edison? He’s mad at Liv, has access to WH info and the military group Charlie and Jake report through, and now that he knows the POTUS is the other guy in Liv’s life…

    • pookie says:

      I said the same thing too!

    • chell says:

      i so agree with the Edison theory esp after Jake asking ask Liv how deep was she in w/the president and he referred to her as the president;s girl. Edison is the only person who called her the president’s girlfriend and he asked her that very same question about how deep was she in bc he wanted to help her in episode 2×11

    • the girl says:

      I don’t like the idea of Edison being the mole because we haven’t seen him in months. Its an inconsequential reveal. I have no emotions towards Edison at all, and we don’t lose or gain anything by having him be the mole. So while I agree that it’s possible, I would rather it be someone else, someone whose name carries both political and emotional consequences once its revealed.

    • ENAD says:

      Suz, I believe that Edison is in the perfect position to be the mole and he was involved with Olivia and she helped him to become the head of the security committee didn’t she?

  8. phi says:

    Why Shonda….what….don’t leave me wanting more this summer the show

  9. Martin says:

    I think the most shocking and would fit with Shonda saying “would explode the entire premise of the show” reveal of who the mole is would be a member of Pope and Associates, one of The Gladiators.

  10. Chablis says:

    I think it’s Harrison

  11. Ettie says:

    You missed the most important question! Is Shonda
    currently satisfied with the number of African-American characters on everyone else’s shows?

    • Diandra says:

      White people significantly outnumber all other races on television. Black people in TV shows are often portrayed as token or baddies. I think it’s amazing that Shonda casts strong black (and female too!) characters in her tv shows. Get a grip loser.

  12. GTS says:

    So, what is the premise of the show? Fitz and Olivia’s relationship being secret? Fitz being president? Olivia as a fixer? There are a lot, so I think the exploding premise depends on your view of the premise. Wow, I said premise way to many times.

  13. sladewilson says:

    My mole suspects are as follows (based on this interview):
    1) David and James
    2) Edison and Harrison
    3) Edison and Fitz
    4) Harrison and Olivia
    5) Huck and Quinn

    Yeah, I know…. But she did say “What the hell can they possibly do next, because I think they just exploded the entire premise of their show.” You gonna blow up the entire PREMISE then you turn OPA into the villians. Either that or Fitz. But it has to be something that turns the entire show on it’s ear.

  14. Mandy says:

    It wasn’t that Olivia didn’t me ruin the needs of the many part (I feel like she was choosing to be selfish for the first time in their relationship) it was that she wasn’t worried about being the “other woman” on an international level. That would be a life ruiner and Mellie easily could have pointed a finger.
    So that shocked me more.

  15. Ria says:

    href=”” The mole doesn’t know about Defiance –VP Sallie, her Assist, David, Edison, Hal.
    Mole must have access to documents: Hal, Sallie, Edison
    Mole must win something: Sallie

    This mystery guessing game is so fun plus we get clothes, characters to love and hate

    Great job Shonda!

    • GTS says:

      Here are my thoughts, depending on the Defiance aspect of who the mole is:

      It depends on if the mole knows, at this point, that Oliva is involved. If he doesn’t, Edison could win Olivia, thinking the president wouldn’t be an option(it would be so easy to say he never believed Olivia denying her relationship with the president).

      Hal could get Fitz impeached if he made the news public, leaving Mellie(or Fitz) free to divorce each other, and Hal could be with Mellie(if you believe the theory they are in love, he isn’t just looking out for a woman being cheated on).

      If David broke the news, he would have so many job offers, back to being credited, proving the case he was fired for was true, and getting such huge news verified and all. Lawyers jobs are to dig deep, find the facts. he found out about Defiance, he could find some more mole-ish info. But, he went all ‘good-lawyer, person of the people, protect our country’ when he saw Huck being tortured. And, in the first season he was all ‘MY WHITE HAT! GIMME!’

      James could get all the info Cyrus could get. He used to work at the White House, his husband works there, he now has an important interviewing job, he’s close friends to the first family. He would become so well regarded, he could have any job he wanted. That would be a HUGE break in his career. It doesn’t seem like something James would do. It really has nothing to do with his character.

      Sallie wouldn’t have any better chance of becoming president if Fitz was impeached, or quit, or whatever. The election was stolen, meaning VP slot was stolen just as much as the POTUS slot was. She didn’t earn the spot any more than Fitz did. Reston could make a play for POTUS, as he fairly won the election.

      Huck being the mole is, on some level, possible. He was the connection to the mystery BFF of Jake, but he wouldn’t do that to Olivia. Unless, there is some reason it protected her, or stopped something from happening, or destroyed her relationship with Fitz. Hey, it’s Huck. You don’t know what’s happening in that crazy brain of this.

      Ehh… He’s done something illegal once, he could do it again… But he is so committed to Olivia, the most next to Huck. He did that stuff to Abby for Olivia, and he never questions her…

      Is there any way, ever, in a thousand years, Quinn would be the mole? Ever?

      Nope. Ain’t happenin’.

      Seriously? Never. He was way to drunk. He suffered the most from the humiliation of it, but not enough to be impeached and be able to be with Olivia. His country was greatly injured by it, and he is the President. Of the United States. Of America. You gotta love ur country to give up Olivia and do that.

      • Cheyenne says:

        Impeachment of the president doesn’t automatically mean impeachment of the vice president. The president has to be impeached, tried and convicted of “high crimes or misdeanors” according to the Constitution. What could they accuse Sally of? She could always maintain she didn’t know about Defiance and they would have to prove she did before she could be removed from office. And she hates Fitz anyway so she would love to see him gone so she could take his place.

  16. leelee says:

    I think Fitz is the mole and Olivia is the one hanging with the mole. To me that is the worst case. The only one we know for sure isn’t the mole is Cy. I just can’t wait to go this ride at Shondaland! :)

  17. john says:

    Fitz, is a weak president and disappointing. Olivia is selfish. And hasn’t anyone else notice that she sleeps with…well…a lot of men?
    Why don’t she get her own single man? She is no longer appealing or sexy; nor is she ‘powerful’ anymore — she has no power over what is most important, as she once did. The both of them acting like two irresponsible teenagers. C’mon Shonda. You started off right giving the sistah power and control over her emotions, then you take it away making her weak and “sl–ty”

    • Cheyenne says:

      Good lord, are you so inhibited you can’t even spell slutty? Do you expect her to be celibate until she’s married? She’s an adult woman and she can live her life the way she wants to. Grow up.

      • dmac says:

        No one expects a grown women to be celibate, but they do expect her to have some common sense and sleeping with the President is just plain dumb on so many levels. Speaking of dumb does Fitz even remember why he wanted to be President, it is disappointing that he became just another man who fell for his mistress and “for the greater good” become just a phrase he throws around when it is convenient. You might want to be a bit more respectful when you are commenting on someone post, just because you don’t share the same opinion doesn’t mean that person needs to “grow up” but perhaps you do?

        • Diandra says:

          I don’t believe that people can help who they fall in love with. First of all, Fitz’s marriage was essentially arranged. Secondly, why are you casting most of the blame on Olivia here? Yes, she slept with a married man, but it’s not like she is some evil seductress.

    • GTS says:

      Really? OK, with Fitz. Love of her life. That one.

      With Edison, former fiancé of several years (been a while, forget how long they were engaged, or dated before they got engage). By the way, obviously it meant something. They almost got engaged again. That’s two.

      Then, about a year later, with Jake. A year. That’s a long time. Its not like she gave it up on the first date… That makes three.

      Three isn’t really a lot, especially based on the history and connection with two of them.

      Finally, how many times has she cried in this show, on the pilot alone? Not exactly control (I love Olivia, not calling her a crybaby).

    • Gail says:

      Sorry I disagree with you. They love each other. Keep Oliver and Fitz together!!!!

    • Jo says:

      Fitz is the only unavailable man she has slept with so I don’t understand how you can ask “why don’t she get her own single man” Edison was single when they started dating and Jake was also single when she got with him. Also if it was a man sleeping around I can’t imagine you’d be calling them slutty.

    • Herewego says:

      There’s always someone who has to mean! Damn leave us alone! Let us discuss the show we enjoy if you dont like it don’t watch!

  18. arial2 says:

    Of course if Mellie turned out to be one of the two, Fitz would become the poor all-American guy tricked by the woman he loved. Subconsciously, he began to distrust Mellie and turned to someone he trusted for solace. Boy, Cyrus could spin that idea right into total sympathy for Fitz. And maybe Hollis is the other half: when Mellie used Defiance to try to isolate Fitz from his staff, she “forgot” to mention Hollis when naming who knew about the scheme…
    Should make for an interesting future.

  19. Cheyenne says:

    Mellie reminds me a of a devil doll. All I want to do is stick pins in her.

  20. Martha Mitovich Leiss says:

    My favorite show! Can’t wait for the finale!!

  21. Wayne says:

    My money is on Fitz – interesting word she chose to use about the cast reaction – they had a “FIT”

  22. Sar says:

    James is the mole in cahoots with Sally Langston

  23. terps9 says:

    what if quinn was/is the mole? what if huck/quinn… could happen??

  24. Jessica says:

    Honestly I can’t think of a single character that I would be shocked is the mole. None of these people are completely innocent and this is Scandal…anything is possible!

  25. Sunny says:

    Oliva is the mole!!!!! how else will the premise of the show change?

  26. Cherise says:

    Mellie as the mole and Olivia as her sidekick…Reasoning: both are angry over how Fitz has treated them, and they want to bring him down. They need all the Defiance info to make sure they’re plan unfolds in a way that does not implicate them. Mellie runs for office with Liv running her campaign….
    Cyrus may be hip, which is why he is working with his CIA dude to bring her down, but he probably thinks all of OPA is in on it, which is why they went after Huck too.

    Crazy theory, but this would certainly explode the premise of the show.

  27. ITS OLIVIA POPE!! SHE’S THE MOLE! Or at least the one working with the mole.. Yeah that’s probably more accurate – she’s working WITH the mole.

  28. daynamonet says:

    Whoever the obvious person is, that’s who it IS NOT! They tried to make us think Hollis was the one who attempted assasinating Fitz but it turned out to be Verna!? it’s definitely someone thats on the show consistently but its hard to throw out name b/c it could be anyone. Also you have to think who would be a likely pair, but actually ther Perfect pair? Your guess is as good as mine cause I don’t know but maybe it could be idk Fitz and Huck? I mean Cy has Charlie. Something makes me feel like it could be Fitz and i think he is somehow or another cool w/ Huck, not sure how but it just seems unlikely but I’ll prolly be wrong but it’s cool to think about, i never discount Mellie or Cy or perhaps Mellie and Cy only think about that is that its not an unlikely pairing, but i’ll go w/ my first thought of fitz and huck.

  29. Kew1224 says:

    Mellie should have thought about her kids before she went public they have to hear this kind of news about their father on tv? She’s so busy getting revenge for herself she forgot how they will feel, and like the song says you can’t make somebody love you if they don’t

  30. Cheyenne says:

    Throwing a question out there: When Cyrus tried to call Jake away from Olivia’s apartment, what was he planning when he went to her apartment himself? Was he trying to kill Olivia? I can’t see him doing that because Cyrus never does his own wet work; he always calls in Charlie for that. So what did he think he was going to accomplish on his own? Obviously he didn’t expect to still find Jake outside the apartment; he almost shat a brick when he realized Jake hadn’t fallen for that fake summons from the White House. The look he gave Jake when he was getting on the elevator was epic; if looks could kill, Jake would be dead. So what was Cyrus up to?

    • joho says:

      Cyrus has something on Olivia because recall Olivia described Cyrus as one of her best friends whom she known since . . . . then she changed it to a very long time.

    • VictoriaS says:

      I think they made it pretty clear that Cyrus isn’t the one trying to kill Olivia. I think he was going to go talk to her and ask her to walk away from Fitz to save Fitz’s Presidency. I think it would’ve worked too–if he’d gotten to her. If all else failed, I think he was going to try and threaten/black mail her into walking way (by possibly using the tape with she and Jake).

      • Cheyenne says:

        So if Cyrus really is one of Olivia’s oldest friends, why didn’t she tell Jake to let him in?

        It’s pretty obvious she doesn’t trust Cyrus either.

        Cyrus is desperate to salvage Fitz’s presidency because his whole life is built around being his chief of staff. If he thought Fitz would walk away from the presidency because of Olivia, he’d have Olivia killed in a New York minute. Huck is right; her life is in extreme danger.

  31. cc says:

    Anyone else thinking that Mellie’s measured response would be that she’s going to reveal the affair with Amanda Tanner??? If so, it would not only reveal Fitz’s infidelity but also implicate him in a murder. (I’m also thinking that it couldn’t be a coincidence that Huck just mentioned her… maybe to also jog the audience’s memory!)

  32. Cheyenne says:

    Don’t forget, people — we’re looking for the ALBATROSS and the MOLE. The Albatross is somebody way up in the upper echelons of the government who has CIA security clearance. That’s only the president, the VP, the sec. of defense, the COS (Cyrus), and the head of the CIA (Osborne). Osborne was cleared after his death. The MOLE is working for the Albatross digging up dirt. The Albatross wants dirt on Defiance. That leaves out Cyrus, because he was part of Defiance. The Albatross almost certainly isn’t Fitz; why would he betray his own administration? That leaves Sally Langston and the Sec of Defense, whoever he is.

    The Mole is somebody who’s good at digging up dirt. That could be anybody. Shonda loves surprises so I don’t think it’s somebody as obvious as Charlie, David, Jake or James. I’m leaning toward Hal the secret service guy, Lauren the secretary, or Billy Chambers, who I bet a dollar to a donut hole is still alive.

  33. kew1224 says:

    Mellie and Fitz’s marriage was on its last legs,before Fitz had ever met Olivia,from episode 1 you could see there was no love there,as Olivia told Fitz it looks like you don’t screw your wife. They had to tell them how they were supposed to act with each win women votes especially. Mellie is all about being the first lady,and she’ll do anything to stay there.She seems to be so cold,she and Cyrus backstabs each other,and anybody else who they think will deter them from their agenda. I hope Fitz/Liv will hang in there together.

  34. Herewego says:

    I don’t care who it Is I just hope it’s not Fitz! He has been through more then anyone else on this show. He got shoot he killed Verna he found out about defiance he started drinking became a stalker we found out that he’s in a arranged marriage and I still love him he’s still the love of both me and Liv’s life however if he’s the mole I’m not going to be able to get pass it i might have to stop watching the show….I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle IT!

    • azu says:

      Here we go I totally agree with you! It had better not be fitz or Olivia. I’m fine with the mole being anyone else. Ijust want olitz together against all odds and fighting whatever challenges together

  35. chelebelle says:

    It’s David and Abby. Abby has been very why do we have to do what Liv says? Why don’t we question her? David is distraught over losing his life and love. Together they hatched a plan to bring Liv and Fitz down.

  36. Heather says:

    My guess is Mellie with either David, Hal or Billy as the sidekick. Could make a case for any of them. This frees up Fitz to be with Olivia in the WH, exploding premise of the show.

    I still don’t think Shonda has fully addressed ramifications from the shooting and 10 month time jump. I don’t buy that Mellie just had a bad feeling before Fitz got shot. I think while Fitz was unconscious Mellie gained access to a lot more than we think. And I think we will see flashbacks from the 10 months.

  37. I am one of the lovers of this show! I love the couple that liv/fitz make when they’re together1 Had to retun my netflix of Django unseen becuse I didn’t want to see Liv as a mistreated kidnapped slave..Definitely not the Liv we know and care about. She is definitely a real classy lady. Her clothes are tasteful and gorgeous and quietly sexy.. What’s not to love. Intelligence radiates from her person. I saw her with a pair of gloves in her hand. Unless its cold and snowing women don’t wear or even carry gloves anymore. I don’t care at all for Jake. I never liked him on THE UNIT and like him even less now.

  38. DeDe says:

    I think Mellie didn’t provide a name yet because we all assume the name she will eventually drop is Olivia’s. But it would be the sweetest revenge on both Fitz AND Olivia if she revealed that he was involved with someone else in addition to Olivia!

  39. CAL DUNKLIN says:


  40. kew1224 says:


    • I too love fitz and liv together! had to return Django to netflix, unviewed.. Couldn’t bear to see Liv as a mistreated kidnapped victim! Also I definitely don’t like the new guy,(Bob on UNIT a few yrs ago. He’s a sneaky voyeur. He did good not tp leave his post when Cyrus
      wanted in Liv’s aparetment

  41. azu says:

    Guys, I have a funny feeling that the finale will end in disaster for olitz. There are strange forces at work here and we don’t know what their motives are. Jake may just be pretending to help Oliva but may only be acting and pretending with his coffee shop change colleague to help. I just might be just to be able to drive a wedge between olitz. I am so scared for them