Scandal Recap: Cheaters Never Prosper

Scandal Mellie Reveals Fitz's AffairWarning: This recap, by the very definition of the word “recap,” contains big ol’ spoilers from this week’s Scandal.

So… she didn’t blink.

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This week on ABC’s Scandal, Mellie as promised made camp across the street at Blair House, giving Cyrus 36 hours to convince her husband, his president, to give up on Olivia once and for all. Oh, the chief of staff did his darndest, all but laying out a PowerPoint preso for FLOTUS on how her political career and own one-day White House bid would play out if she sticks to the script.

Yeah, Mellie tore up that pitch in a hurry. And as the literal clock ran out, where was Fitz? At Olivia’s apartment, choosing her. Earning her. Because he wants her.

In fact, the copulating couple appeared none the wiser about the nuclear winter that Cy’s husband James aka The Next Anderson Cooper was broadcasting nationwide, on live TV.

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Elsewhere in the hour, the Gladiators appeared to zero in on the mole/Albatross, after Huck ID’d Charlie’s ear — yes, his ear — from the storage facility security tape. Suspecting that Charlie was working for Cyrus, they set out to dig up as much as they could on the uber-elusive freelance spook. But in the end, their search led them to a book club gal pal whom Charlie had pursued in the name of getting his hands on the Defiance grand jury transcripts.

So if Cyrus, who would not want Defiance secrets out there, didn’t hire Charlie, who did?

Charlie may still have things to worry about, though, seeing as Jake has made him as the guy who fortified Cyrus with intel on President Grant’s new bestie. Actor Joe Morton has just one request of Jake as he preys on his own predator: Don’t kill him.

And can’t let this one go without mention: David Rosen, watching Mellie’s scandalous sitdown at OPA, wondering aloud who the prez is “banging” — and the tidal wave of awkwardness that followed.

But again, in summary: Mellie blabbed, as Olitz shagged. Is there any even-fictional scenario where Fitz runs for president again? What did you think of “A Woman Scorned” (indeed)?

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