Is Castle Too Chaste? Is Kalinda a Killer? Reid Off His Rocker? Did Blair Hit a Low? And More Qs!

revengechuck300_RVWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Once Upon a Time, The Good Wife, Castle and Criminal Minds.

1 | While amusing, wouldn’t TBS’ Wedding Band benefit from being trimmed down to a half-hour show?

2 | Is Revenge‘s Americon Initiative renting dark office space from The Ring on Chuck? Also, was Ashley’s tryst with Conrad the least shocking intel Emily has ever squirreled away?

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3 | In retrospect, couldn’t Once Upon a Time‘s Cora and Hook have used the rehydrated magic bean to get to Storybrooke right after raiding the beanstalk? Also, is it hot in this fairytale land jail cell or is it just that Aurora/Mulan scene? (Really, Phillip who?) And how was Emma and Snow’s first order of business once back home not a shower and change of clothes?

goodwife2754 | What do we think Kalinda’s Plan B was with regard to making Nick disappear on The Good Wife? And settle a TVLine dispute: Did she off him? And @mspenn1013 asks via Twitter: “How delicious was the scene when Zach told Alicia the condom search was conducted by Jackie?”

5 | Can someone on Homeland tell us what FaceTime-like, video-chat app Brody has for his Blackberry? And is it really that easy to skulk around the home of the VPOTUS?

6 | With Season 3 of Boardwalk Empire behind us, what’s the verdict on Bobby Cannavale’s performance as Gyp Rosetti — A) tremendously entertaining camp, B) way too over-the-top villainy, or C) a perfect blend of both? And how relieved were you that Richard made it out alive?

7 | Dear How I Met Your Mother: Barney and Patrice? Really?!

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8 | Did it strike you as out-of-character when Bones‘ Booth referred to Brennan as “Temperance” and not “Bones” when she was crying over the boy’s skull? And were you pleasantly surprised at how well the see-the-action-through-the-victim’s-eyes angle worked throughout the episode?

gossip2759 | To Gossip Girl we ask: Who the heck is Bruce Caplan? Better yet, why are you devoting one of the show’s precious final hours to him? Also, does the picture to the right represent Blair’s lowest point yet?

10 | What’s with Castle‘s chaste “Caskett” kissage?

11 | Is The Voice‘s Christina Milian physically incapable of beginning her “social media” segments with anything other than the phrase, “Hey, what’s up, Carson?”?

12 | Why is no one giving Hart of Dixie props for crafting multiple, compelling love triangles while staying true to the characters?

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13 | How awesome was it that Don’t Trust the B… flipped the old “sex in a restaurant kitchen” cliché by cutting to the face of a horrified cook as Chloe and her “martini goggles” hook-up went at it?

P14 | Which Private Practice parent — Cooper (“Girls are awesome!”) or Charlotte (“What am I gonna do with three girls?”) — had the best reaction to learning the sex of their triplets?

15 | Was Parenthood‘s Max-free episode in response to this column’s grumble from last week? Also, who else groaned, “Nooooo!” as soon as tipsy Sarah turned the hotel hall corner and bumped into Mark? (Are Sarah’s relationship decisions starting to become as troubling as Lorelai’s?)

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16 | Looking ahead to Season 6 of Sons of Anarchy, who will we take more pleasure in seeing get their comeuppance — Clay or Gemma?

17 | Couldn’t Arrow have stretched out the Oliver/Helena arc for longer than two episodes? And why is everyone on TV so obsessed with Confucius’ famous saying (“Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves”)? Revenge, Fringe, Dexter and now Arrow have uttered the quote!

18 | Was Suburgatory‘s snow-capped, Damien Rice-backed kiss between Tessa and Ryan perfection? And how funny was his Hulk-like freak-out about being adopted?

CrimMindsReidMW19 | Is there any tiny chance left that Criminal Minds‘ Reid is imagining his girlfriend? Could the same thing that caused his headaches be pressing against some temporal whatnot in his noodle, thus causing vivid hallucinations? (Sure, she “left” him a gift, but did we ever see the identical books together? Then again, the hostess did say a “girl” dropped it off. Hmmm.) And did this week’s episode, with the “puppeteer” UnSub, rank in the Top 20 Most Disturbing Ever?

20 | The candles. That dress. The hair. The Stepford Wife disposition… Did you think Nashville’s Juliette was angling to make her beau say “yes” to something a bit more carnal than a marriage proposal? Also, how does two adults hugging qualify as a “salacious” and potentially campaign-ending photo scandal?

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21 | Since when did Vampire Diaries‘ Caroline become possessed, soulless, paranoid Buffy Summers circa Season 4’s “Living Conditions”? Also, can the show stay in the 1940s? Those costumes were gorgeous.GHtypo

22 | When did General Hospital start spelling “Connie Falconeri” like this (see photo)? Would it  have been that inconvenient for the director to yell “Cut!” so that Kelly Sullivan could take another stab at spelling her character’s name correctly?

23 | Considering the general “kumbaya” vibe of Glee‘s New Directions, wasn’t it strange to see not a single member of the group show the slightest bit of concern about Marley’s budding bulimia problem being the cause of her Sectionals collapse?

24 | Wasn’t Stephen Collins’ Scandal newsman kind of a snore? Why was he a one-man operation for such a global story? And don’t get us started on his bland taglines for the coverage, when in the real world a network would go with a catchy “Fitz Under Fire!” or the like. Also, did VP Langston’s power grab play too similar to the one on Political Animals?

25 | Should splicing Justin Bieber into a commercial with Edmund Gwenn’s Miracle on 34th Street Santa be a punishable offense?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jennfier says:

    I actually loved that he finally called her temperance on bones. I mean really. They have a kid together and live together shouldn’t they be beyond the ‘bones’ and ‘booth’ thing?

    • caprigirl60 says:

      I loved that too. Since he’s done it before, no it wasn’t out of character for Booth to call Brennan “Temperance”.

    • Samantha says:

      From what I can remember off the top of my head, this was the third time that we’ve seen Booth call her Temperance, and every time it’s been when she was really upset.

    • Samantha says:

      Glad this was the first comment because I agree. It wasn’t out of character at all.

    • John says:

      Exactly. From the pilot “Bones” was NOT a term of endearment, like squints it was the opposite. So to my ears “Bones” has always sounded distancing and impersonal due to that origin,

      • kiber9 says:

        Exactly, when Booth wants to really get Brennan’s attention, he calls her Temperance, that’s her name, they have to be intimate at sometimes. I loved it.

        • Apolonia says:

          I really really wish that he would call her that more often. I find “Bones” to be so impersonal. Was great to have him use her name………..Temperance.

          • so says:

            bones may be impersonal, yet it is extremely personal in the sense that booth is really the only one who calls her that

    • Carmen says:

      Me too. I’ll admit that I was a bit surprised but hell you are right, they are a couple. Why shouldn’t they be calling each other by their first names? <3<3<3

    • Lena says:

      Agree completely. Why was everyone saying all the characters were..well, out of character this episode? I thought they were just fine. Booth has called her Temperance before, and it’s noticeable but definitely not in a bad way. Maybe it’s just me, though, but for some reason I think it’s adorable when he calls her “Brennan.” No idea, really no idea. Just me and my shipper heart.

    • Tony says:

      I refer to my spouse by a number of pet names in day-to-day communication, but use her real name during more serious situations. No reason for Booth not to do the same.
      As for the ‘see the episode through the victim’s eyes’ bit…no, it didn’t work. It was very convoluted to get the parents and friends into the lab so we could hear the questioning. No other victims’ families have ever visited the lab; as a result it felt out of place.

  2. Jon Carpenter says:

    5) I’m almost positive it said Skype at the bottom of his screen.

  3. Rida says:

    10. Yes they are too chaste. Where’s the passion like the kiss in Always. Need more like that.

    • Lisa says:

      I agree 100%’… for a couple who has waited for 4 years, the passion certainly dwindled quickly. They need to heat it up quite a bit.

    • Lauren says:

      I agree that we could use more “heated” Caskett moments. I would definitely look forward to those! That being said, I feel that it’s fair to point out that for this last kiss, they were standing (basically) in front of Martha and Alexis. It would have been really weird/awkward for them to go at it in front of Castle’s mom and daughter, no?

    • May says:

      Agreed. It’s four years of sexual tension, for god’s sake. Now they’re smooching? What is this, an ABC Family comedy?

  4. Rob says:

    “In retrospect, couldn’t Once Upon a Time‘s Cora and Hook have used the rehydrated magic bean to get to Storybrooke right after raiding the beanstalk?”

    Maybe, but that’s the sort of situation where hindsight is 20/20. They didn’t think of it before then. Real people don’t always think of the best option first, even if it might be totally obvious once the more elaborate plan failed to work. Cora clearly hadn’t thought of the bean as an option, since Hook is the one who pointed out to her that they could dunk it in the water, and Hook before then either hadn’t known about Lake Nostros or, if he did, that it could be made useful again.

    • Also, they still had the ashes of the wardrobe. I just figured that the dried up bean was their back-up plan. Plus, in order to rehydrate it and make it work, they still had to get to the lake. Which I guess is where Snow and Emma were headed (can’t remember how they were gonna get home without a portal – would the compass have opened one anywhere? My mind is blanking).

  5. receptionitis66 says:

    For #10 about Castle, I completely agree. I supported them as a couple because Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic have pretty good chemistry but BECAUSE the writers have them doing so little physical interaction (even out of the precinct because they can’t in it) their new relationship almost seems awkward when they do actually kiss.

    • Christy says:

      I am also getting a little sick of their kisses being interrupted. I get that there are obstacles but this is getting ridiculous! Most notably in After the Storm and Murder He Wrote, they almost kissed about 10 times.
      Any kisses are also not well lit. Very dark. Fix this please. And more cute moments.

      • Tansy says:

        Seriously, has Nathan ever looked convincing when kissing a woman? He’s a terrific actor, but he can’t pull that off.

        • gg says:

          LOL! What are you implying here?)))) As far as I know and see he’s as heterosexual as they come LOL. And I thought their kisses in Knockdown and Always were perfect.
          I seriously don’t see it as any of the actors’ problem, it’s the showrunners. If this intimate stuff is served in small doses and as moderate as they can pull off then you can’t expect anything more from the actors. Not like they can say to the director and writer “Nah, go away. I think I’m gonna go for passion here”.
          Plus, as someone said here in the comments they seem to be determined to keep Beckett the only active force in the show. Everything happens to her and about her, and she even initiates all the intimate stuff. She’s a badass in the precinct and in bed LOL. I don’t know why they feel they need to do that, but it’s obviously their goal (imo). Strong woman? Yeah, I got that in season 1, no need to make it into something completely unbelievable and ridiculous.

          • Tansy says:

            Well, he’s 41 years old, never married, and hasn’t dated a woman that anyone knew about for 15 years. Do the math. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

          • gg says:

            LOL. Well, I don’t know how “deep” you are in Castle fandom, but I, even not being totally die-hard, know at least of 3 girlfriends he had over last 3 or 4 years. I wasn’t even making an effort to learn this info, there are people in the fandom who dig it all up and it’s out there whether you want it or not LOL. He is actually accused of being kind of a player like Castle, by some fangirls LOL. Mind you, I don’t subscribe to any of those views (that someone who is not married is either a player or gay). Anyway, returning to the show, I think it’s a little silly to suspect that lack of passionate scenes in the show is because of the actor being gay, on the grounds of him not being married LOL. That’s reaching if I ever heard one.

          • Stormy says:

            As in Rock Hudson. Montgomery Clift, Randolph Scott, Cary Grant, Tab Hunter etc.?

          • no, really says:

            I don’t get you, people. How is the question of chaste Castle kissage turned into Nathan Fillion being gay because he doesn’t look like one (just like Rock Hudson and Cary Grant) and is not married? I mean, everything is possible, but such mad leaps of logic make me dizzy.

          • fact/fiction says:

            Word. “Caskett scenes are too chaste so it just has to be because the main actor is gay. Yes, he dates women, looks manly as hell and there are no rumours or anything, but there’s just no other explanation. It’s obvious. Let’s spread it.” (sarcasm)

          • Beckstle says:

            I don’t find that Beckett being the more assertive one in all situations strange, unbelievable, or ridiculous. She’s the type A, Castle is type B. It would be pretty weird if Beckett suddenly started being the follower in the relationship. Becoming lovers – in a healthy situation – doesn’t change a person’s personality. It’s who they are, and believe it or not, there are marriages where the woman is the go-getter and the guy’s the supporter. I find the dynamic refreshing.

            Yet, I would like to see more things with Castle as the focus, SPOILER:
            but they’re getting ready to do that with the storyline about his dad. Not to mention with the 3X killer. So that’s already in play.

            END SPOILER
            Probable Cause was a great episode which showed that there’s more Castle angst to come. I’m thinking they might turn up the heat in the two-parter and the 100th episode. You know, the higher the angst, the hotter the passion – like Always. ;)

  6. Lucy says:

    4. And I ask: when will Cary get some consideration from those writers? I know. Never. They had Cary beaten up and they treated everything like it never happened. That pretty says: we don’t give a damn about the character or the actor. So let it go.

    • Saint Alicia says:

      Yeah I don’t understand what they’re doing (or should I say NOT doing) with Cary’s character. Maybe if you cut out a couple of the dozens of guest stars parading through maybe he could have a storyline that isn’t DOA?

      And why did the Kalinda/Nick situation even exist? If he is indeed dead then that was the most pointless, excruciating, misguided story arc ever. I’m glad Nick’s leaving but in cutting the plot down like that they have effectively achieved… nothing. Way to go, TGW writers.

      • Sam says:

        I believe the story was going to go on much longer, but they responded quickly to how much everyone hated it. While I am curious, I honestly would be okay with them never mentioning Nick again.

        • Saint Alicia says:

          I’m aware they cut the story short (read that preposterous interview with the Kings as well), but even with such a knee-jerk response I would hope they could wrap things up with some finesse.
          If that’s the last we hear/see of Nick then they’ve brought Kalinda’s characterization to the brink of ruin for no reason. I’d hope they could somehow make it “worth it,” but I shouldn’t hold my breath.

      • Lucy says:

        I think those writers have an odd concept of violence. I think it’s mostly a joke for them. Cary was beaten up but they didn’t even bother to show what happend to him. A black eye? Pleaseee! It was just plot device to end Nick plot. Then you have Kalinda who did run over Bill and they made everything look like it was pretty cool (the sun glasses, the short skirt, the boots)l! I know they’re the bad guys and Kalinda is mostly a cartoonish character so it’s not supposed to look “real”(sad that they’re not able to do more than this with her). But in Cary’s case it looked real, violent and painful and they should have given to it a realistic follow up. I did expect better from that show.
        And I’ve enough of guest stars. Period.

        • Saint Alicia says:

          Got a point there. It seems like those scenes were included just because they looked “cool”, not because they had any overarching significance (hence Cary’s miraculous recovery). And it’s stuff like that which has basically turned Kalinda into a caricature of herself. Before her awesomeness was organic and plot-driven, now it feels like the writers start with some ~edgy/controversial idea and base the rest around it.
          And yes, enough with the guest stars; the blatant Emmy-baiting is ridiculous.

          • Lucy says:

            They are so busy with guest stars that they forgot about their regulars. It’s clear that they’re just trying to get emmys noms and nothing more. Matt Czuchry is even more wasted that season than the last one. He was nowhere to be found in the first 4/episodes. The when he was getting a storyline they cut off all his parts and left us with a beaten-up and a rambling follow up which got 2 minute screentime. And if I learned a couple of things about those writers they won’t make up for that in the next episodes.

  7. Alyssa says:

    Yup. Caskett needs a hot make-out sesh pronto.

  8. Meri Phillips says:

    I agree that the kisses are a little chaste but I think it seems that way because they can’t show affection at work. If they had normal lovey body lanuage of a young couple the kisses would seem more normal.

    I don’t want to see lots of graphic displays but the occasional sexiness that isn’t graphic like when she confessed her love for him, where they had that kiss…a little more of that would be nice!

    • Nancy says:

      I agree and we don’t want them to overdo it. Does anyone remember what happened to Moonlighting?

      • Lauren says:

        Actually, Moonlighting is known for *not* showing anything. Maddie and David were together for, yup, all of ONE episode before the writers broke them up. Definitely not the same set-up at all…

      • Lydia says:

        Actually, I’m starting to think that most people who still invoke the ridiculous “Moonlighting curse” 25 years later never actually watched the show. Take it from an oldie, the problem with Moonlighting had nothing to do with “showing too much.”

        • Lauren says:

          Yes, thank you!!!! I get really tired of people talking about the “Moonlighting curse.” Having watched that show, I don’t understand where said “curse” comes from at all — unless you’re talking about that the lead actress getting pregnant and the writers taking a cue from that situation to go totally and completely crazy with the writing (in a really, really bad way).

  9. Kvivik says:

    19 – I’ve had that feeling too. Especially after Alex confronted him and never seemed to notice the phone ringing in the background that Spencer was trying so hard to get to.

  10. CaskettShipper says:

    I don’t think that Castle is too chaste. Castle is tasteful. They’re together and I think we all know what goes on between the sheets so do we have to see it on tv? I wouldn’t mind seeing more kisses though ;)

  11. 1) No I do not agree Wedding Band needs to be an hour. It is funny stuff!!

    7) I do not think Barney is really dating Patrice. I think she is helping him to get Robin. I do not think he is using her either. I think she is working with him.

    • Luminosity says:

      That is my thought exactly. I think it is a grand scheme to get Robin to realize that she loves Barney.

    • Winnie says:

      1) I was surprised Wedding Band was an hour long (and initially wondered the same thing), but I think it works – it doesn’t drag and I tend to be engrossed in each crazy storyline throughout the episode.

    • Ari says:

      7.) I think so as well. Who better to get to Robin than her BFF/Worst Enemy Patrice?

  12. Mulan and Aurora… hot hot HOT! Why do they need Philip back?

  13. Laurel says:

    I am really enjoying Boith and Brennan’s scenes at home. OK, I’m loving them. I didn’t think it was out of character for Booth to call her Temperence. They are intimate and he was comforting her.

    U enjoyed the no-gore episode as well.

    As for The Good Wife, yes! What did Kalinda do?!

  14. Sam says:

    OMG! Reid has schizophrenia maybe like his mom? NOOO!! I hope he doesn’t… man I hope that girl isn’t a hallucination!

  15. xav says:

    You can’t look for logic in Once Upon a Time or the entire thing falls apart. At this point we’ve seen four different ways to travel between worlds. And the whole thing could have been avoided if someone had just ponied up a way for Rumplestiltskin to get to our world and find Bae without having to create a curse and destroy a bunch of people so all the right pieces fell into place at the right time. If the Blue Fairy had just offered up the magic tree they shoved Pinocchio and Emma into he wouldn’t have had to go out of his way to manipulate Cora and Snow and Regina and Charming into doing what he wanted and destroying each other’s lives.

  16. CaskettShipper says:

    And another thing! Castle and Beckett show their love in more subtle, more meaningful ways. Through coffee, through crushing hugs, and through their ever exciting banter. Is it not obvious that they love each other? Yeah, it is. No doubt in my mind. The writers are doing a fantastic job. #InMarloweWeTrust

    • AmySchelle says:

      I FULLY agree with you! I’m fine with things remaining a but more chaste because we SO much passion in everything else these two do together! Goodness they could melt my television with just a LOOK…who needs a make out session?

      I’m fully willing to let Marlowe and the Castle writers do what they do best and I will continue enjoying the ride! #caskett #InMarloweWeTrust

    • Alyssa says:

      I know they show things in different ways, but in a realistic adult relationship, you can’t JUST have metaphors and looks that last long. They just have so much passion and love for each other, and I’d like to see it in a new way that’s a little bit more realistic.

      • amicable majority says:

        No. Just because more boundaries could be pushed, it’s not a crime to not be in TV-14 or M just for the heck of it. This is generally a show you can watch without being overly offended. We’ve got enough shows available for those who want boundaries pushed.

        • luzmelain says:

          Why is it offensive that two people who are supposed to be rolling around naked offscreen occasionally show some affection onscreen? Although honestly, the most idiotically false thing about their relationship is that we just never see them hanging out together at all, and when we do, like the Christmas ep, we’ve still never seen Beckett have any kind of conversation which indicates she’s building any kind of relationship with Alexis and Martha.

          I don’t think Bones is the greatest show on TV and I’ll never forgive them for the way they put those two characters together. But at least they’ve always managed to find time to show Booth and Bones actually hanging out, being friends, right from the start. I often wonder if Castle and Beckett do spend any more time together outside of work now than they ever did, which was…well, pretty much none.

    • Aleksa says:

      Seriously! These are adults, not horny teenagers.

      • luzmelain says:

        Adults who’ve just fallen in love are still damn horny for each other. Otherwise, I wouldn’t expect the relationship has much future. No one’s asking for humping in the precinct break room, but there’s a happy medium they’re not finding, and it’s getting odd.

      • Mcat says:

        Oh my gawd! Adults don’t have sex? Nobody told me that before I turned 20! NOW IT’S TOO LATE.

    • Lydia says:

      I have no expectation that we’ll see Castle and Beckett having sex, but I would like to see, say, cuddling in bed. Or waking up together — we saw that with Esposito and Lanie, so I know that’s not too far for this show to go. I know Marlowe’s not planning to get very graphic, and that’s fine, and I actually think C/B’s interactions are very sensual. Still … OK, look, I just *really* want a cuddling in bed scene. I’ve wanted one ever since they put those promo pics out!

      I have to say, this whole #InMarloweWeTrust thing always comes across to me as a way to shut down any opinion on the show that’s not 100% content with what’s on the screen. It’s OK if you’re happy with what you’re seeing! It’s OK if other people might prefer something a little bit different!

      • CaskettShipper says:

        You know what? You’re right. It is okay that people aren’t 100% content with the show. I was merely using it as a way to say that I really do trust the decisions that Marlowe makes. He’s not like other EPs are. I’m not saying I’m 100% content with it. But I’m not complaining either. Some shows have it a lot worse so I’m just enjoying the ride :)

  17. Anya says:

    3: yes! They must have been in for a shower and change of clothes. You’re reading my mind. I am surprised David didn’t wake up from the smell alone! Cora & Hook are up to no good. Sailing into Storybrooke was an unexpected touch. Mulan/Aurora. I hope they don’t go there. At least she got her heart back. And I’ll stick to BFFs, thank you very much.

    8: Not out of character at all. He used it several times in Season 1. It now showed that the name is used in intimate situations (which happen not in our sight). This called for a breaking-through-her-wall situation and the moment he used it, she gave in. So, it was absolutely called for and used at the right time. He knew she was struggling, trying to sound clinical but actually crumbling inside. By using ‘Temperance’ he let her know he knew and it was ok to give in. It was a moment she had to hear it to let go of all she was fighting to uphold. It was a very special, intimate moment. And I, for one, am glad they brought it back. It’s rare but when used, it’s beautiful and comes with meaning.
    The skull POV was wonderful. What an incredible piece of cinematography. It was perfect for a special episode and had to have been a challenge for cast and crew alike. Well done.

  18. Todd Everett says:

    (8) MASH did it better, with the advantage of the patient being dead. Also, in the Bones episode, the camera’s POV wandered all over the place. Pretty bad try at an idea that wasn’t so hot to begin with. On the other hand, I thought his calling her “Temperance” in that situation was kind of sweet.

    • Falcons79 says:

      I actually think the wandering of the view worked. If the boy’s soul was there, why can’t he “look around”? It never really seemed completely out of what the view point of the skull could be. I loved that they stepped out of the box with this episode.

      • Todd Everett says:

        I figured that might be what they had in mind, particularly after the end. maybe (well, definitely) I just don’t like the device. On the other hand (nothing to do with this episode), after so many seasons I’m finally not cringing every time Sweets shows up. So that’s progress, whether mine or theirs!

  19. #12: Zoe wasn’t true to herself in this week’s episode, she acted like a snobby girl who thinks the world of herself and is inconsiderate of other people’s feelings. She acted like the person she was in the pilot, as if no development had been made throughout the series. (and her reaction towards her relationship with Wade in this episode was inconsistent with how she’s been acting all season.)

    • Katherine215 says:

      I thought they’d been doing a good job, up until this last episode. She was so jealous of Wade being with someone else in the season premier and they obviously talk about lots of things, but now she doesn’t want to date him? Then looked sad when he was upset? I do like the other couples – I am a big fan of George and Tansy, and love Lavon with anyone (would prefer Lemon, though).

      • Yep exactly, she’s the one who wanted to be monogamous, who wanted romantic gestures and who’s been saying things like “The only relationships guaranteed to fail are the ones we don’t chase” or “People can conquer miles or any sort of obstacle if it’s meant to be”. And then she acted all surprised when Wade said he wanted more out of the relationship and seemed really annoyed by it because she still has that crazy notion that they have absolutely nothing in common, despite everything that’s been happening this season. It’s just not consistent…

    • LizLiz says:

      What planet are you guys on? Zoe is still as confused as ever. She doesn’t want to let go of George that’s why she said that stuff about him. Plus she doesn’t want to lose wade either that’s why she’s second guessing all this. Whatever you guys think I LOVE what the show is doing. I’m not bored of Zoe & Wade. I love George and Tanzy & feel bad for Lemon. It’s really recreated the premise of a love triangle and made it virtually unpredictable.

    • Pearl says:

      I think you guys are being harsh, I mean, YES I HATE HER for making Wade hurt, but you got to remember, she stayed on bluebell and the first thing she did was sleep with him, and even with George calling his wedding off, she wanted to try with him, and she went to him and said that, and he treated her like it wasn’t a big deal. She could be with George, but she was more interested in her feelings for Wade, but Wade spent too much time acting like it was no big deal.So, now, that he’s ready, she’s afraid. The last time she went that road, he looked like he didn’t care, what if she goes that route agian? Is he going to stick with her, or is he going to wake up one day and laugh of her feelings? And even if he tries too, it’s worth risk something that feels so good right now? Are they going too fast? Can he make her happy outside the bed? She’s just confused. She has all those feelings for him, and care so much for him, a guy she never imagined be with, she didn’t expect it, nor know hor to deal with it. That’s all.
      Every relationship on the show makes perfect sense, and it’s fun to see that. Lemon – Lavon – Ruby it’s so cute, on every side,. that you don’t know for whom to cheer. Wade – Zoe- George – Tamsy, looks strange, but it makes sense. Zoe and George are too alike, but they are experimenting things with different people, looking beyond that wall they had for so many years. It’s nice. George is feeling more free, and thinking less on the future, so he dove in faster with Tamsy, cause he’s just discovering her now. Zoe, no. She already has strong feelings for Wade, they already have some history, and some troubles to figure out, they are on an upper level of commitment, and that is hard. But hey work together, when they let it.

      • Sarah says:

        I agree, I don’t understand why more people aren’t watching this show!! And the triangle is succeeding because I feel like I have a stake in all the outcomes. Though I’m reallly hoping for Zoe/Wade as I think Zoe/George could get really boring and Scott Porter has great chemistry with Tansy.

  20. Aleksa says:

    I laughed SO HARD at Ryan’s freak out on Suburgatory; especially at Malik luring him with food. And yes, Richard’s survival is all I really cared about on Boardwalk.

  21. LaShawna says:

    About Reid- no the girlfriend is NOT a hallucination. Breen Frazier, the writer for episode four “God Complex” where the idea of her was introduced, already said in a fan chat that she IS real. They should be meeting in episode 12 “Zugzwang” (also written by Breen Frazier).

    • Siria says:

      Thank you, I thought I had imagined that article… Not to mention that, if Reid really had schizophrenia, the character would be gone by the end of the season.

  22. Sarah says:

    10. I agree that Castle is far too chaste when it comes to Caskett this season. All of their kisses so far have been far too short and lacking passion. We’ve waited four years to finally see them together as a couple and now that they are, we haven’t seen much at all as far as physical intimacy goes aside from the Always kiss. We always hear of it happening offscreen, but we actually want to see at least something onscreen. We didn’t wait this long to leave it up to our imaginations. If that were the case we’d stick to fanfiction.

    • Cc says:

      Agree COMPLETELY. Where is the passion of a first year couple? I adore the sweetness of their moments but I really would like more. As it was said above, we’ve waited 4 years a little more would be nice.

    • BeccaMac says:

      This! I couldn’t have said it better myself. :)

    • amicable majority says:

      this is still a light dramedy about crime solving, so I’m not expecting anything on a Buffy/Spike level. Imagination works well. Just because you can see it on some shows doesn’t mean we have to on Castle.

      • SW says:

        @ amicable majority, you are such a prude. Just because other shows vamp it up doesn’t mean Castle can’t. So what if we can see it elsewhere? Other shows don’t have Castle and Beckett. While I don’t think they’ve been exactly chaste (I see plenty of sweet, loving, beautiful moments), it doesn’t mean we aren’t due a hot and steamy bedroom session. Do you not know these characters? They’re hot and vibrant and undoubtedly unabashed in the bedroom. It’s realistic to them and I’m all for pushing the boundaries as far as the censors allow. We see alot more on other ABC shows, and again, they don’t have what Caskett has.

  23. bonesfan says:

    Booth calling Bones Temperance was one of my favorite moments in the episode..imo it showed that when in a serious moment they can call each not by a nickname..but their real names..he really cares and is trying to comfort her the best he can..though it would be nice if we could get a few kisses between them..its been a few episodes.

    • kiber9 says:

      Yes, this, no kisses since ep 2, Partners in the Divorce. I love their commitment, intimacy but a few kisses would be nice, no porn needed.

  24. #10: While I do understand AWM’s reasonings, about the measly scattering of kisses between Caskett, we need more. Like a big make-out session soon (for once since Always) and just a little more kissing here and there, like you know, the little pecks as a “hi” and “goodbye”, as all couples does in their daily lives. Normal coupley things, because that’s what they are, a couple. We need a little more intimacy stuff, other than a hug and handshake here and there. But, you know, that’s just me.

    • Lydia says:

      “like you know, the little pecks as a “hi” and “goodbye”, as all couples does in their daily lives.”

      I actually thought their goodbye kiss in “Cloudy With a Chance of Murder,” the one where Beckett said “wow” afterwards, was great. It was just so casually hot. More of that, please!

      • Sandra says:

        Yeah, I loved that one too! It was exactly that – casually hot! :)

      • luzmelain says:

        Exactly. That looked like two people in love, and that’s what’s largely been missing. Though just seeing them TOGETHER outside of work, doing ordinary things, would go a long way towards providing the heat that’s been lacking, cause the two actors bring it just fine when a scene between them is allowed to last more than fifteen seconds.

  25. Dee says:

    About the caskett kisses…I love this show, have been enjoying watching the love story unfold, but now it seems almost forced…why not show the audience a little more outside the bullpen…maybe a scene or two of them waking up..or them ending the night at his loft…kissing, etc. We have lived through 4 seasons of subtext from Mr. Marlowe..enough already show the real deal..I haven’t seen on-screen chemistry as good as Katic’s and Fillion’s in so long…use it…I watch Scandal and love the passion that Fritz and Liv have and I compare to Beckett and Castle…and right now there is no comparison…I’m not saying I need to see some scenes that I see in Scandal, but something close would be nice…hell even Rookie Blue is more daring. This is a 10 o’clock show…no excuse..Scandal is on ABC as well, so it can’t be the network. I almost feel as if Katic and Fillion don’t like to kiss each other..come Marlowe give us some real romance and passion…Even my elderly mother commented on the lack of heated kisses there are…lol

    • Cc says:

      Exactly! All of THIS

      • Templar says:

        Don’t dismiss the possibility that Stana and Nathan may not like each other [Moonlighting] which could put a real damper on the heat [pun intended].

        • May says:

          I really don’t think that’s the case. Perhaps they’re not the best friends in the planet, but they sure seem to like each other in the DVD extras and some other out-of-set stuff.

    • Rebecca says:

      Yes – this exactly. There is a distinct lack of passion happening now that they’re together… I don’t get it! I thought this was supposed to be the honeymoon period! LOL

    • SW says:

      Exactly! Use them! Haha. Their chemistry comes once in a blue moon. Hotness should never be wasted.

  26. eds says:

    I hope Reid’s girlfriend is real. It’s shaping up to be an adorably awkward nerdy romance.

    • Margaret says:

      And since they’ve cast the actress who plays Parker on leverage they should have the awkwardly adorable part covered :)

    • GMom says:

      It would be nice if Reid has a girlfriend. Although I really would like it if he got with the actress in season 1 or 2. However, the referenced show was so graphic I will probably never watch it again. It is the reason I hadn’t watched CM before 2 years ago. I love the characters and actors, but some shows are too hard to watch.

  27. K says:

    I loved Bones and thought it was perfect and in character when he called her Temperence, he has done it before when she is upset.

  28. Kim says:

    Agree. What is with the chaste Caskett kissage? Kind of annoying. Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic have such good chemistry it seems a little wasted if Andrew Marlowe and company don’t turn up the heat. We know ABC is not HBO but come on….

    • DarkDefender says:

      Dempsey and Pompeo are proof that full on lengthy sexy sex scenes can be done well at 10:00 on ABC. Time to step up with Castle and Beckett. Dillion and Katic’s chemistry and hotness should not be wasted. Ever.

  29. Jennifer Nelson says:

    Agree on the Stephen Collins newsman on “Scandal” – HOWEVER, loved the VP Langston/Cy fight (ala Ellis & Thatcher Grey) and WHY!!!!???? no props to Shonda for writing a compelling Fitz/Olivia storyline!?!? Their chemistry is HOT.

    • vincentdante says:

      If, as I suspect, this is all in Olivia’s mind– Stephen Collins was perfect. For those of you old enough to recall when the late Frank Reynolds went ballistic on the air because he was being told conflicting stories (live,) this resonance was perfect.

      • Jennifer Nelson says:

        YES!!!!!!!!!! I was 10 when I walked in the house after school to see Reynolds freaking out to someone off camera re: Reagan updates!

    • Melanie says:

      Totally agree on the VP/Cy scenes. And not only were the Fritz/Olivia scenes HOT but the writing in the “you own me…No, you own me; we are in this together” scene was right on target.

  30. “And how was Emma and Snow’s first order of business once back home not a shower and change of clothes?”

    I KNOW, RIGHT? I can’t sleep without washing my feet. Not sure I could survive.

    • Considering that Snow’s true love was under a sleeping spell and Emma’s whole reason for finding the portal was to get to Henry, I can see why it wasn’t the first thing on their minds to get cleaned up. But you’d think it’d be the second thing on their minds before eating at Granny’s. Guess they were just glad to be home to their family.

    • Mary says:

      Well you also have to consider that they probably hadn’t had a decent meal while they were in the enchanted forest. We only saw Emma putting an onion and some grapes on her plate in Lady of the Lake, but after that they didn’t seem to have any food or drink for that matter.

  31. Jasmina says:

    Honestly I feel that Stana & Nathan’s characters don’t suit each other in a romantic sense, they were better off the way they were before they got together. I just find them super awkward together, they don’t have the right romantic chemistry IMO. I find Castle’s getting a bit stale now, I really enjoyed the show in the earlier seasons more than I do now. I’m hoping the show tones down on the romance of the characters because it’s just not working.

    • Sandra says:

      Hmm…are we watching the same show? It’s funny how one and the same thing can be received so differently. :)

    • SW says:

      Your eyes are broken.

    • Huh? Stana and Nathan has one of the best chemistries on screen. That goes for them as actors behind the scenes, which translates to their characters. Not only does Nathan and Stana say that, but the cast and crew of Castle as well. Not to mention just people coming onto the show, no matte who it is. Well, AWM has always said, Castle is more of a romantic love story, than any other things and it had always been the intention of getting Castle & Beckett together – with the romance in full gear. So, if you don’t want romance, you should just stop watching now, because there won’t be any stop with the romance now. It’ll just be intensified. Which is working by the way and so says everyone but a scattered few, here and there. But if you don’t see it that way, well, I don’t know…

    • Maria says:

      We are not watching the same show! Or your idea of chemistry is totally different from mine! God, NF and SK have the most amazing chemistry I´ve seen in a long time! And since episode 1, IMO!

      • Claudia says:

        NF and SK are actors trying to make people feel chemistry between their characters. That seemed fake already in the first episode -you could see NF trying to show what the script told him to do, and completely overdoing it-. But after that first episode, he was much, much better.
        As for SK, while she was just ok first, she improved with the experience she was getting during seasons 1 and 2. But since then, there are a couple of episodes where she was good, but but most of the time, she is an overrated actress. NF is so much better than she is.
        And other tv couples are so much better than this one, and with actors who really have a great chemistry (not a fake one) and who can make you feel their characters are in love.
        And Marlowe, whatever he says, is afraid of that so-called “Moonlighning curse” (which was not because of the lead characters getting together, but because they split them up right away, bad scripts and bad behind the scenes stories). And after having the leads together because people wanted them to be together, now he tries not to really have them together with the lame reason that they can’t let people (esp. Gates) know they are together when at the precinct (but Castle is not a cop, just a writer who is a consultant) and also they wanted to keep it for themselves. And he tries to find reasons again and again to have them as a couple but not as a couple. They are just boring as a couple. And the stories are not getting any better either.

        • JAA says:

          the only thing overrated here is your comment

        • May says:

          Overrated? How so? She doesn’t get a lot of attentions, has no prizes at all, and really isn’t very famous. You can say you don’t like her but overrated? Makes no sense. Also, I think she’s remarkably underrated. Her acting this season has been amazing, and every time she cries is a show in itself. And her work on “Always” was just amazing.

  32. Willa says:

    Poor TVLine Team, they’re still butthurt Chuck and Blair are endgame. Wouldn’t you say Blair’s lowest point would be marrying a man she didn’t love, dating her best friend’s boyfriend who she also didn’t love and dressing up like a five yr old princess to be crowed with a cubic zirconia crown by a jerk who later trashes her for being exactly who he knew her to be? Only to butthurt fans is her trying to cheer up the guy she loves her lowest point. Congrats on being obtuse and painfully butthurt

    • Get It says:

      Exactly, but I would have said it nicer. I think her lowest point was when she had to be drunk to sleep with “BFFs” ex. Yes, either that or when she did it in an alleyway.

    • Sam says:

      I would assume her lowest point was probably getting sold for a hotel (they’ve all moved past it, but still I’d still put that over loveless marriage and dating Dan.), but you have to admit that entire get up.. was incredibly embarrassing… I groaned the entire scene. She is better than that. Her “seduce chuck” get-ups have been so much more risque in the past. Drop the theme and have her show up in some of that gorgeous lingerie that she has. Rawr. Dis show is so not even trying anymore.

    • washington says:

      LOLWUT? are you as stupid as the show’s writers? i’m not even a dair shipper and even i know how stupid you sound right there. being assaulted, being humiliated sexually (among other ways), being sold for a hotel, being verbally abused, ALL of this by the hands of her TRU LUV Chuck “I’m a hero now, PLEEEAAASE” Bass. Far, far lower points in her life than dating Dan. Plus she’s going to marry a guy who tried to rape two girls.
      Actually, you’re right. that scene there wasn’t her lowest point. That’ll happen when she marries Chuck.

  33. Karen says:

    #10: I just hate the whole lovey dovey stuff they got going on with the show. Can we get back to basics and have an actual story. I think Marlowe and company are doing fine as is, but I would love to see more character development than kisses and sex.

    • applecorps says:

      Yeah, not looking forward to either sex or more hand holding. All characters get such a superficial writing now that whatever relationship they have or used to have seem shallow and fake. Even Castle/Alexis that used to be, for me, the most relatable and real relationship of the whole show lost its believability due to badly handled Alexis story lines and general lack of family scenes. They used to do it so right, every secondary character seemed alive! Now even leads lack depth. Beckett is just a mess of contradictions, a bunch of different characteristics which are switched off and on whatever the plot needs at the moment. And Castle… well, seems like they forgot about their title character entirely for the last 2 seasons. He’s been steadily losing any depth and background he acquired during seasons 1, 2 and 3. No character development, no back-stories, no background, no friends, no contacts, no writing stuff, he just reacts to Beckett’s latest shtick and that’s it. Even his sense of humour and spunk is mostly gone. Sure he can still be funny and charming, and I really doubt Nathan Fillion can not be all those things if he’s held at gunpoint, but even the zingers and one-liners turned into shadows of their former selves. And before someone says that he’s matured and grown and whatever, I say there are ways to do it without turning the character into a bore and a passive shadow. Some scenes and episodes confirm that it can be done, but overall character arc and its execution is very unsatisfactory, for me. Same with variations concerning all other characters, they’re just lacking. Everything. That they used to have and potentially could, Rant over.

      No, I don’t hate Castle, and yes, I still watch it because I like the actors and am used to watching it. Wishing that I shut up, watch some other show and stop polluting the fandom with my negativity is welcome but won’t result in me shutting up. I have the same right as any (former) fan of Castle. Just a bit of preventive measures:).

      • Viv says:

        I agree with you. While I still love the show, it’s been too much about Beckett lately, her insecurities, her back story. Castle doesn’t have a life outside the precinct anymore.

        That line about them being from different worlds in “After hour” seemed so fake now. We never see him with his poker buddies anymore, or going on book signings, or movie premieres, or fundraisers or celebrity parties or whatever celebrities or millionnaires do! He never calls “his guys” anymore or doesn’t pull strings because of his fame anymore. That line really sounded weird as it was so untrue!

        I was glad that in this episode (Secret Santa), we found out that times were hard when he was a child! Wow, this was the first new thing we learned about him since the episode with his friend from boarding school!

      • gorge says:

        well I still enjoy the show but I agree with you in one thing. Castle is totally neglected by the writers. he was super passive last season, even if with a reason it was still boring to watch. and this season he’s more enjoyable but still never initiates ANYTHING, even physical contact. also story wise he is like a Becket’s appendix or something. well he obviously not the main character anymore but I think it’s a crime how they handle him. we never learn anything about him and he never initiates anything, just goes around reacting, as you said. even if he’s not the protagonist anymore they need to write him better.

        • Sammy says:

          Him initiating intimacy isn’t true. “Murder, He Wrote” … Beckett was the one that was ready to jump Castle’s bones (no pun, I swear) and initiated the first time in bed & the last scene w the candles. Also she initiated the kiss in 5×02 “Cloudy w a Chance …”.

          • gorge says:

            you were probably replying to someone else or misread my comment because it was EXACTLY what I said lol. and you sound like you’re disagreeing with somebody

      • Hilda says:

        That is a pretty perfect analysis of why I am feeling so ‘meh’ about the show. Everyone talks about SK’s and NF’s chemistry, which was so apparent in S1-3. Both of them can do the passionate, emotional scenes at the drop of a hat. But AM has somehow managed to suck the life out of both characters. The show looks pretty and there are superficial ‘cute’ scenes. But the heart and depth have gone out of it. The last scene that I felt really rang true and showed their connection was the ‘Four years. I’ve been right here’ part of ‘Always’. Even the kiss in that ep didn’t seem convincing (though that may be down to the appalling editing and poor lighting!) AM has such a gift in this cast, and I feel like he’s throwing it away with this shallow depiction of what was the potentially greatest pairing on tv. It’s telling that, on a site that records all the great quotes from each episode, there used to be so many for each show, in S1-3, but nowadays they struggle to find half a dozen great one liners or memorable words for each episode. I think the fact that AM can’t just have a ‘normal’ murder, but has to give every show a theme, mining all parts of the pop culture world, smacks of desperation, as he just doesn’t know how to depict a real, loving, romantic relationship and he is running out of ideas for the crime part. And, no, I don’t hate the show. I just feel sad that it is not living up to its early promise of epicness.

    • washington says:

      LOLWUT? are you as stupid as the show’s writers? i’m not even a dair shipper and even i know how stupid you sound right there. being assaulted, being humiliated sexually (among other ways), being sold for a hotel, being verbally abused, ALL of this by the hands of her TRU LUV Chuck “I’m a hero now, PLEEEAAASE” Bass. Far, far lower points in her life than dating Dan. Plus she’s going to marry a guy who tried to rape two girls.
      Actually, you’re right. that scene there wasn’t her lowest point. That’ll happen when she marries Chuck.

    • washington says:

      whoops, wrong comment.

  34. Jen says:

    Seriously. Let the ‘Temperance/Bones’ thing go. People getting all jacked up over nothing.

  35. Bruce_F says:

    “Eugene Goldfarb – No longer living a lie.”
    That is the funniest damn thing I’ve seen on any show all season.

    • bruceeff says:

      Also, yes. I definitely saw something in that Mulan / Aurora scene. Forget Phillip. Mu-Rora is where it’s at.

    • Anna says:

      He seriously had me wondering why they don’t use him more in the show. I was laughing my ass off when he pulled out that card.

      • Bruce_F says:

        When he started punching the air after the kiss and yelling “She used tongue!” I wondered the same thing myself.

    • A says:

      Agreed. I feel like after Ryan aka Eugene’s freak out on the car I think Mr Peepers himself Chris Catan should be his bio dad. Does anyone agree? Picture the showdown with Sheela

  36. Maria says:

    Definitely not my favorite Blair lingerie. But I’m not one to get my panties in a politically-correct wad, so my main complaint is that it wasn’t sexy enough. I would’ve gone with a slutty puritan costume myself, haha.

    • Sam says:

      THIS. This is what I’m saying! Blair has got to have better things in her closet than that. Unless Chuck has a secret fetish the writers haven’t addressed yet.

  37. Steph says:

    I agree with everything said about caskett so far in the comments. I am happy and am in love with this season, but more Always passion would be nice. Yes, I am greedy when it comes to Castle and Beckett, use the amazing chemistry those two have. Who knows what the rest of the season holds though. We are not even half way through the season. I’m going to look at it as glass half full only because Marlowe is in charge.

  38. Sandra says:

    10 – Castle
    I really enjoy the ride this season (who am I kidding, I enjoyed the ride that is Castle ALL the seasons, lol) and I have complete trust in Marlowe & Co. What we’ve seen so far was just really great – a lot of fun, banter, sexy times and CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT! Did I mention character development? I LOVE how this season plays out and the kisses we’ve gotten so far were perfectly fitting the situations. Seriously, wouldn’t it have been weird if Kate and Rick were jumping each other in front of the Christmas tree/his family and launched into a full out make out session? I think the sweet and quiet kiss was accentuating the mood of the whole episode. The worried kiss in “After Hours” was also fitting the situation at the time. So, yeah, while there WERE more or less chaste kisses throughout the season, I do think they were perfect for the situation they occured in.

    That being said, I however think it is time to incorporate some more passionate situations, or at least some more of the sizzling tension. I miss the suggestive comments by Castle a little, or just, you know, a heated look, maybe Castle ogling Kate a little behind her back, and when she catches him, she gives him a look and turns the tables, teasing HIM. Or the other way around. It doesn’t always HAVE to be a kiss or a full make out session to keep things interesting and sexy. Looks, stolen little touches or maybe Kate tugging Castle into a stairwell, behind a corner or even the observation room only to emerge later a little disheveled (suggesting but not showing a make out session) can be enough when it’s done right. And the exceptional chemistry between Stana and Nathan kind of already ensures that. Hell, they can turn a simple handshake into something so hot that it burns and frizzles right through my TV. Ugh!
    So yeah, I think I will lean back and enjoy the ride Marlowe has in store for us. I think he will deliver, after all he has never disappointed so far (at least IMO). Although I love kisses and sexy times (who doesn’t lol) I love how they show how far the characters have come and the little references back to former episodes/seasons. Because this season especially is doing a stellar job with continuity. Thank you Andrew Marlowe&Co.!!!

    • CaskettShipper says:

      Double word!

    • Sandra says:

      Oh and something else…I really want to see a scene where Castle is writing and Beckett is watching him! I would LOVE to see that. He is a writer after all and lately we see him mostly at the precinct. And we shouldn’t forget that Kate IS a fan of his work so it would be SO SO great to have a scene like that, where he’s writing in the middle of the night and she wakes up (maybe to a phone call from work) and goes in search of him, finds him writing and watches him quietly before walking over, giving him a sweet kiss or hugging him from behind or whatever. I want a scene like this so so bad and it could be easily incorporated in the story at the beginning of an episode, leading to a B storyline about an upcoming book release or deadline, etc. I get that the B storyline should support or link back to the A storyline so there could be a murder of an author or someone at Black Pawn or whatever. There are just sooo many possibilities out there…Hmm, and now I kinda wanna write fanfiction LOL.

    • Viv says:

      “It doesn’t always HAVE to be a kiss or a full make out session to keep things interesting and sexy. Looks, stolen little touches or maybe Kate tugging Castle into a stairwell, behind a corner or even the observation room only to emerge later a little disheveled (suggesting but not showing a make out session) can be enough when it’s done right.”

      Exactly! For example, I would have so loved Castle pulling Beckett with him at the last moment in the elevator after the mistletoe scene. Just to see her come out afterwards with her hair a bit messed!

      • Sandra says:

        This! ;) That’s exactly what I mean. Although I understand why they didn’t do it in this exact situation – they were gearing up for the end when she’s coming to him. Plus there is always the time factor and the Christmas ep wasn’t just about Castle and Beckett but about the whole team at the 12th. Who knows if we’ll get another one next year, schedules don’t always work out as you can easily see from past seasons…
        Yeah, I can imagine it’s not so easy…that’s why I’m in awe of the awesome job AWM is doing. It’s a fine line and he’s walking it just right so far. I’m confident he will continue to do it and there will be some more passionate scenes on the horizon. I’m looking forward to it!

    • Lilu says:

      I’m just worried the Always scene will be the hottest of the show all-time, back then I thought we will see such scenes in every ep. Kinda like in the books, when nikki and rook come home at night and have a little sexy time after a long day of investigating

  39. Emma says:

    14. Charlotte, a woman after my own heart, exactly how I would of reacted in that situation, I’d be like “Really? Not even one of them is a boy?”

  40. Estée says:

    In answer to number 25…YES!!! & it should be punished with an eternity in hell watching said clip on a loop!

  41. Anthony says:

    Stay with me here, cause I am about to mind blow you right now.

    I think Snow and Emma didn’t need to shower because in Fairy Tale Land, you don’t need to. Does anyone watch Snow White, Cinderella or any Disney fairy tale and think “I wonder if Belle’s underarms stink?” No, you don’t. You just go with the fantasy that they never develop body odors (unless its a characteristic of the character). So Emma and Snow were subject to the rules of Fairy Tale Land and are as close to fresh and clean as they were on the day they fell into the portal

    That’s my theory at least, lol

    • Ally says:

      Actually if you knew your disney movies you would know there is a bathing scene in both the little mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. So we might not wonder if they are smelling in the movie but in at least a couple of them we actually sees them bathing…

    • elr says:

      I like your theory and would also add that they never need to fix or brush their hair, not a problem for Snow but Emma’s hair was perfect even after she climbed the beanstalk.

  42. Katy_917 says:

    I didn’t like Bones this week. I’m a life long fan, and have been recently watching season 1 with my partner,who I have got hooked! I have never turned off an episode of ANY show that I enjoy, even if I find that one particular episode boring, I always stick with it, even if I don’t quite like it or get it, but I was so bored by Bones this week that for the first time in my life I turned it off. It upset me to do it, but by 20 mins in, I was just so bored and I was in a bad mood after having a really rubbish day, Bones was supposed to cheer me up and instead it just made my day seem worse!

    • geraghtyvl says:

      It’s funny how people take different things from each episode. I absolutely loved it..although I wouldn’t want to see Bones done that way again. Totally out of the box! And you missed the very best Bones call back to Hot-Blooded at the end of the episode. Check it out It will put you in a good mood.

  43. Amanda Hansen says:

    BONES – Yes I think that Booth calling her Temperance is right. He has called her that in different time throughout the seasons and it is his signal to her to go ahead and feel the feelings she is attempting to find. Booth understands Bones and he loves her as Temperance, Bones, Brennan etc. I love the writing in this show and hope to have more seasons of watching it.

    • D says:

      I agree and would love to have more seasons to come. I would like to see a little more passion and romance between Booth and Bones. It’s like they went from not wanting to go there, to being pregnant, having Christine, to being an old married couple. Their kisses need a little tenderness. Like in Booth’s dream.

      I have a “Bones” question, What happened to the stadium seats? Has anyone seen them sense they moved into the house?

  44. nick1372 says:

    3. No, becuase Cora didn’t know Hook had the bean and Hook didn’t know Cora had a magical lake. And I don’t see the Aurora/Mulan stuff. I guess it’s just me.
    22. I saw that immediately. I don’t know why NO ONE caught that.

  45. Mary says:

    About Cora and Hook. 1. Hook probably didn’t know about Lake Nostos and 2. Don’t think Cora knew about the bean or she might have suggested it. And 3. Part of it was because she wanted to strand Snow and Emma in the Enchanted Forest.

  46. Patricia says:

    9: gossip girl is just a mess I have no hopes for the finale, thank god it’s almost over.
    3: yes I definetly got a lesbian vibe from Mulan and Aurora
    17: I hope Helena comes back soon I love female super heroes she was so pretty and I loved her soft spoken voice, they’d make a good team
    21: Carolina needs to get staked ASAP she was so annoying I was so happy when she got kidnapped. IMO the show reedemed it self after last weeks sire bond crap but Caroline needs to shut it and stop interrupting Damon/Elena steamy hook ups with her blabbering

    • Radha says:

      I haven’t been watching this season since they still keep going on with this triangle crap. So if Caroline is interrupting anything having to do with Damon and Elena? I say THANK YOU Caroline. Thank you very much.

      • washington says:

        even if you don’t like delena (if you’d been watching the progression of this and the evolution of his character, maybe you’d think different, maybe not), the writers assassinating Caroline’s character by how they’ve made her a senseless, empty-headed Stefan stan is not something worth cheering over. If you’re a fan of hers in any way (or a fan of character growth in general), you’d be pissed, actually. They’ve thrown out any and all character development for the sake of appeasing stefan stans. Caroline is MORE than this. She’s a goddamned fully developed character, one who, besides Damon (imo), has had the best development. And they tossed it out the window and regressed her. Pathetic.

  47. Deb says:

    I can’t believe that Blair came back to Chuck. I always thought she was one of those independent and smart characters. I really liked her during that internship arc with Dan. I don’t know what happened since then but this looks awful. Chuck is gross, let me guess she got rejected again or sold for a hotel again? Pretty sad story.

    Yay for Kalinda! I hope she killed off that idiot. And yes Christina Milian is like the worst!

  48. S says:

    #20 the hug in and of itself isn’t the big deal. It was that they were meeting in a secret place, multiple times over a period of time. If he hugged her on the street when they saw each other for coffee, that is one thing. The fact that they were meeting in a secluded location, well that makes it something worth looking into…or using to your advantage. if it isn’t an affair, they are still hiding something or else it wouldn’t be a covert meeting.

  49. Camilla says:

    9: One of them, surely. Gossip Girl is such crap. What a racially insensitive costume.

  50. mia says:

    MULAN + AURORA!!! Sucks that Disney owns it and would never let their characters be gay. We’ll just have to survive on the less-than-subtext subtext of the writers.
    but oh how I wish Disney would go there.