Is a Grey's Doc Blind? Why Are NBC Promos So Spoilery? Boardwalk Duo Bonkers? And More Qs!

boardwalk300We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Good Wife, Revolution, Arrow and Grey’s Anatomy!

1 | As series finale twists go, iCarly‘s titular video star giving Freddie a final, warm goodbye kiss is kinda up there, no? And how fun were the flashbacks to Episode 1? Everyone was so young.

2 | Gillian and Gyp on Boardwalk Empire — the craziest TV pairing since…?

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3 | What kind of imaginary iPhone was Dexter using that allows you to type with plastic gloves on?

4 | Do you find yourself LOLing during Homeland whenever the Brodys’ oft-MIA son pops up and spouts off a filler line? (“There’s a TV in every room!” “The table’s set.”) Also, do you think the show is building to a Jessica/Mike and Carrie/Brody double wedding?

5 | On The Good Wife, was Alicia and Peter’s bathroom shag session more or less shocking than Kalinda and Nick’s dirty dessert encounter?

6 | Was the idea of Revenge‘s Daniel being a poet funnier than any sitcom this past week/month/year?

7 | Who else had a hard time buying How I Met Your Mother‘s all-female jury? Would that ever really happen?

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8 | When and how did 90210‘s Liam become a full-fledged movie star, and Ade a much sought-out opener for an A-List musician?

| What, exactly, did Bones‘ Angela see in that ridiculous, wannabe-Banksy street artist? We’d prefer a settled life with Hodgins any day of the week.

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10 | Has anyone been less worthy of an action-packed 10-episode rescue mission than Revolution‘s dim, limpy Danny? And who did you think was more likely to passionately embrace upon reuniting (yet didn’t): Miles/Monroe or Miles/Rachel? Finally, does NBC continue to have the most spoiler-tastic promo department ever, seeing as it gave away the final game-changing moment of this midseason finale?

11 | Did Xtina’s peculiar brand of judging on this week’s The Voice — barely displaying enthusiasm for any of her fellow coaches’ contestants — contribute to the ouster of her sole remaining team member Dez Duron?

12 | How did The New Normal keep that Shannen Doherty cameo under wraps?!

13 | Can we get a full-length version of NCISDeFazio DiNozzo crooning the complete Laverne & Shirley theme song? And how sweet was it to see frying pan-wielding Abby save Ziva’s bacon?

14 | Does saying you can’t stand Parenthood‘s Max make you a bad person?

15 | Are we concerned Sons of Anarchy‘s Jax ventured too deep into Clay territory with his forced drugging of Wendy? Speaking of Drea de Mateo’s reformed junkie, is she fast becoming the show’s only redeeming character?

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Muse of Fire16 | Did anyone predict Arrow‘s reveal about John Barrowman’s character?! But the biggest question from this week’s episode — aside from how did Oliver develop Superman-like superspeed — has to be how does the crush-worthy Helena keep her hair and makeup so perfect under that helmet? (And can Jessica De Gouw be promoted to series regular, like, now?)

17 | What was your favorite part of Supernatural‘s cleverly ‘toontastic episode? We’re voting for the talking cat, which needs to become a recurring fixture.

18 | Speaking of cats…. Did Cam’s form-fitting costume on Modern Family drive home how great Eric Stonestreet is looking these days? Or were you unable to concentrate on anything other than his furry codpiece?

19 | Did Scarlett’s Nashville makeover seem less She’s All That and more “Oh hey, I forgot I had this in the back of my closet?” Aside from the plunging neckline, didn’t that dress pretty much look like everything else the character has worn this season?

20 | Every time you think you’ve become immune to American Horror Story: Asylum’s gore, hasn’t the show upped the ick factor considerably and proven you wrong? And will Lana ever catch a break?

21 | Was Mariah Carey smuggling all eight reindeer, Rudolph, the fat man and a Costco-sized fruitcake into the cleavage she sported during Christmas in Rockefeller Center? Because her silver bells had nowhere to go but up and out.

22 | Another Vampire Diaries dance gone by has us wondering: When will they bring Rebekah back?!

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greys30023 | Glee managed to get Mercedes and Sam in the same zip code this week, yet didn’t give the former lovebirds a single stinkin’ moment together?

24 | Is Grey’s Anatomy‘s April blind? Is that why she keeps pushing Jackson away?

25 | Who else unabashedly shed a tear when 30 Rock‘s Liz Lemon finally got the guy — and that thug-tastic ring?

26 | Is Last Resort‘s Kylie/Christine partnership one of the things you’ll miss most about ABC’s ill-fated sub drama?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!