Sons of Anarchy Boss Talks Finale Shockers, [Spoilers'] Fates -- Plus: Early Season 6 Scoop!

Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Finale SpoilersThis story contains spoilers from Tuesday’s Sons of Anarchy finale. If you’ve yet to watch, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, read on…

As the credits rolled on Sons of Anarchy‘s Season 5 finale, an old proverb immediately came to mind: The more things change, the more they stay the same.

A whole lot went down in those final 90 minutes, sure, but the end result certainly resembles the SAMCRO we’d seen in years past — save for a few major details.

The biggest changes afoot involved Clay and Tara, last seen making their respective ways to jail. Other than that, life in the tumultuous town of Charming sort of fell back into an all-too-familiar place.

Jax, who had long worked toward securing the future of SAMCRO so that he could finally walk away, mirrored Clay more than ever and let his deep ties to the club cloud his devotion to his family. Gemma, meanwhile, may have put into motion the downfall of her daughter-in-law/nemesis and once again secured a place alongside her son at the table — a position she’s long believed is hers and hers alone.

Here, Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter weighs in on those events and more from the finale and answers all of your lingering burning questions. He also reveals some early plans for the FX drama’s sixth season, including who’ll be back and how a tongue-less Otto will prevail.

TVLINE | Talk about the significance of creating this season’s final shot so that it mirrors last season’s, with one major difference: Now Gemma is behind Jax, not Tara.
It’s not that I began this season with the intention of doing that, but I did realize we had the opportunity to do it. It’s been a rough season for Gemma. She began somewhat astray and lost. She had a rough ride, but at the end she really feels more grounded and like she’s earned her way back. She knows that people need her, and that’s the thing that grounds Gemma more than anything. So it was the idea that she got her balls back. Also, it’s just continuing to tell the story of that Hamlet/Gertrude quality of this very dysfunctional family.

TVLINE | Just to confirm: Tara’s arrest was the result of Gemma making good on her promise to rat her out?
My intention was to definitely put that out there as a possibility, and I think we’ll reveal how that happened. I do want the audience coming away with, “Wow, did she actually follow through on that threat? And what does that mean for Gemma and Jax if he finds out?” I definitely wanted to create that discussion.

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TVLINE | Have you decided where and when Season 6 will pick up? That seems particularly important, given that we were left with two of our main characters being carted off to jail.
I don’t know yet. I have a sense of maybe where we’re going to start. But until I sit down and start to map it out with my writers, I’m really not certain if it’s going to be a couple of weeks or a couple of months, or if it’s going to be longer.

TVLINE | Why do this to Tara? She’s been loyal and strong and patient, and the moment she gets some good news, this happens.
I don’t think it’s a decision about “doing this” to a character. I’d like to think that the things that happen happen out of circumstance and out of character and that it was organic to the story. There’s this notion of Jax getting all of his ducks in a row on the outlaw side while the family side fell apart; pulling off one plan flawlessly while another plan completely fell apart was sort of the idea behind that. Also, for Tara, this takes her to a new place. Her involvement in what Jax has done has only really been through supporting what he does and not asking too many questions and patching up guys who are injured. Now she’s plugged herself into a situation that’s blown back on her, and she can suffer the same outlaw consequences. So, what does that do now to her? What does it do to that relationship? To me, it opens up a whole new level of possibilities for that character.

TVLINE | Is it safe to assume her Oregon job offer is officially dead?
That will remain to be seen.

TVLINE | Jax barely reacted to Tara’s arrest and then seemed all-too-content with welcoming Gemma back into the fold. What was going through his head in those moments?
My sense is that there is a level of shock and awe in his mind, and a sense of betrayal by what she did — not that she wasn’t justified in doing it and not that it wasn’t the right thing to do, but he felt betrayed. I also think [there was a] level of strength and almost stillness she had about those decisions; she wasn’t the fragile, neurotic Tara we’ve seen in the past. She was much more Gemma-like in these decisions: “This is my job, this is what I have to do, and I’m f–ing doing it.” That was new to Jax, seeing Tara be that strong and be that Old Lady. He was overwhelmed by all of that, which impacted his ability — or perhaps inability — to react when she got taken away. He was neutralized by it all, and that’s what was going on.

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TVLINE | Is a main takeaway here that Jax is no longer looking for an out? Everything was finally squared away, and yet he seemed to be opting to stick with SAMCRO.
The takeaway is really the impact of this life; the impact of being in that chair changed all of that. I’m not going to just come out and say this, nor is the character going to come out and say this, but one could argue that once you have a taste of that power and a taste of the ability to move things around on that level, it’s hard to walk away from it. You can justify it 100 different ways, and at the end of the day, that’s still the case. Jax makes the argument to Nero when [Nero] says he gets pulled back in: ‘You f–ing knew that was going to happen.’ It’s the idea that they’re both kidding themselves.

TVLINE | In what scenario is Clay not immediately offed next season — especially given how easily Opie was killed behind bars? Is there possibly any longevity left in this character?
I don’t know if there is longevity — not that the premiere of Season 6 will be Clay getting a bullet in his head, but the intention was that we end this season with Clay a doomed guy. That will be a reality for that character in Season 6.

TVLINE | You somehow managed to make Clay half-sympathetic in these final Season 5 installments. Were you purposely trying to redeem him a bit?
I don’t know if it’s about redeeming him. I wanted to get Clay to a point that I think a lot of these guys do. We saw it a little bit in Belfast with McGee, that they get to the point where they just can’t do another round, you know what I mean? Clay got into the season and set up the thing with nomads and then that f–ing goes south, and then Eli’s wife gets killed and he just reached a point where he didn’t have the energy to do another round of it. At the end of the day, he just wanted to come out with a little bit of a piece of the pie — which was the gun business — and Gemma. That was completely sincere; that wasn’t Clay playing anybody. Not that that should buy him forgiveness for all the heinous sh-t he’s done as president, but I think it was an interesting place to take that character. Whether or not you feel for him really depends on the viewer’s connection to that character. I just wanted to show that at a certain point, these guys get worn out by the life and they can’t suit up anymore.

TVLINE | Bobby was merely choosing to vacate his spot as VP, not leave the Sons completely, correct?
It’s sort of what Tig did when he couldn’t feel comfortable being an officer under Clay. Bobby now feels like he can’t do his job as VP and that he’s just giving up the position. They’ll vote in a new VP next time they have church.

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TVLINE | Did the thought ever cross your mind to actually have Jax give up Tig to Damon Pope?
There were a couple different scenarios on the table. I think there was even an early scenario where Tig died in jail with Opie. I love the actor and I love the character and unless I really needed it for story or I really needed it to take the series to the next level like we needed the death of Opie to do — if I was going to get rid of a guy like Tig, it just had to be something that the series needed. At the end of the day, I liked the idea that Jax still took a risk with his life, but ultimately got him a pass. I think Jax has the realization that his inner circle is getting smaller and smaller and that he perhaps needs as many allies as he can get.

TVLINE | Is Juice now officially in the clear for ratting out the club?
You know, we had a scene in the finale that we cut out of the broadcast version because I didn’t know what I wanted to do with it next season. We had Chibs ask what they do about Juice and Jax just gives him a nod. We then see Chibs go to Clay’s house and he beats the sh-t out of Juice within an inch of his life. But I realized that I didn’t want to do that because I loved the moment with Jax and Juice in the clubhouse, when he kisses him and says, ‘I’m proud of you.’ I didn’t want to undermine that moment and make Jax look like a psychopath. [Laughs] Also, I wanted the option of going in a couple different directions in Season 6. I didn’t want to put a bow on it with a beatdown, which suggests that all is forgiven and this is how we’re going to fix it. I just like the idea that it’s out there and maybe we play it, maybe we don’t play it. But ultimately, Juice has earned — for now anyhow — some time.

TVLINE | The finale left things open for Jimmy Smits, Donal Logue and Billy Brown to all return next season. Is that the plan?
Donal I know is coming back. We have him for 10 episodes, I think, so he’ll definitely be back for 7 or 8 [more] next season. The way we’re doing it with Jimmy is that nothing would make me happier than to bring him back. I love the character, I love the guy, it’s just good energy on the set and, I think, ups everybody’s game. But he’s a busy guy, so what I wanted to do was leave it a little bit open-ended so that there was emotionality and story left on the table that we could pick up with, but that there was nothing that was lynch-pinned to anything that needed him to swing to the next place. We’ll probably get into that soon with Jimmy, but I would love to bring him back. And the same thing with Billy Brown. Sometimes it’s harder to get these guys who you don’t have big season arcs for because they’re in demand, like Billy… But I’d love to bring him back and I think there’s an arc for him. I just don’t know what that is yet.

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TVLINE | You’ve told me in the past that you hate playing Otto, so I thought that his whole tongue debacle might be your swan song. But probably not, if Donal is back next season.
Here’s the good thing: I won’t ever have to say anything else again. [Laughs] I’ll be mumbling and I’ll be writing stuff on pads — that’s all I’ll have to do. I dunno, my intention was to always see Otto make it to the gas chamber and play that scene out. I think that’s an interesting place to see these guys go. I don’t know if or when that will happen, but, again, I didn’t foresee anything we did [with him] this season. It just became a great way to plug Tara into that world and set her up. So, who knows? [Laughs]

TVLINE | And now, most importantly, will the dog Tig rescued be back next season? Perhaps as a SAMCRO mascot?
[Laughs] We’ll see. For me and for Tiggy, it was Dawn’s replacement. It was giving him another child at the end of the show, so he had something to love. I don’t know how much that dog costs per day, so that will dictate whether or not we have it again. [Laughs]

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  1. Pat D. says:

    Three things: 1. That was a horrific singing performance from Katey in the beginning, and 2. Maggie blew me away with that scene when she was arrested. 3. I saw the Tig reversal a mile away, probably like most people.

    Overall, a solid finale, but not really spectacular, IMHO.

    • Tab says:

      I really liked Katey’s performance of the song. *shrugs*

      • M says:

        Me too. She has a very unique, soulful voice that really fits with the show’s theme. Her first album is actually one of my favorites ever. *shrugs with you*

        • Pat D. says:

          Normally I like her contributions to the Sons soundtrack, but this one, I dunno…it seemed like she was straining the limits of her vocal range and it wasnt pretty, IMHO. But hey, to each his own.

          • Courtney says:

            I see what you’re saying, to an extent, bc it was not my favorite cover Katey has done on this show but I still loved it. I think she has great control over her vocals and she has worked with Bob Thiele for 20 years now. I don’t think they’d both agreed to work on a song that would even potentially sound the way you’re describing it, but yeah, to each their own. For sure.

        • Katrina Young says:

          When I first heard Katy sing I thought she sounded a bit like Linda Rondstat. Thats just me though. When voices where allowed to be raw. I have to admit I love/am addicted to Sons of Anarchy and its as if Kurt has lived this a little in a past life. The writting is so close to some truths of that kind of life its not funny.
          Oh! And I have a bit of a crush on Tig. Hes naughty and out there. I dont now what it is. Kurt, I know he deserves it, but please dont write Tig out just yet.

    • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

      I agree. I was thinking “who is singing this horrendous song” and then I realized lol. Would love to see Jimmy come back and I am glad Donal Logue is already signed on. And that entire tongue thing, ouch. Hard to watch that lol.

      • Dayna says:

        I think Katy nailed that opening song and I believe anyone who is criticising it should try singing professionally..its not as easy as it sounds regardless of the artist. I have to say as a dog lover and rescuer I couldn’t take watching the dog “fight” even though I knew it was fake. Not to mention the fact that they used what looked like a Boxer and they are the most lovable, unaggressive dog ever. Otherwise I loved the show. I hope we see Jimmy back for multiple seasons. You’re doing a great job Kurt Sutter. PLEASE keep up the wonderful work.

        • TIM HIGGINS SR. says:


          • Lyn Mokle says:

            Another Ditto……
            I also have to agree with others that there is something about Tig. The scene where he points at Tara and Gemma and tells them that ‘you two are killing me” is one of my favourites and makes me laugh every time I watch it. Surprisingly funny and sexy.
            Great acting as well as writing. Keep it coming, please.

    • Shannon says:

      Katy has an amazing voice. Every song she has sung that has been on the show, I can pick out right away and love. Talented, the one on last night’s episode was no different!

      • Skylar says:

        “Amazing voice”, nah, dont think so.
        She was a back up singer, but to carry as front,hmmm nope..dont think her voice is anything special, but certainly adequete.

        • so i read through this whole review and interview and cant wait for season 6 and would like to know when itll premiere, and then i started to read the comments and i must say you all sicken me season 5 ended with 4-5 different cliff hangers and most of you are talking about a damn song?! i mean really now come on i think theres alot of better things to be discussing on here, like ummmm how and when clay is going to die, was it really gemma who got tara locked up, will the retired dep marshall play a role in season 6 seeing to the point that the last 2 times you see him he was at ottos statement, and before that in a room with 7 different guns on the bed behind him, hopefully next time i come here ill see actual talk about the show and not talk about the soundtrack -.- and you all call yourselfs fans of the show pfft. soundtracks dont make the show people. now for what i didnt see coming in the finale: at first i saw the tig thing playing out like it did, but when the time came i rlly thought jacks was going to let it happen, i did nooooot see clay being framed for it at all until jacks pulled out his gun, bobby stepping away from VP caught me off gaurd but it really was no shocker. one more thing, just kinda throwing this out there in hopes that someone connected to SOA will see it, my new VP recommendation for an interesting 6th season would have to either be Happy or Juice, i say happy because hes already a crazy pzychoating loving douche but is down for anything that is for the club 100% and i say juice because jacks still has dirt on him and he is an easy person to have to any dirty work that may be needed. p.s. please please please kill gemma that is all.

          • amrathelion says:

            juice as VP ? dude, I don’t want what you’re smoking even for free. DUMB idea… a snitch known to several. a known backstabber that was on clay’s jockstrap. an idiot for snitching because his father was “technically” part black. a guy into IT would have SOME brains and know that puerto ricans are taino indian mixed with whites and black slaves. not a surprise, it’s more of a general “given”.

            and telling people what they should discuss ? c’mon, everyone likes different parts of the show for different reasons and are free to discuss it. your own personal ideas of what a boards rules aren’t in line with the shows main characters general attitude allows. ANARCHY. your suggestions are SO valuable you should hide them in a spot where a prison guard couldn’t find them !

          • J Hazeltine says:

            Hell yes bring on hap! Don’t think he’d be the choice for vp though, maybe put chibbs as vp and hap as seargent at arms. Bump tig down with juice and bobby. Really want to see how the Marshall and Otto thing plays out. Can’t wait! Love me some soa!

          • Sherri stickler says:

            I agree w/ you! I read the comments about her song and felt “confused”. I don’t care! So, that being said- I love it! Happy for vp. Kill Gemma! And I really thought Jax was going to let Tig die! I love Tigs character and love that he is always a softy for dogs! Mr Sutter rocks!

          • Mike B. says:

            Juice is a rat & no way in hell can Jax make him VP ,Happy on the other hand has possibilities. I would really like to see Jax & Tig settle all of the past crap & take the sons to a whole new level.And as much as you have to hate Gemma , I am getting a little tired of Tara , she cannot hold a candle to the outright deceptiveness that Gemma has.

          • pete says:

            Juice as VP , nope , I love the character , but i gotta agree with Amrathelion, No way , regardless of the reason , He’s a snitch , the smart money is on Chibs , as its said there will be a new SAA also , Chibs has been solid and the only way hes losing the Sgt at arm billet , is to move up to VP

    • Danny says:

      Um, I didn’t see the Tig thing at all. I really thought he was going to betray him. I thought it was a great finale but not everyone can be happy.

      • cindy says:

        i am with you…i didn’t see the tig thing coming! of course, i don’t overthink the episodes too much, i am happy to let kurt and co. take me by the hand and guide me through!

    • erica says:

      I’ve got to say, i think she did awesome!!! I didn’t even know that was her until i saw these comments!!!! I absolutely loved it!!!!

    • I think Katey has a great singing voice. She’s ahellofalot better than some artists we listen to everyday…

  2. adam says:

    I was waving at the tv when Tara was bein arrested smiling, lol. No more crying Tara :)
    Shows goin to be great now,

    • megan says:

      She’s not off the show.

    • sarah says:

      i know me to, it pissed me off that she said im taking MY boys out .. i guess she is just trying to do the right thing , but Abel isn’t even hers..She raised him Yes but its not her son she cant just take him if jaxs dont want her to.

      • Shannon says:

        Jax loves Tara, he thinks of her as the mother of the boys. Even if he is the one who called, he did it to keep her from taking off. Tara isn’t going to be gone from the show lol

        • melissa says:

          I don’t think there is anyway Jax called on her, he just found out about her taking the boys to Oregon. He may have been upset about the real mom seeing the kids but that wasn’t enough for him to call.

        • Nicole says:

          Now that was a stupid comment! Did you watch the same show as everyone else and if you had the nerve to comment, did you even read the article above? They clearly addressed the fact that Gemma called and why she did it and how this is going to play out. Get your facts straight before you leave stupid comments for people like me to rip apart.

          • cindy says:

            no, what he said in the article was that he wanted to leave that open as a POSSIBILITY and we will see how it plays out next season..thats not even close to being “clearly addressed the fact that gemma called”, as u i think UR the one who needs to get ur facts straight..go back and read the article and the answer to the question of weather or not it was gemma!!

          • John says:

            Actually it says that a that could be the case but it remains to be seen. I think Gemma turned snitch as well, but you know Hollywood.

      • C. says:

        apparently you are not a parent. the job of a parent is not to do anything that jax is doing, or half the stuff that tara is doing, if they both loved their children, and those children are tara and jax’s, no one elses, and tara has as much claim on both of them as jax does, they would have left as soon as thomas was born. tara is doing the right thing getting them out, and she is not taking them away from jax, she is giving him the choice to be a real father or not. and it is besides the point for at least a little while, tara will not be going anywhere until she is out of jail, and whoever put her in there should feel guilty and be thinking of those children without a mother, and jax should do everything in his power to get her out. And it doesn’t make a difference to me that he is in a motorcycle gang, he could be a lawyer or a janitor and I would still say this, he does not spend enough time with his kids!

        • Mike B. says:

          Although most of what you said is true. I do not know about you , but if the show were about a lawyer or a janitor I do not think it would be anywhere as good of a show. And think that if you are watching for moral values & responsible parenting , you are missing the point a little. These guys are outlaws & I myself enjoy watching them behave badly. But in the long run it is none of my business why you watch.And as long as people keep watching , they keep coming back. It isin my opiion the best show on television.

    • xy77boy says:

      adam you are an A hole, tara is the only character with any morals on the entire show. I think there are a lot of woman haters who watch this show sometimes.

      • Skylar says:

        are we all “A holes” who have a different opinion then you?

        • amrathelion says:

          nah man, that one’s tapped in the head. saying that tara is the only one with morals on the show is like saying that satan is the only one bad in the bible. there’s too many degrees of good and evil to just call everything either black or white with no grey areas…

          • rebecca says:

            “there’s too many degrees of good and evil to just call everything either black or white with no grey areas…” Well said!

      • smiling says:

        Morals….are you kidding me. Stealing from work, using the system to get favors for a gang, smoking dope with little kids in the house, fighting like a street brawler, hiding the fact she witnessed a murder etc.etc.etc. Bye bye Tara. You got whay you deserved.

    • SAMTAZ FAN 520 says:

      Hahahaha. Man, I’m right there with you on that brother. I’m glad to see Tara’s butt finally becoming a real part of the outlaw life and not just an annoying critic on the outside looking in. Too bad she never decided to back Jax until she lost her “higher” position as a surgeon. Then again, just as soon as she finds out she will be able to operate again she’s back to begging him to leave. I can’t stand her. You don’t marry someone and then ask them to change what they are. Goodbye Tara. JAX, enjoy Diosa Norte!!!!,

      • AdriDee says:

        I don’t see where you people who say Tara is the one who pressured Jax to leave get your information. Did I watch a different show??? Because throughout seasons 4 & 5, it was JAX who kept telling her he was leaving SAMCRO. TARA’S the one who kept saying he wasn’t going to be able to. And he kept telling her she needed to believe him. And I’m sorry, but when you’re partner keeps PROMISING something and not making it happen, as a RESPONSIBLE and FUNCTIONAL mother, you take your kids and do it yourself. I agree she should have told him before accepting the job, but then you could argue that during the season 4 finale, HE told HER to leave and take the boys and have a life ouside of Charming.
        Jax should have been FOR Tara’s decision, because he said it during season 4 about JT. He told Tara, “JT was a coward [for not leaving]. He should have taken Thomas and me and gotten the hell out of Charming.” Tara tried to defend JT and Jax said JT “should have run [Gemma’s] ass over.” Again: Jax! Not Tara.
        Tara doesn’t want to change Jax, she’s said it time and time again. She knows its a part of Jax, that’s why she has stayed for 3 years. That’s why she has broken laws, she has put her job in jeapordy time and time again. As an observant audience, one can see that it is TARA who has changed so she can be with Jax, not at all the other way around–other than Jax giving up having sex with countless women, I don’t see what he has given up for her. Oh, and killing an agent for her.
        Don’t get me wrong, I love them together. But one has to realize that Tara loves Jax more than anyone else, but for Jax, SAMCRO will always come first–even BEFORE his sons…
        So, please. Those of you who keep insisting that Tara wants to change Jax and leave Charming, please rematch the seasons.

        • Kim says:

          I don’t agree. At first, she supported him…. But, now its more of an ultimatum. Jax did what he had to do for the MC, and now that things are on the up and up….. There’s no reason to leave.

          • borubrian says:

            Folks, how do you have a show about a MC where the lead character is not part of the club. Jax is not leaving SOA, Tara is going to get a send off, how does not matter. Gemma’s character’s daily interaction with a MC is so far from reality, there is no way way to get it back.

            Jax based on the amount of killings this year, the attack on his oldest kid’s mom, has now left the world of JT and is now really more of a cartel leader than the gentle philosphical soul the pretense has been. HIs journal to his son, is akin to someone from Murder Inc writing a diary…”do not judge my character by how many dead bodies I have left behind”..

          • No, Jax PROMISED that he would leave the club as soon as he got them out of the guns and other trouble they were in. Don’t you remember how pissed Gemma was when he told her they were leaving with the boys? But when the club was at risk of being terminated, Tara encouraged Jax to stay and save the club. She’s always had his back. The ultimatum? She’s just following through on the promise they had already made to each other. Jax already did exactly what he said he wanted to do, save his club and get them out of the gun business. But now, he’s trying to back out on his promise to Tara. He wanted a better life for his sons, he’s been saying that since the show first started. It was never his intention to stay with the SOA, never. I agree 100% with AdriDee.

        • Diane says:

          I agree with u 100%. I love them together so i hope kurt sutter keeps them together i love both characters

        • KaydaChaos says:

          Thank you! Couldnt have said it better myself.

        • BJD says:

          Tara has continually bitched, complained,and is always miserable. She said she wants out of Charming and away from the club so many times. She’s the one wanting to constantly leave and if he doesn’t go she’s more than ready to go without him. She wants him to give up everything and leave with her. Sorry that’s not love if your trying to change the guy to the way you want him to be.

          • amrathelion says:

            oh BJD that’s love, that’s just a woman. when a man gets married he stops seeing all other women and it’s proof of love. it’s the end of the life he had. women usually think of it as an important BEGINNING of the life that they want you to have. we don’t expect them to change and they expect us to. odd… = )

          • C. says:

            she doesn’t want him to give up everything, she want’s him to choose his sons. as a child that was not important to my father it seems reasonable to me. these shows are supposed to parallel reality, though be fictional, here’s some reality for you, all three of my father’s children live in one state and he lives in another, when asked why he replied, “there was nothing in *state child lives in that I won’t reveal* for me” so my siblings and I are nothing. the longer this show goes on the worse of a father jax becomes, and I did have such high hopes for him. he does need to choose his children over everything else, as a parent i have had to do it, and it is not always easy, but it is always worth it.

          • I have to wonder if you’ve watched the show from the beginning BJD. That’s totally not true. She has wanted out many many times, but Jax keeps persuading her to stay until he can get out with her. Jax has wanted out of the club since season 1. She’s never tried to change him. She’s never asked him to give up the club…..he’s the one who keeps saying he wants out. They were on their way out together, she chose to stay by his side because he said he was leaving as soon as he saved the MC.

        • heaven says:

          I agree with you to a tee I am a fan……….

        • jaxsgirl says:

          100% correct, AdriDee.

          I would add that while Jax was busy working the long con to satisy his main objectives; avenge Opie’s death and rid the club of Clay, Tara has been left alone. I know this isn’t a show about couples and romance but there was hardly any between Jax and Tara. The one time they tried to get away to the cabin Gemma runs the kids off the road. Impossible for Jax to run the club and be a proper husband and father. I hope he gets his priorities straight before it’s all over. I don’t think he can live without Tara at this point. Not happily anyway.

    • Tasha says:

      That crazy I love Tara and I love her and Jax being together. I mean you have Jax that had this crazy life and Tara that is a doctor, I mean two people you really don’t think you would ever see together are and some how kind make it work bc they love each other. I would love to see them stay together on season 6

  3. jaynecobb2 says:

    How did the dog fight scene make it past censors and the ASPCA or any animal rights group

    • Pat D. says:

      Well, it wasnt REAL, LOL. I wouldnt be at all surprised if it was CGI or something. But yeah, no doubt the ASPCA will have something to moan about shortly—despite the fact that it showed the shows heroes caring for the tortured animal. But that never stopped them before.

      • Pat D. says:

        Note to that last post…EW did an interview with Coates, and he said it wasnt CGI, but the snarls and barks were added in. It was two trained dogs just playing with each other, they added the fight noises in post-production, and whipped the cameras around so you couldnt see clearly that it wasnt violent.

      • jaynecobb2 says:

        i know it was not real just the portrayal of it was what i was getting at.

        • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

          Well you have your answer. You have no issue with humans getting shot in the head just about every episode but you are worried that ASPCA or PETA might be upset about a fake dog fight? Give me a break. And why would it be censored? It’s cable TV and we don’t live in a society where we censor things for the sake of liberals who little feelings might get hurt. Be serious here, that was just a dumb comment.

          • Pat D. says:

            Well, I think what he means is that the ASPCA is very anal about these things, and he was shocked that it got past their overactive censors, not that killing humans is right, either.

          • Britta Unfiltered says:

            Ah, Chuck, your rudeness, your anger and hatred against liberals, and the way you always manage to bring politics into things always gives me a giggle. I know plenty of people who are both conservative and liberal that get offended by things they see on TV. Why would you think that’s something specific to liberals? That’s just a silly way to think. And why do you think basic cable has no censorship? Of course basic cable has limits with what they’re allowed to show. It may not be as strict as what broadcast networks have to adhere to, but they certainly don’t have the “anything goes” policy that pay channels have. Why do you think these things, Chuck?? Why do you come to this website to attack perfectly nice people as a way to get out the anger of your bad day?? Never mind, don’t tell me, I don’t really care about your answer and won’t be looking for a response.

          • Becca says:

            Ditto on what Britta wrote! lol…..and some people care about animals more than people…

          • Cindy says:

            I agree stupid comment…Opi getting clubbed in the head was more intense than the fake dog fight…

          • Andrew says:

            Liberals getting their feeling hurt? That statement sounds like you think that conservatives are pro-dog fights and violence. Isn’t the conservative party usually the one up in arms when there’s too much violence, profanity or sexuality on television claiming that it’s not “family oriented”? Are dog fights a normal part of the conservative lifestyle? Isn’t it the conservative party that pushed for the parental advisory levels on music, tv, and movies? Haven’t the liberals been arguing for freedom of artistic expression? Chuck, you sound like a disgruntled conservative, is it because your party lost an election, or are you just generally ignorant?

          • jess says:

            OK I’m a liberal and I didn’t care about the dog fight. I think the term ur searching for there is tree hugger. Not saying I don’t care about the environment, I do, everyone should. we only have the earth to live on so far. But there is such a thing as priorities and human life comes before animal life for me.

          • Why oh why is there always the one person who has to bring politics into everything. Im so sick and tired of this debate showing up everywhere. Even here, in an SOA discussion. smh

      • eatitfanboy says:

        That dog fight scene was a little too real for me. My mind knows it’s fake, but I was still disturbed by it. Kind of ironic that in an episode where a Otto bites his tongue off and Pope gets his head blown off, it’s a fake dog fight that hit me hardest. LOL (in retrospect)

        • Robert says:

          Lets not forget Jax beating the prison guard to death with a snow globe while it was playing beautiful music. Anyone else see the irony in that?

          • Kathie Wilson says:

            Indeed. I thought that was brilliant. The music behind that death was a metaphor for Jax’s hopes and dreams of being a normal father to his boys, and also his friendship with Opie. Both were smashed when Opie died, because now Jax is just as bad as Clay, and maybe worse. I think he knows why Tara went down, and maybe was even instrumental in the plan, because she was going to leave with his sons….just random thoughts.

    • Jeremy Maza says:

      I want to tell you. That there is a specail government that can not touch tv or internet. Thats y we get porn and all that other stuff.

    • Dante says:

      There are no censors on cable. It just has to pass the brass at FX. They Ok’d Gemma being raped on screen. A dog fight probably didn’t attract much resistance.

      • nails5045 says:

        Yes, there ARE sensors on cable TV. Anything that is broadcast is up for censorship. Think about it, or you’d hear Fu*k all of the time instead of it being bleeped. Yes, shows have gotten more leeway with it the past year or so that are on cable, but they don’t have carte blanche to say anything.

    • sarah says:

      i know that was so sad, i had to turn away..

    • Abratnaz says:

      I turned it off at the dog fight, I can’t watch that kind of stuff, maybe I’ll be able to watch more later but as I watched the show next to my beautiful pit, it was just too much for us

      • Suz Von says:

        The dog fight wasn’t real. The dogs were “playing” albeit roughly. the growling was dubbed in. The dogs are brother and sister according to Kim Coates and were trained for this role. They were not harmed.

        • Babs Morgan says:

          I was grateful that they brought this aspect of gang/thug life to light, even if for only a few minutes. I am also glad that Tig rescued the dog. Even if he has no conscience regarding other humans (except his children, apparently) he has some sense of right and wrong, even if it is only for a dog (not too shabby). Whether or not the dog fight was real in immaterial; this kind of thing goes on all of the time, including the trash bins filled with carcasses and shooting the losing dog. Thank you, SoA, for showing this, at least a little bit, and keeping the Sons out of that sort of soullessness. And yes, some people care more about animals being harmed/killed than humans, because animals are defenseless and don’t make the decision to put themselves in harm’s way, as Opie did. That said, it was awful that he was killed, too. First Donna, then Piney, then Opie; who’s next in that family? Sad. Looking forward to next season.

          • Ginger says:

            This expresses exactly what I thought of the dog fight scene. I understand it’s not real, the emotion from watching it is knowing this happens every day if life and probably much, much worse than what that scene depicted…… but to get it out there and give it attention is necessary….

          • clhudson says:

            I am an extreme pitbull lover. I have one and be is the most loyal, loving, playful pitty anyone could want. I am N extreme SOA lover and I am so glad that they played this seen the way they did, it spoke volumes for the breed and SOA showed they have hearts in more ways than one. Cant wait til next season, wish they were longer tho. :-/

          • SAMTAZ FAN 520 says:

            I agree…I grew up around 1%er MC’s and street gangs. It was good to see that the Sons are not completely evil and soulless human beings. The streets are hard enough to depict without stereotypical BS but Kurt & Co. do a great job of “spreading the guilt” for the plight in our streets. I was glad that SAMCRO made it through another rough year and hopefully Clay will get his justice as Tara does as well.

          • borubrian says:

            Yeah, Tig was exhibiting the same behaviour with animals that was part of the Sopranos (remember the race horse, Tony killed Ralphie over). Psychopath/criminals who can not be rehabiliated (long term study that was part of the Soprano story line for 6 years) was that the pychopath criminal will show strong feelings in protecting animals, less than they do for human beings.

            Jax is now just a pyschopath, you can not excuse the killings and the assault on his ex. Tara needs to go to jail or lose her license in order for Jax to stay as Pres. With 2 seasons left, you can not have Jax playing Daddy, you need him out on the streets killing people, running escort services etc.

            Gemma’s character is SO far removed from reality of an “Old Lady” that the credibility of the show is waning each episode, which is disappointing. I found SOA on netflix, loved the last season, right up until the assault on the old girlfriend and Tara’s arrest.

            It would be much more interesting story (not to say create some realism) to see her try and leave with the boys. Then Gemma’s role would make sense, instead of her role now, which is way above “property of the MC” that women typically play.

            The way the story line ended, they took the easy way out with going down the path of her license getting revoked.

            The writers recovered nicely with Opie’s death setting up the whole season, let’s hope that SOA does not jump the shark tank in the next season.

          • Kaycee says:

            This is in response to “Bourbrian” (there was not a reply button after his post) He said, “Gemma’s character is SO far removed from reality of an “Old Lady”

            That one comment is by far the truest on here about SOA. If you know anything at all about Bikers then you know that no matter how tough a woman is…she is just an “old lady” and they do NOT hold any power or presence in the club. It took me a while to overlook this about SOA but since it is just a TV show I see why they have “changed” this. I also know that this is not factual and having Gemma and Tara be portrayed the way they are is vital to the show.

        • amrathelion says:

          playing indeed. I didn’t see an ounce of violence in it at all. I knew the sounds were dubbed, just by the mouths like an old chinese martial arts flick. I wasn’t mad that they didn’t fight in real life, but I was mad at how they showed the fight taking place. they could have showed one single image that looked most authentic, even one dog en route to approaching another then dubbed in all the sounds. it was so fake and poor a display of what it represented that bothered me.

          as for who it bothered ? I have a pit, took one before that was not a fighter, but lost several fights in a garage and lost his ear. I like the dogs. it’s just tv man. guess you guys had your balls snipped off too… = )

        • CJ says:

          It’s strange that people are more squeamish toward the dog fight than to a screaming baby and a bloody infant in the back seat of a vehicle that just hit a tree while the driver was stoned.

      • Jessica says:

        I love my pitt as well. As soon as I saw the dogs I just turned my head and covered my ears. It is horrible,grotesque, awful, disgusting, and morally incomprehensible. But I am grateful to the show for showing it. People need to wake up and realize that this does happen. Right here in our country. It has to stop. The more people pay attention the better chance we have to putting an end to it. I loved how they showed the beautiful,peaceful,grateful lap dog at the end. They are only vicious animals when they are treated viciously. These dogs are banned in towns all across the country because of ignorance. The breed that at one time was our military’s mascot is now probably the most feared. It doesn’t need to be that way. My pitt sits on my lap exactly the way the dog was on Tig’s lap on the show. I got a laugh out of that. I loved how they had the dog attack that SOB in the car he was trying to steal. I think all people who participate in dog fighting should endure the same thing. You reap what you sow.

  4. Morgan says:

    Good enough ending for a so-so season. Maggie was phenomenal when Tara was being arrested. Really stellar work. I want this show to end with Tara at least getting out with the boys, because she’s really the only hope they have of not repeating this cycle. At this point at least, Jax is too weak for it. That’s the difference between the two characters this season. Tara has been battling depression and got her clarity in these past two episodes. For Jax, being in this position of leadership has made him a weaker man. I hope he’ll snap out of it.

    • Cheye says:

      I’m so surprised to hear someone say it was a so-so season… I really think it’s the best one yet..and the finale was awesome and intense.

    • sarah says:

      i hope the 3 of them get out, but i didnt think it was right when she said im taking MY boys, able is not even hers.

      • Morgan says:

        Not biologically, but she’s been the only one in Abel’s life who has been in his corner since the moment she knew of his existence. Neither Jax nor Wendy can say that and I would guess that Gemma wasn’t even overjoyed when she found out Wendy was pregnant. She’s also been the most constant influence in that boy’s life. She may not have given birth to him, but that isn’t necessary to be his mother.

        • AdriDee says:

          Agreed, Morgan.
          Couldn’t have said it better myself. I hate the whole belief/saying that blood is thicker than water. No, no it’s not. Blood means nothing. You make and choose your own family. When family members (yes, even your biological morher) are a-holes and treat you horribly, then you have no ties to them. (Side note: I have a good relationship with my mother, but I wouldn’t pass judgement on someone who had an abset mother disown her. I would)

        • Jack says:

          I disagree with the Jax part. He loves abel to death. He went all the way to belfast to get him. The letters he is writing for his sons mirrors the letters his father wrote for him which he found in season one.

      • jaxsgirl says:

        Honestly, of everyone in Abel’s life she’s the one who cares the most, and didn’t abandon him – psychologically or physically. Wendy of course was high on drugs when he was born, Jax admitted he didn’t want a baby and mentally checked out the entire pregnancy, Gemma got high and crashed him into a tree (and steadily terrorizes the one positive influence he has, Tara). So really, Abel is lucky to have Tara, and she’s his mother in every way that matters.

  5. KND says:

    Gemma ratting out Tara seems too obvious. I’d like to believe that Kurt wouldn’t put it out there that easily.

    • i don’t think it was her because kurt said that was his intention– that people would assume it’s her. there are so many possibilities. but i bet tara will blame gemma and bring her down with her by telling jax about jt. gemma looked genuinely shocked but who knows!

      • Kmarlboro says:

        i think it’s clay … jax did set him up with the murder weapon on popes death … so what more to hit the revenge button and set up Tara after Gemma (was trying to get close again with him and told clay about the Cross giving it to Otto) .. i dont think Gemma would go throgh all that work with Jax and then slap herself in the face again ,… who knows

        • C. says:

          I never thought of clay doing it, but now I am thinking about it, thanks for bringing it up. I still don’t know though what to believe for sure, and i wish they would just hurry up and publish the season six primer date!

    • Mariah says:

      I deff agree with ya cause like i was hoping it waS Wendy that ratted on tarra just to try and get abel back and maybe gemma come to tarras rescue …

    • rebecca says:

      I agree, KND. I think Gemma is a master strategist, but she knows that Jax knows she gave the crucifix to Tara and it would be way too easy for the cops to call her a rat. I think Gemma protects her family at all costs, but her family starts with her. She’s too self-concerned, in my opinion, to rashly call in Tara. For me, it seems most believable that the ex-U.S. Marshall either falsified evidence, made up a snitch (maybe hoping to point the finger at Gemma and crush Tara’s family from within), or in some other way pulled strings to make her arrest happen.

      • borubrian says:

        The question is, how realistic is Gemma’s role at this point, that the former old lady or a traitor retains this much activity. Jax giving the hot shot to his ex, generally cleared up that he is a pyschopath, never mind the killings.

        It is like the Ghengis Khan story, yeah he built roads, was tolerant of other religions, but he also killed millions who dared to disagree with him. You can not expect one good deed to wipe away millions of horrific deeds.

        Tara’s character is now tarnished, does she become the brains on the MC? Clay continues to be alive (the realism of that storyline broke several episodes ago), Jimmy Smits character saved Jax and the MC on half a dozen occasions (here is 500k on spec,,yeah right, here is my car, here is my business to destroy, yada yada).

        Question is, between Clay, Jimmy Smit’s character, Jax no better than Sammy the Bull (shooting the ex up was brutal) and Gemma’s influence as an old lady, has Sutter pulled the shark tank up and is getting to jump in the next season.

      • GTT says:

        I’ve said it a hundred times… it is most likely CLAY…. CLAY CLAY CLAY… Gemma inadvertantly told Clay that Tara was asking for some things of Luanns for Otto… then asked if the club knew that Tara was volunteering at the prison… she did this at the time under the guise of buddying up with him to find out about the papers that the Nomads took… NONETHELESS I feel that CLAY sold out Tara to further frustrate whatever plans Jax has…..

        • rebecca says:

          I get what you’re saying, GTT. After continuing to think about this (because I’m SOA-obsessed right now :) I actually can see a scenario where Gemma turned in Tara because she knows she can throw it on Clay; he’s beyond excommunicated at this point, obviously. So Gemma *could* have done the deed, knowing she has an easy scapegoat… For some reason, I don’t see Clay doing this yet. He has the information, but for some reason I’m not sure he’d give it up right away. It’s definitely not verifiable with Clay as the only source of corroborating second-hand incriminating evidence.

  6. Jennifer says:

    I honestly felt that it was an amazing way to end a brilliant season!

  7. vannita says:

    when is season 6 starting ?

  8. Martha says:

    I am no Tara fan but I was really rooting for her to finally leave and was really sadden to see her getting taken away. And w/e, I thought Katey’s cover of “To Sir with Love” was phenomenal. Can’t wait for Katey’s new album. And wow, Katey was not kidding when she said Gemma makes a “comeback” of sorts in the finale. She was ruthless and in charge and Machiavellian. I just wish she wasn’t at odds with Tara, I like them better when they get alone. But tonight definitely reminded me of the season 1 Gemma I loved. Selfish, ruthless, manipulative. The only one that could truly be a queen of a biker club. Love her (but just bc I love her doesn’t mean I’m unaware of how gross some of her actions can be!). Katey and those half-smirks are just fantastic, can’t stress enough how awesome she is in the more subtle scenes. And Ron was incredible as well. When Gemma betrayed him, his face killed me. I ALMOST felt genuinly sorry for him. And I guess that finale sort of set up Gemma as the new full-on villain of the show, replacing Clay.

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      I loved that you used Machiavellian as a description for Gemma. :) And I also love that you can like Gemma while still recognizing that she can be gross. It’s nice to see there are smart fans out there watching the show.

    • Karon says:

      I’ve never liked Tara. It is quite bold of her to consistently refer to the kids as “MY” boys, even to Abel’s REAL mother Wendy. It makes me want to smack her! Maggie Siff has a ‘dogface’. She is not attractive or sexy like Wendy. It seems that Jax would pick someone more ‘bold’ and pretty.
      Gemma and Tara will ALWAYS be at odds; because of Jax. Gemma can’t ‘let go’ of her boy to any woman. She didn’t like Wendy, and doesn’t like Tara and will fight tooth n nail to be #1 in Jax’s life.

      I am sooo glad that Clay finally gets what he has deserved since Season 1 and killing Opie’s wife. I felt vindicated when he was carted off in the patty wagon, seated in-between 2 black guys. You can’t feel sorry for a guy like Clay; evil till the end. I can’t forget all he has done to others to fulfill his greedy needs.

      Can’t wait for Season 6!

      • xy77boy says:

        Wow, really, a dogface. That’s pretty harsh, Karon. Wendy looks like an old whore. The prettiest girls on this show are the porn stars, what does that tell you?

      • mkkay13 says:

        I can’t believe that people are giving Tara a hard time for calling both boys “My” boys when GEMMA was saying the same thing! They are a heck of a lot more Tara’s boys than Gemma’s!!! UGH!!! Tara gave birth to one and has been in Abel’s life since he was born, more hers that Gemma’s ANY day!!! I’m sorry, I love Tara and hope she comes back with a vengeance on Gemma! I think she really just wants what is best for both boys. She loves Jax too and I hope everything works with that, I think they have a real true love!

      • donna says:

        I think that Tara is beautiful.You can tell someone has real beauty when they dont need make-up to make their beauty.Plus beauty comes from inside of ones self.

        • kiki says:

          She raised the boys. Biology means nothing if you are not there. I think she is really attractive and only shallow people call other people names just because they don’t find them handsome or pretty.

          • rheffero says:

            Tara is cooked, after the amount of killing, the assault and administration of the drugs, he is simply a criminal pyscho on par with Sammy the Bull. Tara, getting him to leave the life does not fit, who wants to watch a show of Jax bouncing Abel on his knees. Sutter has 2 years of MC violence to write.

      • Diane says:

        I disagree with u about wendy being prettier than tara don’t think u so wendy is a ugly looking woman

      • KaydaChaos says:

        In response to karon…Really? Lol I love this show probably too much but u are now attacking someones looks who is acting as a character in a fictional series. Its just a show. Also those ARE taras boys. Wendy didnt seem to care when she was killing abel while he was inside her. Giving birth does not make someone a mother, stepping up and raising a child and loving and having that connection makes a mother. Tara has done great job with theboys. Wendy knows that.thats why she says,nothing when tara does refer to them as “her boys”

      • real mom says:

        Tara is Abel’s. REAL mom. Wendy is Abel’s. Birth mom.. giving birth does not make you a REAL mom. Taking care of loving and sacrafice make you a mom.. I have two children that were adopted away from a crack birth mom. ….MY kids will even tell you I have two moms my birth mom and my real mom.

  9. Ryan says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t trust the lawyer? Especially when Tara was signing the documents and the lawyer was like, “Are you sure you don’t want to look them over?” That all seemed very shady to me. I get her being Tara’s legal counsel and wanting her to do the appropriate thing by checking a document before she signs it but, still, it was shady. I trust no one on this show. PS: All the awards to Maggie Siff for her heartbreaking performance (although the hand smashing scenes last season were true Emmy bait, in my opinion). And Clay’s arrest was gut-wrenching, especially the look on his face when he realized Juice helped to set him up and then when Gemma lied to Eli. Ron Perlman was on fire this season.

    • Tina Crowley says:

      I think the lawyer is tied to Lee Toric somehow.

      • She has been around since season 3

      • I think gemma maybe told jax about tara leaving or he somehow found out– maybe through the lawyer because she’s samcro’s lawyer first– she answers to jax because he’s the president. maybe she told him and he set her up? idk i think she was trying to somehow warn tara about something bad that was about to happen if she didn’t read those papers

        • Shannon says:

          My thoughts are it was Jax, and Jax loves Tara, probably more than anything. I think he knew if he ratted her out she would lose her job offer and she would have to stay in Charming. he won’t do anything to lose her or the boys remember he was willing to send them off at the end of last season and she stuck with him. I don’t think he did this to be spiteful, but he is weak and can’t lose her too.

      • murphstheman says:

        I seriously think she’s Wendy’s partner.

    • clhudson says:

      YES!!! The scene with the lawyer……… I caught that too. Something is definitely going down there. Kurt only left us go think that it maybe Gemma, but he is not going to make it that obvious, it is definitely an unlikely source.

      • jaxsgirl says:

        I think Tara’s scene with the lawyer and the line “do you want to look them [the papers] over?” and Tara despondently saying “No” and signs all the papers -was only meant to show how distracted and completely blown away by what Jax did to Wendy (speedball in the arm) and the fact that he just LIED to her about it. They never lie to each other so she’s realized that Jax is in too deep. That’s really all it was meant to show.

  10. Eric says:

    I wonder if Gemma, gave Wendy, the info and thats how the cops get dirt on Tara? Or is it simply that after Otto bites off his tongue the former Marshall simply turns his sights to Tara by applying pressure…Im sure he couldve thought to review security tapes as well.

  11. Nicole says:

    What were the papers that were torn up on the table at the end where jax was sitting at the table with his son? Does anyone think jax could have ratted Tara out bc Gemma told him already she was leaving?

    • Wow that’s a good possibility. We know he loves her but he’s turned into a monster this season and he had this look when the cops knocked on the door where he looked at tara and his eyes looked guilty and apologetic. He looked like he felt bad about something that was happening at that moment and he looked like he was about to say something to her. When she got arrested, he didn’t really react all that much and then at the end, he looked broken but oddly calmed. Like he did something horrible. I’m really scared if this is true.

      • C. says:

        He did do something terrible that he was guilty for, he sent her to the prison in the first place, he did this to her, though she could have said no too, they will be blaming themselves for a lot of things next season I think,

    • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

      That’s exactly what I thought. Torn up papers and he wasn’t all that upset. And there was Mom right back by his side. Just like the story goes….

      • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

        And I wondered if the lawyer slipped a paper in there that she signed confessing to something or signing away custody of the kids.

        • Jami says:

          The lawyer told Tara that the papers were no good until Jax signed them and they were notorized. I think he and Gemma will have papers of their own drawn up while Tara is locked up.

    • adriana says:

      What was up with the Dave Navarro appearance? I think he is a terrible actor and doesn’t even look purto rican/…i hope he doesnt have many appearances in season 6.

    • rebecca says:

      I don’t believe Jax would ever turn in Tara. I believe he truly loves her, though he diverged from their united front/plans this season. But I also believe Jax could hear Tara (not immediately, but after he had time to sit with it) when she told him what being his Old Lady really meant – making the hard decisions that had to be made for their family. If we find out Jax turned in Tara, it will force me to completely re-sketch the truths I think I should be able to hold onto as a viewer; not sure if I’ll be able to trust the show at all if they find a way to make it so Jax was involved in Tara’s arrest. That move hurts his kids and his club. I just don’t see him making that leap.

      • rheffero says:

        After the brutal way Jax treated his ex, giving her a shot of drugs, and the body count for this year alone, Jax is obviously lost any desire to leave, and is now just another criminal.

        Turning in Tara, to put he MD license in jeopardy so she would not leave him, is right on course for his character.

        Next step, taking assassinations for hire.

        • rebecca says:

          Hm. I’m not there yet, rheffero. I respect your position and understand it. But for me, all the characters in the show have some guiding truth – I feel like there is an underscoring motivation that every character checks in on to justify their actions. I admit Jax has been brutal and “broken bad” in a serious way, but I think his guiding truth is still protecting his family. And I think he still considers Tara his true family. Even had he found out about the job offer before she told him (minutes before the cops showed up), I just don’t see him using the legal system to “check” Tara and keep her with him. I admit I may be naïve, but it honestly seems like a character departure to me if Jax was involved.

  12. rhonda says:

    Kurt did an amazing job with season 5. I hope Tara comes back with brass balls. She can turn this whole thing around on Gemma with a good lawyer. HAIL KURT SUTTER!

    • The Guat says:

      I totally hope she comes back and hatches a plan to break Gemma’s balls. I am so not happy with Gemma and incestuous love behavior towards Jax. The last scene priceless as Gemma put her arm around Jax, just like Tara did at the end of last season. Dude. Kurt Sutter AWESOME.

    • rheffero says:

      Tara is going nowhere, she has to go to jail in order for Jax to remain as a killing machine for the MC. Jax can not go to Portland and there still be a show called SOA.

      Am I the only one seeing this?

      • kiki says:

        I agree with you. I told someone else that Kutter had indicated that Jax and Tara were endgame and I think she will be there in the end with him wherever it ends up. I also remember when he and Katey Sagal were discussing a scene where Gemma and Jax were looking out the nursery window at Tara and a reflection of an exit sign was placed above her head. They changed the scene after they felt that the foreshadowing was a little to obvious and evidently gave too much away. Of course Sutter could change his mind but he usually writes to a certain scenario and as organically as he can. I do see conflict coming for the couple this season as it seems like the scene has been set for this.

      • C. says:

        I agree that jax has to stay for the show to continue, and I may be too light hearted, but when it does end, I hope it does with tara, jax, and the boys getting the heck out of dodge.

  13. M says:

    I’m sensing Gemma dies next season IF she is the one that ratted on Tara. She did say she’d rather be dead than living without her boys so once Jax finds out, he cuts all ties with her and that’s enough to set her off and she ends up killing herself like Gertrude. BUT at the same time, I don’t think Gemma would be dumb enough to actually do that to Tara. She knows Jax would find out eventually and KILL her and she doesn’t want that either. Her ratting on Tara would just set Jax off and push her away even further. Wow, just as soon as I was ready to give up on this show, they set a fantastic twist for next season. And I hope Jimmy comes back next season. His scenes with Gemma are the ones that made Gemma seem more human and not just plain selfish and evil.

    • Lyndsey says:

      Good points except that Gertrude did not kill herself in Hamlet! She drank poisoned wine intended for Hamlet by accident. It was only when she began growing sick during the sword fight that she realized Claudius had been trying to kill her son.

    • Cindy says:

      Jax already figured that Tara was seriously thinking about the new job in Oregon…I think he made an arrangement with the cops to arrest Tara maybe just to stop her from leaving…who knows if she was even booked into jail might have just picked her up letting her know what could happen if she continues with her journey…I just started watching this season and I am hooked…(<: LOVE ♥♥ The Irish♥♥

  14. Anthony says:

    Great finale. And I thought Katey cover of “To Sir With Love” was great. Only to be topped by that killer “Sympathy for the Devil” cover.


    • Courtney says:

      lmfao so bitter and angry, tara is the one who got in this mess in the first place. she knows better and she should have never gotten involved in club business. her blinded love for jax was her downfall, not gemma ratting her out (we dont even know if gemma did that in the first place. nothing is certain).

    • Shannon says:

      I don’t think Gemma did it, i think it was Jax. Trying to keep his family together in a demented way. Notice he didn’t bat an eyelash when she was taken away??

      • Gina says:

        I really think it was Clay who told on Tara. Gemma told Clay about bringing the Tara for Otto. Clay just got framed for murder what better way to get back at Jax.
        I don’t think Jax had anything to do with Tara being arrested. I think his non reaction was do to him feeling betrayed and hurt by Tara and about loosing his boys.

        • kiki says:

          Sutter said in an interview that although there was some sense of betrayal, Jax was in more a sense of shock and awe at Tara’s strong stand as an old lady. She was not fragile, neurotic Tara anymore. She was trying to do the right thing and would have succeeded if it was not for the arrest. I am tired of seeing her waffling on should I stay or should I go. Jax is evidently not going to go so if she can get out either go or find a way to deal with Charming and the club. I know Jax has promised her over and over that they would go, but he has broken every promise he has ever made to her. It is time to piss in the pot or get off it. She could be justified in leaving because his devotion to his club and his need for revenge has put her in last place. But if she decides to stay and fight for her place she has to learn to co-exist with Gemma or get rid of her. Can’t have it both ways. Wendy once told her that Gemma would kill her before she let her have Jax and it may play out that way. I hope that Kurt finds some way to let her triumph over Gemma if only to stay with the boys. If Jax continues on his course he may very well become aware just as Clay did that the only thing that really mattered was his lady and he lost her in the end. Used to think Tara would not make it, but Kurt said this new strong side she showed would give him new and exciting ways to take her character. She may not be Ophelia after all.

    • Cindy says:

      No one associated with any MC would ever get away with ratting out any member or family member…this is punishable by death…):
      Gemma did not rat her out!

    • Leatha says:

      It’s never brought up that Gemma had a hand in the death of Jax’s dad. Who is still alive that knows about it? Clay, Tara and Unser, right?It’s about time for that to come out.Both Jax and Tara didn’t seem too emotional when she was arrested. I found that strange. He said nothing and all she said was the baby’s crying.At first I thought it had to be Gemma, but now I’m thinking several other possibilities. Can’t wait till Sept. is here..

      • i think tara was in a state of shock and disbelief because she was so close from getting out and then it was all robbed from her. and she said the job of an old lady is to be strong where the club member isn’t. i think she was trying to stay strong for her family too… gemma has gained a lot of enemies that can take her down: clay, but there’s no proof, maybe tara kept another copy of the letters…

    • The Guat says:

      I heard that! Dude I am so with you on this one. But a lot of people think that Jax might have done that and that trips me out, because his reaction to the sheriff walking in is that of surprise so I think Gemma might have pulled this one off too. She totally needs to get ex-communicated.

      • she will i think jax will eventually find out about her hand in his dad’s death but he won’t kill her because he knows ex-communicating her is worse than death for that woman. she won’t be able to continue living without her “boys”. she’ll be alone forever and be miserable.

  16. KK says:

    Great season, great finale, AMAZING performances by all of the actors! Maggie and Charlie swing their emotions and performances from scene to scene and do it seamlessly EVERYTIME. Katey is so good at the subtle I forget she’s “acting.” What an arc and acting from Kim Coates. I still miss Opie every. single. episode. And how I managed to feel even a little sorry for Clay is a testament to Ron. People/critics can complain about the “plotting” etc of Sons, but any issues I ever have are completely overridden by the performances on this show. And Kurt Sutter is the one who creates these stories and characters and this world that these people live in that I care so much about. So all the kudos to Kurt and everyone at SOA for an excellent season of television! Can’t wait for season 6!!

    • I cannot agree MORE! The acting on this show is incredible! It’s like taking a masterclass just watching them and that’s what keeps me coming back week after week…and the superb writing. The whole cast is amazing. I just watched Charlie Hunnam in Nicholas Nickleby and then in Green Street Hooligans in the same week and you can’t deny that he has some serious acting chops. Maggie, Katey, Ron and my favourite Kim Coates all turned in serious performances. And who cares what the critics say…people love to criticize! Hands down, this is the best damn show on tv, that’s all there is to it!

    • rebecca says:

      Yep yep!

    • Heidi says:

      I miss opie too I can’t believe I felt so bad when he said I got this this is fake yet my heart broke crazy

  17. Lisa says:

    I think Jax turned Tara in. The legal papers were already torn up before Gemma even got into the house and before poor Tara even made it to the police station. I think he has the lawyer in his pocket (remember she said none of it was legal til Jax signed it and it was notarized?) and short of killing her or beating the crap out of her and lowering himself to Clay’s level, this is how Jax will play it so Tara cannot leave with is boys. Then he will use Gemma as the scapegoat because she threatened Tara. It all falls into place this way and nobody suspects Jax.

    • Jessica says:

      I have been a loyal fan from day 1. If it turns out that Jax had anything to do with turning Tara in I will no longer watch. Jax just said about juice,” you always have a choice.” He is not, can not be a rat. It has to be the Marshall. I believe Jax was just in complete shock. For once he was surprised. He didn’t know what was happening beforehand.I think he had tunnel vision with clay. With his boys sitting there he had to just sit and catch his bearings. People make stupid mistakes when they react without thinking. I hope it doesn’t fall at gemmas feet either. These people handle their business internally. They don’t rat or involve outsiders. I hope

  18. Do it. says:

    I really thought this season was going to end with Clay getting killed. It’s time, and they set it up so beautifully. I’m kind of disappointed in the show for pulling that punch, but Sutter probably knows what he’s doing.

    • he’ll die by next season. he can’t survive next season because he has a 5 million dollar bounty on his head. his storyline is pretty much done because everything was wrapped up for the most part and kurt said he’s a doomed man next season. there’s no hope for him. they already have 2 new villains for next season: jax and gemma. no use for him anymore

      • rebecca says:

        I’m not entirely convinced Clay will be killed next season. If he does die, I bet it will happen late in the season. If I kept track of everything going on, he’s got protection from the Irish Kings and he’s got nothing to live for except revenge. But revenge is a great great motivator. I know the closing scene for him was ominous, and as Sutter says, “He’s a doomed man.” But then, aren’t they all… it just takes longer for the doom to grab hold of some of them than others.

        • i agree. i think he’ll die by the end of next season. i don’t think sutter wants to drag on his storyline any longer because he knows the fans will be angry after the end of season 4 lol

  19. kiki says:

    I have been getting a vibe that Jax might turn to Lyla to some extent and it will be pushed by Gemma and throw further conflict into the relationship between Jax and Tara. I don’t know why but I just have this feeling. I hope I am wrong and Jax will come to his senses and finally get out with His family intact.

    • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

      I hope you understand that there is only one way Jax ever gets out of the club. Hint: not with a pulse.

    • Mariah says:

      I was actually hoping that Tarra & Jax would stay and tarra become a surgeon for the club and that Gemma and tarra would make up and that jax’s ex the junky be the one that ratted on tarra to try and get abel back js saying i hate it that tarra and gemma don’t get along I also hope that with jaxs putting away clay that it does not tear the club up more than he thought and as for bobby im glad that he resigned from vp .! and last but not least happy needs a bigger part i deff want to see him more in action season6 like himbeing vp =D

    • rebecca says:

      I agree that I’ve given lots of thought to why they kept Lyla around. After watching five seasons of this show, I have faith in Kurt Sutter’s ability to see the story and tell it as it demands to be told. Which, for me, means that if the story calls for Jax and Lyla to hook up, that’ll be there. It doesn’t feel probable to me, but it doesn’t feel impossible either. I can actually see Gemma mentoring Lyla and pushing her towards Jax, trying to turn her into the girl she can control and through whom who she thinks she can control Jax. Gemma can’t have her daughter-in-law making decisions outside of what Gemma wants/needs to happen. Lyla would fit the bill to a large degree as far as being committed to SAMCRO without the strength to exist outside of SAMCRO. The thing that trips me on that scenario is Jax himself. I don’t see him giving up Tara ever. Or maybe I just hope that so my hope clouds my vision? In any event, September seems way too far away.

  20. Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

    “Macbeth is a play written by William Shakespeare. It is considered one of his darkest and most powerful tragedies. Set in Scotland, the play dramatizes the corroding psychological and political effects produced when its protagonist, the Scottish lord Macbeth, chooses evil as the way to fulfill his ambition for power. He commits regicide to become king and then furthers his moral descent with a reign of murderous terror to stay in power, eventually plunging the country into civil war. In the end, he loses everything that gives meaning and purpose to his life before losing his life itself.”

    He can say it’s not all he wants, but this show is based on Macbeth. Jax will die in the end and the end is coming in what, 2 more seasons?

    • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

      When you see Bobby cut off his patch, Juice trying to warn Clay, and Gemma doing what she does best you know we have reached the Civil War part of the story. It’s not long before it’s all gone.

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      “The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark is a tragedy by William Shakespeare. Set in the Kingdom of Denmark, the play dramatizes the revenge Prince Hamlet exacts on his uncle Claudius for murdering King Hamlet, Claudius’s brother and Prince Hamlet’s father, and then succeeding to the throne and taking as his wife Gertrude, the old king’s widow and Prince Hamlet’s mother. The play vividly portrays both true and feigned madness – from overwhelming grief to seething rage – and explores themes of treachery, revenge, incest, and moral corruption and family.”
      See, I can use Wikipedia too. Sutter says it’s Hamlet. But you are right, the two plays do share a few similarities.

      • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

        I see it called “motorcycle Macbeth” quite often. I have heard Hamlet too, but I think it is much closer to Macbeth. I’ve yet to see anything close to incest o the show lol.

        • kjess says:

          Not actual, physical incest, but if he and Gemma did conspire to turn Tara in (which I’m not necessarily convinced of), and Gemma is back by Jax’s side, it does resemble Hamlet taking his mother as his wife/the Queen.

    • soa#1fan says:

      Its based on hamlet

  21. Yesenia says:

    Wow!!! iam speechless….. I really dont know what to think..?? poor tara:(… gemma is a total witch I get the feeling shes the one that ratted her out! n then I didnt like jax reaction on tara being taken away NOTHING!! NOTHING!!! come jax!! Your woman is being take away… do something!!! n I hope next season jax stops being so routhless…n starts to being his good hearted self again;)! n start fight for his( love) tara…

    • Tasha says:

      I am so in love with this show I love the fact that Jax is this bad boy but still has a good heart. I love him and Tara together and will be so disappointed if they don’t make it together in season 6. Jax and Tara are one of the main reasons I feel in love with this show. Jax being this bad boy and her being a doctor but yet they always found a way to make it work. I so think that Gemma turned Tara in I mean why else would Gemma have showed up right as the cops were taking her and she wasn’t to surprised when she seen Tara in the back of the car and didn’t even ask Jax what happened….

  22. James says:

    Holly God. Kurt Sutter you sick freaking genius! that was the best hour of TV I have ever seen and I’ve seen a lot of TV. Man that was just crazy I knew Jax was going to do that with Pope but the ending got me, Is it me or did he just turn in his own freaking Wife in to jail. becuase if he did that makes him a thousand times worse than Clay ever was. at least Clay dealt with stuff head on and didn’t mind rape you. I hope thats not the case because it would destroy the character for me. I’m going to dread waiting for next season.

    “only men need to be loved, women need to be wanted” Greatest. Line. Ever.

  23. Joe Bo says:

    does season 6 start in sept. of 2013???

  24. k says:

    I think Clay busted Tara because Gimma told Clay about the cross.

  25. C says:

    I think Gemma might have something to do with Tara being arrested, but I don’t think she was the one who ratted her. It would be too obvious and it would just make Gemma be the new villain of the show, replacing Clay. Which, I guess could happen but there was a point where Gemma wasn’t a completely unsympathetic character. I hate what her downfall has done to her. :(

  26. Britta Unfiltered says:

    “Way to commit, Otto.” Oh, they better not make me love Donal Logue’s character, because I know they’re going to end up killing him violently next season. But I think I already do love him.
    I think I am finally coming to a place of peace with this show. I had an epiphany today why I have been having so many problems with it, and the reasons are twofold.
    1st: When I started watching the show, Jax seemed like a relatively decent fellow, and I had no idea they were going to go in this Breaking Bad direction by turning him into such a bad guy. I was fine with it in Breaking Bad, because long before I ever started watching it, I knew exactly what the show was and was prepared to hate Walt and prepared for him to be horrible. I did not know what Sons of Anarchy was for its few seasons, and I didn’t realize they wanted people to dislike Jax as they watched his descent, so the whole thing came as a shock to me. I was not prepared for it. Now that I’ve accepted Jax is just meant to be an evil guy, and I don’t have to find him heroic, I’m now having a much easier time enjoying the show.
    My 2nd problem I was having with the show were with a few of its fans. I found it very horrific that so many people were continuing their love affair with Jax and could so easily justify his actions and even root for him to be horrible, because, you know…all those people he hurt (like the porn star he beat up and Wendy) just really had it coming to them. I think those people have missed the point of the show, as Sutter probably means for people to dislike him a little at this point. And now that I’ve accepted some fans are just missing the point…again that makes it easier to enjoy the show. So my whole point to this very long comment was just to apologize to TVLine that I ever gave them crap for promoting the show and also to apologize for coming here and crapping on the show every time I saw an episode. Sorry I did that! And also, I don’t hate Tig as much as before. 1st season Tig was a different person than Tig is now. 1st season Tig was a truly frightening psycopath who got off on committing sex crimes and harming others. Current Tig is a good-hearted guy who loves his kids and saves puppies. I’m going to choose to be fine with him.

    • Kelli says:

      Bless this comment bc my thoughts exactly, especially the 2nd point you’ve made. The tweets and facebook comments from some SoA fans just made my stomach turn. I still feel like the show peaked with season 2, but I really enjoyed this season finale when I just let go of those issues I had. Besides, Tara FINALLY woke up from her blinded love for Jax and I liked it and Gemma tunring in Clay was brutally wonderful. I just wish Gemma/Tara would be friends again. That’s the only way this show could restore my faith and love for it. But I know this is a “tragic drama” so the sooner I come to terms with that, the better for my enjoyment of the show.

      • b579 says:

        At this point, Tara is going to take Gemma down…shoot possibly Jax as well. It’s probably why there was always a mention of whether Jax ends up like his father or Clay. If Tara turns on him and seeks out help from another brother or separate source, she may be the one who brings about his demise. I have a feeling she may also end up working with the Marshall. Wouldn’t be surprised. Let’s remember he had a case full of pills. He might start poising some people. LOL.

    • GTT says:

      “Tig is a good-hearted guy who loves his kis and saves puppies.”
      Greatest comment

      • smiling says:

        I love Tigs character. He is outragious, off the wall and totally unsuspecting as to what his behaviors will bring next. His character deserves to stay.

    • Suz Von says:

      Tig is still the same ole Tig. He just might have a dog now…a female dog. Oh, that would just be more than I could stomach. Tiggy is still a psyco and will always be.

  27. Mark says:

    With Gemma back in her throne, do you think she will be able to handle the “new” Jax? Also, is this going to get incestuous? Gemma and Jax have always had this physically close relationship which I didn’t find weird at all, but after this season, idk? His one line about how he doesn’t have a hard on for his mommy anymore and then that scene where he basically admits to her that he was happy when Thomas died because that means he’d have her all for himself screamed Oedipus. We’ll see…

  28. Amanda says:

    Someone made the comment of the attorneys involvement of Taras downfall. That her actions in her office was strange. She is the CLUBS attorney first, I think she was suspicious that Tara wasn’t involving Jax in the paperwork and she knows better than anyone, don’t cross the club! She was being LOYAL. So if she contacted Jax, Good for her! Tara knew what she was getting into and if she wasnt ready to play Queen to the King then she shoulda of walk a way before children were involved. As for who turned in Tara that’s something that well have to wait to see in season 6. Sutter isnt gonna make it the obvious suspect……(Lohan the attorney told Jax and so on) my theory anyway.
    The Tig scene was heartbreaking. I really thought Jax gave him up. And the twist was brilliant and Pope mentored Jax in gangster business, he was following suit! Setting up Clay was genius! Well have to see if it all works out. If all goes as planned Popes death wont come back on Jax but when has anything gone as planned in this show?! Popes loyal sidekick may prove to be more ruthless than Pope ever was OR he might just be grateful for his new empire that so conveniently fell in his lap.

    I think Juices loyalty to Clay might ruin the whole thing when his conscience kicks in! He blames himself and I don’t know where his character is goin! Hes been in such turmoil for a while now and all the things that have transpired in the last 2 seasons might catch up with him. Another suicide wouldn’t be surprising.
    I feel for Bobby. I think what he was doin was outta of love. He loves Jax like a son and wants to save him but I feel its too late. Opies death has def taken Jax to the dark side and he looks more like Clay with each new episode. I think Chibs will take VP and Happy Sergeant in Arms! I like to see more of Happys story.

    Otto…, hes one crazy dude. poor guy has a rough way to go. I think hell stay quiet now. But the Marshall, were yet to see his rath. He is a true physco and I think hes gonna show just how much in season 6!
    Unser still loyal and true as ever. Hes one of my favs for some reason but I feel his time is limited. Hes had stage 4 cancer for 3 seasons now so well see where it takes him. I feel his days are numbered bc of that. I think they should make him an official member for all hes done for the club. Its his family and I think that would mean the world to him. Chuckie strange and unique as ever! Gotta Love Chuckie!
    We cant forget what happened between the club, the Irish and the Cia/Cartel. That incident will not be forgotten and the Club will be in for some serious consequences. Even though technically it was the traitorous Government backed cartel. I think hes pushed his power a little too far and hes yet to see how harsh and ruthless the IRA can be.
    Then there’s GEMMA! Shes back to her old self and good for her! I love Gemma, yes she has done some horrific things in the past but she in a sense has been sitting at the head of the table as well. As Jax said himself, you cant sit in this seat without being a savage. Tara underestimated Gemma once again. I don’t think Gemma turned Tara in but she might just know who did. I think Gemma and Jax would kill before those boys end up with Wendy. And what the hell is Tara thinking. I know she wants to protect her chidren but doesn’t she realize in the process of doing so she will put them in the middle of a war if she gave custody to Wendy?! I don’t think Gemma and Jax have any kind if “Opedios” relationship. I understand the concept and the whole theme of the story line but I don’t feel that part fits. I see where some people do though.
    They are close and people have a hard time understanding a mother and son being that close. But whyt?! Mothers and daughter and sons and fathers are the ok or the norm, but its completely normal for a mother and son to stay close. I think the guilt the Thomas and JT has made Gemma this way towards Jax. Shes protecting the one child/man that she will always have and love and in return love her regardless of her condescending ways. I think now Jax will understand and even empathize Gemma and some of her decisions in the past. Having the power of the head of the table and knowing the whole club/family is relying on you and your decisions is alot to bear. I think now more than ever Jax will see what his mother was doing all those years. Protecting what was hers, even is it meant hurting the very thing she was protecting. Jax has done that very thing. He has put the club in a better place while his home life falls apart.

    Gemma is back with her boys and Clay are behind bars. I I believe it hurt Gemma to lie about Clay but it was also a bittersweet moment too. Revenge and payback for all the damage he created in her family. Hell hath no fury for the woman scorned! It seems that she back in her Queen role but Im sure Sutter has some twist in this story.
    I love Nero and I like him for Gemma but this story is still untold. Theres a lot to consider. What happens when and if Nero and the Club are no longer allies? Where does that put Gemma?Will to many people “want” her at the same time, tearing in 2?! Sounds like a messy situation and another storyline for next season! I cant wait! Great season and great finale! Well done Sutter!!

    • holyhell says:


    • CJ says:

      So, just a thought, what if Tara ratted herself out? What if she used Lowen as a medium to get herself picked up so she has an excuse to be alone with the law – her own devious plan to take Gemma down for good? Maybe she manages to strike a deal that gets her and Jax out clean and takes down those that threaten their less violent future together. Consider the last words we hear from Tara in Season 5 – “Call Lowen.” Hmm…

      Just a thought, but I think it’s a real possibility. It also seems like no one else has gone that route in their thought process, and it would be the perfect “WTF” moment when Season 6 finally opens.

    • C. says:

      there was already a child brought into it before tara had a choice of being queen or not, how could she have walked away from able. and she did not plan on having a baby with jax, and I do not believe siblings should be separated regardless of their parental issues, though in retrospect a doctor should have been taking sufficient birth control, but other than that I agree with everything you’ve said amanda.

  29. mike says:

    I felt a little mad at kurt for the sceen of the pitbulls fighting, but, when the dude tried to steel the woman car then that pitbull attack him that was some way of a come back for the breed for the person who was doing that to them. Over all sons rocked last night and maybe next season gemma will get her butt kicked by tara.

  30. Amy says:

    Epic finale!! Brilliant with every take! It ended with Gemma standing beside her true man.. Their bond is strengthened now more than ever! I love that Tig rescues the dog!! Also love seein the crazy ghost lady again, FINALLY!! Jax conscience & Taras vulnerable side is what she seems to represent…

  31. Amy says:

    Whoops I meant to say GEMMAS vulnerable side not Taras…..

  32. Zack says:

    I really enjoyed the season and the finale was great. I think everybody’s gonna be coming for Jax next season. I think it will be interesting to see where Tara’s character goes. I think she’ll get a little more hardened and will grow to be able to handle Gemma better. Gemma has the true power on that show.

  33. Dave from the trailer says:

    I’m really conficted about season 5. I’m getting a little tired of Sutter writing himself into a corner by season end and having these wild finish. It’s happend from season 2 until the present. I found the voilence and tension felt a little forced this year. Don’t get me wrong it just seemed to go way over the top the season. I realize that Hamlet is a tragedy but there hasn’t been much of the dark humor and one-liners as there was in first 3 seasons or so. Anyways I’ll be back for season 6 to see what happens next.

  34. Joseph says:

    The 5th season was overall a success expect for Opie of course, had he not died someone else perhaps bobby who surves no purpose could have been offed, but I know there is a method to captain Kurt’s madness and he will not disappoint but I hope, he doesn’t overeach like with Opie and end up in a place where he may have no choice but to end the saga, which I hope that doesn’t happen for atleast two to three more seasons I hope it keeps going. Perhaps bring back zoebell for some revenge, I mean there are infinite ways to keep it going I just hope the saga can continue to grow and be successful for many years to come, I feel like no one new about the series in its first two seasons especially with that season wasted in bellfast now that its riding high keep it going bring back old stories like when Jax killed that guy stalking Tara the agent,, or that wierdo with long hair trying to build a Rico case where’s he at, or miss vandam Lol it can go so many ways without any main characters dying please keep it going, finsh old story lines before you get ahead of yourself Kurt.

  35. Kimberly says:

    Did Jax quit smoking!

  36. Can I just say, that every time I hear Gemma, I see Lela (futurama) in my mind. Love Katy!

  37. GTT says:

    First…. a side thought…. Everyone here speculating on whether Gemma ratted out Tara…that would be surprising, a little too obvious and CLEARLY obvious is not Sutters style…


    Let’s not forget the scene a few episodes back when Clay came into the house and Gemma had 2 boxes out that she was putting away. When he asked her what that was, she told him it was Luann’s stuff and that Tara wanted something from it. Then she asked Clay if the club knew that Tara was volunteering at the prison.

    Me thinks Clay was taking a parting shot at Jaxie….

    A few other musings:

    Wendy – Wow… totally looked like someone tied her to a horse and drug her through the canyon… she DOES have kind of a purty mouth in a Courtney Love sort of way…

    Bobby – really? You are gonna whine and quit the VP job? Just because Jax didn’t follow your INTENTIONS even though he followed your direction? Hey remember when you were putting your little Munson in a super loyal (at the time) “brother’s” wife (yeah I know about the “prison clause” but still…), oh yeah and then lied about it? But you’re quitting… WEAK…

    Kim Coates – IMO this episode was some of his best acting next to the family barbeque scene… the scene at the warehouse was brilliant… from his vacillating between pleading and spitting acid at Jax at the seeming betrayal, to him pushing Jax away at first when Jax went to grab him by the shoulder after he dispatched Pope (boy Pope went kind of bitch at the end a little too) completely engrossing acting by Coates. Great development of his character over this season so you could see some of his greating acting chops…

    Ron Perlman – Same for him. The look of inner pain when Gemma betrayed him was outstanding. It didn’t look like a guy acting… Also again IMO this bought even more time for Clay because of the interesting places Sutter and Co can take this story arc…

    Juice – Biggest MC bitch ever… half sac had more balls in his one than this guy… I used to like the quirky character too…

    Where was Shrek in this episode?

    Otto… there’s a lot left for this guy… he still has two ears, a nose, all of his limbs… what’s next? He could cut off his hands so he can’t write anything either…. I would love to see him pardoned and discharged after all that…

    GREAT lines in this episode too:

    Chibbs – “It would be the good Catholic thing to do”
    Toric – “Way to commit Otto”
    Gemma – “I hope you aren’t pregnant”
    Attourney – “Kind of gruesome but it’s really good news for you”

    Is it September yet???

  38. Brittany says:

    Tara is pretty and shame on you for saying she has a dog face! Doesn’t make you pretty to put her down. You come off very ignorant! Yeah it does make sense for Jax to be with Tara, she is a normal women. Lets be real I love gemma, but she is a dominant power tripping bitch. Don’t you think Jax had enough of that! Tara has a good heart and she is very successful working women that is excepted by society…what he is looking for is to still have his footing in the real world and someone to keep him grounded! Yes that’s why he loves her! Ignorance must be bliss!

    • Karon says:

      Sorry, but a definite Irish Setter! Too harsh looking and a very cold bitch. Jax and Tara will never work out. Jax is NOT leaving the club, and during the last 5 seasons “Lassie” has done nothing but nag him about leaving. She should never have been with him at all if she could not accept his lifestyle. He was given a legacy and it is part of him.

      And to those who want to cry about my opinion, save it. Just like everyone else on here, I can voice my opinion. That is why this site exists…to exchange views about the show and characters. Ladies, put on your big girl panties and get over it!

      • rebecca says:

        That’s so interesting, Karon. I feel like up until this past season, Jax and Tara were in lockstep on the intent to do what they had to do to get out, but they WERE collectively committed to getting out of SAMCRO territory. Of course he was pulled back in–and she did decide to stay with him at the end of Season 4, knowing he would be stepping further into it–but that sort of had to happen to provide some level of running conflict and because it makes sense for their characters to behave as they each did. So I’m definitely not whining about your opinion, but I just don’t Tara’s presence as “nothing but nag[ging] him about leaving.”

      • kiki says:

        A man tweeted Sutter recently and asked if Jax and Tara were still endgame because he felt

        like that after the finale that had changed. Sutter replied ,no, he was still very clear in that and it would stay that way. You can make of that what you want but she is going to be there in the end. Now how she will be there is not clear to me but I would not bet against her.

        • BJD says:

          Everything I have read that Kurt has said was Jax is the only one for sure who will be there to the end. He said Jax is the show, No one is safe but Jax, that’s the most he’s ever said. Kurt has never told anyone in 5 seasons what he really plans to do, not in an interview, blog or twitter. Not knowing what’s going to happen, and who’s going to make it is a lot of the fun of watching SOA.

          • kiki says:

            I know what I read and just because you say it isn’t there just means you did not read it. I am not a liar especially over something like a television show.

      • C. says:

        so many men have been brought down by their “legacy” throughout history and in the media. they always lose the things that actually matter more, like themselves.

  39. Sandy says:

    I have been a fan since the first episode aired! I love Gemma never liked Tara and her superior ways. But when Gemma was raped I loved the bond they had. To me JT was weak he was head of a outlaw club dealing in guns you can’t walk away from that it is perceived as weakness and that can get you killed. He also left his dying boy to go make another family Trinity was born in ’88 he died in ’93 so he left his family before he was killed. Yes Gemma is conniving but she loves her family I think Thomas’ death changed her almost killed her. As she told Tara Clay brought her back to life.I make no excuses for Gemma but if I thought my husband’s weakness would get my only remaining son in danger sorry honey my loyalty goes to my kid. Gemma turning Tara in is too simple I really think it was the Marshall he saw no way with Otto so Tara is the next choice. But Kurt said next season Jax will confide in Gemma as a person he can trust. This makes me think that she did not turn Tara in but I will say how fast Tara turned on Gemma she read those letters and that was it. Have to wonder if she sees how alike she is to Gemma but I think he was just in shock when she was arrested and angry that she once again trusted Wendy and after the last episode she risked them all with that. I do miss Gemma and Tara’s relationship though. Never thought Jax was a golden boy but he is the prince and this is Hamlet so I see Tara going off the deep end and killing herself I also see Gemma saving Jax by taking a bullet meant for Jax I think we will see more of Clay he too is a survivor as for the dog fighting as a Pit owner that is a part of outlaw life they are some of the main people who do it. Great showing that after that they can be rescued and are loving and loyal. Great episode 9 months is too long hope they can bring Jimmy back he is great and I like him with Gemma. Chib’s is my favorite character on the show next to Gemma so I would love to see him as VP and Tig I am slowly starting to like. All in all great freaking season Kurt and this is no Macbeth sorry but Kurt has said many times that this Hamlet so I fully expect everyone to die except Chib’s I see him as the guardian in this tale! Sorry for the long ramblings!

    • kiki says:

      Read a interview where Sutter said Jax was in awe of Tara’s new attitude. She was not the weak ,fragile Tara of before. As she told him about leaving he saw her as this strong person and Old Lady he had never seen before. His sense of betrayal , even though Tara did not deserve it, and this new Tara he just saw had him in a sense of shock and it lent to his ability or rather inability to react to her arrest. These were his words not mine. This being said I think his lack of reaction and not trying to help her should make her reevaluate her place in his life. He despite all his promises to the contrary is not going to leave the club for her. I also think Jax will push her away again for awhile. And that may be fine with her. Sutter also said this,( the arrest for conspiracy) now makes her really a part of the outlaw life and he can’t wait to explore the new directions this will make her character take. I had also once thought that she would probably kill herself but after reading the interview by Sutter I think we may have been wrong. I think Sutter has more surprises in store for us with Tara and in some ways she may ultimately win. Hope I am right.

  40. Jenger says:

    Does anyone seem to remember that Gemma had just as much to do with Jax’s father’s death as Clay? It seems to me that everytime someone tries to bring the club in the right direction, she has to stop it. She may love her family, but that’s a very weird way of showing it. I don’t think that Gemma had anything to do with Tara being turned in although, if you will remember, she didn’t look to happy when Nero and Jax was talking about walking away. So, who knows. But everyone seems to think that Gemma has so much love for her family, but she could have easily killed HER BOYS in the accident she had because she was doing drugs. Come on now. What kind of love is that? As for Jax. He has gotten pathetic. And he’s going to lose everyone he loves if he keeps going in the direction he’s going. And I have a feeling that Tara is going to kick some a** in the next season. She has been pushed too far and she has done more for the boys than Jax or Gemma has even thought of doing. Not to mention what she did for the club. And I don’t think that the others will take it lightly when they find out she was arrested for something they needed her to do. It’s going to be very interesting to see what happens. Everyone thinks that Tara is weak, but I have a feeling thats about to change. And who’s to say that the lawyer didn’t turn her in? It’s possible. And Jax just standing there when she was taken didn’t make since either. Maybe it has to do with more than just one person. And Tara is going to get out. It’s her word against who knows who, and Tara isn’t just your average person to doubt. Well, again we will see.

  41. Firecat says:

    I see a few people voicing their disapproval of Tara’s statement, “I’m taking my boys…” To those people, I would like to ask you to put yourself in her shoes. Consider: a surgeon with a GREAT future. Now, that future has a slim chance of happening. She’s been witness to, privy to and even placed in the position of being a part of: kidnapping, embezzlement, fraud, conspiratorial actions, murder and all sorts of other things. She’s been attacked, threatened, had a child kidnapped, hospitalized; has, herself, been kidnapped; almost killed, faced a career ending injury and now may be looking at years in prison — Okay, let’s say this was you, is there any chance you may think, “I’m taking my kids and getting outta here!”?

    Lastly, I saw some people complaining about Katey’s singing? Here’s some trivia for you: Listen to some Classic Lynyrd Skynyrd … on a few songs, you will distinctly hear a female backing vocal … guess what Katey did before she started acting.

  42. rachel says:

    Gemma is just plain GROSS, I don’t see why she doesn’t just bite the bullet and make Jax sleep with her. It seems that she want’s him, and not in a good way. I agree w/ other poster’s the scene at the end, w/gemma standing behind jax, just like last season and the pic of her from years back….To me it seems like she thinks that she is the only woman jax needs. A Nasty ol’ slu** with a reverse oedipus liking. It is just gross to me, how she acts towards her son.
    Gemma claims to be this mother who just would do “anything” for her boys, Isn’t Tara trying to do the same, so Gemma gets jealous and narks her out, then goes over to jax’s house like de do, i’m here now, let me wipe your ass and make your dinner baby…

    I was seriously hoping that Gemma and Clay would get on a plane to Belfast and never come back!! They both SUCK

  43. Karen says:

    Am I the only one wondering about the attacker with the fake leg? Remember the first home invasion when Unser was beat up, the attacker had a fake leg? If it was the club behind the attacks which member had the fake leg?

    I got the feeling the marshall has a fake leg when I first seen him.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      One of the Nomads famously showed off his fake leg in the same episode.

    • Radena says:

      I think the man with the fake leg could end up being jaxs dad…I think he’s still alive and behind the whole operation. He’s getting Tara out of the way of harm long enough to make things safe for her and Jax. I’ve always thought he was still alive. Missing leg would fit right in with a motorcycle accident. And what about the brother of the nurse Otto killed…what big part is he playing in the next season? Did he turn Tara in? Maybe he’s jaxs dad?? Can’t wait for season 6

  44. Michelle says:

    i actually thought the finale to season 5 was pretty good,,,i seriously thought that it was the end of the line for tig,,i kinda sorta felt bad for clay but then again,,and tara i felt should have left for oregon like a soon as she found out the job, and gemma , it was kinda expected from her to do what she did in the end,,she has a love for the club,,,and she is a HUGE fence rider. I am a little concerned for juice, and like someone had mentioned earlier,,i too don’t trust the lawyer,,the other person i really don’t trust is the brother of the nurse…yes Unser checked him out and he is legit, BUT something still not right,,and i am really looking forward tom season 6..what sucks is the LONG AND BORING TIME OF WAITING UNTIL SEPTEMBER……..AGAIN!!! but still my favorite show because when you do finally see it , that long wait was soooo worth it,,,,:)

  45. Jaksssssssss says:

    Pope is Dead
    Pope is Dead. great finale

  46. all i wanna no is when does season 6 start!

  47. Kimm says:

    Tara’s office was probably bugged by either the government investigator or the woman’s brother (the ex-marshal). Remember, the brother was in Tara’s office when she got there. If you replay Tara and Gemma’s argument in Tara’s office, to the wrong ears, it makes Tara seem guilty even though Gemma was actually employing a veiled threat. I think Sutter sort of confirms this is what happened when he says. “My intention was to definitely put that out there as a possibility, and I think we’ll reveal how that happened.”

  48. Tash says:

    This series is pretty much my reason for getting up in the morning haha no but sirously I am so In love with it and I have watched every single episode without a doupt and I have just loved it all I think it’s been out togather amazingly and I actually am so depressed at the thought it will have to finish at some point. I am soooo in love with jax and Tara and I just think they are Sooo hot togather. Best show ever !! Please just keep making millions of seasons ill donate for the costs haha

  49. Sue says:

    Can someone tell me what gemma said to jax at the end of the show?

  50. Sue says:

    Can anyone tell me what gemma said to jax at the end of the show