Grey's Anatomy Recap: An Unsettling Hour

Was Cyndi Lauper right — can money really change everything? That was the philosophical question the (literal and figurative) survivors of last May’s plane crash were forced to ask themselves on Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy.

Approached with a generous financial offer from the culpable airline in question, the gang spent much of the hour debating whether to accept the settlement. “This is a huge amount of money,” Callie pointed out. “It’s a life-changing amount of money.”

As that dilemma raged…

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* Former virgin April returned from her pig farm repentant about her dalliance with Jackson and determined to recommit herself to God — a process she dubbed “re-virginizing.” Of course, there’s nothing like the sight of her ex’s rock-hard abs to reawaken her inner sex kitten. As Cristina summed up, “He’s there, she’s there — all she’s going to have to do is hear his voice and she won’t be able to think straight.” True dat. After passive-aggressively snapping at each other all episode, the horny MDs stopped being polite and started getting it on in the attendings’ lounge.

* The “Diseased manwhore” known as Alex Karev (Mer’s words, not mine) stopped being a jerk to self-proclaimed “loser intern” Josephine and started acting more like a mentor. (The second the ambitious newbie told Alex she had no interest in becoming the latest notch on his belt I knew she was the serious girlfriend Shonda Rhimes said Alex would be getting this season.)

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* Cristina made an effort to be a team player at the Mayo Clinic (and even bonded with one of the docs), but it was clear her heart remained at Seattle Grace. When she wasn’t talking by phone to Owen, she was gossiping with Meredith via Skype. Ultimately, she realized she couldn’t be in two places at once and abruptly ended things with Owen. (But we know better.)

* Arizona, still in pissed-off-Siamese-cat mode following her amputation, continued to give Callie the cold shoulder. But Callie finally reached her breaking point when she came home to find the love of her life having a pity party in a pool of her own urine. She dragged her handicapped significant other into the shower and tearfully reminded her, “This is my life now too.”

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* Meanwhile, back to the settlement issue, just when it looked like they were going to accept the instant cash payout, Derek gained access to the hangar containing the wreckage from the doomed flight and was forced to ask himself: What actually caused the plane to crash, and could it have been prevented? “We just can’t stand by and let this happen to other people’s Lexies and Marks,” he later argued to his fellow plaintiffs-to-be. “We have to do something about it. We have to make this right.”

Cue the legal fireworks!

What did you think of Grey’s Anatomy‘s third Season 9 episode, “Love the One You’re With?” Hit the comments!

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  1. Castle lover says:

    Jessica Capshaw and Sara Ramirez are killing it!! Wow!!

  2. LCS says:

    I see Emmys in the future for Jessica Capshaw and Sara Ramirez (or at the very least, nominations.) That scene in the shower was incredible. I am really, really enjoying this storyline and they are absolutely hitting it out of the park. My hat’s off to them both.

    • Julie says:

      Keep dreaming. They’ll never get Emmy noms much less a win.

    • Mike says:

      Doubt it, they’re on a long list of network Drama actors and actress that will never get nominated, and they are far from the best. The Emmys ignore network dramas nowadays anyway.

    • Ana says:

      Sadly, that won’t happen. Grey’s gets no respect in terms of awards. Not anymore. If it did Sandra Oh would have picked up a much deserved nom for her work last season which was masterful and phenomenal. But instead they keep nominating the same people over and over again. I’m over Julianna getting a nom year after year. Her character rarely shows any range at all. And as much as I like Archie Panjabi (actually, she’s the reason I watch Good Wife), she’s also a pretty one dimensional character. The gang at Grey’s get stretched every which way. They have to do comedy, drama, even music. They do the intense as they do the light. They have amazing range and do it all but get no recognition for it at all. So, no. I wouldn’t expect JCap or SaRa to get any nominations.

  3. tvaddict says:

    This has been such a strong start to the season. I know its been several years since Grey’s was nominated for best drama series but they deserve a nomination next year

  4. TayTay says:

    Nothing like a season long court case about the intricacies of plane hardware to reinvigorate this series.

    • Adam says:

      Phaha thank you for this…and Greys will not get Emmy recognition it doesn’t deserve it

    • Ana says:

      So, you saw this in your crystal ball? Because we are only 3 episodes in and tonight was the first time that the plane was mentioned and that’s because of the lawsuit.

  5. mcyummy says:

    love how all the downer people post on here, saying greys wont get an emmy nomination. glad all you successful 9 seasons of television writers are so confident with your little comments about how you know who deserves what. lets see u do better?

    • Ana says:

      It’s not a matter of deserving. It’s just that the Emmys are a joke. Grey’s hasn’t been nominated for years. Granted they went through a slump but season 6 with the shooting and season 8 with Henry’s death and all the phenomenal work that Sandra Oh did was completely ignored. That’s just they way it is and as fans, we’ve just come to accept it.

    • Chris says:

      It’s not a matter of deserving anything. It’s a matter of knowing the type of show that gets nominated nearly every year. Grey’s got some nominations earlier in its run and has now fallen off the Emmy map. Once that happens, it’s extremely difficult to get back on, and that’s pretty common knowledge.

  6. A says:

    How is Kepner an attending if she never passed the test?

    • eloise says:

      technically passing the boards isn’t required to become an attending surgeon. it just looks nice for hospitals—they boast about their numbers. she can retake them next year and it will probably just translate to a pay increase. that’s why she technically wasn’t immediately fired from all those hospitals upon her failure, they just had better options of surgeons who DID pass…

    • Allison says:

      You don’t have to pass the boards to work as an attending, it is just harder to get hired if you don’t pass.

    • Julie says:

      When you complete a surgical residency you become an attending. April completed her surgical residency so she’s an attending. The other former residents (now attendings/fellows) passed their boards making them board certified General surgery attendings, April isn’t certified but she’s still a General surgery attending.

  7. A says:

    The scene with Callie and the intern killed me. Any Bailey will never cease to make me laugh. Her facial expressions alone just bring joy.

  8. Shuayb says:

    They could get Golden Globe noms, or even NCAA nominations. Emmy’s are very subjective. There were so many episodes last season that could have been nominated.
    Sandrah Oh killed it last season. This ep was good. Like to see how this law suit ends up. Did not see this story line coming so I’m so glad that Shonda and co can come up with fresh ideas instead of re hashing old news.

  9. Ana says:

    Grey’s rules. Period. Nine seasons and it’s still the top drama for ABC and second scripted show after Modern Family. And this season already feels completely different from anything they have ever done. I am loving the fact that get are getting more Callie. She gels well with every character and it’s amazing to see her go from campy and fun to heartbroken in the same episode. Maybe she and Arizona will finally be treated like they are part of the cast and not just like outliers. And very happy to see that even though they are not together, Mer and Cristina are still strong. I’m loving the video chats…

  10. hello says:

    Lack of Lexi makes this show bad

  11. Annie says:

    I’m actually fond of this show again for the first time in years.

  12. Does anybody know who it showed hooking up in the previews for next week? I thought it looked like Christina and somebody?

    • GS says:

      It’s Christina and a doc from her hospital…I’m thinking Rex (sorry that’s how I think of him) and says it’s just her sex partner to Mer. Probably how the path back to Owen starts since he cheated.

  13. Jador says:

    I hope Alex intern is not suppose to be his “serious girlfriend”. I saw no chemistry between them.

  14. mat says:

    The LAST thing Grey’s needed was April back. The Callie over-load is already killing my interest in the show. Can’t stand her or AZ.

    Love Cristina when she’s away from Owen. Yay Mayo! stay there. Love Alex but not with that cry baby intern. Love the Cheif but WTF with Bailey’s meltdown-of-the-week. These characters all need stories now. And enough with idiot April. Send her back to the pig farm.

    • Tom says:

      Soooo why do you watch this show..?

    • Lisa says:

      I’m with you on Kepner. I have never liked that character, and no matter how nice they try to make her now, I just can’t buy it. I’m fine with Callie and Arizona though, they have an interesting storyline this year, they have never been my favourites, but they are not the main/lead characters, so it’s fine. I’m looking forward to more Meredith storylines (Derek as well) and Christina storylines too, I know she’ll get back with Owen, but I hope we’ll see her more on an individual storyline, I particularly loved seeing her showing her emotions in the last scene yesterday. Oh and I love Bailey! And Jackson too, not with April though.

    • Tiffany says:

      Because we have been loyal to the actress and actors for 8 Yers and will continue to be. Even if the writer creator is messing
      ssing it up for us (Slexie) Lexie could not leave Meredith
      la and her dad because she was loyal to them. So just like Lexie we are loyal to Meredith Bailey and Cristina and we can’t leave th
      em until the end Holla!

  15. Ang says:

    I think Grey’s got it’s mojo back last night. They did what they do best. Drama and humor and I cared about (most) of the characters. The story lines moved forward and I’m looking forward to next week.

  16. GS says:

    As a mom, I LOVED Bailey’s meltdown! It’s very realistic. We spend so much time being labeled and when our kids are itty bitty they need always need us. When they start to gain a little independence, while you know you’re doing your job as a parent, you start to wonder what else there is in your life. It was my favorite scene. The show has really been ON so far. Although I do NOT like that intern chick for Alex. No chemistry at all. And I detest Owen and Christina together but I’ll get over it since the show is so good this year.

    • Alex says:

      Agreed re intern chick for Alex. HORRIBLE boring character – crying in front of your boss IS lame. There is nothing okay about that. Just… horrible. I’m not much of a fan of the “I’m not going to be a notch on your belt because I’m different yet still pretty” storyline when it’s not done right, and I think they’ve totally cocked it up with this actress.

  17. Ashley says:

    I don’t know why Seattle Grace-Mercy West never hired a new cardio surgeon. Teddy’s gone and Christina’s in Mayo. It’s unrealistic to keep the spot empty for Yang.

    • Ashlee says:

      Agreed. It took Owen only a couple weeks after the plane crash to have someone for Peds, even though technically Arizona is still on the staff… but no one to replace Teddy? That makes zero sense.

    • Ninna says:

      The spot is not empty for Yang. It would be virtually impossible for her to apply to that post. She even hasn’t done her fellowship. And it would be necessary many more years of practice to be ready for such a demanding job. Not to talk of emotional and inter-personal experience that Cris still lacks.

  18. Jessica says:

    April sucks so much. An episode dedicated to April and Jackson is what Grey’s wanted. It was such a let down episode.

  19. carolann says:

    love the show.. gets better with age. but need more lovey dovey withmer/der again….
    what happened to their wild happy sex celebration… they were supposed to have that thy were lucky to be alive… or is that coming next wk the marathon…??? they are my fav. couple..and really do belong toghrt so well.. they fit like a glove….and pean.butr and jelly….
    etc….. luv the 1st show..whn she slept w. him..and had no idea who he was.. and then
    sees him latr that her boss….so funny…. thy were just alwys righ t toghtr…..

  20. Britt says:

    I loved the decision about the settlement. And that shower scene with Callie and Arizona was amazing to watch. I don’t understand something though, why haven’t they replaced teddy especially since Yang is gone?

    • twilight123 says:

      There are LOTS of doctors running around that hospital that we are never introduced to. Think of all the extras in blue scrubs in the background of any given scene. I just assumed that they hired a new cardio surgeon, but we never were introduced to him/her because they are connected to the cast of the show.

    • Ari says:

      Yea, remember the second string Dereck a couple of years ago? I don’t remember what they called him but they definitely have more doctors than they are showing (otherwise they would have no hospital at all).

    • MLO says:

      Why? It was stupid. The NTSB will investigate the crash – don’t need civilian plaintiffs to do that. Take the money and run baby!

  21. Martin says:

    Thank you Michael for picking that picture.

    Some moments were very emotional, like the shower scene or when Derek was reciting why they shouldn’t take the money. Also, loved when Mer and Owen were telling the lawyer to shut up.

  22. Ninna says:

    Loved the new house. A big decision was needed to be made by the Sheperds and they spent air screening time with J/A.
    The old doc. was a good plus. Cristina male version. Lets see if they give him depth, and show us who he is and what was his life.
    We saw Cristina making the wise decision of letting the Cheater go. Hope she doesn’t answer his calls or she doesn’t keep think properly when she hears his voice. Keep going, keep going Cris, don’t look back, that guy doesn’t deserve it. You already gave him more than he deserves. He will keep accepting and accepting.
    Hate new cry Jo. The woman is ridiculous. As if that little mouse could handled an Alpha-male as Alex. He will devour her. Lets see if she can surprise us!

  23. Bobbi says:

    I don’t care about awards at this point. This season seems reinvigorated to me and I think the first three episodes have been great! I’m enjoying this more than I have for a few seasons now.

  24. Sean C. says:

    Cristina’s scenes with Mr. Feeny were very nicely handled.

  25. Malli says:

    Am I the only one to like the chemistry between Jackson and April?
    I think their acting is better and better as the show goes on.

    • Jamie says:

      The whole April/Jackson thing is my favorite aspect of the show now – there’s so much chemistry there. And I also agree that Sarah Drew and Jesse Williams have grown as actors. I think the scene in the second episode of the season – at the elevator, where April told Jackson that she was leaving – is a great example of that.

    • Lena says:

      I love them too. So so much. They are great together.
      And believe me, most of the GA fans love them together.
      Even though it appears different on this side.
      The most people call them the next “slexie”.

      I really really love them together. best couple ever of GA for my opinion.

    • Alex says:

      I think they have CRAZY chemistry. It’s actually awesome to watch – and I was not expecting that. I hope they keep those two interacting for as long as poss!

    • slizacolby3 says:

      I’m enjoying them a lot; it’s really perked up my interest in the show. However, I’m worried about the latest promo; I don’t want their storyline resolved too soon. I’m hoping GA will draw this out so I can enjoy them longer.

  26. Sami says:

    What about the pilot? What happened to him? I was really hoping to see the reactions of the other docs when they found out the plane crashed too. Guess we won’t see that. I don’t know about anyone else but I still feel like there are a lot of unanswered questions and a lot of stuff they are not addressing.

  27. The plane company should hire Olivia Pope to come in and sort out these doctors…