Grey's Anatomy Boss Promises 'Sexy, Fun and Romance-y' Comeback For Callie and Arizona

Callie Arizona Grey's AnatomyListen up, weary ‘Calzona ‘shippers: There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Grey’s Anatomy boss Shonda Rhimes is promising fans that the dark cloud hanging over Callie and Arizona in the wake of the latter’s life-saving leg amputation will disappear by February.

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“Callie and Arizona are going to have a fun romance-y, sexy love life again,” the show’s creator wrote in a message posted on her WhoSay page. “And you are going to see it this season. That’s important to me. I stated in the Writers Room that Arizona could not lose a leg unless we were going to see how a person missing a leg could be sexy and fun and romance-y. So get ready for it – Arizona is gonna get her mojo back in a big way. And (spoiler alert!) it’s gonna happen before Valentine’s Day.”

The decision to have Arizona lose her leg stemmed from Rhimes’ desire to show “someone we love… go from being ambulatory to working on being ambulatory,” thus allowing the audience “to understand what it is like to be differently abled.”

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Rhimes also made a point to praise Jessica Capshaw’s performance in this season’s first two episodes and beyond. “She is out of control fearless,” Rhimes raved. “It’s a pleasure to get to work with someone so game for the story.”

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