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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Grey's Anatomy, Dexter, Mad Men, NCIS: LA, Criminal Minds and More!

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Question: Grey’s Anatomy fan here — any hope for Cristina/Owen? —Amanda
Ausiello: Yes, but there will be darkness before the dawn. “Initially, it’s going to be very unsettling,” previews exec producer Shonda Rhimes of the couple’s Season 9 trajectory. “And then it’s going to get fairly romantic as we watch them find their way back to one another.” But Rhimes is quick to stress that their road to reconciliation will be paved with bumps both old and new. “There are the aftereffects of the plane crash,” she explains. “There’s still his cheating. Also, he still wants a family and she still doesn’t. That is a huge obstacle for a couple. I’d like to explore what happens when two people want fundamentally different things. I didn’t want them to just walk away from each other. I felt like a lot of couples would fight to be together and figure out how to do it.”

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Question: I loved the Bones premiere. Everyone was fantastic and Booth and Brennan’s relationship is my favorite on TV. Do you have any exclusive scoop on what’s coming for them? —Cassidy
Ausiello: A delayed showdown over her little disappearing act. “Here’s the thing — [Booth] went three months without the person he loves,” explains exec producer Stephen Nathan. “He finally has her back and the last thing he’s going to be is angry. It’s like a honeymoon [period]. Afterwards, other feelings might come up. And believe me, that will be dealt with in [next Monday’s] episode. You’ve never seen them like this. There’s tension we haven’t seen before.” Adds series creator Hart Hanson: “It will scare people. They’ll be taken aback.” Anyone want to join me in a chorus of, “Yiiiiiiiiiiikes!” Bonus Spoiler: Soaps vet Melissa Claire Egan (The Young and the Restless‘ Chelsea/All My Children‘s Annie) guest-stars on next Monday’s episode as a “trophy wife” who gets grilled, as a person of interest, by Booth.

Question: If you run into Mad Men boss Matt Weiner at the Emmys this weekend, ask him whether Jessica Pare will be returning next season. The finale certainly made it seem like the Don-Megan union was on its last legs. —Christine
Ausiello: The finale gave me the same feeling, but when TVLine talked with the Mad man at last weekend’s Creative Arts ceremony, he gave a characteristically cryptic reply that seemed to imply that the Drapers would stay together — at least, for now. “He loves her, and he gave her what she wanted,” he said. “I don’t know that the marriage is over.” After all, Mrs. Draper’s determination to act was clear from the start, even if her husband didn’t take it seriously at first. “If you go back to the beginning of the season … and hear her talking about wanting to be an actress, you realize this is where it ended up, how driven she was. Not that she used him, but that he gave this to her,” Weiner says. “No matter what, we’re seeing that it was not the fantasy that he had about their relationship.”

Question: What exactly does Kalinda’s husband want from her on The Good Wife? —Doug
Ausiello: She apparently stole a ton of money from him and he’s ready to reclaim his bounty. He’s also still madly in love with her and pissed that she vanished without a trace. You know — typical relationship issues.

Question: Okay, I’ll bite — who’s Rufus’ shocking new love interest on Gossip Girl? Or maybe just tell us why it’s so shocking. —Danielle
Ausiello: Well, there’s the age difference. And there’s also the fact that she… um… did I mention the big age difference? She’s a relatively new character. Name rhymes with, “Bye, V!”

Question: Any Criminal Minds scoop to speak of? —Rachel
Ausiello: Though we knew that newcomer Jeanne Tripplehorn’s Agent Alex Blake has a checkered professional past with Strauss, it turns out she also has ties to a BAU favorite. “She and Reid knew each other, in academia, so they are very close friends,” Tripplehorn tells us. “He’s a bit more on the nerdy side than she is, but they are two brains that really get along. They have a beautiful friendship.”

Question: Will anyone other than Deb figure out who Dexter really is — or at least come close to it this season? —A
Ausiello: My guess is that LaGuerta will be circling Dex’s Dark Passenger by season’s end. In the premiere, she discovers one of his misplaced slides at the church and proceeds to launch her own rogue investigation.

Question: I want Dexter scoop, please! —John
Ausiello: I have a feeling Masuka will be a trending topic on Twitter between the hours of 9 and 10 pm/ET on Oct. 14. Just a hunch.

Question: I just watched the pilot of Revolution! I absolutely loved it and wondered if you had any juicy tidbits to share? —Vanessa
Ausiello: Here’s a little something: Somebody we spent a lot of time with in the pilot probably won’t be around very much longer. Guesses? Carry them to the comments!

Question: Whats the buzz on the second episode of Season 4 of NCIS: LA? Did Deeks and Kensi go on vacation together? —Monica
Ausiello: From the looks of the exclusive photo below from Deeks’ trip, it appears he was traveling solo (unless, of course, his partner was the one snapping the pic). Regardless, exec producer Shane Brennan predicts that the Oct. 2 episode — which will reveal what the entire gang did during their time off — “will instantly go on to everyone’s favorite list!”

NCIS LA Deeks Camel Season 4

Question: I know it’s early, but any scoop on True Blood‘s Big Bad Bill in Season 6? —Tara
Ausiello: Not so much scoop as an interesting quote from Stephen Moyer, leftover from my finale post mortem, about his investment in what viewers think of Bill. When I asked how he felt about Bill possibly inflicting physical harm on Sookie next season — perhaps even worse than the smackdown he gave Jessica in the penultimate S5 episode — Moyer said, “If that’s dramatically compelling and fun and great to watch, then so be it. That’s awesome.” He went on to say (and this is the part that got excised from the story), “One has to stop worrying about how one’s character is perceived. I think we all probably had a point in the series where you did worry about the public persona of our character. But I stopped worrying about that in Season 2. That’s not to say I don’t care. What I mean is you’re going to stop playing something authentically if you’re worried about how it’s going to be perceived.”

Question: Anything on CSI: NY? —Caroline
Ausiello: Episode 8 revolves around a case that tees up a meaty flashback episode for Lindsay, taking us back to her teenage years in Montana and just maybe revealing why she was initially hesitant to name her and Danny’s firstborn “Lucy.”

Question: Something, anything on How I Met Your Mother? I’m dying for September 24 to get here. Please just ease the pain a little! —Rebecca 
Ausiello: Barney and Robin will begin to find their way back to one another during November sweeps, confirms exec producer Craig Thomas. “I think we’ve come up with a fun, weirdly appropriate way to reunite them in a whole new way that I hope everyone will like,” he adds. “It’s sort of a weird way to get them back together, but it’s really fun.

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Question: Anything left to offer on Parks and Recreation? If not, I’ll gladly take something on 30 Rock. Thanks. – Leah
Ausiello:  Thursday’s Parks opener will answer the age-old question, “Is Pawnee big enough for two pigs named Tom?” Also, a couple breaks up in the premiere. (Kind of.) And Leslie and Ben do dirty things on Skype. On the 30 Rock front, Jack McBrayer was on my Tuesday morning flight from New York to L.A. I assume he’s out here for Sunday’s Emmys.

Question: Please, what do you have on Vampire Diaries? —Maxwell
Ausiello: I have a good piece of advice: Watch Episode 7 live. And in the company of friends. And with lots of alcohol (or root beer if you’re under 21). And with copious snacks.

Question: Can you please give us Sons of Anarchy fans some scoop on Tig? How the hell does he bounce back from what happened in the premiere—Tony
Ausiello: If you can believe it, his journey “gets darker,” warns exec producer Paris Barclay. “It gets as dark as we’ve ever seen him. He is really taken into a place where he’s tested and he has to change and grow up a little bit. By going through the darkness, he realizes that he may have more strength than he ever thought.” Barclay goes on to tease that the grieving father forms “an alliance and a deep friendship” with someone, adding, “It helps to save him.”

Question: So, Mr. Know-It-All — who’s going to walk away with Emmys this Sunday? —Charles
Ausiello: I was wondering when someone was going to get around to asking. Here’s the winners list [WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS*]

Drama Series: Downton Abbey
Drama Actor: Bryan Cranston/Breaking Bad
Drama Actress: Claire Danes/Homeland
Drama Supporting Actor: Giancarlo Esposito/Breaking Bad
Drama Supporting Actress: Christina Hendricks/Mad Men
Comedy Series: Girls
Comedy Actor: Louis C.K./Louie
Comedy Actress: Amy Poehler/Parks and Recreation
Comedy Supporting Actor: Max Greenfield/New Girl
Comedy Supporting Actress: Merritt Wever/Nurse Jackie

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. (Additional reporting by Megan Masters and Vlada Gelman)

* Or, like, very good guesses.