Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Walking Dead, Gossip Girl, Nikita, Grey's Anatomy, Revenge and More!

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Question: The zombie apocalypse starts up again on The Walking Dead in less than a week. Aside from stockpiling water and canned goods, should I be preparing myself to say goodbye to one (or more!) survivors in the first episode? —Shannon
Ausiello: There is a lot of death in the first two episodes, but I’m not saying how major or minor they are. I will say that this particular departure is still a ways off. Bonus Scoop: The midseason finale — aka Episode 8 — is tentatively (and ominously) titled “Made to Suffer.”

Question: Will Carol and Daryl finally seal the deal on The Walking Dead? —Jason
Ausiello: They’re certainly headed in the right direction: The two share a sweet — dare I say flirty — moment in Sunday’s premiere.

Question: Dexter is killing it this season. Scoop? —Jeffrey
Ausiello: Oct. 21. Mark your calendar. Dex makes one of his most memorable kills in some time.

Question: Any Meredith and Derek scoop that you can give us Grey’s Anatomy fans? —Tia
Ausiello: If Ellen Pompeo has any say in the matter, Derek will soon replace Cristina atop Mer’s “Person” list. “It’s not very realistic that a married woman would have her best friend be her No. 1 before her husband,” the actress shares. “I guess if you’re 20. But for a grown woman, your No. 1 person should be your husband — or what’s the point of getting married? Your significant other should be your significant other, so hopefully we’ll transition into that.” Where do you stand on this issue? Does Pompeo make a good point? Should Derek be Mer’s “Person” over Cristina? Hit the comments!

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Question: I’ll take any scoop on my favorite shows Grey’s Anatomy, Dexter, Private Practice, Cougar Town, Community, New Girl, Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Game of Thrones, Girls, The Newsroom, 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, The Office, Doctor Who, Sherlock or Glee. If that’s not possible I’ll settle for scoop on my non-favorite-but-still-watch-them-anyway shows HIMYM, Modern Family, TBBT, Revenge and… heck I’ll just add America’s Next Top Model because it’s a guilty pleasure. —Ilona
Ausiello: Ilona, you’re a greedy whore who’s about to get a VD surprise: Did you check out our exclusive photo of Mystic Falls’ newest badass vampire hunter, Connor (Todd Williams)? Like many things on the show, he’s not all that he appears to be. “He’s got a history that presents a bit of a mystery that needs unraveling,” teases EP Julie Plec. Bonus Scoop 1: Episode 2 will hint at a connection between Connor, Jeremy, and Connor’s mysterious [spoiler!]. Bonus Scoop 2: I think we’re going to meet Bonnie’s “protective” father in Episode 10.

Question: I’ve just recently watched every episode of Nikita and I am now suffering from “Post-Show Syndrome” (it’s a real thing). A Nikita scoop may not cure me but it could ease my pain, especially if it involves Alex. —Stephanie
Ausiello: The Season 3 premiere airing Oct. 19 features an unexpected development that will make “Mikita” fans very happy (see photo, right, for a possible clue). The Oct. 26 episode, meanwhile, features an unexpected development that will have Alex fans doing this.

Question: Any idea what brings Billy Baldwin back to Gossip Girl? Also, when does he return? —Jess
Ausiello: Serena’s dad resurfaces in Episode 7, but we’ll quickly learn his tentacles have been stirring one particular pot all season long.

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Question: Do you have any scoop on next week’s episode of Gossip Girl? –Danielle
Ausiello: Three scoops, actually. 1) Unless the censors at The CW get cold feet at the last minute, Georgina says something to Dan that includes the words “raw” and “hard.” 2) Serena is a closet Millionaire Matchmaker addict. 3) Jenny gets a shout-out (kinda).

Question: Will Chuck and Blair get married in the Gossip Girl series finale? —Annie
Ausiello: Don’t know. I will say that one of them will fail to accomplish an important item on their pre-engagement to-do list, potentially rendering their little agreement null and void.

Question: In Glee‘s “Break-Up” episode, it was left pretty ambiguous what exactly Blaine did with Eli. Was that the intention? Are we to decide for ourselves if it was sex or something less severe? —Matt
Ausiello: Darren Criss tells me he has “his own theory” about the exact nature of Blaine’s infidelity. “It’s very open-ended,” he concedes. “We don’t know who this person is or what this decision was.” Regardless, Criss hopes that if the “Klaine” split does indeed stick, “I would love to see them be a part of each other’s future relationships…. If Kurt meets someone new and they are having some problems, I hope Blaine is the person that Kurt calls and says, ‘This is really tough for me.’ And vice-versa. If Blaine meets somebody, he goes to Kurt. That happens in real life with all kinds of relationships. You create a bond with somebody and regardless of what happens, in the end the bond is there for the rest of your life. And I think that’s an excellent message to show young people: The end doesn’t mean it’s the end. It’s just a new chapter.”

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Question: I have a super-great idea. How about some positive Finchel scoop? How many times can Glee break my heart?! —Lauren
Ausiello: Cory Monteith isn’t giving up on the couple, so neither should you. Asked if he thinks “Finchel” is done for good, he quickly replied. “I don’t. It’s hard when you get attached to someone.” In the meantime, exec producer Brad Falchuk confirms that Finn will eventually get a new love interest. “The idea is yes, it’s interesting to have him find someone,” he says. “I don’t know if it has to happen so soon — certainly not in the first nine or 10 episodes — and we don’t know who it’s going to be yet. But we’re kicking around a few ideas.”

Question: I love, love, love Ray Romano on Parenthood and have been scouring the Internet looking for scoop on when his “multi-episode arc” will wrap up. Can I expect to see him through most of this season? —Amanda
Ausiello: Hank will be around for most of the season, much to the dismay of poor Mark. And even though Sarah’s personal and professional partners have yet to come face to face, Jason Ritter says the situation nonetheless remains very awkward. “We’re trying to suss each other out,” he explains. “He can’t quite figure out why she’s with me, and I can’t quite figure out what their thing is.” Despite the Hank complication, Sarah and Mark are about to take a big step forward. “There’s talk of moving in together,” previews Ritter, “and what that means for her son, Drew. Living with your teacher is probably not the coolest thing for a kid who’s already self-conscious at school about his mom dating a teacher. So Mark tries to win over Drew over, who’s a little standoffish. But I’m working on him. I’ll crack him.”

Question: I’m really loving 666 Park Avenue. Do you have any new scoop? —Tyler
Ausiello: We’ll soon learn that “Jane is a little more attuned to the supernatural world than we think,” previews Rachael Taylor. “There’s a very complicated, intricate reason why she can feel and experience these spooky secrets of the building more so than [most]. Basically, Jane may have her own connection to The Drake.” (Now read that sentence again while listening to this.)

Question: Dude, I loved the season finale of Necessary Roughness! Any hints you can give me about what happens when they come back in January? —Jaime
Ausiello: You’ll have a gay ol’ time! “We’re doing a storyline where a football player comes out,” USA Network co-prez Jeff Wachtel told TVLine at Friday’s GLSEN Awards in Los Angeles. “It’s beautifully done, really smart and we’re really proud of it.” Who do you think is high-tailing it out of the closet? Place your bets in the comments!

Question: I seem to be the only one that wants Revenge‘s Emily and Daniel together. Any scoop you can give me on them? —Karen
Ausiello: I can tell you someone who definitely doesn’t want those two to reunite: Ashley. And while I hear that she and Daniel settle into more of a real relationship by Episode 6 – though their pairing certainly doesn’t seem like anything more than convenience/opportunity right now — portrayer Ashley Madekwe teases that her character’s got a big development coming her way. “We know where she says she’s from, but we don’t know if she’s lying,” says the fashionable actress. “We don’t know how she got to the Hamptons, what she’s doing there or who she’s really working for.”

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Question: I love the idea of Adrienne Barbeau as Victoria’s mom on Revenge. Any other intel you can share on her arrival? — Jo
Ausiello:  Mmm-hmm. Besides giving us Sheila in present tense (emphasis on “tense”), the flashback-happy primetime soap will also introduce us to Mommie Dearest in her younger days, when she was still a blue-collar babe shortchanging her kids in hopes of striking pay dirt with whatever Richie Rich’s wallet happened to be open.

Question: I am a huge fan of Downton Abbey and was wondering if you could give any scoop on Sybil/Branson or Mary/Matthew? — Caitlin
Ausiello: Them specifically, no. However, I do have some tantalizing teases about Season’s 3’s Christmas episode (known here in the States as the season finale). For one thing, “It’s not set at Christmas,” Hugh Bonneville tells us. “It goes out to Christmas, but it’s not set at Christmas. It has a very different flavor [and] lots of thrills and spills along the way.” Adds Brendan Coyle: “It’s very, very romantic and deeply heartbreaking. It’s very Downton.” If it’s so very Downton, it must end with a cliffhanger, yes? “I can’t give that away,” Bonneville insists. “[But] the end is phenomenal.”

Question: When is Max Adler going to return to Glee? They can’t honestly think Dave’s story is over. They left him in a hospital bed after he tried to kill himself! A little dream sequence is not a happy ending or any kind of resolution! — Ally
Ausiello: Did someone ask for a Happy Endings scoop? Because have I got a doozy of one! Max is going to hook up with Dave and Jane! Okay, not the Dave and Jane but a coupla guys who could pass for their long-lost twins. Cue Twilight Zone theme in 3, 2….

Question: Rutger Hauer on True Blood? Count me in! Any other Season 6 casting prattle you can share? — Tiff
Ausiello: Not only is the show casting an oily Rick Perry type to play the recurring role of Texas’ governor — perhaps an instigator of a human/vampire war? — it’s casting a Southern belle to play his twentysomething (and presumably less oily) daughter.

Question: I’m so excited we get a fifth season of Southland. Any scoops? — Tom
Ausiello: When the show returns, a new cop will be walking the beat: Lucero, a Mexican-American native of East L.A. whose POV of the city is colored by his experience of it. Lucero also — if you ask me — should be played by Jay Hernandez.

Question: Can I get a Suburgatory tease or two? —Jennifer
Ausiello: How about three! In Episode 7, someone will have moved out of their home, another Chatswin resident gets kidnapped and two characters will have a dance-off. Just business as usual in the ‘burbs.

Question: The ending of Sunday’s amazing Homeland properly made me go, “I need to see the next episode now!” Got any scoop? —Jack
Ausiello: The next episode (airing this Sunday) contains about 13 ZOMG! moments, not to mention tour de force performances from Claire Danes, Damian Lewis and Morena Baccarin. I tweeted this over the weekend but it bears repeating: It’s hands-down the best episode of the series to date. Yes, even better than “The Weekend.”

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  1. anne says:

    No …..more…..Finchel.

    • Seriously. Glee needs to learn a sense of permanency and continuity and stop bowing to the ungodly amounts of whining from shippers that don’t care about anything but the couples. Go read a romance novel or watch a soap people. The chances that Kurt and Rachel with their fabulous new, New York lives would stay with a high school boy and a drifter are pretty much non-existent. And if Kurt who is surrounded with hot men in New York managed to refrain from cheating and Blaine couldn’t then that relationship was OVer. Don’t get me wrong, I actually loved them together but there are unforgivable things in relationships and cheating is one of them. It’s a great big flashing sign post that the relationship has run it’s course because the other person isn’t satisfied enough to be faithful.
      As for Finchel, I do not understand the draw of that relationship. Other than it’s a lot of geeky girls high school fantasy to get the hot jock the reality of their relationship is so incredible unhealthy. They have done horrible manipulative things to each other. Finn in insecure because he has no focus and drive and Rachel is practically a machine when it comes to ambition and Rachel is insecure because she had to basically hunt Finn down and club him and drag him back to her cave to get him. I don’t understand the hate everyone has for Brody. I just want, once, a guy to pursue Rachel because he really likes her. Jessie was doing it to manipulate and use her and the show is insinuating that Brody has a thing for dating hot freshmen. Is it too much to ask that a girl as gorgeous and talented as Rachel have a guys who actually wants to be with her?? I predict that Rachel will start dating Brody only to discover a hidden string of freshmen ex-girlfriends. He denies that he is using her, she doesn’t believe him and she goes crying back to her “true” love Finn. Gag me.
      Cue shippers hating me.

      • anne says:

        I agree. I am absolutely baffled by the Finchel love.

        As for Klaine, it seems Blaine, as the cheater, gets all the storyline focus and songs. What does Kurt get?

        • as always says:

          He gets victim-blamed.

        • Meg says:

          Um . . . an entire story line about his life in NYC and working for

        • Sarah says:

          It’s irritating. I mean, I love Blaine, but TBU was almost entirely his POV, he gets solos every episode, and if spoilers are to be believed, his overwhelming narrative and musical focus isn’t going anywhere, whereas spoilers regarding Kurt are thin on the ground. As much as I love Klaine I can’t help but hope their separation leads to some songs and focus for Kurt.

        • Precisely, the difference between a soap and a scripted comedy or drama is that the story is about their lives and the relationships are woven into the story of the character’s life in a scripted series. A soap or romance is ABOUT the romance. Glee is not a romance and it teeters perilously close the edge of soap. This show is supposed to be about these kids LIVES not who they’re dating. That is why I hate shippers for this show. They pull focus from any kind of over arcing character development for the show and rub our noses continuously in the same relationship drama over and over again. Let the show develop them outside of relationships for Pete’s sake. Especially Kurt and Rachel. Their lives right now should be about their careers not just relationships. There is enough story in starting out from the ground up in New York without rehashing relationship crap over and over again.

        • John says:

          Blaine got character assassinated while Kurt was blameless. Totally uneven, terrible writing. Neither character benefits from this farce.

          • K. says:

            I think if you take those stan-goggles off you’ll see that both boys contributed to the decay of the relationship, Blaine just made the bigger mistake in this case (but Kurt’s neglect and unintentional cruelty was the starting point). I do agree that neither character benefits from this BS storyline though, unless this leads to some Kurt solos, which, lol, doubtful.

          • Julia says:

            In reply to K.
            Maybe you should take off your shipper goggles. Kurt has no fault in the break-up, absolutely none, zero. He didn’t make Blaine cheat. He’s been away for a few weeks and was definitely more alone than Blaine (who’s surrounded by many familiar faces, not just one) working at a stressful, time-consuming job. Kurt made an extra effort to stay in contact with Blaine, even talking with him from work (which he really shouldn’t!). And even if there was some neglect, that’s still absolutely no excuse/reason for cheating. If someone is getting the feeling that a long-distance relationship isn’t going to work out for them, then they need to do the mature thing (like Santana did) and end it. Blaine is in the wrong. That’s the end of it. There’s no wiggle-room or share of blame.
            Note: I’m not saying it’s the crime of the century or that Blaine is an irredeemable monster but regardless, when he decided to cheat he still didn’t care about hurting Kurt (and it wasn’t even a spontaneous, alcohol-induced choice – it was premeditated). Any kind of understanding doesn’t make that go away. It is what it is.

          • Poe says:

            I don’t remember Kurt sticking his dick in another man.. Kurt may have not been emotionally available to be there for Blaine and I see that being as a problem.. but he is still not the one who betrayed the relationship by being with another man. Blaine made his own bed to lie in.

          • daved says:

            Kurt wasn’t a very warm/loving boyfriedn all along. I don’t think his heart was in it tbh.
            No wonder Blaine felt worthless.

          • Strepsi says:

            @ POE: You are making a rash assumption: that Blaine is a top. He always screamed “bossy bottom” to me ;)

          • Poe says:

            @Strepsi: you are so right, he is such a bottom. I take that back. :)

      • Katie says:

        I agree with you 100%, finn and rachel are terribly manipulative with one another and it is an incredibly unhealthy, toxic relationship. I want to see Rachel in New York, meeting new people, growing up and working towards her dream. I don’t mind seeing her going on dates or flirting with Brody but her relationship/romantic sl needs to take a backseat to her character arc and does not need to be constant ott drama.

      • Scott says:

        I’m in total agreement. The school characters in Glee are meant to be like 16/17/18. Relationships at that age start and stop at the drop of a hat (or a pair or pants more like…). Its totally unreasonable that half these relationships would survive.

      • Gillian says:

        It’s convenient to throw about the word “toxic” as a description for Finchel because they’ve been the source for so many dramatic plots for the show during the course of three seasons, and even in Season 4. Being the male and female leads of this show is the band of Finn and Rachel’s love life. The writers can’t let them just be happy and carefree in the background like for example Tina and Mike who are supporting characters. They have to draw out the fights and the conflict because, hey, who wants to watch a boring show with happy couple who have no conflict whatsoever. Finn and Rachel also happen to be portrayed by two very talented actors, Cory and Lea, and the writers also know that so very well because you can see how effectively they use them in the storylines. You can all me a sappy and sentimental viewer, but the breakup scene in the last episode proved was how irrevocably Rachel still loves Finn and how much Finn still loves her, although they cannot be together. If the writers can manage to get Finn his groove back (they managed to regress all the growth he gained in the final episode of S3), their journey apart will be a very interesting story to watch. Although it may take a long time, but I have hope that they will get back together in the end.

        • Rita says:

          thank you for these sensible comments and i appreciate your rational thoughts on the finn and rachel storyline in the show. it’s clear how the writers use finn and rachel to create important plot movements and with both cory and lea delivering excellently as always, we can expect the showrunners to continuously use them as devices for future pivotal moments in the show. i personally like the finn and rachel dynamic, and i believe that most of that elicited by the unmistakable chemistry between lea and cory. that onscreen chemistry is unlikely to be surpassed by any other pairing, in my opinion. hence, finn and rachel will always be a big draw for me in the show, and i believe this is also true among finchel fans who by the way are not trivial in numbers nor in articuating well-thought opinions about the show.

        • I have no problem with this perspective. I don’t hate Finchel, I don’t hate Klaine, Brittana or even Rody (or whatever Rachel/Brody are called). I hate their shippers. My problem is that they aren’t making any development in Finn and Rachel as people in the biggest transition of their lives aside from birth to 5 years old. They are both going from children to adults and it’s a huge life altering time and all the writers are focusing on is whether they are staying together. Everything has changed for Rachel, EVERYTHING. She is living in a huge city by herself without her dads going to a highly competitive school with teachers that have to be tougher than anything she could possibly have encountered in Ohio. All of her classes have to be unbelieveably difficult. She has to shop for herself, she has to clean the house and she has to ride on a subway. There should be enough material there to write an entire show about just Rachel and Kurt without ever once having to mention a relationship and yet it’s all the writers focus on because of obsessed people who want to turn this show into a day time soap. I love this show, I love Lea and I like Cory. I own probably more than a 100 of the songs from the show but hate, hate, HATE shippers. They push the writers to ruin the show for the rest of us.

          • Lily says:

            Why do you blame the shippers? Shippers will ship, that’s how TV viewing has worked before and after Glee or any other show. Especially a show with a passionate younger audience. If it’s anyone’s fault at all, it’s the writers’ fault. One of the biggest problem on this show is too many characters and not enough screentime. Forty five minutes minus fifteen minutes of songs equal only 30 minutes for the storylines. Rachel is the main character, but not the only character on Glee. They can’t just show her story all the time. And I’m afraid love relationships take precedence over the other storylines because they have to pick and choose which story to tell within limited screentime.

          • It’s not so much that I blame shippers. I distribute blame fairly equally between them for being obsessed and annoying and the producers and writers for buckling to the pressure that shippers love to apply. I dislike them. Intensely. I think that the best episodes of Glee are the ones that don’t just focus on relationships but also look at who the kids are and who they’ll be when they are done growing up.

    • Amanda says:

      Don’t listen to whatever Cory says. His answers have become EXTREMELY pro-Finchel since he’s now dating Lea. He’s turned into a total robot.

      • OhPlease says:

        His answers were always pro-Finchel you can check his Twitter timeline… He never told anything clear on early season 1… Nice try, though!

        • Penny says:

          Still don’t think Lea and Cory are really dating outside of a PR relationship.

          • Lilly says:

            lol If they’re doing it for the PR, please tell Cory he’s doing it all wrong because he got papped 3 times in the last few weeks, all without Lea. And the fans are clamoring for a pic with both of them. They’ve been together for nearly 9 months, I would applaud them if they managed to fake for this long to all of the Hollywood entertainment media. In short, they are actually dating.

          • Laura says:

            Get over the PR excuse.

          • Tim says:

            finchel/monchele fans always bringing the delusional lols

          • Tim says:

            @Tim don’t be rude.
            @Lilly its actually entirely plausible for them to be in a fake hollywood relationship for that long. There have been some that spanned for years. (Decades even in old Hollywood) and yes Lea Michele is really short and has more chemistry with her hairbrush.. but that’s just how I see it. So maybe I’m wrong.. but I’m not buying what it’s selling and with the ratings declining the way it is I would not put it above glee to pull all the pr stops it could.
            @Laura nope.

          • Stop says:

            To: Tim I’m very late to this discussion but I’m really astounded by people still thinking they’re in a fake PR relationship. So, they’re lying to the whole Hollywood media, their bosses at Fox, to the Glee producers, their co-stars, to their families and friends for 9 long months for what? To get some measly PR articles out of gossip rags like US Weekly? And if it’s PR, this is about the best time for them to be out and about but why aren’t they out doing it right now to appease the fans? Old Hollywood fake marriages were for stars like Rock Hudson who were essentially hiding their real sexuality. Oh, wait, so you think one of them is hiding their real sexuality? LOL LOL You don’t have to buy what they’re selling, but IMO I don’t think they’re “selling” anything. They’re just getting on with their lives.

      • Madison says:

        I;ve been a fan of Cory since the beginning of Glee and he has always been pro-Finchel. He’s the one who first wrote Finchel Forever on his twitter.

      • AJ says:

        pardon me, but i don’t appreciate your calling Cory names; if you don’t agree with him, please say so without making it a personal slur; that’s how rational people debate issues. i won’t presume to understand what’s behind Cory’s words, and like everyone else including yourself, Cory is entitled to respond to any questions as he pleases.

      • Kendra says:

        He was the one who started the Finchelforever tag on twitter.

      • Cory has wanted Finchel since season 1, maybe as an excuse to kiss Lea as often as possible, lol. But obviously it’s not he who writes the show, the one that do (Falchuk in this case) hints that they’ll stay broken up and Finn maybe getting a new love interest early next half of the season, so Finchel-shippers have to learn to live with the idea that there’s probably no reconciliation for them until the end of this season, at best.

  2. Lindsey says:

    YES. YES. YES. To everything Ellen Pompeo said. No one ever said Cris/Mer can’t be close or BFFs..But Owen/Derek should top the ‘Person’ list now..SHONDA.

    • guest says:

      I disagree. It’s completely fine if your best friend is your best friend and your husband is your husband. The idea that your husband is your best friend is just creepy and wrong.

  3. Dennis says:

    LOVE 666 PARK AVENUE, really more people should give it a try!! Skip football and The Mentalist for once and try 666!!!

  4. Raelene says:

    Love live love 666 park avenue…best show I have seen in years

  5. Ana says:

    Oh, I would so very much love if the Meredith/Cristina co-dependency stopped and make Derek Meredith’s person. Ellen is so right about this. It’s why she’s awesome.

  6. LMSO says:

    Preach it, Ellen Pompeo! You are absolutely right! Meredith and Cristina are adult, married women. It’s about time GREY’S ANATOMY reflected that. Of course best friends are important (and play an important role in our lives) but your husband should be your “person”. End of story. Derek should be Meredith’s person and Owen should be Cristina’s person. Let’s hope the Twisted Sisters finally figure that out! There is room for both relationships in their lives. Seriously.

    • Kiki says:

      Preach it, Sister. So sick of this whole person thing. When you are married, your husband is your person. No real life spouse would ever put up with the crap on Grey’s. Poor Derek’s best friend was being pulled off life support and his wife ran off to see her “person”. Ridiculous.

      • Miranda says:

        She couldn’t deal with the death, and is in denial. That’s why she went to go see Cristina, but couldn’t get on the plane.

    • Linda says:

      I love Ellen Pompeo who tells it like it is. BFF does not trump husband. The soul mate thing was okay when they didn’t have SO, but now they do. They have a great friendship but priority should be spouse.


    • Saint Alicia says:

      Well here’s some added spoilers/scoop (via a rival site), according to Homeland EP Howard Gordon:
      “[Saul] comes back to let everybody know — and let Carrie know, in particular — that what drove her to her breakdown was wrong and that she was actually right,” he says. “The second season doesn’t really begin until episode 3. Episodes 1 and 2 were, in a way, a preamble to the rest of the season.”
      VINDICATION! Can’t. Freaking. Wait.

      • Does anyone else think the person Brody will kill is Estes and that’s how Carrie is getting reinstated? By Saul becoming the one in charge?

      • And OMG, I’m SO GLAD! That’s ALL I’ve wanted, that Carrie was proved right!

        • Saint Alicia says:

          Haha I know, YAY for Carrie! Though I don’t think Estes will die, nor will Carrie be reinstated right away (or even officially). If you watch closely in the promo a white hand gives the memory card (Brody’s confession) to a black hand. The only black guy on the show (since Walker’s death) is Estes. Saul or someone gives him the memory card, but just because he knows the truth doesn’t mean he’ll take Carrie back.
          And I think the person who Brody kills in the woods is the bomb-maker (who Brody got the suicide vest from) since he’s a loose end.

          • Yeah, I got that Estes would get the card, then he says Carrie won’t get her job back. Maybe it’s just me fantasizing he’ll day, because I hate him, and I really want Carrie back and rubbing it in everyone’s face that she was flippin’ right! But it *could* happen, right? Brody knows Estes knows, and bam, dead guy? ;)

      • I ALMOST HAD A HEART ATTACK AFTER LAST NIGHT’S EPISODE. THE BEST PARTS ARE ALWAYS AT THE END. I CAN’T EVEN SEE HOW THEY CAN GO ON…… Brody’s drunken friend makes the most sense! even though he’s a drunk and carrie is crazy, they are the ones with the most sense! lol

  8. Liz says:

    Of COURSE Derek should be Meredith’s person!! Ellen is completely right!
    But Shonda cannot write that, she doesn’t know how…

  9. Meg says:

    Jay Hernandez was just introduced as a character on Last Resort. Not sure how long he is sticking around though.
    Same old, same old with regard to all the Glee and Grey’s Anatomy. I am sad my Switched at Birth question wasn’t answered – again. I know it isn’t as popular a show, but a little variety wouldn’t hurt.

  10. Lena says:

    Someone explain to me why there have to be THREE Gossip Girl questions answered?? Surely they received questions about better shows!

    • Jen says:

      Agreed. They do this every week though, with several shows, so I’ve stopped expecting anything different.

      • Poe says:

        I think they just like the battle royale the shippers get into every single time something is posted about GG. /shrug

    • CateRose says:

      If you haven’t noticed, they only answer questions that they have scoop for. Hence why there was three gossip girl scoops given and also why they just completely disregarded the glee/Mac Adler question to talk about happy endings. I mean come on now, at least find a happy endings question to go with your “scoop”

  11. ” Question: When is Max Adler going to return to Glee? They can’t honestly think Dave’s story is over. They left him in a hospital bed after he tried to kill himself! A little dream sequence is not a happy ending or any kind of resolution! — Ally Ausiello: Did someone ask for a Happy Endings scoop?

    IS anyone else really pissed of ???

    • Meg says:

      I have read that, at this point, there is no plan to bring Max Adler back to Glee.

    • Ben says:

      I’m not pissed. It sounds like he was trying to passive-aggresively state his agreement with the person asking the question. He has no way to say that kind of thing outright so it’d be his way around it.

      • Melanie says:

        Agreed. If MA was just wanting to be cute and irrelevant, he could’ve picked *any* other question. This question gets Max & Karofsky’s names out there again and voices an opinion that many viewers share. So he has nothing new to share on the issue? So what. He made you think about whether a kid still on suicide watch in hospital could possibly be considered okay.

    • Kristina says:

      Not me, I love HE. But he’s answered that question several times, as has the EP. No plans atm.

    • Summer says:

      Not really? He’s already answered this question a few times, and anyone regularly reading the Ask Ausiello column would already know the answer, as would anyone who’s read any interviews done by Max Adler himself.

    • actually... says:

      not those of us with a life. i actually thought it was really funny.

    • Carl says:

      I’m pissed at Brad Falchuk for his idiotic view regarding Dave’s storyline and dropping such a great character and a truly consistent storyline which doesn’t focus on romance or love triangles… I really wanted to see his friendship with Kurt developed, he even could have bonded with Blaine (after all, he suffered bullying too and had issues with his father… another forgotten plot device), his story had LOTS of possibilities outside the cheap soap-realm.
      I’m actually thankful to Ausiello for bringing up Max Adler’s name again after the producers dismissed him and his fans in such a horrible way.

    • Gary says:

      I’m really not sure what to make of Ausiello’s response. If this is Ausiello’s way of making light of Dave Karofsky’s story or Max Adler’s future on the show, that seems callous. I’m hoping it’s his way of addressing the issue that Glee abandoned Dave’s story. Leaving Dave in a hospital bed after attempting suicide, losing his best friend and knowing that he would return home to a mom that thinks he’s diseased is not a nice ending as Brad Falchuk’s stated. In fact, Falchuk’s offensive comments really angered and hurt a lot of people that support Max and are inspired by Dave’s story. It may be doubtful that Max will return to Glee, especially after Falchuk’s remarks, but maybe next time the producers/writers speak, they’ll show a little bit more compassion. Of course, I still have hope Dave will return. Dave deserves his own storyline and Max deserves a song!

  12. Laurie says:

    Finn’s had enough love interests or hook ups. It’s time for him to focus on growing up so he treats women right.

  13. Liz says:

    So…badly…want …to …see…Homeland

  14. Nel says:

    If they’re going to bring a new love interest for Finn (which I find totally unnecessary if he’s trying find himself) why wait that long? Seems like a bad idea. Regardless, I’m still rooting for Finchel as much as Cory seems to be, too. :)

  15. Donna says:

    *sigh* Meredith and Derek have become so dull that the only “scoop” for them is from a 2 week old interview.

    • Emma says:

      Glad I’m not the only one who noticed that, I also thought, although I may be wrong that the interview wasn’t even on here but with a rival site. Either way, it’s old news!

  16. Julia says:

    Not interested in another Finn love interest. I just want Finchel together and happy already.

  17. VANESSA says:

    I want my finchel back :( Finchel is forever no matter what!

  18. meg says:

    yawn no one needs to see a new love interest on glee for finn. finn needs to focus on himself and finding a dream and figuring out what he wants to do. Don’t make another character be a pawn for finchel it isn’t worth it we know they’re going to get back together soon because glee’s ratings suck and they need something to bump it up

  19. Siren says:

    Finn having a new love interest is a stupid as Rachel having a new love interest. I don´t understand why RIB doesn´t get it. Love triangles = boring story lines.

  20. Songbird says:

    No one cares about Klaine and Finchel, they get enough Screentime and Storylines already, give us BRITTANA

  21. Amy says:

    Bless you Ellen Pompeo on your opinion of Meredith and Derek as a couple on Grey’s Anatomy. The relationship with Cristina, while I love it, is completely unrealistic and to me at least, unhealthy. I’m not sure Shonda Rhimes will get on board with what Ellen (and Patrick Dempsey for that matter) wants,, but nice they are trying for the fans. Let’s hope we see some changes. Again, I love Cristina/Meredith sisterhood,but its been too much in the past few seasons and needs to let up a little now. Thanks again as always for the great scoop! :)

  22. blair says:

    why can’t finn and rachel just find themselves and what they want and whatever while being /alone/ ?! being single independent people jesus christ, we’re so tired of third parties we’ve had them over and over for three seasons give it a break ugh

    • Amy says:

      I know its a shame they didn’t exchange chastity belts last week like it’s so unrealistic to move on and date other people.

  23. Bailey says:

    I feel like most people want Emily with Daniel on Revenge. Am I wrong about that?

    • Lisa says:

      I think fandom is pretty divided on that. Some fans want her with Daniel, some want her with Jack, some want her with Nolan, and some are waiting to see what she’s like with this new guy. I really don’t feel like there’s any one pairing that is overwhelmingly popular.

      • Bailey says:

        OK, that makes sense.

        Everybody in my circle of friends who watch want Emily with Daniel, if that counts for anything! LOL. I don’t know any Emily/Jack or Emily/Nolan fans. The new guy is pretty hot though!

      • Riah says:

        I want her with Daniel, my sister with Jack, and my BF with Nolan….. so it’s pretty divided in my home. Emily and Danile!!!!!

    • Billy bob says:

      Yes. #jackandemilyforever

    • Carrie says:

      You are not. I just started watching Sunday on Netflix and finished Sunday’s episode today and I love Emily and Daniel. When I told a coworker she thought I was nuts!

    • Jen says:

      I like Emily with Jack. But I know there’s a lot that like her better with Daniel. I’m not for that, but I understand it. I don’t know of anyone who wants her to be with Nolan though! I like them better as buds.

    • Chloe says:

      I like Emily with Daniel. Jack and [especially] Declan don’t do a thing for me. The most interesting member of their family was Sammy, the dog. And sadly, he’s no longer with us.

    • Allie says:

      I always assumed most people want her with Jack and that Daniel was in the minority but lately I feel like E/D fans are just popping up or just more vocal. I prefer Emily and Daniel, I really adore them. I know we’re supposed to root for Jack but I’m just not interested in that pairing much. Anyway I don’t want Emily and Daniel to happen again soon or anything, I’ll prefer a reunion later down.

    • Jess says:

      I’ve always shipped Emily/Daniel, because I find their story more compelling and there’s just so much angst potential there. As for Emily/Jack, “people who knew each other as KIDS for ONE summer” does not equal soulmates to me. It doesn’t help that EVC+Nick W. don’t have much acting chemistry at all (but I realise this is subjective of course).

    • Lou says:

      I prefer Emily with Jack, even though I think they’ve got a long way to go. And we WILL be waiting.

      And Glee: I’m just going to await the Finn/Rachel reunion. I don’t want them with other people.

    • Ed says:

      naw.. she should become Charlottes lesbian lover…

  24. Argh no more love interests for Finchel on Glee – either have them apart or together don’t bring in love interests again! It’s done to death. Let them grow as people until their epic reunion!! As for Greys love the idea of Der being Mer’s #1 def how it should be!! Oct 21 for Dexter hey! I am now on the edge of my seat waiting! :D

  25. sophia says:

    I am glad that derek will be mer’s person.She is an adult ot a teenage girl. Anyway i don’t like mer and cristna’s friendship, they are annoying

  26. soxfan says:

    Ellen Pompeo couldn’t be more right – I can & do really appreciate Meredith & Cristina’s friendship & I get how women “dish” all the time, but when it comes to marriage, the husband & wife should always be each others’ person or why bother marrying? We know that both of their husbands have brought this very subject up to their wives. At the end of last season, when Cristina told Meredith that Owen was her person, that was great to hear & it was great that Cristina told no one but Owen about what happened on the mountain for those 4 days but she turned around & told Meredith that she would always be her person – that’s a bit interesting not to say confusing. I am hoping for the reconciliation of Owen & Cristina but for right now I’m loving that Owen is on his own being a terrific Chief & teacher.

    • Linderella says:

      Totally agree with your take on Christina telling Owen about the four days on the mountain. At last Christina sounded like an adult instead of someone in love with her own image. But I was also confused when she told Mer that she was her person. No wonder her marriage to Owen has been a hot mess!

  27. Lexie says:

    I’m not worried about Chuck and Blair because “Blair” has had the necklace with the ring on it all through filming. Nice try though.

  28. Cheyenne says:

    ugh can we stop with the third parties and new LI for Finchel… both times they broke up they said it was to focus on their goal yet the writers keep insisting on new love interest… STOP IT ENOUGH already. why can’t they be single until they have fully worked on themselves before eventually reuniting #FinchelForever

  29. Edwin says:

    Let me kiss you on the face/head darren.

    • Jeremy says:

      He continues to be the best thing on Glee. I love his take on relationships and how breaking up isn’t the end unless you want it to be. I just hope that his character Blaine and Chris Colfer’s Kurt can have some more scenes together. And more Mike O’Malley because that man makes Glee a better show.

    • Ann says:

      I love what he said; he obviously hates this stupid cheating contrivance. But Klaine are 100% endgame.

  30. Danni says:

    Are they seriously goin to do the new love interest with Finn after the last episode of glee. Just as I thought it had gotten better they manage to give me another reason to reconsider watching again. I’m not saying Finn and Rachel need to be together at least not straight away but I think they need to be alone.

  31. Nix says:

    Um why is Finn getting a new love interest when he and Rachel are hopelessly in love? Brody’s a stall and Rachel was never attached to him, so why is Finn giving up on them when Rachel’s speech made it clear she was still invested in them in THE FUTURE. I don’t understand why the writers do these things.

  32. Ash says:

    Blaine cheated, physically, why are we arguing over technicalities. Is a handjob somehow less of a violation of his and Kurt’s relationship that a bj? Is full on penatrative sex the only thing that counts? Darren’s answer is sweet, if irrelevant. We all know Klaine will work it out.

  33. all good says:

    seriously, another love interest on glee? just stop with the love interests already. rib don’t know how to write anything else. it’s so lame. lol

  34. Maria says:

    I’m guessing Chuck will fail to get back at Bart or regain control of BI, since it seems like Blair’s going to be pretty successful with Waldorf Designs. Hopefully that means he’ll realize he never needed it (or his father’s approval), life is too short, etc, etc.

  35. Angel says:

    Finn does not need a new love interest. He needs o be lone. Find himself. And go to NY and marry Rachel. Finchel forever

  36. L says:

    I don’t see Ellen Pompeo’s point at all.

    It’s a somewhat conservative romantic view that your partner (hubby wife, married or not) is supposed to be your person number one & gets to have this almost magical aura &status. Well love is a wodnerful thing but it is not tied to a humna-invented legal institution.

    Friends, family members, lovers, whoever. It’s all wonderful if it’s love & pointless to force a hierachy upon it like “your partner is supposed to be your person”.

    I actually liked that about Greys that MerDer can be THE couple of the show & have a working marriage while Mer & Christina still get to have this special bond that does not get pushed back by their love partners. Calling each other their “person” is jsut a sweet way of expressing that IMO so what Ellen said is just old-fashioned statement that does not even make that much sense.

    • Trace says:

      Imo, it is NOT old fashioned for a wife to be with her husband as his best friend/brother is being taken off life support instead of running off to her “person.” It’s not old fashioned for a wife to WANT to be with her husband and daughter at home after her husband’s bf/brother died instead of in a bar drinking tequila and face-timing with her “person.” It’s not old fashioned that a wife choose her husband over her “person.” It’s not old fashioned for a husband to want to sleep with his wife instead of her “person” barging into their bedroom and crawling into their bed.

      Ellen Pompeo was 100% correct. This ridiculous, juvenile, Meredith & Cristina relationship has become tiresome, unlikable, and borderline toxic. The last 2 seasons, the “person” stuff is no longer cute or sweet, it’s stupid, imo. I think Ellen made perfect sense. I’m glad that even though Shonda refuses to see the absurdity, she at least gets it.

    • Kristina says:

      I may be old-fashioned, but in my experience a healthy marriage involves putting each other first. I don’t mean to the exclusion of other friends and relationships of course; that’s just as unhealthy. But if the person you are always turning to first is NOT your spouse, there’s a problem. The person you always want to talk to, that you always take your problems to, whose phone calls you always take, who you’re always there for and is always there for you…that’s who you’re married to. Obvously a best friend is someone you want to talk to, especially for women, but they shouldn’t be the person you make decisions with. A best friend is different, and after you get married should come second, not first.

      • Raquel says:

        I totally agree with you, i don’t care if people see this as old-fashioned, that’s what a healthy marriage is about. Your spouse is the person you should made decisions with, the person you turn to, after all the spouse is the person you share your life with. It’s great to have a friend to rant, talk with and to spend time but you don’t share a life and a family with that person so they shouldn’t come first.

    • Sarah says:

      I agree. The idea that I should love my husband more than my best friend or my mother or my brother is weird to me. I don’t love any of them more than the other, I just love them differently. I get different but necessary things from each relationship. I mean, I would agree that Meredith occassionally goes to Christina for things she should be getting from Derek, but I disagree 100% that Derek needs to be above Christina on the list of people that Meredith loves. Love, for me, doesn’t work like that.

      • twilight123 says:

        I completely agree with @L and @Sarah. The idea that love should be some kind of forced hierarchy is completely old fashioned to me (and based in patriarchy- but that is another story).

        Just because I got married, it does not mean that some magical line was sent from above and drawn between my husband and all the many people who had loved and supported me my whole life up until that point (mother, best friend, sister, brother, etc). There are multiple types of love, but there is room in my heart to love the people most important to me equally- even if different.

        I LOVE that Shonda allows these two women to have space for themselves that is not pushed upon by their spouses. I think it is demonstrating to women that just because you become married, it doesn’t mean that your independent relationships with your previous loved ones must end. (yes, sometimes it is taken too far. But this is a show when a plane fell out of the air, bombs go off in bodies, and shooters take over hospitals- why should we expect it be based in reality?)

        • twilight123 says:

          Also, I think that given what we have learned about Meredith over the last 9 years- it makes complete sense that she has become co-dependent on Christina. She is co-dependent on the whole hospital! That is what the whole speech was about at the end of 9×02 “Remember the Time”! Meredith has never known family outside of Seattle Grace, and she hadn’t had a “stable” two parent home modeled for her in her life that she can reflect on with Derek. For that matter, Derek’s family life wasn’t picture perfect either growing up. And that characterization has been consistent from the first episode. Perhaps Ellen is frustrated with the amount of which Meredith is damaged, but that is the character she signed on to play.

          It’s not brand-new news that Meredith has issues with trust and stability and notions of family. I would prefer that Shonda continue to remain true to the arcs for the characters she designed from the beginning- rather than bend them to the actor’s wishes. Especially when those wishes ring untrue to who the character is and the life that character has lead.

          • guest says:

            After 8 years her character should change in some way and grow! This whole “Cristina is my person” thing is boring and has nothing to do with growth or a character arc. It’s a flat line.

        • guest says:

          But what about Derek and Owen? I’m all for equality but what Shonda’s doing has nothing to do with equality! Cristina simply ignored that Owen was grieving over the loss of his child/dream but whenever Meredith’s hurting she’s there for her. Meredith prefers sitting with her friend and drinking tequila over being with her husband and her daughter after her husband’s best friend Mark (who’s like a brother to him) died. Yes, getting married does not mean that you end previous relationships but what’s happening here is that those two women exclude/ignore their husbands and make them feel that they not worth as much as Cristina/Meredith. Derek and Owen have friends, too. Best friends. And their best friends are very important to them, too – but they somehow manage to keep a healthy balance – why shouldn’t that be possible for Cristina and Meredith?

          • soxfan says:

            I am not sure who Owen’s best friend is – he’s always been portrayed himself as being a loner all this time & while “friendly” with all the other doctors, I wouldn’t exactly say he has a best friend. And we all know that Derek’s best friend just died – I’m so sad about Mark dying. I am hoping that Owen & Derek become better friends, maybe the tables could turn – how about if THEY become each other’s person? In a good way – not a mean way or that they are trying to “even the score” with their wives. I think that would be a great twist. While I have always loved the bff storyline between Cristina & Meredith, I am thinking it is time to turn more towards their husbands in really serious situations … no one needs to do an about face here, just ease up a bit on their friendship & lean on their husbands more. Though I am wondering if it started when Meredith told Cristina they Cristina is her own person – that Meredith isn’t & neither is Owen & an upcoming entire episode is going to be on Meredith’s & Cristina’s friendship.

            On another Grey’s topic: Who else thinks that it could be Jerry, the pilot, possibly being the one that helps Arizona with her losing her leg? The last we saw Jerry, Arizona was sitting right under the pilot’s window & they engaged in conversation & he could not move his legs & since then his name has not come up. In the fabulous bathtub scene, Cristina did not say anything about him & I am seeing so many viewers asking about what happened to Jerry, the pilot. I could very well be wrong however, Shonda is not answering that question on Twitter & many people have asked her about him. Again, I may be wrong – I usually am!!! However, if I am right – I think THAT would be such a sweet storyline as well – :-)

  37. mave says:

    Another useless character for Glee? Another third party? I cant belive we need to see the same SL over and over about Finchel. Put them together or leave them alone and growing. If they have dates ok but I dont need to watch them with a love interest.

  38. Siren says:

    I was so hoping to see a new storyline for Finchel. New challenges. ANYTHING NEW. But no! The same old story over and over. And this made me so disapointed.
    Rachel doesn’t need a new love interest. Neither Finn
    I think RIB insult our intelligence everytime they force a love triangle down our throat.

  39. Marcela says:

    I swear to God if they give Finn a legitimate love interest, I am done with this show. After the train station scene at the end of “Goodbye” it was clear that their paths would meet again, but that they both needed to grow up (roots before branches, right). After last week’s episode it was clear that they didn’t close the door on Finn and Rachel and that they couldn’t be together NOW because they both needed more time to grow as individuals (again, roots before branches). And now we’re learning that they’re thinking of giving Finn a new love interest? Yeah. How well did season two go for them when Finn went back to Quinn, despite still being in love with Rachel? Rachel hasn’t even shown much interest in Brody, so for Finn to get with someone new would be damaging to Finchel’s storyline and would make Finn’s feelings for her lessen. They give him another love interest and I’m out.

  40. Siren says:

    After the last episode of Glee and what was said by both Finn and Rachel, I really do not see how new love interests have any importance in their storyline

  41. Amanda says:

    Can someone please get Cory to answer a question that’s NOT clouded by the fact that’s he’s dating Lea? God. That totally ruined him and turned him into a Finchel robot.

    • Didi says:

      agree so much, I feel so bad for him

    • Tate says:

      You probably haven’t been a glee fan long enough. He has always been answering Finchel questions positively since the beginning of this show. It has nothing to do with him dating his co-star.

  42. Siren says:

    New love interest for FInn just proves yet again that RIB cannot come up with ANYTHING original. I really wonder when i’ll start to watch this show again.

  43. Sam says:

    Yeah, romantic Klaine is totally dead to me after Blaine cheated. I’d enjoy a friendship, though.

  44. Ally says:

    Darren’s such a sweetie pie.

  45. kaley says:

    Of course, Darren, when I have relationship problems, the first guy I’ll call is my ex who cheated on me… <_<

    • agroz says:

      It’s not the same for everyone.

    • Ally says:

      Maybe Darren is close to his exes in that way. /shrugs/
      I’ve seen it on tv a lot.
      But I’m too young to give personal input.

      • kaley says:

        His exes who cheated on him? As in: Had sex with someone else while they were in a relationship with him?
        He is either very naive or pandering to his young and inexperienced fanbase. The question about the supposed ambiguity of Blaines hook up says it all, imho.

        • daved says:

          I’ve seen it on soaps, and in books. And I’ve enjoyed the conflict it produces. If anything it’s good TV. And glee is like a soap. In fact I like those broken relationships that are able to mend and become something else, it fascinates me.

          It’s not impossible. And it fits in how in sync they were during their relationship. They have all these interests in common.

          Also people need to stop behaving like these characters are real people.
          For an hour of entertainment. Glee 4.04 was the best I’ve seen in a long while.

          • kaley says:

            Darren wasn’t talking about soaps, he said, I quote, “That happens in real life with all kinds of relationships.”
            And I’d prefer Glee to not get any more soapy.

  46. ahc says:

    Carol and Daryl? Ew. She acts/looks like his mom. He needs to be a lone wolf.

    • Ava says:

      Yea, I’m not into the Carol/Daryl thing. Although one of my favorite Daryl moments ever is him picking her up on his bike at the end of the farm scene in the 2nd season finale and him saying, “Come on, I ain’t got all day.” It just cracks me up because up to that point he was just sitting there smoking and watching the place burn. Carol’s just so prim I couldn’t imagine her and Daryl together without it being really awkward.

  47. Sara says:

    I guess they conveniently forgot that their ratings plummeted the last time they gave Finn a love interest other than Rachel. ANYONE but Rachel is laughable and so are these writers. It’s a shame they can’t come up with anything original and “fresh” (as Brad puts it) to write about.

    • Pam says:

      I really don’t get this, no offense. The ratings dropped slightly during season 2 after a huge hiatus. I don’t think it had anything to do with Finn having another love interest. One storyline generally does not impact ratings. Also, if I recall correctly, the ratings dropped even worse during season 3 and that’s while Finn and Rachel were together, happy and engaged. If people don’t like Rachel and Finn apart, why would the ratings drop when they are together? Their relationship doesn’t affect the ratings one way or the other IMO. The shows 5-7 week breaks in between episodes are what is killing Glee.

    • Katie says:

      This current season marks the worst ratings the show has seen. We started seeing bad demo numbers and low ratings last season, when Finn was dating Rachel. I am only pointing out that he was dating/engaged to Rachel during that time not that that storyline was the sole cause of the bad ratings because to blame one character or pairing for good or bad ratings is ridiculous. The ratings already suck and are due to the poor handling of the show, keeping finn and rachel together won’t and hasn’t changed that, this is a problem from all the way at the end season 2, that only got more noticeable in season 3, bad writing. We got inconsistent characterization, psa worthy episodes that were mostly offensive, and plots points that were dropped and forgotten or resolved so poorly they may as well have been forgotten. The ratings are going to plummet because this show has lost itself, it’s not a dark musical comedy about a group of underdogs, it’s a cheap soap that thinks the only way to handle serious storylines is to turn into an afterschool special or as a gimmicky ratings grab during sweeps week. Of course they have nothing original or revolutionary they’ve already mined the actors personal lives to the point where they have no more “ideas” left.

      • AJ says:

        much as i don’t want to, i have to agree with everything you said. when will the showrunners learn that they can’t just destroy characters and mess with storylines when it suits their fancy and still keep people tuning in. turning every character’s story into a sappy love triangle is as ‘fresh’ and ‘revolutionary’ as a mills and boon paperback. i hope that the glee writers can do better than that.

    • anne says:

      The ratings didn’t go down because Finchel broke up. Come on, get real. The ratings went down because the writing sucks and people got sick of it.

  48. Me says:

    No to the new love interest for Finn. I just want him to find his dream and then go to New York to be with Rachel.

    • mona says:

      Agreed. Him “finding someone” new would just cheapen what Goodbye/The Break-Up have set up. The writers seemed to have finally generated a storyline that allows Finn and Rachel to be apart and grow without third parties involved (I don’t count Brody because he played no role in Rachel’s reasoning). Yet they decide to introduce a new love interest anyways? Yawn. I’m getting tired of this. I want to see Finn find and explore his dream. No more lady drama!

      • F. Dillinger says:

        So he is going to have to stay single until episode 22, IF they actually reunite? I’m not a Finchel hater, but this doesn’t make sense. After some time alone he WILL be interested in dating other people, because he’s human and has hormones and does not live solely for Rachel. Don’t try to pretend you’re actually invested in his individual storyline – you just know you’ll have to wait until your ship’s back together.

        • Mags says:

          I don’t think it’s unreasonable for him to stay single for nine months or so. It drives me crazy that TV writers can’t seem to accurately portray romantic relationships. Most people don’t bounce from person to person. Finn is a perfect example of someone who won’t ever be happy with someone until he’s happy with himself. RM just doesn’t have the writing capabilities to show true character growth without throwing in triangle drama.

  49. Poppy says:

    Poor Cory being trained into giving these answers. He used to say he LOVED conflict and when finchel was apart. I would really enjoy a new love interest for him! I am sure he secretly loves it.

    • Nadine says:

      Cory is not some mindless automaton who parrots everything he is told. I would like to believe that Cory is an intelligent, well spoken individual who can think rationally about issues presented to him and thus responds accordingly. I am amazed that those who say they are fans of Cory could actually see talk about him in a very unflattering manner like you do. I believe he said he likes anything with conflict and music; in my opinion, that can cover a wide spectrum of stories, not necessarily one that involves love interests. I think it would be more interesting if conflict is elicited through internal issues, and if the writers are up to it, this could potentially translate into compelling storytelling on screen.

  50. Come on Ausiello try to find out on Covert Affairs if any of Auggie’s 4 mean ass older brothers, or family for that matter will ever make an appearance.