Exclusive Post Mortem: Glee Boss on 'Break-Up' Fallout, Promises 'Nothing Is Set in Stone' - Plus: Cory Monteith 'Sad, Nostalgic' in Episode's Wake

If you have yet to watch this week’s “Break-Up”-themed Glee, think twice before proceeding. Everyone else, dry those tears and read on…

They were the splits heard ’round the world — but will any of ’em stick?

In the wake of Thursday’s game-altering Glee, which saw three of the show’s most popular couples (Rachel/Finn, Kurt/Blaine, Brittany/Santana) go their separate ways, exec producer Brad Falchuk tells TVLine exclusively that those relationships aren’t necessarily over for good.

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“Nothing is set in stone,” he assures fans. “For now things are different. But that there’s an enormous amount of love there, so there’s a great chance of a lot of them getting back together.”

Falchuk says the episode’s primary goal was to “shake everything up” as Glee heads deeper into its current fourth season — a prospect Finn’s portrayer, Cory Monteith, finds bittersweet.

“All of the possibilities are really exciting,” he says. “But there’s still a apart of me that’s nostalgic. It’s hard. I’ve always had such a personal attachment to the ‘Finchel’ storyline, and there’s real doubt as to whether or not they’ll ever get back together again. So to see it potentially go by the wayside is very sad.”

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Darren Criss, meanwhile, lauds the show’s creative minds for dealing with young romance realistically — particularly with regard to Blaine’s apparent infidelity. “It was really hard for [Blaine] to be apart [from Kurt] and it took its toll,” he muses. “It’s a part of life.

“The fans are going to go crazy,” Criss acknowledges, “which is nice because it means they like Blaine and Kurt. I was certainly as sad as any fan of the couple. But they established something so real and I think lasting [with Kurt and Blaine], regardless of what happens next.”

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