Exclusive First Look: Is Vampire Diaries' New Hunter Friend, Foe or Something Else Altogether?

The Vampire Diaries is getting a new hunter, and this one means business. Allow us to introduce you, via an exclusive first look, to Elena & Co.’s formidable new foe Connor (Todd Williams).

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While we’ll miss Alaric — RIP — let’s face it, the vampire hunter wasn’t so much of an antagonist after his inital introduction. Connor, however, is “a legitimate threat that they’ve got to deal with,” executive producer Julie Plec tells TVLine.

Not only does he cause “frustration [for] our heroes because he’s good” at what he does, but he’s also “a tough nut to crack,” explains Plec. “Every time they think they’ve got a one-up on him, he turns the tables and gets the best of them.”

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Check out the picture below, and then hit the comments with your thoughts. Is Jeremy in trouble? Or do things seem kind of, if not friendly, copacetic between the two?

The Vampire Diaries returns this Thursday, Oct. 11 a 8/7c.

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