What to Watch Sunday: Homeland, Dexter, The Good Wife and 10 Other Premieres -- Whew!

On TV this Sunday: Premiere Week’s closing night is also its most jam-packed one, and it includes a little something for everyone. For the dramatic among you, the Emmy-winning Homeland, plus Revenge, Once Upon a Time, Dexter, The Good Wife and The Mentalist are back for more. If you want a laugh, The Simpsons and the rest of Fox’s Animation Domination line-up returns, while The Amazing Race and ABC’s spooky new 666 Park Avenue serve up thrills and chills, respectively. (And don’t forget 60 Minutes, if you want to feel smart at the office tomorrow.) Now all you’ve got to do is figure out how to fit it all on your DVR. All told, here are 13 programs worth checking out.

7:00 pm 60 Minutes (CBS) | Season 45 (!) begins with interviews with U.S. General John Allen, Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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8 pm Once Upon a Time (ABC) | Season 2 premiere: The characters aren’t transported back to fairytale land upon awakening from Queen Regina’s curse — now why is that? The opening minutes will confound, while a surprise ending that dwarves all others (heh heh) will astound. Read our quick observations about the magic-packed hour and dive deep into our full preview. (Also, if you need a little catch-up, catch the “Magic is Coming” Season 1 recap airing at 7 pm.)

8 pm The Amazing Race (CBS) | Season 21 kicks off with a new twist: One team might be able to win a $2 million grand prize instead of the game’s usual $1 million. Players include pro monster-truck drivers, members of metal bands White Lion and Megadeath and a double amputee.

8 pm The Simpsons (Fox) | Season 24 premiere: When almost all of his former girlfriends (voiced by Sarah Michelle Gellar, Anne Hathaway, Sarah Silverman and Natalie Portman) tell him to buzz off, Bart decides Mary Spuckler (New Girl‘s Zooey Deschanel) – now living in New York — is the love of his life. “She’s the one he hasn’t been able to get a hold of, so she’s the last hope,” executive producer Al Jean tells TVLine. When Lisa and Marge accompany Bart to the Big Apple, they wind up at a free Shakespeare production in the park that doesn’t go as planned.

8:30 pm Bob’s Burgers (Fox) | Season 3 premiere: A biker gang mourns the loss of its leader and Louise suffers an identity crisis when her ever-present bunny ears are stolen.

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9 pm Dexter (Showtime) | Season 7 premiere: How will Dexter try to spin the series-changing moment that happened at the very end of last season? And will Deb believe what he says? Check out a preview of the season ahead.

9 pm The Good Wife (CBS) | Season 4 — which features a crazy-good roster of guest stars and a scene that barely made it past the censors — kicks off with Alicia fighting a state trooper on Zach’s behalf, Kalinda standing up to her estranged husband and Diane and Will dealing with the firm’s financial woes.

9 pm Revenge (ABC) | Season 2 premiere: Emily’s still on the offensive, Takeda’s back, there’s a new guy in the mix and Nolan …may be moving in? All told,  Emily VanCamp promises a season that is “almost crazier than Season 1.” (Read TVLine’s full preview.)

9 pm Family Guy (Fox) | Season 11 premiere: The Griffins climb Mt. Everest in an attempt to best Lois’ old boyfriend Ross and his wife (voiced by Elizabeth Banks). But problems – well, bigger problems than the obvious ones – come up when a storm strands them on the mountainside. (Read a preview.)

9:30 pm American Dad! (Fox) | Season 8 premiere: Roger opens a bar in the Smiths’ attic and recruits Hayley to sing there; Stan tries to prove his manhood by getting a good price on a new car.

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10 pm Homeland (Showtime) | Season 2 premiere: An asset from Carrie’s old life comes in from the cold. Get more top-secret scoop here, here and here!

10 pm The Mentalist (CBS) | Season 5 premiere: Jane tries to figure out Lorelei’s connection to Red John and the CBI team must partner with the FBI to solve a hotel employee’s murder. Get spoilers here.

10 pm 666 Park Avenue (ABC ) | Series premiere: Henry (Brothers & Sisters‘ Dave Annable) and Jane (Grey’s Anatomy‘s Rachael Taylor) move from the Midwest to New York City, to manage a grand old Upper East Side apartment building owned by Gavin (Lost‘s Terry O’Quinn) and his wife Olivia (Ugly Betty‘s Vanessa Williams). The owners, though, have a dark side that is seemingly connected to the supernatural events that take place within the edifice. See what Dave Annable told TVLine about his new gig.

Which of the above is must-see for you? Also, hit Comments to offer your own tune-in suggestions. 

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  1. CrimTV says:

    So excited for ABC’s dramas, I love Revenge and Once and can’t wait for 666 and I hope it’s not cancelled like Pan Am last year was in this timeslot! But it only has to compete with The Mentalist and Sunday Night Football’s ending, which don’t share the same audience as 666!

    • iMember says:

      I am soooo excited for REVENGE! I’m also excited for Once and 666 as well! AAAH, Sundays have become the best night of the week!

  2. Frivolouswhim says:

    Once Upon A Time, here I come.

  3. yut says:

    Iwill watch Josh Dallas……I mean, ONCE UPON A TIME lol

  4. omabin says:

    Insane night. It’s not only the fact that I have a lot of shwos on this night, it’s more the fact that most of them are some of my absolute favorites:

    Dexter, Homeland, Once Upon a Time, Revenge, 666 Park Avenue, The Good Wife!

    Woow! And the walking dead will also premiere in a few weeks! Jeez

  5. renny says:

    out of all new shows,my pick is park 666.i love revenge and the good wife.cant wait for the premiers

  6. Liz says:

    I can’t wait to watch Once Upon a Time tonight! I will also watch the rest of the Giants-Eagles game as soon as OUAT ends and DVR 666 Park Ave and Revenge.

  7. Kevin says:

    The Mentalist
    Simpsons/Family Guy/American Dad
    Boardwalk Empire (Assuming theres an new episode tonight)

    and Football of course

    Not enough time in the world to watch it all

  8. greysfan says:

    Sunday IS the night for TV. Once is my favourite show of last season along with Revenge and Homeland. Not to mention newbie 666 Park Avenue and the good old regulars in The Good Wife, Dexter, Amazing Race and Family Guy.

    What i am watching in this order
    Once Upon a Time
    666 Park Avenue
    The Good Wife
    The Amazing Race
    Family Guy

  9. I’m really excited for Once Upon a Time! I really want to see Emma & Snow and how they first have a mother and daughter moment (is it bad that I don’t care about Charming at all?). <3

    THE AMAZING RACE! I hope we have great teams this season! <3

    Homeland! I don't like the show much, but I adore Claire Danes as Carrie!!! <3

    And I'm curious about 666. I hope I don't get scared!

  10. Balaji K says:

    Good Wife
    666 Park Avanue

    • Saint Alicia says:

      Dexter, Homeland, The Good Wife and The Mentalist here as well!
      Though, I could’ve sworn CBS was implementing some strange Sunday schedule shift by officially pushing back start times by a half an hour. Or is that only on certain dates?

      • ragincajun says:

        On nights when CBS has the NFL doubleheader, they will push the scheduled start of each show back to the 30 minutes mark, i.e. 60 Minutes – 7:30, TAR – 8:30, TGW – 9:30, TM – 10:30. That is when the DVR’s will start recording each show. However, FOX has the doubleheader this week, so CBS’s schedule will start on time unless you happen to be in one of the following markets – New York, St. Louis, Atlanta, Detroit, Cincinnati, Jacksonville, and Miami.

  11. Larissa says:


    Boardwalk Empire
    666 Park Ave
    Family Guy
    Hell on Wheels

    “Whew!”, is right!

  12. Mike says:

    The sad thing is this will be one of the easiest Sunday nights of the fall. Once The Walking Dead starts in a couple weeks the overloaded Sunday gets even worse!

    Once, revenge/twd/boardwalk/dex, 666/homeland

    Glad I have extra storage on my TiVo. I’ll be catching up on something in December! Lol

  13. Martin says:

    Will be watching:

    once upon a time
    The good wife
    666 Park Avenue

    In that order.

    Also, love the show but didn’t roger already open a bar in the attic in a previous episode of American Dad.

  14. OnceFan316 says:

    Damn talk about a Busy Sunday NFL Football of course Once upon a Time Revenge 666 Park Avenue Dexter Homeland Fox’s Animation Domination Jeezus I’m glad I have a DVR for all this.

  15. “Season 24 premiere: When almost all of his former girlfriends (voiced by Sarah Michelle Gellar, Anne Hathaway, Sarah Silverman and Natalie Portman) tell him to buzz off, Bart decides Mary Spuckler (New Girl‘s Zooey Deschanel) – now living in New York — is the love of his life. “She’s the one he hasn’t been able to get a hold of, so she’s the last hope,” executive producer Al Jean tells TVLine. When Lisa and Marge accompany Bart to the Big Apple, they wind up at a free Shakespeare production in the park that doesn’t go as planned.” Remember the episode where Lisa got lost on the other side of Springfield and couldn’t find her way home, so Homer had to go find her? Now these children go to NY on their own??? REALLY??

  16. mantua says:

    WOW, a lot of people seem to be interested in ‘666 Park Avenue’, definitely more than I expected. If that’s any indication, it could be a Revenge-style ‘surprise’ hit of the season.

  17. Spoiler Junkie says:

    Dexter, The Mentalist. Will be checking out 666 Park Avenue.

    Whew! So many awesome shows on Sunday – when The Walking Dead returns in 2 weeks it’s going to get even crazier

  18. Jenna says:

    Crazy busy night! I still have to coordinate things, but will most definitely watch:

    666 Park Avenue (I want to at least sample this one)
    The Good Wife

  19. g.g72 says:

    ABC all the way for me! Can’t wait especially REVENGE love that show!!!

  20. GK says:

    Sundays are crazy!

    The Mentalist
    The Good Wife
    666 Park Avenue
    Once Upon A Time

  21. Nick says:

    OUAT & Revenge, dvr The Amazing Race & 666 Park Avenue

  22. The Good Wife or Dexter. #FirstWorldProblems.

  23. Kelly says:

    Once Upon a Time.

  24. jesse says:

    excited for Once Upon A Time!

  25. ABC has found themselves one hell of a Sunday line-up. Will be watching ‘Revenge’, OUAT, 666PA, CBS’ TGW and Fox’s ‘American Dad’.

    Sunday and Thursday are the best nights for television.

  26. Kim R says:

    Wow. There will be some creative planning going into this line up.
    Once Upon a Time
    The Amazing Race
    The Good Wife
    The Mentalist (although….meh)

  27. murley says:

    will be watching once upon a time, bob’s burgers and revenge. want to check out 666 park avenue as well and really feel like homeland is something i should be watching.

  28. Josh says:

    My night is packed! Simpsons Family Guy and ABC’s jam packed night with the Debut of 666 Park Avenue and the return of the Phenomal Once upon a time and Revenge!

  29. Eliza says:

    Dexter & Homeland. I’ll record Revenge and maybe that Park Avenue one.

  30. Christina says:

    Sunday is definitely the busiest night on TV for me. Luckily I’ve got the Canadian networks working in my favor with no time slot conflicts or tape delays.

    7:00 Once Upon a Time
    8:00 The Good Wife ( DVR The Mentalist)
    9:00 Amazing Race
    10:00 Revenge
    11:00 666 Park Avenue

    The only thing not working for me is Homeland. Canadians get shafted cause it only airs on the Superchannel which for the channel alone is $15 a month. I have to find an online source or buy it off iTunes to see.

  31. Brandy says:


  32. BRUTUS says:

    Good Wife
    Family Guy
    666 Park Avenue

    Walking Dead and Clevland Show when they start back.

    Way too much on Sunday night, glad DTV came out with a new DVR for me.

  33. Amanda says:

    Its all about amazing race for me

  34. Ethan says:

    Ugh, I still can’t decide between The Good Wife and Revenge

  35. Patricia says:

    All the best shows are on tonight, starting with once upon a time then revenge and dexter, homeland and I’ll try 666 but don’t know which to watch live Revenge or Dexter they are both do good. Oh decisions

  36. Simon Jester says:

    No mention of CALL THE MIDWIFE? Seems like TVLand has overlooked a premiere…

  37. BelleRumpleFan says:

    Once Upon A Time

  38. GCBoy says:

    GOOD WIFE, REVENGE, 666 PARK for me.

  39. nate p says:

    Without a doubt the best whole night of tv. I watched revenge with my girl on netflix this summer, I bought once upon a time dvd, loved both and can’t wait for tonight. Then we got 666 park which I really is as good as I think it will be. And then there is anamation domination I dvr those complete channels, abc and fox. And I go in the other room for Sunday night football.
    Good thing I don’t work on mondays cause I’m gonna be up late. I don’t know what to do when walking dead starts cause that’s one of my favs. Guess I gotta figure out which shows get put on demand the sooniest and not dvr that one.
    Anyways sundays are gonna be fun this year

  40. Alan says:

    “Stan tries to prove his manhood by getting a good price on a new car” havent we been here before in the episode where he loses his interegation skills because of a car salesman, guess have run out of ideas

  41. CW says:

    I’ll be watching The Amazing Race, OUAT, The Good Wife, Homeland, and The Mentalist.

  42. Mursal says:

    Sundays and Thursdays are such packed TV days! Can’t wait for Homeland, The Good Wife, Once Upon a Time, Revenge, and Downton Abbey (on ITV). I’ll watch 666 Park Ave to see what it’s about…but I seriously don’t need another show to add to my long lineup!

  43. Jason says:

    Recording shows to watch all week. OUAT, Call The Midwife, The Good Wife, Revenge, 666 Park Ave, Dexter, Homeland, Boardwalk Empire, Hell on Wheels and Copper. Not even joking when I say I’m concerned about my DVR overheating or choking.

    • Holly says:

      Hehe You’re as bad as I am. My DVR is overloaded and I still don’t have time to watch everything I want to. Too many good shows and too little time.

  44. Dean says:

    I hope 666 Park Avenue is as cheesy as I think it will be. More the cheese, more the fun!

  45. Em says:

    Dexter, Homeland and The Good Wife! Of course I will also have to DVR The Mentalist in order to watch the entire episode of TGW.

  46. Superhero says:

    Boardwalk Empire at 9, Homeland at 10. Can’t get much better than that.

  47. Emily says:

    Dexter. Maybe Once Upon a Time. Homeland and Revenge on the DVR. Thankfully, I am nowhere near caught up on the Good Wife, so my schedule is less crammed. Not looking for new shows, so 666 is out unless I hear amazing things about it down the line. Besides, its premiere will probably end up free on iTunes tomorrow anyway.

  48. Christian says:

    It’s all about ABC tonight! Once, Revenge and 666 are gonna rock! DVR: The Good Wife. Sorry, boo!

  49. Once Upon A Time, Revenge, & 666 Park Ave.

  50. icywinter2 says:

    Who even watches the simpsons anymore, it’s become a very lame show, not to mention it’s not even funny anymore. Family guy is much more funnier than that show.