Dave Annable Cheers His New 666 Park Avenue Address, Jeers Brothers & Sisters' Non-Finale

ABC’s 666 Park Avenue, premiering this fall (Sundays at 10/9c), may be a bit scary and supernatural-themed, but for Dave Annable it marks a chance to show off his pearly whites.

“It was the first time I’ve gotten to smile in five years,” the actor jokes in TVLine’s Comic-Con suite, alluding to his run as Brothers & Sisters‘ always-anxious Justin. “The note they gave me in the pilot was, ‘Every line you say, say with a smile.'”

In 666 Park, Annable plays Henry Martin, a NYC mayor’s office hot shot who, with his honey Jane (Grey’s Anatomy‘s Rachael Taylor), moves into an Upper East Side apartment building where they will double as the managers. Terry O’Quinn (Lost) plays the owner of The Drake, Vanessa Williams (Ugly Betty) his wife.

“It’s the big league” of ensembles again, raves Annable, who also was in very fine company on B&S.

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Speaking of his former ABC series, Annable counts himself among those who felt cheated out of the rumored 13-episode final season that ultimately didn’t materialize. “If they had let us know [Season 5 was the end], the writers would have taken a different approach,” he says, “and write a series finale instead of a season finale.”

Press play below for more of Annable’s thoughts on that, his new 666 Park address and moving himself and actress-wife Odette Annable (House) across country for his new gig.