Fall TV Preview

Fall TV Preview: The Mentalist, Even Amid Trust Issues, Makes a 'Huge Leap' in the Red John Hunt

The MentalistThe Mentalist is getting much closer to unmasking Red John.

At the end of last season, Jane went to extremes to get close to the elusive killer’s agent, Lorelei (played by Emmanuelle Chriqui), and it will pay off in big ways in the new season — and in a new time slot, Sundays at 10/9c, debuting Sept. 30.

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Now that the crime solver has a steady source of information – Chriqui will be featured “throughout the season,” says executive producer Bruno Heller – expect the hunt for the CBS drama’s Big Bad to move forward “in a very concrete way.”

“I can’t say that we’re going to catch Red John in the middle of the season,” continues the EP, “but those who are following that story are going to get a huge leap forward in terms of what we know about him and where we’re going.”

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Meanwhile, the aforementioned serial killer won’t sit idly by. Since Lorelei’s capture by the CBI team wasn’t really in his plans, expect the mysterious figure to retaliate and dispense more secret agents.

“When you first meet these guys, these might be good guys, they might be bad guys,” says Heller. “We have a few people returning, and we have some great new characters coming in who may or may not be Red John’s friends.”

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While Heller won’t point fingers for fear of ruining the surprise, he does note that “Red John himself told Jane that he had someone inside the FBI.” Enter new recurring players Polly Walker (Rome) as “the FBI equivalent of CBI Director Bertram” and Ivan Sergei (Charmed) as another G-man. The two law agencies are already in a battle for dibs on Lorelei, and the shadow of suspicion left behind by Red John’s words will only make “the conflict between those two organizations even more complex than it would be.”

Adds Heller: “As we reveal, via Lorelei, more and more about Red John’s plans, it becomes clear that there are fewer and fewer people that Jane and Lisbon and the CBI team can really trust.”