What to Watch: The TVLine-Up for Thursday

On TV this Thursday: Finales galore! The Vampire Diaries, The Big Bang Theory, The Secret Circle, The Office and Parks and Recreation all end their seasons, and more. In addition to TVLine’s original features (linked within), here are eight programs to keep on your radar.

PREVIEW | Vampire Diaries Star Previews ‘Wow’ Finale and New Threat to Tyler/Caroline

8 pm The Big Bang Theory (CBS) | Season 5 finale: The gang rushes to put on a wedding when Howard and Bernadette decide they want to be married before his NASA launch. (Get scoop!)

8 pm Community (NBC) | Abed is the only one to realize that Dean Pelton is an impostor, but his conspiracy theory lands him in front of a therapist (The Daily Show‘s John Hodgman). The alternative? Jail, naturally.

8:30 pm 30 Rock (NBC) | Avery finally returns, but Jack is immediately suspicious of her indifference about Diana; Liz’s breadwinner status excites her, while Criss’ hot dog shiller status disapproves.

PREVIEW | Secret Circle Boss on Finale’s ‘Epic’ Body Count, Unlikely Romance and Blackwell’s Endgame

9 pm Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) | As the residents contemplate their next moves, Mark weighs his love for Lexie against a guaranteed future with Julia; Arizona encourages her tumor-ridden childhood friend to have surgery; a couple on their third honeymoon (24‘s Mary Lynn Rajskub and Lost‘s Patrick Fischler) arrives at Seattle Grace with mysterious symptoms. (Hey, did you hear who’s back next season?)

9 pm Person of Interest (CBS) | The latest POI’s curiosity could spell his doom as he gets pulled into a dark government conspiracy – one with which Finch is all too familiar. Justified‘s Jacob Pitts guest-stars.

9 pm The Office (NBC) | Season 8 finale: Andy returns to Dunder Mifflin as a janitor, harboring a secret plan; Dwight goes to great lengths to steal a DNA sample from Angela’s baby in order to prove his paternity. (Watch an exclusive video of Jim’s last prank of the season!)

9:30 pm Parks and Recreation (NBC) | Season 4 finale: Leslie and Bobby Newport are neck-and-neck in the Pawnee election, and all the Parks Department can do is wait (and drink, as teased by stars Retta and Aubrey Plaza in Spoiler Alert!)

PREVIEW | Scandal‘s Tony Goldwyn: Flashback Episode Shows Soulmates In an Impossible Situation

PREVIEW | Exclusive Awake Video: Has Britten Found ‘The Little Guy’? Or Is He [Spoiler]ing?

10 pm The Mentalist (CBS) | On the eighth anniversary of his wife and daughter’s death, Jane receives a message from Red John, causing him to lose focus on his current case and put the investigation — and his career — in jeopardy. Twin Peaks‘ Ray Wise guest-stars.

Which of the above is must-see for you? Also, hit Comments to offer your own tune-in suggestions.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. bad kevin says:

    Community, Person of Interest & Awake (guest star Kevin Weisman aka Marshall Flinkman from Alias).

  2. bad kevin says:

    Forgot one thing. On Demand: Touch.

  3. Obaaand says:

    Office,BBT,GA and POI!

  4. PCT says:

    Live: Community, 30 Rock, Office, Parks and Rec, Scandal
    DVR: Vampire Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy

  5. Probably watch the Vampire Diaries finale live, then Community from the DVR, Parks and Rec live, DVR Awake for later, and catch TBBT on demand sometime.

  6. Heidi says:

    Person of Interest and The Mentalist is MUST.. I’ve been waiting since last Thursday for this and it isn’t even the season finale.. ohgod!

  7. mia says:

    Mentalist + Person of Interest!!!

  8. Saint Alicia says:

    It is going DOWN on The Mentalist tonight! Sh*t will be lost, faces will be slapped, colleagues will be shot–let’s see if those spoilers pan out…

    • Heidi says:

      The shooting of colleague doesn’t happen until next week episode ;) The 2 other things, though… do happen tonight. O.O

  9. Boston Kathy says:

    Person of Interest and The Mentalist.

  10. Watch Live:
    The Big Bang Theory
    Mentalist (Ray Wise – holy cow)


    Good TV night. Hopefully will relieve my post Alcatraz blues.

  11. Anon says:

    The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle season finales. Really excited about them tonight!

    Watch TSC LIVE tonight folks and tell your friends (especially Nielsen viewers)!! Also, TVD fans, please stay and watch the Secret Circle season finale. You won’t regret it! This show has become so much darker and developed into such an amazing series now. So please, watch it tonight.#WeWantTSCSeason2

  12. Aerilyn says:

    Watch LIVE:
    – The Vampire Diaries
    – The Secret Circle

    – Person of Interest

  13. GS says:

    Vampire Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy, and Scandal live. DVR Secret Circle. Gonna be a great night of tv!

  14. Elle says:

    I’m watching Touch!

  15. mh says:

    I will be watching be watching the big bang theory and community, I will now have 7 episodes of the vampire diaries to watch over the summer.

  16. greysfan says:

    Way too much on Thursdays. Missing, Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Big Bang Theory, The Secret Circle, Person of Interest.

  17. sarah says:

    Secret Circle
    Recording POI and sadly the Office

  18. ollie says:

    tvd so hard to believe its the finale already and poi which i just love more and more each week

  19. Heidi says:

    That’s great for your room-mate step sister’s friend, tell them put down the laptop and to watch Person of Interest and The Mentalist tonight ;)

  20. Beth Ausband says:

    I work late on Thursdays, so everything I watch is delayed, but I just have to say how much I adore that picture of Ben and Leslie!

  21. Brandy says:

    Vampire Diaries, Secret Circle

  22. trish says:

    Parks and Rec, of course!

  23. Natalie says:

    BBT, POI & THE MENTALIST for me tonight. POI was so fantastic, intense and enthralling last week with the abuse case(s) and more of Reese’s backstory, plus, they haven’t had a single boring episode all season. BBT – it’s the finale of the funniest show on TV – Also, I want to see that poignant moment Matt was talking about last week, and MENTALIST – I’m torn between dread of all the negative, depressing stuff about to occur tonight and next week and intrigued as to what Bruno’s up to, and I want to see the fallout with a) the team and b) ngl, ESPECIALLY with Jane & Lisbon. Crossing my fingers it’s great stuff with great character development included and not just drama for drama’s sake. Thanks, Alyse. :)

  24. theresa says:

    Watching Vampire Diaries, Secret Circle & Scandal. DVR Community, 30 Rock, The Office, Parks & Rec, Awake, Greys and Kathy.

  25. Justin says:

    Pretty busy night for me: Big Bang Theory, Person of Interest, Parks and Recreation, The Office and Missing.

  26. Sue says:

    American idol vampire diaries secret circle and DVR

  27. G says:

    Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, The Big Bang Theroy, Person of Interest, and then have to catch Missing online later on.

  28. Coco says:

    GA and Scandal live, DVR Parks & Rec

  29. Joy says:

    bbt, ga, poi, THE MENTALIST :-)

  30. Joy says:

    Whoops I forgot. DVR Touch

  31. Juan says:

    Grey’s anatomy and Scandal, love thursdays

  32. KND says:

    Community, Parks & Rec & Awake
    Big Bang Theory (in btwn Community & Parks & Rec)

  33. rubytu says:

    John Hodgman as Abed’s therapist! Community was already the top of my list, but now I really can’t wait to see it! Yay, Community!
    30 Rock
    Parks & Red

  34. Katie says:

    Words cannot describe how excited I am for Parks and Rec tonight!!

  35. sfisher14 says:

    LIVE: Community, Parks & Rec
    DVR: Touch, Awake

  36. tvdiva says:

    For the love of all that is holy, can Patrick Jane please catch Red John once and for all? Red John cannot be the only villain the Mentalist producers/writers can think of.

  37. samantha says:

    I love the Ben/Leslie picture