Vampire Diaries: Michael Trevino Previews the New Threat to Tyler/Caroline and 'Wow' Finale

Vampire Diaries Michael Trevino Candice AccolaDing dong, the evil hybrid is gone! The Vampire Diaries‘ Elena, Stefan, Damon and the rest of the gang finally got Klaus out of their hair with some help from Tyler, who effectively broke his sire bond. But that doesn’t mean the troubles are over for the young hybrid and his girlfriend, Caroline.

After being outed by Alaric as supernatural beings to the entire Council, they’ll be in more danger than ever in this Thursday’s season finale (The CW, 8/7c).

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“At this point, it doesn’t even matter about the rest of the Council,” previews Tyler’s portrayer, Michael Trevino. Alaric and his one-man army is “trying to rid Mystic Falls of everybody that has any kind of supernatural element in them,” which leaves Tyler and Caroline with a tough choice.

“Now that Klaus is gone, it’s about a different kind of survival,” he notes. “It’ll be a life-changing decision: Do they leave town and wait until things cool off and settle somewhere else? Do they never come back? Or do they stay and fight things off with their friends?”

“They” of course refers to Tyler and his love, Caroline, to whom he’s struggled to return. Now that they’re together again, Tyler is forced to think about more than just his own well-being.

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“It’s about keeping them safe — not only himself, but Caroline,” explains Trevino. “Usually, when Tyler’s put into these positions, he just leaves town and lets things cool off. But now it’s the both of them.” With Klaus out of the picture and Tyler having proven his devotion, “their relationship right now is stronger than it’s been in a very, very long time.”

But the memorable Original isn’t really gone, is he?! “Joseph Morgan is a great actor. I don’t see how we could get rid of him that easy,” replies Trevino. “Sooner or later, we would probably see Klaus again.” After all, this is a show about the undead, and there are also plenty of flashback opportunities. However, “I don’t think [he’ll return] any time soon,” he adds.

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But there is one ancient, handsome vampire who will be coming back: Elijah! While he can’t reveal why he’s back or what his purpose is, Trevino says his return could be a really good thing… or a really bad thing… for the gang. “[Elijah is] 50/50 – I feel like you can never tell. Is he back to help out? Or is he back to stir things up a bit?”

As for his personal reaction to the finale, Trevino says it can be summed up in one word: “Wow.” He also offered up three big teases: The last minute of the episode “opens another whole can of worms,” somebody “ends up leaving Mystic Falls forever,” and there’s a “really, really big [tearjerker scene] that’s going to get everybody.”

Vampire Diaries fans, hit the comments with your theories!