Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on NCIS: LA, Grey's Anatomy, NCIS, Smash, The Mentalist and More!

How will the doomed Grey’s Anatomy character die? Which NCIS: LA agent will be most affected by “playing house”? What bombshell might the Smash finale drop? Read on for answers to those questions plus other teases from TV’s hottest shows.

Grey’s Anatomy | This week’s Ask Ausiello eliminated a few names – Meredith’s included – from the season finale Death Watch, but the other big question heading into that pivotal episode is how we lose a familiar face. Will it be an instantaneous death like gunman victim Reed Adamson’s? Will he/she die on the table a la George O’Malley? Or will it be a slower, agonizing passing? I ran that angle by Jesse Williams during our recent Q&A, and he responded, “I can’t say the how or why but it’s absolutely going to be sad. It was heart-wrenching at the table read, and it was heart wrenching as we shot it.” In other words, no matter who isn’t coming out of that May 17 episode alive, “It matters, and it’s not going to be quickly forgotten by anyone.”

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The Big Bang Theory | I had the chance to screen next week’s season finale, and there’s not much to say here without outright spoiling a few things. But I can and will offer this up: Leonard’s unusual bit of pillow talk with Penny, uttered last night, will be revealed to all and elicit a variety of reactions/opinions. But it is the finale’s final 60 seconds, which have nothing to do with the matter of whether Howard and Bernadette manage to get hitched or not, that present perhaps the sweetest sequence on TV in recent memory and just might leave a big ol’ lump in your throat.

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NCIS | Yes, TV’s most-watched drama has a super-intense, terrorism-themed finale coming up on May 15. But first, this coming Tuesday we must go through with a rite of passage for husband-to-be Jimmy Palmer. How is that going to work? “I have to say, it was a challenge,” series boss Gary Glasberg admits. But thanks to a script by Steve Binder, ” I think we came up with a really interesting way of combining the ticking clock of our terrorist storyline with Jimmy’s upcoming plans – as only NCIS can do.” Of course, Michael Weatherly did tease to me that Abby would be in charge of the stag party – or was the frequent kidder just funning with us? “Abby is absolutely involved, as in theory as Palmer’s best woman,” Glasberg confirms. “And she’s got all kinds of ideas up her sleeve. It definitely provides some lighter moments in the midst of a tense situation for everybody work-wise.”

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NCIS: Los Angeles | Speaking of lighter fare, NCIS‘ spin-off this Tuesday will find Deeks and Kensi undercover as a married couple living in the suburbs — a set-up that showrunner Shane Brennan says fuels “probably the funniest episode of the 72 we’ve made.” And the timing couldn’t be better. As Brennan notes, “It needed to be lots of fun – because the finale comes in pretty hot.” So, will “husband” or “wife” come away from this ruse most affected? That’s a very good question…,” Brennan starts, before settling on Deeks. “Other people may say Kensi, but there’s a moment – I’m not going to lie, a kiss – and Deeks is that one that’s like, ‘Whoa, what just happened?!'” Might the partners get too cozy in their covers? Sounds like it. Says Brennan with a chuckle, “Hetty has to give them a little chat.”

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The Mentalist | As previously scooped here, Patrick Jane will “go off the reservation” in the May 17 finale, as Owain Yeoman put it, robbing the CBI of a key asset. And that’s going to hit one of his colleagues especially hard. “Lisbon (played by Robin Tunney) gets a bit depressed because Jane is gone,” Amanda Righetti (aka Van Pelt) tells us. “We’re left to close cases without Jane and it becomes really frustrating … a bit like trudging through mud.” Righetti also confirmed the finale ends with a cliffhanger, one that may or may not be tied to the coworker that Jane shoots! “We’ll see if we all come back!” says the actress.

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Smash | Are you sitting down? Because I am here to say that the final two episodes of Season 1 are good. In fact, the finale is pretty great, as Bombshell stages what is perhaps its most important performance to date. Who will play Marilyn at that critical time? You’ll be pulled to and fro on that question for a good chunk of the hour. Along the way, you will also become privy to Ellis’ most audacious shenanigan yet and revisit a B-storyline that will at first make you audibly groan until you see that it actually serves a greater purpose. Meanwhile, (anvil alert!) someone sure appears to be pregnant – which when you think about it, no matter who it is, would have significant repercussions.

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