NCIS Boss Weighs In on Season 10 Contract Talks for Unsigned Trio

Heading into May sweeps, CBS’ NCIS — aka TV’s most-watched drama — had four series regulars unsigned for Season 10. As of Tuesday, David McCallum had inked a new deal to stick around as Ducky. But what of Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette and Sean Murray?

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While speaking with show runner Gary Glasberg about the procedural’s season finale airing May 15, the conversation of course turned to the in-flux status of those three fan favorites, who portray Tony, Abby and McGee.

Noting that CBS Television Studios handles the nitty-gritty of contract talks “while I and the writers handle the creative side of things,” Glasberg nonetheless expressed, “I have no doubt that it will all work out.”

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Series front man Mark Harmon, along with Cote de Pablo, re-upped with the hit show a year ago, as their respective deals drew to a close. The last time Weatherly, Perrette and Murray were in play — spring of 2010 — the talks dragged into the summer, at which point they each inked two-year extensions.

“I’ve got the best cast in the world, and people are excited about Season 10 and what’s to come,” Glasberg added. “I couldn’t be happier to work with these actors.”

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  1. Lucia says:

    They’re so trolling for a cliffhanger…

  2. Svenja says:

    I am certain they will renew. Awwwwwww GG’s words. He really appreciates the entire cast. It’s what I love about him. He loves and respects them.

    • Christine says:

      Do you know if the show is renewed for 2012-2013 or not? I am confused by the word play back and forth. Thanks! Christine

      • Naomi says:

        The show is renewed for 2012-2013. Mark Harmon, Cote de Pablo, and David McCallum all renewed their contracts.

        • marizol says:


          • Elizabeth says:

            DMcC just this month. MH and CDP last year for two years. It is in the article too.

          • ROSEMARY RIDDLE says:


        • vern says:

          What about the other cast members?


        • jamie-lee says:

          Gud wen i saw ducky on the beach i thought it was him that was gunna die i love ducky he’s such a gud actor n he’s so cute i love all the actors i hope they all sign up again it wouldnt be the same without the team n palma n director vance n abs

          • Paul says:

            Your comments are reasonable, but your linguistic short-cuts are irritating. I think you believe that your style is cute, but it’s wildly immature.

        • Aggie says:

          I am soooo glad Ducky is coming back! I thought he croaked, for sure! Now we need the other three to complete the team. Boorah! Come on, Tony, McGee, and Abbs!

  3. Mel says:

    Damn straight he has the best cast in the world! Hope he truly realizes that. It’s this cast that makes it all work, and makes fans keep tuning in. Give them all what they deserve, a big raise. The show wouldn’t be the same without the considerable talent that Weatherly, Perrette, and Murray bring to the table. Sign them up!

  4. Saint Alicia says:

    I get the feeling the finale will feature some navy vessel, maybe even a warship, finally exploding in flames (there’ve been so many near misses). It’ll likely happen in Miami (where the whole NCIS team happens to be gathered for Palmer’s wedding), and Tony, Tim and Abby’s fates will be up in the air.

  5. Pam Kaur says:

    about time ziva and tony got together

    • loki says:

      Yeah it’s definitely time

    • fancy filly says:

      AHH No I think that ruins a show, the “wondering if” is much more intreging. Watch the OLD movies and they always leave you “wondering” did they?? (That is pre 50″s) Love those!

      • loki says:

        Too bad we are in the 21th century now huh. Do you even watch other shows? Keep messing with THE show’s main ship is one of the things that ruin the shows

    • conservativecafe says:

      IT IS TIVA TIME!!! PERIOD and haters gonna hate, getting tedious too.. hush. Tiva or bust.

    • Nubie says:

      Hi Pam – I know, right??!! How long are the writers going to drag this crap out? It would be a wonderful subplot for the show. They clearly know the vast majority is waiting for this to happen. The “wondering”, “will they/won’t they” mess gets OLD and TIRED after awhile. Waiting until the very end of the series would be a disaster too – just like it was with JAG. They can’t afford to miss the timing on this. Even both “Densi” AND Castle/Beckett haved moved ahead of T & Z and neither one of them have been on the air even half as long as NCIS!

  6. Am I the only one who hasn’t gotten bored with the ten seasons yet?

  7. Lucia says:

    You know, why can’t they just kill Ryan and call it a day?

  8. Jake says:

    Why are all contract negotiations at the last minute?

  9. JJ says:

    Does it really matter who stars in these generic mindless crime shows? It’s all the same. 42 minutes of formulaic mental escapism. Trained monkeys would work just as well.

  10. Bob Lozano says:

    I realize that I’m probably just naive, but I have ask: Why is it always about the money?

    • Lucia says:

      Because mortgages don’t pay themselves.

    • smidnite says:

      Why shouldn’t it be?

    • Ant says:

      Cause when they pay that douche Ashton all that money for his crap, shouldn’t better talent get better pay.

      • Mel says:

        Unfortunately it seems to be the opposite. Over-rated people like Ashton K. get the big bucks because their shows make higher demos and bring in more advertising dollars. It’s all about youth and the benjamins these days. NCIS costs more to produce and despite being the #1 show,gets a lower demo. Their actors are so under-rated, have strong work ethics, and never get smeared all over the media for bad behavior. Unfortunately, talent and good behavior are never rewarded. Bet they won’t give them raises , OR the big sign-on raises the Two and A Half Men cast all got.

        • fancy filly says:

          Mel, you are “RIGHT ON”. Ashton K. is soooo over rated. I think they should put the money where the “talent” is. NCIS!

    • BTM says:

      In Pauley’s case, that’s not the only consideration. A very bad personal situation might cause her to move to England.

      • Svenja says:

        Might, but we don’t know that yet. Her stalker might end up behind bars soon because he violated the restraining order. TMZ published the news that there will be a trial. So we will see. I hope everyone will be back, especially Pauley because I know how much she loves her job.

  11. Lucia says:

    the only thing that worries me are the tweets pauley sent the other day about wanting/needing to move to London.

    • BTM says:

      Yeah, this is the part that worries me, too. If she feels the need to flee Los Angeles, I’ll be bummed (and angry at her friggin’ stalker ex-husband), but her safety is far more important than my entertainment.

  12. vicki says:

    I don’t think the past 3 years have been as good as the first 5 – hoping we get more shows like Chained, SWAK, Twilight, Requiem and Heartland. Having said that – hope Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette and Sean Murray all see significant pay increases and better storylines where the characters grow.

    • This says:

      I AGREE COMPLETELY. I’ve hardly even watched this season, it was so boring. I have a lot of respect for the cast, but I too feel NCIS is not what it used to be in the writing/show running department.

    • Tom Stallings says:

      Pauley would be missed. Her character is, IMO, the sparkplug of the show.

      The season finale (aired last night 5/15) was a cliffhanger. It appears that several of the cast, including Pauly, Mark, Weatherly, Cote, and Sean are going to be severely injured (and one or more may be written out of the series (die)), David McCallum’s character appears to suffer a major heart attack on a beach by himself, while talking to someone on his cell phone.

  13. Kat says:

    I’m so looking forward to seeing the next part of this story. And seeing Palmer’s bachelor party ought to be interesting too

  14. janet webb says:

    I think they will wrap the drama next week, leaving room for fun with the finale in Miami, something the writers have drifted away from . Tiva for sure, enough of waiting for that, In Plain Sight is an example of making an audience waiting for the series finale bad move. I hope Pauley re-signs, move elsewhere during the hiatus, clear your head and make LA a temp home. Many stars do that.
    They are due so many emmys for being great every week. Cable has good shows but sparse viewership. If the Emmys were smart they would break out some separate cable awards leaving room for Network dramas. The Good Wife is weak, way overblown. NCIS is a highlight of my week and let’s my day reach a calm ending. Sign the trio and give us some family love next year. Hint to it as Gary did earlier this year saying Tiva would build and it is but not fast enough.

  15. MonkeyFace says:

    Okay, gotta ask….does anyone else think there is something wrong with Sean Murray? Each and every episode he looks worse, frail and grey. And, his voice has changed. I’m worried about him!

    • Diane says:

      I have noticed that too – I am very concerned about his health (in real life)… on the finale he kept fussing at his desk while getting told to get out……oh, I do hope they ALL come back – I watch NCIS religiously. I can have the repeats on TV and without even looking at the TV, I know what episode it is – yes I AM ADDICTED!!

  16. as says:

    well here’s hoping they all resign & for significantly more $$ than they got the last time. PP & MW especially have both been there since the beginning & after last season, cdp now earns close to what MW does – a virtual slap in the face to SM & PP (who is definitely more popular than cdp is). Know it doesn’t matter to ANY of these 3 most likely but it’s definitely what they deserve with their talents.

    • loki says:

      CdP gets paid more because she has to work more for the show, since she has almost as many scenes as MH and MW. Like it or not, it’s only fair. It’s not her fault if PP or DMc have only 2 or 3 scenes to shoot, most of the times.

  17. cecille says:

    How about Jenny & Gibbs has daughter for a plot. Raise somewhere by Jenni without Gibb’s knowledge. Has All of Gibb’s quality…

    • guest says:

      I don’t really understand your comment but SPOILER ALERT?? Jenny died at the end of season 5 so I doubt she would be able to have, let alone raise, a child w/out Gibbs’ knowledge…

  18. Lyn Bockmiller says:

    I think Vance should go he’s just not a team player he’s to hard nose he doesn’t play his part as well as Jenny did we need a change there!! the rest of team Gibb’s, Tony, Ziva, Abby,and Tim are the greatest on TV!!!!!Don’t break up the Team their to good!!!!

    • Stefanie says:

      I agree! Honestly, I’d like to see a storyline that Jenny really did not die and she comes back to reassume her role as director

    • jamie-lee says:

      Umm no fn way shud director vance go he n gibbs make the show better than jenny she made the show crapppp!!

  19. a fan says:

    Tony Abby and McGee better be back and MW PP SM needs to sign

    • Bob Lozano says:

      It really isn’t a sure thing that NCIS would have the kind of numbers they enjoy, indefinitely. It would be interesting to see just how long the show could keep going. Maybe they’ll have “Gunsmoke’s” kind of longevity. But at the very least, I don’t see the rationale of the show’s stars needing more than a one-year extension. If MW. PP, SM, MH or even DM were to move on, the show’s runners could inject some new blood into the show. What would be the harm in that?

      • @Bob Lozano, the problem is that they don’t always work, Law and Order for example, admittedly some worked like Jerry Orbach but there were others which did not quite work out like George Dzundza, the last thing NCIS needs is the show is to become akin to turntable with the main cast going in and out so often that there is no connection with the fan base.

        Now, if as the rumours circulating are true that this is the season that Vance kicks the bucket or leaves for pastures new does this mean that Grainger takes over as it appears they have been hinting this throughout at least NCIS LA, not too sure about NCIS in regards to his appearances?

        I really hope Pauley Paulette stays with NCIS, but I hope we can all agree that if she feels in any way, shape or form that remaining is jeopardising her safety and by leaving is the only way for her to be safe, that if she does decide to go, that we all wish her well and that when she is ready to come back the powers that be will find some way to bring her back once the situation with her ex resolves itself.

        I am thrilled that David McCallum has re-signed with NCIS, I believe that he is integral to the show, not only that he is a true professional as he learns as much as he can about the role he is trying to portray to make you really believe he is a coroner.

        As for Michael Weatherly, I don’t think there is something at least on set, never know about off-set which would force him from the show, although I hope in Season 10, there is more for Dinozzo to do in regards to progression, I might be wrong but the character although we now have more of a back-story appears to be a tad stagnated, although that is my opinion, would be interesting to see if Dinozzo is offered a promotion as to whether he would take it or not?

        Turning to Cote, truly brilliant addition to the cast since she made her debut, I hope we can all agree that, whether you like the idea of Tiva or not that the interactions she has with the members of the team, make you laugh, cry and at times leave you completely dumbfounded at even now Ziva has issues with what we have now called Ziva-isms. I would like to see if at all possible for Ziva to kick more butt next season, perhaps having to deal with Mossad once once again and her father, Eli David, played by Michael Nouri, maybe we could see Ziva and Tony become closer, I do see parallels with what happened in JAG (NCIS’ predecessor for those who don’t know) with Harm and Sarah, but I don’t think that would happen for some time. Perhaps next season they could see Ziva re-establish her religious roots as we rarely see her show that she is in fact Jewish, although I admit there has been instances, one liners, or the odd showing of the Star of David from time to time.

        As for Brian Dietzen, perfect foil (is that the word?) for David McCallum’s character and some of the antics he gets upto are truly amusing if not hysterical in my humble opinion, I truly hope he survives the finale as I for one don’t want the character to go, it all depends as we have seen with Mike Franks played by Muse Watson on which direction they want the show to go, perhaps in the finale we seen both Vance and Jimmy kick the bucket, as both would surely shatter the world of the team and set things up for next season for the team to rebuild and seek justice for their fallen comrades with increased vigour.

        Turning to Sean Murray (McGee, as I am sure you are all aware), now like the rest of you, I have noticed changes in Sean’s weight even voice, throughout this season and the previous, all I can say is that I hope he is ok and that nothing is wrong and leave it at that, as afterall we cherish his work as McGee it is his decision on whether he wants to lose weight or not. His portrayal of McGee has certainly changed over the years, from the green, wide eyed, with respect fumbling agent to a now formidable interrogator, computer-savvy confident agent who now is capable of leaving Dinozzo speechless which in my view sure takes some doing. I truly hope he re-signs for NCIS and that the character is allowed to progress next season with the powers that be showing us the elusive Admiral McGee, although it would be hilarious that it was John M Jackson (Admiral Chegwidden of JAG fame) doubt very much it would happen, although I would think Mitch Pileggi could fit the bill, every time I saw him either on X-Files or Stargate Atlantis, I would get a shiver going down my spine, but that is my two cents on that, even so, if Sean does leave, I hope he understands we greatly appreciate his efforts in making his character one of the truly well loved on TV.

        Finally, leaving the best to last Mark Harmon aka Gibbs or as Dinozzo put it once from memory “The Great White”, I truly think Gibbs has come along away and ep 200 was truly a turning point for the character which allowed him to be able to move on from the trauma of the past and perhaps in some way, not forgetting the past to forge some form of future, I think we may see the end of the Ryan/Gibbs relationship at the end of this season, I can see why the writers did this, but like a great many out there, hope with all due respect the character does not return for season 10, Jamie Lee Curtis is a great actress but the character which I can tell has been created to sow the seeds of discord, does not work for me. I hope for next season that Gibbs continues in being the bulldog of NCIS, keeping the team in check and if at all possible have another run in with Agent Borin (Diane Neal).

        Heres hoping for a great season 10 from the cast of NCIS, I actually only wanted to put in a few sentences but this what happens I suppose when your creative juices get flowing, thanks for reading and let see some comments?? :)

        • Bob Lozano says:

          Phantom — You make some very valid points here. And only time, and not the rumor-mill will tell what happens. As far as I’m concerned, Palmer can move on…maybe he and his soon-to-be new wife can move to L.A.

        • Elizabeth says:

          I Agree 110% With Literally Every Word You Said!!! So much that I have to say Thank You for saying it! :)

        • Tom Stallings says:

          Good points, phantom. Mark Harmon is one of the main reasons I watch NCIS. His relationship with each of the other cast members is the glue that holds the show together, with able support from McCallum. IMO, Pauly’s character is the sparkplug, and McCallum is the wheel horse who carries the show.

          The season finale wasn’t what I expected. With the contract negotiations still up in the air at air time the show was a real cliffhanger. An explosion at HQ appears to show that several of the cast members (Gibbs, McGee, and Abs, and maybe Vance) are potentially seriously/fatally injured, and Tony and Ziva are trapped in the elevator. Dr. Mallard appears to have a major coronary on the beach by himself while talking on his cell phone to someone about the explosion.

          It’s going to be interesting.

          • Jes says:

            I can’t wait for the next season to begin

          • Elizabeth says:

            I couldn’t believe they were evacuating in an elevator. That is a no-no and they as DoD employees know that. It is practiced all the time. I know they did it for the storyline but it is wrong.

    • Jes says:

      yep they better be, because without them there is no NCIS, the team need to be complete.

    • jamie-lee says:

      Yesss totally agree they all need to stay in the show especially ducky he makes they show aswel

  20. Katie FIsher says:


  21. nash says:

    If they don’t sign then NCIS will be kinda boring. I don’t think I would watch it anymore.

  22. John says:

    Wow. I knew contract renewals were going to play a factor in that cliffhanger. Abby for sure better come back. It was so cute how she went after the hippo.

    • Theresa Shaffer says:

      If Abby doesn’t come back and Gibbs does you know there will be vengeance to the highest. It wouldn’t be NCIS without Abby, Gibbs, Ducky, Tim, Tony, Ziva, Palmer, and Vance.

  23. Bob Lozano says:

    Oh — And Vance can go! I have no problem with that.

  24. K says:

    Horrible ending, please let all of them be ok. Vance can go however.

    • popsiklestyx says:

      My my, so insensitive! I mean, I loved Jenny but I’m perfectly fine with Vance staying. In fact, I’d prefer a little LESS director drama and that would mean keeping him on. >.<

  25. Elizabeth says:

    This Cast TRUELY IS THE BEST CAST EVER TO BE ON TV !! And honestly this show is the ONLY show i watch on TV and im not ashamed to say i really will cry if any of our major characters didnt re-sign. That would be horrible, it would ruin the whole show. I have faith that the three remaining will come to some acceptable arrangement with CBS and everyone will be happy! PLEASE!! lol :)

  26. Kiki says:

    I think I almost had a heart attack watching the finale….I hate when you have to wait till the next season to find out who renewed their contract and who’s staying :(
    I really really want answers NOW!!!! :( :( :(

  27. Steve says:

    Lets just hope that everyone is able to sign deals for the new season this fall. If Director Vance is to “kick the bucket”, i think its time Gibbs became Director himself and left the team to DiNozzo. Bringing in a new Probe like the one introduced this past season, whom Gibbs filled out the application for, could be something to look at as a possibility. With Gibbs as Director, DiNozzo could then make ammendments to one of Gibbs’ rules, Rule 12 – Never date a coworker, and allow for eventual Tony-Ziva relationship. Even Gibbs is guilty of breaking this rule himself anyway ie. Gibbs-Sheppard in Paris. I know Gibbs doesnt like the politics that comes with the job, but who else could do that job better? Keep everyone else in line, and still have the ability to keep the head-slaps coming..

    • jamie-lee says:

      No gibbs as director no way if yu watch the shoe yu shud kno that he`s not a paper type person nor is he an office type person he`s more of a in the field type. gibbs said b4 to tony we already have a gud director vance is a gud director way way way betta than jenny jenny thought she was better than everyone els she cudnt do her job properly she got wraped up in her own personal agenders not a very gud director

  28. Carl says:

    Well here’s a question ,remember when Kate died how ziva took over and us the fans embraced it ,well how about going itto season 10 if one or all three McGee tony,Abby do not sign it will the beginning of the end of ncis so if CBS is smart they won’t mess it up but it all started with the soaps seemed like they was cancelleing soap opera ever week even though I didn’t watch them there was allot of people that did makes you wonder how greedy CBS,ABC ,NBC really are one more example is on Abu they won’t give stabler the money he deserved and what happen he left and in my opinion if they don’t get him back next season it will be the beginning of the end of svu and they think these new shows will make it I say if the networks are that dumb we all have USA for reruns if they keep messing our shows up

    • jamie-lee says:

      Carl wats svu got to do with ncis? Im totally confused with wat yur talking about lol this site is about ncis

    • jamie-lee says:

      Sorry now i know wat yu mean soz its true stabler shudnt go our of the show if he leaves. Svu no one will watch the show its fxxked excuse language

  29. Daisy says:

    Why can’t McGee & Abby get together??

    • Elizabeth says:

      They already did. Off camera, didn’t last. Remember when Gibbs said something about sleeping in a coffin? And Mc Gee had this surprised look?

    • Carolae says:

      Interesting concept….they are both brainiacs and love their work. However, I think that Abby would be the one in charge….not McGee….he doesn’t seem to be the strong one here. They are both funny/cute together but to see them as a loving couple….I don’t know. It would be hard to picture McGee in black leather and the Gothic look….he is much more conservative but may do it for a party they may attend. I think Abby likes the ‘single’ life as she doesn’t have to answer to anyone and loves her job enough to sleep under a table in her lab! McGee is more of a “home body” and would want a family…..I doubt that Abby wants that right now.

      • jamie-lee says:

        Pfft Um just because abby dresses in black n has black dog collars for her neck she isnt goth she said it in one of the episodes n if Mcgee n abs got together doesnt mean he has to wair black n act goth

  30. Graeme Durie says:

    when does season 10 get aired in the uk

  31. Jean Rhyne says:

    Well here we go again….went through this last year…..Can’t believe this….we have watched the show for many years…..didn’t like it when Kate left, but Ziva is doing great….Please what ever you have to do, do it, to keep the top show on top…..


  32. kim says:

    I love NCIS i watched it for 9 seasons the whole cast is wonderful, gibbs, tony, ziva, mcgee, abby, ducky , palmer and vance they all bring something different to the table and make it a team. Now JLC she got to go she was not a good addition at all

  33. LJ says:

    I really hope they all come back!

  34. sopranotoo says:

    I hope they aren’t doing what they did in Treme, where John Goodman signed up for one or two more seasons after the first one, but he appeared last season in dreams and so on.

  35. wayne petranek says:

    How do you know if ryan is a part of derrings plan she showed up about the same time
    she come in at the time derring is calling gibbs maby she is his plant from tha start get
    on gibbs side then get him and the ncis team watch out gibbs ..

  36. wayne says:

    A note on the last show where abbys lab vance parks his suv out side the windows of here
    lab when gibbs and the bad man trying to find the boom … but in the seen before vance is talking to gibbs the windows are not there in the same place just watch the show and you will see i watch every show i love the show abbys cool ziva is a hottie tony is tony but cool
    mcgee is tonys and zivas play toy and palmer has a smoking hot wife in this show.. palmer and the doc are good but the best is the boss Gibbs .. Vance You too are cool
    gibbs with two b ..I was just siting in the liveinroom turned turn the tv on and this was there
    navy cis i watch it it was ok but it was so much better than any other show And still the best show ………..

  37. Carolae says:

    Without this trio on NCIS, it will not be the same. I certainly hope that none of them think of leaving unless they have a better job offer on another show elsewhere….which I doubt. Too many of these actors/actresses leave a show after years of it being a hit to move on to other endeavors but you never hear what they are doing after they leave. Tony Shaloub (Monk), Kelsey Grammer (Frazier), David James Elliott (JAG) to name a few.

  38. Reblogged this on sonicrainboomcrash and commented:
    o hmhg g gng gmg So glad Ducky isnt being killed off :DD

  39. elle says:

    I can’t help (somewhat proudly) noting that almost to a man everyone posting uses good grammar, and has great spelling and punctuation skills. Okay, so I’m an Englsh teacher, or as my own children would say, the Grammar Nazi. But if one spends enough time on the ‘net, one may despair over the (mis)use of language today.
    Since I adore NCIS and everything about it, I’m simply happy the fans represent themselves so well.

    • kathy says:

      Have you not noticed the grammer of the fans seems to mirror the grammer of the shows. Catch the blogs or comments of shows like The Real Housewives **** or the dim witted K family.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Kathy, did you intentionally misspell grammar in response to Jean? Either rude or you don’t know how to spell the word. Unfortunately the characters’ grammar is only as good as the writers’ grammar. Did you ever watch Murder, She Wrote? Jessica Fletcher was supposed to have been an English teacher and her speach and grammar was often atrocious.

        • Bobbi Jo says:

          Elizabeth, did you purposefully misspell speech or are you unable to spell? It’s not like the people replying to this initial post are writing in IM/shorthand. Get off your high horse and park your self-righteous saddle somewhere else.

  40. Jean says:

    I think that if Vance goes we could end up with the Assistant Director from NCIS LA. Not a good choice he reaks louder than Vance. I don’t like Grainger at all. That would the poorest choice ever. Tony, Abbs, and McGee better come back. As far as Palmer goes, give the kid a break. Yeah He’s done some stupid stuff per the script, but I think He’s coming into his own. Ducky is sure going to need him to stay on. Jimmy is not so bad really. I could think of a lot worse people to play his role. Jamie Lee needs to be gone. She was okay for a while but there are a lot more people out there that could be good for Gibbs to have a relationship with.

    • kathy says:

      I thought I was the only one that didn’t feel Jamie Lee as a cast member.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Kathy, you are not alone! I have not read any comments, that I can remember, that state they think it is a good match. In fact, I am a little surprised at how much hatred there seems to be, Wow!

  41. Phyllis Hanson says:

    I love ncis just the way it is. I hope all the characters are back, not as ghosts please. Try to remember these are only characters and they are all real people with their own problems loves and hates. As tv goes its the best thing on the box and I feel like a great many others that messing with the format or writing out the cast would be a disaster. I think Abby is too old for Tim, Ryan is just season 9’s love interest for Gibbs. Ducky is now in his 70’s he may wish to take a back seat and let Jimmy move forward to take over, he’s been trained to do this. Tony (if this was in real life) would be promoted but he works so well as a senior field agent, it would be hard to lose him to another team. However maybe he could recieve some sort of reward, or medal for bravery. Ziva has been slightly tamed but I think that is a loss. She should get back some of her wildness. I know nothing about Pauley’s problems here in the UK but if she is in danger surely the tv network should be protecting her. She makes the show what it is, and adds to its humour. The formula of this cast is so tightly woven it would be torn apart by losing any of the characters. Long live them all.

  42. mark says:

    When does Season 10 start getting aired on sky for uk can’t wait to long hurry up
    The most awesome programme ever!!!!

  43. angela says:

    I dont know if anyone else will agree with me, but last time these three had to renew we knew about it by now. I think that they probably have already signed new contracts and as we were left with a major cliffhanger, we won’t know who survived till the first episode of season 10 airs to keep us wondering.

  44. Shuhel Ahmed says:

    Please some one tell me when NCIS Los Angeles s10 start ?

    • Elizabeth says:

      I would imagine sometime in September. That is the “traditional” season for the big three in the U.S. September to May. They will probably start advertising the new season around August, big guess. Do not know the “lag” time for UK broadcasting.

    • guest2 says:

      Not for a while. NCIS LA will be on their fourth season.

  45. Andrew says:

    S10 of NCIS ands S4 NCIS:LA start Sep 25 in US and Canada. And Tony, Abby, and McGee have now resigned for 2 more years.

  46. Magik1 says:

    so glad Abbey McGee and Tony have resigned and very happy Ducky not being killed off. Do agree Jimmy could have a bit more to do and agree Ryan not working. Think the idea of Gibbs as director with Tony leading team could lead to some really good episodes as Gibbs would be a hands on director still keeping Tony in check.

  47. malcolm says:

    so glad cote de pablo signed a 2 year contract because it would not be the same without her.abbey is great to as for tony hes funny lol.)

  48. guest says:

    I already found out that episode 1 is “Extreme Prejudice” and episode 2 “Recovery” What will the official opening credits for season 10 look like? I need to know soon. hush….finally brian dietzen gets to join the rest of the cast for the new open credits. lol YAY! :)

  49. rotonda says:

    Ncis wldnt b tha same without tony,mcgee and abby. I love 2 c abby and mcgee getting jealous of each other dates and tony and ziva r tha same way. But 1 thing bout it no matter wat goes on with everybody they all go stick 2 gether no matter wat happen. And as far as gibbs he is tha father he is always concern bout his children and that’s who they r 2 him his kids. They r just 1 big happy family. It won’t b tha same if everybody don’t come back. I love forward 2 watching ncis I make sure its auto tuned on my tv. Lol. I’m a huge fan. So please let every come back. Let them b just hurt or trapped. And somebody please find ducky n time cause him and palmer is part of tha family 2

  50. Tinah says:

    NCIS is the only TV show I watch. I own every season. I will be pissed if they write anyone of them off. You cannot mess with a perfect cast. Sign the contracts, give them a raise, whatever it takes. If you write anyone of them off you will mess up the perfect show. It will go down the tubes and be off the air after a few more seasons. It is this cast that makes the show. Add a few spouses or something but don’t take away from it. I, for one, will stop watching it without this cast.