Matt's Inside Line: Exclusive Fringe Scoop, Plus The Mentalist, Hart of Dixie, Suburgatory & More!

Is the Fringe team in for a future shock? Has The Mentalist gone wild? What on Earth has Hart of Dixie‘s Wade been up to? Suburgatory romance squashed? Read on for those scoops plus other teases from TV’s hottest shows.

Fringe | We kick things off with no less than an exclusive video pertaining to this week’s curiosity-arousing 19th episode, titled “Letters of Transit.” By pressing PLAY below, you’ll get to see Joshua Jackson, John Noble, Anna Torv, Lance Reddick and Jaskika Nicole tease the trippy hour in grand fashion, save for some skritchy-skratchy “interference” that interrupts Noble at a most inopportune moment. Check it out and squee:

The Mentalist | Next, we take a trip to the reader mailbag, where Luis clamors for “scoop on The Mentalist. Anything you can tell me will work!” Well, rather than settle for “any” scoop, how about some juicy goodness regarding the season finale? “It’s a big one,” Owain Yeoman promises us, adding: “Jane really does go off the reservation.” And along the way, the CBI consultant might take someone surprising down with him, literally. “I can say that he will end up shooting….” Er, actually, we’ll save Owain’s bacon and cut him off there. But he does go on to say the shooting “is a really, really big deal for us” and part of “our most action-packed finale to date.” As for the Vegas cocktail waitress being played by Emmanuelle Chriqui, looks like she’ll be a far cry from Entourage’s well-heeled Sloane. “She is kind of representative of Jane at his lowest point,” says Yeoman, “so there’s a whole side of him that we’re going to see that we haven’t seen.”

Private Practice | If you’re among the many PPP fans who emailed me to ask if the whole Mason sitch might give Charlotte the itch to carry her own child, know that KaDee Strickland is one of you. “I pray that [series creator] Shonda [Rhimes] let’s Charlotte want her own child, because I think that would be so much fun,” the sunny Southerner told me. “But only Shonda can accept that invitation from the audience.” One story beat that titillates Strickland most? “Can you imagine Charlotte pregnant?” she asks. “Let’s just talk about that for a minute!”

Hart of Dixie | Inside Line reader Amanda declares, “I’m dying here — have you got any good Zoe and Wade news?” Hmm, Zoe and Wade? I will leave that up for interpretation as I part with this preview of Monday’e episode: Says TVLine’s Meg Masters, “If you’ve ever wondered what The Hangover and a musical revue would look like all jumbled together, this week’s episode is for you.” Elaborating on that intriguing first part, she says, “Wade wakes up with no recollection of the night before and must piece together the events based on a number of clues.” So the question for you, Amanda, becomes: Was Zoe in any way a part of those missing moments?

Suburgatory | Now that George and Alicia Silverstone’s Eden are giving romance a go, the question becomes: What will Tessa think of her dad wooing a pregnant surrogate? Interestingly, Jeremy Sisto tells us, “Her reaction to it is pretty disconnected. She just kind of goes pretty extreme in this other direction.” Instead, any viewers who were holding out for a George/Dallas romance might be the ones to bristle most at this development. Says Sisto, “The potential relationship between Dallas and George might possibly be slipping through their fingers… [and] that will be kind of tough to watch if you are rooting for them to get together.”

Once Upon a Time | I just got off the horn with Jane Espenson, who wrote this Sunday’s episode, “The Return,” and used the opportunity to pick her brain about those photos from the Mad Hatter episode showing August talking to Jefferson – even though no such scenes aired. She shrugged and explained, “Sometimes episodes come in long,” and maybe that is why the intriguing encounter was left on the cutting room floor. As for Sebastian Stan reprising his role later this season, I’ve got many of you asking if that’ll lead to any new Emma/Jefferson moments. In response, Espenson only teased that Jefferson “is a character who has tremendous romantic potential.” Hey, I tried!

Homeland | On the heels of my “early intel” report on Season 2, I got my hands on several casting calls for the Showtime drama’s sophomore run, and they hint at some additional plot details. For one, it appears that Carrie – who we learned may be working “outside the lines” of official CIA channels — will turn up in Beirut, using a cover identity. Elsewhere, newbie politico Nicholas Brody is getting a chief of staff, and he’ll also cross paths with a beautiful Middle Eastern woman who comes bearing an ultimatum. Brody’s daughter Dana, meanwhile, it turns out has for a class mate Vice President Walden’s son Finn, and they will trade opinions when a school meeting touches upon The Wanted versus One Direction the Middle East crisis. (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman)