Exclusive Awake Video: Has Britten Found 'The Little Guy'? Or Is He [Spoiler]ing?

When Alias alum Kevin Weisman makes his debut on NBC’s Awake this Thursday, it’s an understatement to say that he makes a big first impression — and TVLine has a first-look clip of his character meeting Jason Isaac’s Detective Britten.

As seen in the video below, Weisman’s mysterious alter ego suddenly appears in the back seat of Britten’s car after the detective has a session with Dr. Lee.

And then he vanishes. Then … well, you’ll see.

And while this stranger wards off Britten’s trained pistol by insisting he means no harm, he isn’t exactly forthcoming with his identity or origin, either. Except to say… again, you will have to hear it for yourself, by pressing PLAY below.

My long-standing theory: Weisman’s character is “the little guy” mentioned by the hobo back in Episode 2, the suspect who when Britten started flipping through mug shots, made Captain Harper get awfully fidgety. (Back when Weisman’s casting was announced, it was said he’d be playing “Mr. Blonde, a mysterious man who will haunt Jason Issacs’ character in both worlds.”)

Per NBC’s synopsis for this episode, “A strange dream disrupts Britten’s ability to switch to his other reality and the appearance of a mysterious man causes him distress.”

Hit comments with your own theories!

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