What to Watch Today

CBS' TKO, Harlots Returns, Handmaid's Finale and More

  • Hulu

    Season 2 premiere (first two episodes): First up, Margaret and Nancy look for witnesses with potential evidence against Lydia Quigley. Later, the women rally against the judiciary.

  • Hulu
    The Handmaid's Tale

    Season 2 finale: Offred contends with a difficult decision, while Serena and the other wives attempt to create change. (Get renewal status.)

  • CBS
    Big Brother

    Special time: The remaining Houseguests vie for the Power of Veto. (When do CBS’ fall series premiere?)

  • Freeform
    Young & Hungry

    Two episodes: In this two-parter, Gabi takes Sofia on a last-minute trip to Mexico to cover up the fact that she forgot her birthday.

  • CBS
    TKO: Total Knock Out

    Series premiere (special time): From uber-producer Mark Burnett comes this competition in which one player races through obstacle courses while four other contestants fire ridiculous projectiles in an attempt to knock and/or slow them down. In the end, the fastest competitor wins a cash prize; Kevin Hart hosts.

  • CBS
    Code Black

    In the series’ penultimate episode, Willis continues to treat Rox, while Leanne and Max’s father look for Ariel. (Yep, cancelled.)

  • The CW
    The Originals

    Klaus helps Hope work through her pain; someone from Elijah’s past returns in need of help; Marcel takes on the nightwalkers. (Get Legacies premiere date.)

  • USA Network

    Will, Broussard, Katie and Amy assist the Outliers during an emergency; Snyder plots to take over Seattle.

  • OWN
    Queen Sugar

    Violet celebrates her 60th birthday; Remy and Nova grow closer; Ralph Angel and Darla discuss custody arrangements.

  • NBC

    Mara’s attempt to save a young dancer reeling from a recent tragedy leads her back to an old flame (Parenthood‘s Sam Jaeger).