What to Watch Today

ABC Dramas Return, Biden's Primetime Address and More

  • HBO Max

    Series premiere (first three episodes): The Lena Dunham-produced drama follows a group of high-schoolers amid their exploration of sexuality. (Watch trailer.)

  • Discovery

    Season 5 finale: The remaining eight bots battle to hoist The Giant Nut.

  • ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC (and all major news networks)
    President Biden's Address

    POTUS delivers his first primetime address to discuss the year-old coronavirus pandemic and the state of the vaccination rollout.

  • The CW

    Back after a three-week break! Geri decides to sell the bar; Micki’s mother pays a surprise visit. (Legacies follows at 9 — and both are already renewed!)

  • Fox
    Hell's Kitchen

    The chefs cook various types of burgers, with ingredients hidden in a massive deck of cards. How will they deal? (Call Me Kat and Last Man Standing follow.)

  • ABC
    Station 19

    Midseason premiere: Carina and DeLuca pursue sex trafficker Opal; Maya leaves Andy in charge for the yearly inspection.

  • CBS
    Young Sheldon

    Special time: Linkletter nudges Sheldon to befriend his college classmates; Georgie gets his first pager. (New eps of B Positive, Mom and Clarice follow.)

  • NBC

    When Jeff returns to push customer satisfaction surveys, Mateo tries to conceal his relationship with Eric. (Look who’s coming back!)

  • TBS
    The Go-Big Show

    Season 1 finale: Andrew Stanton, Tulga, Tomas Garcilazo and Kurtis Downs compete for the $100,000 grand prize.

  • ABC
    Grey's Anatomy

    Midseason premiere: Picking up where Station 19 left off, both teams tend to a “tense situation,” as Maggie and Winston reconnect. (Is this the final season?)

  • FXX

    Season 4 premiere (two episodes): “Dare to dream, lovers,” reads the official synopsis.

  • NBC
    Covid One Year Later: Life After Lockdown

    Lester Holt and Savannah Guthrie anchor from the Lincoln Memorial, with segments focused on the future of travel and small business.

  • ABC
    A Million Little Things

    When Boston enters lockdown, Eddie’s back surgery is cancelled, Rome’s movie is put in jeopardy, and Maggie is forced to return home.