TV Pet Peeves and Tropes: 25+ Things TV Needs to Stop Doing... Immediately!

TV Pet Peeves

You know we adore the magical world of television, but we have looked away from quite a few TV tropes for far too long. Now, it’s about time we draw the line.

In the past, TVLine has delivered a deep-dive investigation into the maddening #EmptyCoffeeCups phenomenon and begged the collective Powers That Be to stop having the resident know-it-all be told to “Put it in English!,”, but unfortunately, there are many more absurdities and unpleasantries that continue to grind our gears. In the list below, we’re airing out all of our grievances.

From hospital IVs that get rrrrrriped out of one’s vein without regard, to the thumping “Ain’t This Police Investigation Cool?” soundtracks that drown out dialogue, and ridiculously ginormous “no cell phone signal” alerts our iPhones have never displayed, we’re calling these out and begging TV to STOP.

These 25+ examples listed here do not capture every TV Pet Peeve out there, but due to the small screen’s growing mass of repeat offenders, we had no choice but to shine a blinding light on them.

Review our list of pet peeves and tired tropes below, then sound off with those that drive you most batty when clearing out your DVR and streaming.