The Flash's Farewell Run: Your Top 6 Wishes for the Final Season

The Flash Final Season

The Flash‘s farewell “run, Barry, run!” isn’t arriving until midseason (early 2023), but fans of the first Arrowverse spinoff have a very good idea of what they want from Season 9. 

As has been well-documented here on these pages, The Flash‘s showrunner and cast very much though that last season would be the speedster series’ swan song, ergo the wrap-up of Arrow hero John Diggle’s green-ish lantern-y journey, the kinda-sorta-return of Caitlin’s dead fiancé Ronnie, and a rousing, season-ending showdown between The Flash and the improbably resurrected Eobard Thawne’s supercharged Negative Reverse-Flash.


And yet there is still a thing or two (or six, based on the tallying of comments on a recent, casual reader poll) that The Flash could try to pull off, during its final, 13-episode run.

Review TVLine readers’ Top 6 wishes below, and sound off if you haven’t yet on what return or plot development tops your “must” list!

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