15 Shows We Suspect Are (Quietly) Heading Into Their Final Seasons

TV Shows Heading Into Final Seasons

The CW’s Riverdale, PBS’ Endeavour, NBC’s New Amsterdam and Paramount+’s The Good Fight are among a half-dozen veteran series officially entering their final seasons in the coming months. Unofficially, however, we suspect the departing quartet will have a fair amount of company at the finish line in the coming year.

The fact is, the networks and streamers are often reticent to make preemptive end-date announcements, with execs preferring to err on the side of caution in the event that said show experiences an unexpected creative or viewership resurgence.

Typically, final-season decisions are made while a show is still in production or during what will be end up being its farewell season — and sometimes the formal press release goes out with little notice (see: NCIS: New Orleans‘ 11th hour plug-pulling last year).

Which brings us to the list below. We consulted our somewhat reliable TVLine crystal ball and it’s telling us that the end is very, very nigh for the following 15 shows.