American Gods: Old Gods! New Faces! Reacquaint Yourself With Shadow, Wednesday & Co. Ahead of Season 3

American Gods Season 3 Ricky Whittle Interview

Nearly two years may be but a celestial blip — after all, what is time to a deity? — but by human measure, it’s been a long time since American Gods graced our TV screens.

So before the Starz series returns for Season 3 on Sunday (8/7c), we thought we — with the help of cast members Ricky Whittle, Ian McShane, Bruce Langley, Yetide Badaki and Lela Loren — would refresh your memory regarding exactly what the members of the God Squad were up to the last time we met.

The list below gives you a quick refresher on the Season 2 finale (though you can always go here for a more detailed recap). So if you can’t exactly recall what became of Bilquis, or where Mr. Wednesday ended up, or how things shook out for Salim & The Jinn, no worries! Your prayers have been answered.

We’ve also included some info on some new characters entering the existential fray in Season 3, from a no-nonsense Wisconsinite to the older-than-old gods who suddenly take great interest in Shadow for reasons not yet known. (And if you’ve read Neil Gaiman’s novel on which the show is based, you’re in for some surprises.)

Scroll through the photos below to get caught up, then hit the comments with your thoughts: What do you hope to see happen in this season of American Gods

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