Did Succession Crisis Feel Like a Ruse? Is Heir to the Empire Movie Ahead? Was Picard Twist Conveeenient? More Qs!

Succession Logan Faked Death

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about lotsa shows including Succession, Fire Country, Ahsoka, Star Trek: Picard and A Million Little Things!

1 | Which would you rather see for a possible Season 2 of BEEF: A continuation of Danny and Amy’s story or a brand new story with a brand new beef?

2 | The latest Fire Country raises the question: Exactly how many words of dialogue are needed to qualify as an “acting debut”? Speaking of, what became of Robin’s knapsack of cash, which was last seen being handed off to Freddy? Is it going to resurface in a bad way and blow up Bode’s parole?

3 | Coming out of the latest Blue Bloods Sunday dinner conversation, how completely bizarre would a Reagan family vacation episode be? Can you even picture such a thing? And given that per our exclusive casting news, all of the OG grandkids are accounted for at family dinner (and even Jackie Curolta is back), safe to say the show was bracing for the season finale to maybe be a series ender?

4 | SNLOn Saturday Night Live, did you notice one too many apostrophes in Vincent’s Valets? They got it wrong on the rule board and the workers’ polo shirts!) And why did they hold the best sketch — Molly Shannon reprising Sally O’Malley — for the end of the night?

5 | Other than to deliver shock value for viewers, why would Rabbit Hole‘s John not tell Hailey that his dad would be showing up as “Crowley”?

6 | On Succession, was that really Jamie Chung in the under-5 role of the wedding planner? And from the way the start of the scene was shot, with all of the major action happening out of frame, did you think for a moment that Tom’s initial call to Roman might be some kind of twisted loyalty test on Logan’s part?

7 | Anyone else guffaw when that Yellowjackets diner waitress did an immediate 180 when Jeff brought up the strawberry lube?

8 | The Company You Keep viewers, are you kinda feeling the chemistry between Charlie and Daphne?

9 | Does the mayor’s daughter on Ride need to tone down the bitchiness by half? (She feels like a mean girl out of a ’90s teen drama!)

10 | How could CBS’ Grammy Salute to The Beach Boys have John Stamos on and not have him sing “Forever”? And were you surprised that no one performed “Kokomo”?

11 | Might Law & Order: Organized Crime‘s fourth season being reduced to 13 episodes actually be a good thing? We saw with both Season 1’s Wheatley arc and Season 2’s Albanian mob arc that the show does well telling contained stories over a limited number of episodes. More of that please!

12 | NCIS: HawaiiDid you realize that Kurt Yaeger, by playing Young Jane’s father on NCIS: Hawai’i this week, became the first actor to appear on all four NCIS shows?

13 | The Neighborhood‘s Calvin might’ve paid for those VIP tickets to The Talk as part of a school fundraiser, but the characters do know that tickets to a talk show taping are otherwise free, and that Calvin could’ve taken Tina to see her favorite daytime talk show at any point… right? Not exactly a great birthday gift!

14 | Does The Good Doctor‘s inevitable adoption storyline involving Morgan and newly orphaned baby Eden feel like a rehash of Cuddy adopting Rachel in Season 5 of David Shore’s previous medical drama, House? And what are the chances Glassman is diagnosed with something other than dementia?

15 | Between that conspicuous line in the Ahsoka trailer, all the Grand Admiral Thrawn talk, and the fact that Dave Filoni’s movie that will “bring together many of the threads of the Star Wars TV series,” dare we hope/pray we are getting an Heir to the Empire movie?

Mandalorian Grogu Ig-1216 | Where do you stand on The Mandalorian‘s “IG-Grogu”? Adorable af, or a fan-servicey bridge too far?

17 | Did Ted Lasso plant the seeds for a potential college-aged Coach Beard prequel, about his days working as a male stripper at, ahem, Man City? And are we to assume both Roy and Beard are exes of Gina Gershon? Last, but certainly not least: What do you think Barbara’s hiding in her desk drawer?

18 | So Riverdale fans, who do you think killed Ethel’s parents? And are you kinda rooting for Veronica and Jughead’s unlikely romance?

19 | Once Survivor‘s Frannie won herself individual immunity, should she have thrown the challenge in order to keep her showmance Matt safe?

FARMER WANTS A WIFE20 | Is there any chance that Farmer Wants a Wife‘s Hunter still picks frontrunner Meghan, even though she had to leave the show for a funeral back home? And should Allen have sent Cassidy Jo packing the instant she freaked out about touching cow poop?

21 | Raise of hands: Who else was happy to see Johnny Bananas eliminated on The Challenge: World Championship?

22 | In True Lies, was Luther’s speech to Maria about how he’d help her through her claustrophobia unexpectedly moving?

23 | Didn’t it feel like this week’s A Million Little Things could’ve served as the series finale?

24 | Titans‘ Dick agreed to meet the Caul’s Folly sheriff “one hour” later. Sure got dark quick, eh?

25 | On Star Trek: Picard, wasn’t it a little convenient that the Borg assimilation only affected crew members under the age of 25, leaving our gray-haired heroes to save the day? But also, wasn’t it thrilling to see Jean-Luc and his friends set foot on the Enterprise bridge again?

26 | Did Station 19 really just set up an intriguing Andy/Eli/Travis love triangle only to immediately deconstruct it? Also, didn’t Theo used to be… fun?

Young Sheldon CeCe27 | Is Young Sheldon‘s CeeCee officially the cutest baby on TV?

28 | Who was looking after Grey’s Anatomy‘s patients while Levi put the residents to work decorating for Grayson’s bar mitzvah? Why didn’t Maggie and Winston consider having a long-distance marriage? And how lovely was her moment with her mothers as she left Grey Sloan?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!