Did The Flash Rob Us of Flashbacks? Is Abishola Going There? How'd La Brea Hide Dino? Hot Fire Duo? More TV Qs!

Flash Red Death Origin Story

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about lotsa shows including Bob Hearts Abishola, La Brea, The Flash and Chicago Fire!

1 | Is it pretty clear the Party Down producers don’t watch The Other Two, considering they ended the premiere with just about the exact same COVID joke as The Other Two‘s Season 2 finale?

SAG Awards Ortega Plaza2 | Was the only knock on the SAG Awards being streamed that, without commercials, presenters sometimes had to awkwardly vamp until everyone returned to their seats? But seriously, can we give a spot bonus to whomever decided to pair up Aubrey Plaza and Jenna Ortega as presenters?

3 | Shouldn’t The Way Home‘s Alice or Kat have caught a cold by now with all that running around while completely soaked?

4 | Of course you can’t be picky when salvaging items in a dystopia, but for The Last of Us‘ Ellie — who wasn’t born until 2009 — would a Walkman really be her music player of choice?

5 | Roger EbertIs The Company You Keep‘s Emma talking too much about her personal life at her CIA job? Also, who wants to tell ABC’s promo blurb wrangler to add “.com”? 😔

6 | Is Bob Hearts Abishola finally going there with Christina and Kofo, setting up a forbidden, Romeo and Juliet-esque romance between Bob’s sister and MaxDot’s former head of marketing, who has gone to work with Bob and Tunde at the manufacturing plant?

7 | We get that they both want to be professional in the workplace, but wouldn’t NCIS‘ Jimmy and Jess act a bit more familiar with each other when alone in his lab? (If you didn’t know they were dating, would you know they were dating?) Also, how quickly did you spot L.A. Law-yer Alan Rachins as the nursing home guy running the gin rummy game?

8 | Is anyone possibly ‘shipping NCIS: Hawai’i‘s Tennant and super-swole Charlie 1? Or are we all still Team Milius?

9 | Alert: Missing Persons Unit fans, did your eyes roll straight out of your head when Sydney remarked at the end that it was a “silver lining” that her Dad doesn’t blame her for Keith’s death? And why did Kemi during that prayer circle allude to the “journey of the past year” when the Keith-or-NotKeith? mystery spanned, what, a couple of weeks?

Ted Lasso Season 310 | Ted Lasso fans, did you breathe a sigh of relief when you saw Roy and Keeley holding hands in the Season 3 trailer? That Season 2 finale had us worried!

11 | Should we be concerned that the trailer for Hulu’s musical rom-com Up Here has the vocal performances dialed so low we can barely make out who’s singing?

12 | While we’re totally here for the drama and tears on The Traitors‘ reunion special, don’t you think Andie and Quentin were just a little bit naive as to what they were getting themselves into? Shouldn’t they have applauded the winner for a job well done instead?

13 | TVLine reader Dave emailed us, “What hyperdrive do they have on The Rookie: Feds that they took multiple flights to Guatemala in like a two-day period?”

La Brea T-rex14 | Would La Brea have us believe the result of a skyscraper collapse is a few mounds of rubble? Shouldn’t Gavin have held off on telling the others about Dr. Moore’s portal until he had more facts? Did you enjoy how Eve randomly took off her shearling/wore just a tee inside that cave, only so that she might match Gavin’s death vision? Were you certain that Petra was going to be revealed as Lucas and Veronica’s kid? Lastly, as one TVLine reader notes: “How in the world couldn’t Gavin and his kids see the T-Rex until it walked right in front of them?”

15 | Did The Mandalorian‘s “Previously On” really not include Mando and Grogu’s reunion from The Book of Boba Fett? And how did Din get inside the Anzellans’ tiny workshop?

16 | The Conners spoiler alert! Were you surprised to see the show go the miscarriage route just one week after revealing that Harris was pregnant?

Flash Red Death17 | On The Flash, wouldn’t Ryan Wilder’s story of the Rogues War in her timeline have been far, far, far more entertaining to see, via flashbacks? Even if she was putting a spin on it? And in the moment pictured here, is Barry thinking: “Who do I know that’s under 5’6″ and female that would go all Evil Speedster on me?”

18 | Chicago Fire fans, are you digging this unexpected Carver/Seager pairing?

19 | On Chicago P.D., why does Intelligence use their real names on cases? Even if it’s only the first name, doesn’t that still endanger them on some level?

20 | We know that paranoia is subjective, but did Survivor‘s Jaime and Matthew really need to play their Shots in the Dark? And do you respect Matthew’s hunger for adventure, or was falling off a huge rock the dumbest thing he could’ve possibly done in a million-dollar game?

21 | Did South Park‘s damning condemnation of toilet paper make you genuinely consider the importance of finding a more effective (not to mention eco-friendly) alternative?

22 | After Poker Face‘s Charlie survived being hit by a speeding car, buried alive in the snowy woods and stabbed right in the chest (!) this week, are you now thinking Season 1 must be some kind of superhero origin story? And wouldn’t the two “ibuprofen pills” Charlie was concealing under her tongue have long since dissolved by the time she went to remove them?

23 | Only now that Grey’s Anatomy‘s Lucas has moved into Meredith’s house has it occurred to us: Even if he’s a screw-up, why would his wealthy family have left him in such dire straits that he ever had to flop at a roach-infested hostel? And did Thursday’s abortion subplot change anyone’s opinion on the issue?

24 | Did Young Sheldon‘s blowup between George and Mary, a moment two seasons in the making, live up to (or perhaps exceed) your expectations?

25 So when is the Daisy Jones & The Six real-life concert tour?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!