Did NCIS: LA Burn Thru Deeks' Drama? Who Is on Your AMC 'Must' List? Can All Lifetime Flicks Be Short? And More Qs!

NCIS Los Angeles Deeks Enters FLETC

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Flight Attendant, The Stand, Station 19 and Mom!

The Prom1 | How badly do you want The Handmaid’s Tale to do a flashback episode in Season 4 or 5, just so The Prom‘s Jo Ellen Pellman can play a young June?

2 | Blue Bloods is simply inviting everyone over for Sunday night dinner now, aren’t they?

3 | We know that Lifetime’s A Recipe for Seduction was just a KFC-sponsored goof, but considering how much it managed to include — A Meet Cute! Dramatic Twists! Violent Climax! A Wedding! A subplot for the gay best friend! — we can’t help but wonder: Should Lifetime just start making all of its movies 15 minutes long?

4 | Who else would totally watch a sequel for Lifetime’s The Christmas Setup?

5 | Did NCIS: LA set a land speed record for A) drumming up professional drama for Deeks, B) fabricating an obstacle to him resolving it (he’s simply too old!), and then C) near-immediately hand-waving away said obstacle?

6 | How did Shameless‘ Mickey channel surf onto a Riverdale Season 1 scene between Kevin and Joaquin in the middle of the day? Is the show in syndication in Shameless‘ universe?

7 | Isn’t CBS’ Secret Celebrity Renovation exactly the same concept as HGTV’s Celebrity IOU?

8 | TVLine reader Laura asks, “Can someone name a celebrity game show that Joel McHale hasn’t done?”

The Neighborhood9 | Is it too late to swap out The Neighborhood‘s sky-diving scene with this week’s road trip detour as our Year in Review pick for Worst Green Screen? 

10 | Were you happy to see Bob Hearts Abishola finally develop a relationship between Bob and soon-to-be stepson Dele?

11 | All Rise/Hart of Dixie fans, did you recognize Mark’s woodsy house as Wade’s home from HoD?

12 | Was it funny to see Bull‘s Marissa be led through the same Fed Plaza lobby that CBS’ FBI uses?

13 | Didn’t The Bachelorette‘s “Men Tell All” reunion feel incomplete without Clare showing up to face the men she ditched for Dale? And did any Top Chef fans do a double-take when former cheftestant Antonia Lofaso showed up on Ben’s hometown date? And were you half-expecting Ben to order his driver to turn the car around so he could return to La Quinta to dramatically proclaim his love for Tayshia in the episode’s closing seconds? (You have to imagine producers were urging him off camera to do just that, right?)

Big Sky14 | Shouldn’t Big Sky‘s Sheriff Tubb have asked Legarski why he chooses a freezing-cold barn to take his lunch, instead of, say, the heated cab of his truck? Also: When does Jenny have time to create the intricate, messy-on-purpose braided hairstyles she’s been wearing since the beginning of the season?

15 | Is the game show title Cherries Wild intended as an homage to The Joker’s Wild, or did Fox (or Pepsi) think that Wild Cherries sounded too naughty/like a 1980s sex comedy?

16 | As much as we want to see SEAL Team‘s Bravo succeed, has the show been a bit heavy-handed with the easy wins? (See: Jason suggesting an alternate strategy that was pretty obvious to the rest of us!) Also, what did Trent bring to Naima’s, like an 8 oz. package of refrigerated pasta??

17 | OK, Amazing Race fans: Did the right team win? Who were you rooting for instead? And were you happy when the boyfriends officially became fiancés at the finish mat?

18 | How shocked were you when The Challenge‘s Kyle stole Kam for his new partner? And have you ever heard of someone licking mustard before a competition!?

All My Children Spoilers19 | Regarding the (potential) All My Children primetime series: What’s the minimum number of returning cast members you would need, beyond (possibly) Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, in order to be satisfied? Who is on your “must” list?

20 | Isn’t it a bit odd that the proposed Superstore offshoot is titled Bo & Cheyenne, rather than Cheyenne & Bo? After all, Cheyenne is the main character getting spun-off!

21 | Perhaps we’re just too critical of The Stand after living through, you know, a real pandemic, but why wouldn’t the characters who were immune to Captain Trips still try to keep distance from their family members who had it? (Frannie’s dad practically sneezed on her.)

Flight Attendant Megan22 | The Flight Attendant season finale spoiler alert!: Why did it take Cassie so long to lunge for her gun? Do you care enough about Megan’s story to follow into the freshly announced Season 2? And does Shane’s ability to speak fluent Russian now make a bit more sense?

23 | We absolutely get the point that Station 19 was making with its white cops that were more eager to label two Black girls arsonists than kidnapping victims, but wouldn’t the show have stood a better a chance of getting that point across to those to whom it needed to be made if it hadn’t written the officers as cartoonish, mustache-twirling villains?

24 | We know it was a romantic moment and all, but was it really prudent of Grey’s Anatomy‘s Maggie and Winston to embrace when he showed up at her door? Has he been secretly quarantining in Seattle for two weeks?

25 | We’re proud of A Million Little Things‘ Maggie, but is a psychology podcast really a “novel way” (her words) of engaging with a general audience? Also, was Katherine kidding with the way she approached Eddie, as if he were 12, when she thought he was Googling nude women on her iPad?

Mom26 | Any eagled-eyed Mom viewers notice the picture of college grad Christy added to the family tree in Bonnie’s living room? And was the green screen in the tag scene featuring Bonnie and Adam at the top of a ski slope even worse than the Neighborhood road trip mentioned above in No. 9?

27 | On Young Sheldon, were you half-expecting that Georgie’s girlfriend misread the pregnancy test and we’d find out she was actually pregnant by episode’s end?

28 | At some point, B Positive‘s Drew has to chill out and learn to trust Gina, right? That can’t be the plot of every episode. And will every pet on this show — Cannoli the Dog, Bolognese the Cat — be named after Italian food?

29 | When The Mandalorian‘s Boba Fett is suited up and being dickish in a Kiwi accent, does he give you an Arrow‘s Deathstroke vibe?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!