A Million Little Things Dangles Eddie's Fate in First Season 3 Footage

“Gary, there’s been an accident.”

A crying Katherine can barely get those words out at the top of this new promo for A Million Little Things Season 3… and things only get heavier from there.

The upcoming season’s first footage, obtained exclusively by TVLine, picks up right at the shocking moment that ended Season 2: David Giuntoli’s Eddie tells his wife that he loves her, then their phone conversation abruptly ends when he is hit by a car while crossing the street. (For a refresher on the Season 2 finale, go here.)

Understandably, Grace Park’s Katherine immediately starts to worry when Eddie won’t answer her. The she makes the aforementioned call to his best friend, and everyone begins to gather at the hospital. Back at the scene at the accident, someone — a bystander? the driver? — puts a hand on an unconscious (or maybe, um, dead?) Eddie’s arm.

Delilah and the kids, Rome and Regina all assemble to support their friend. At one point, it looks like Maggie gets the call, as well — might she be in a bar at Logan Airport and not actually on her way to England yet? Either way, toward the end of the promo, we’re reminded of their bond when Gary haltingly tells her, “I can’t lose another friend,” and he embraces her outside the airport. (However we know that she definitely does wind up at Oxford for her fellowship, thanks to some recent casting news.)

Earlier this year, executive producer DJ Nash promised fans that “we will find out in the first episode whether or not [Eddie] survives,” but that maybe everyone should temper expectations. “I will say this,” he continued, “Katherine and Theo’s life will never be the same.”

A Million Little Things returns on Thursday, Nov. 19, at 10/9c. Until then, press PLAY on the video above, then hit the comments with your guess: Is Eddie dead?

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