A Million Little Things Season 3: EP Advises Gary/Maggie Fans to 'Be Patient,' Teases Eddie's Fate — Plus, Watch New Promo

The ambiguity over what happened to A Million Little Things‘ Eddie moments after a car hit him in the Season 2 finale will vanish during the show’s Season 3 premiere, series creator DJ Nash tells TVLine.

“We will find out in the first episode whether or not he survives,” the EP says. “While I don’t like to share spoilers, I do, however, like to tease. So I will say this: Katherine and Theo’s life will never be the same.” (If you need a finale refresher, go here.)

But what about Gary and Maggie, the latter of whom was preparing to leave for a year in England after getting rejected by her former love? And how about Rome and Regina, whose heartbreak knew no bounds after the mother of their adoptive son reclaimed her infant?  In light of A Million Little Things‘ recent Season 3 premiere announcement — the drama will return to ABC on Thursday, Nov. 19 at 10/9c — we talked to Nash about the status of our favorite couples. Read on for his answers (Gary/Maggie ‘shippers may want to pay particular attention), and then make sure to watch the exclusive Season 3 promo at the top of the post.

TVLINE | No matter what Eddie’s outcome, how much of a presence will David Giuntoli have in Season 3? 
We’re still trying to figure a lot of that out because of COVID and because of other factors. David has been an incredible partner in our series. And we will continue to tell Eddie’s story. Like I’ve said before, Jon died at the end of the cold open of the pilot, and Ron Livingston is still very much a part of our family and our series.

TVLINEWhat does Gary’s love life look like at the beginning of Season 3? Has there been a time jump? Is Maggie still in England?
Gary’s love life is as complicated as ever. But for a host of new reasons. We pick up in Season 3 seconds after we left our gang in  Season 2. So yes, Maggie is on her way to England to study for a year in Oxford. But people hoping for scenes with Maggie and Gary together need to simply be patient. They’re coming

 TVLINE | I’m worried about Rome and Regina after losing their baby. Should I be?
Absolutely. The loss of their baby, in some ways, is harder than if the child passed away. At least then, people would understand the need to mourn. in this situation, because the birth mother gets to remain with her child, grieving this loss for Rome and Regina becomes even more complicated. Regina’s last line to Rome in the finale was, “You made me want this.” And, if I’m not mistaken, it was the first time in series Regina said something without first taking her husband’s feelings into consideration. With Rome’s struggle with depression and with Regina being a survivor of child sexual assault, both of these challenges brought them closer together. This latest challenge threatens to tear them apart. But Rome and Regina have always had the marriage we root for. So hopefully they’ll find a way back to each other.

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