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Hawaii Five-0 Boss Opens Up About Series Finale and McGarrett's Fate: 'If We Were Coming Back for Season 11...'

Hawaii Five-0 Series Finale

The following contains all the spoilers from Hawaii Five-0‘s series finale, which aired April 3 on CBS.

Just as CBS’ Hawaii Five-0 reboot on Friday night said a parting aloha to the airwaves after 10 seasons, Steve McGarrett said an emotional goodbye to Danny, Adam, Lou, Tani and much of the rest of his ohana.

Picking up where the penultimate hour left off, the series finale saw Danny, fresh off escaping a beatdown at Steve’s house, get carjacked by Daiyu Mei/Mrs. Wo Fat’s henchmen, who then set his poor, poor car ablaze (giving Five-0 a fleeting scare). While Five-0 closed in on their abducted team member’s whereabouts, a beaten and bloodied Danny mustered the wherewithal to hoist his chained-up self to the rafters above and release his restraints. He then got the drop on one captor and put bullets in four total, before taking a bullet himself, just Steve arrived on the scene. After a touch-and-go surgery, McGarrett stayed by his best friend’s bedside, holding his hand, until Danny came to.

When the rest of Five-0 got a bead on Daiyu Mei — after she and her goons raided Doris McGarrett’s empty crypt of the millions Mom left behind for her son — a final shootout took place on and around cargo containers at the docks. At one point, it appeared that Daiyu Mei had possibly crushed her husband’s killer beneath a toppled cargo container, but Steve resurfaced behind her, assault weapon drawn. Unlike Daiyu Mei, Steve showed his adversary mercy and did not put her down on the spot, prompting the widow to liken his principles to those Wo Fat observed of John McGarrett, in a new flashback to a phone conversation the two men had prior to Victor Hesse killing Steve’s dad. In that same flashback, we learned that John had been investigating the possibility that wife Doris had faked her death, and that was the Champ box mystery he hoped his son would one day solve.

One week later, at the beach chairs, a recuperating Danny touts Hawaii’s “beautiful beaches and plenty of sand” to get Steve to stay, to no avail. “What exactly is it that you’re looking for?” asks Danny. “Peace,” says Steve. So, what, Steve is going to now “walk the Earth like the dude from Kung Fu, looking for answers?” “Something like that,” he says. Danny laments that “it feels like my main dude is leaving me,” but McGarrett makes clear, “This isn’t goodbye forever,” and the BFFs hug and exchange ILYs. Then, lest you think you’ve pumped out your final tears, Steve fields goodbyes at the house from Lou (“You saved my life when you met me”), Adam (“Thank you for always seeing the good in me”), Tani, Noelani, Quinn (“Thank you for giving me a family”), Junior (“Hooyah!”) and new friend Lincoln Cole, to whom Steve says: “Do me a favor — hold down the fort for me.” Steve then turns to everyone and says, “Aloha…. A Hui Hou (Until we meet again),” before walking out the door.

Then, in a very final sequence, we Steve boarding a plane to… somewhere… where one last surprise awaits (and is detailed here). CLICK ON OVER TO PAGE 2 for our post mortem Q&A with H50 showrunner Peter M. Lenkov, who clears the air on McGarrett’s departure, the goodbyes we did not get, and much more.

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